Drawing in Abundance - Work Through Blocks to Open to the Flow with Witchcraft | Ashley Krout | Skillshare

Drawing in Abundance - Work Through Blocks to Open to the Flow with Witchcraft

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

Drawing in Abundance - Work Through Blocks to Open to the Flow with Witchcraft

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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16 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Benefits of Gratitude

    • 3. Building a Gratitude Practice

    • 4. Manifestation Tips

    • 5. Journaling to Resolve Blocks

    • 6. Money Loves Clarity

    • 7. Small Changes for Lasting Results

    • 8. Live the Life You Want Now

    • 9. Meditation for Resolving Blocks

    • 10. Intro to Connecting to the Flow Meditation

    • 11. Connecting to the Flow Meditation

    • 12. Creating a Money Bowl

    • 13. Cinnamon Money Spell

    • 14. Inscribing Candles

    • 15. Making a Money Petition

    • 16. Thank You!

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About This Class

Abundance is all around us and knowing how to tap into that flow can radically change your life. Through meditations, worksheets, and powerful tools I’ve discovered over the years, an existence of abundance is waiting for you.

Learn How to Uncover Blocks, Gain Clarity, and Rise into a State of Abundance.

  • Recognize what is holding you back

  • Learn how to create a lasting gratitude practice

  • Discover unconventional manifestation tips

  • Learn how to reframe your words for lasting mindset shifts

  • Work through powerful journaling exercises to uncover blocks - this is like a personal coaching session that you can return to again and again

  • Gain clarity about your money situation

  • Figure out how to live the life of your dreams within your means

  • Resolve blocks through a powerful meditation

  • Learn how to connect to the flow state through a short, practical meditation

Discover tools to draw in abundance and bring it right into your reach so you can experience life without lack holding you back.

Abundance is defined as the “plentifulness of the good things of life”. Abundance can refer to money, to love, to happiness, to prosperity in all forms - anything you find good in life. For many, abundance seems out of reach, like a dream that can never be attained. The purpose of this class is to give you the tools to draw in abundance and bring it right into your reach so you can experience life without lack holding you back. Together, we can work on what is holding you back from experiencing abundance in all areas of your life.

Complete with meditations and worksheets, I designed this course to be as comprehensive as possible. While it’s comprehensive, it’s also to the point and contains practical, easy-to-apply suggestions and exercises. I honor your time and want you to be able to get the most value for your time.

We’ll start out the course learning the benefits of gratitude, as well as how to create a gratitude practice that’s easy to stick to. This section is followed by an in-depth look at how language is a reflection of our mindset and why that even matters. While positivity is great, this class isn’t a forced or fake positivity space. I’ll share some of my favorite language shifts to create lasting changes that don’t feel fake or forced.

I’ll help you gain clarity for your financial situation as well as walk you through creating your ideal day. We’ll figure out how you can start living the life you want as soon as possible.

You’ll walk away from this course with greater clarity about your current situation, a plan for how to live the life you want starting now, and the tools to draw in abundance in all areas of your life.

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Ashley Krout

Making Magic Simple and Powerful


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1. Welcome!: abundance is defined as the plentiful nous of the good things of life. Abundance can refer to money to love, to happiness, to prosperity and all forms basically anything you find good in life. For many, abundance seems out of reach, like a dream that can never be attained. The purpose of this class is to give you the tools to draw an abundance and bring it right into your reach so you can experience life without lack holding you back together. We can work on what is holding you back from experiencing abundance in all areas of your life. Within this course, you'll find how to create a lasting gratitude, practice some unconventional manifestation tips, language that could be holding you back and how to reframe your words for lasting mindset shifts powerful journaling exercises to work through blocks. This is like a personal coaching session that you can return to again and again. It also contains a section on how to begin future scripting so you can start sculpting the future of your dreams. There's also tips for living the life of your dreams as soon as possible while still living within your means. There's practical advice for getting your financial situation under control because money loves clarity. There's a short and effective meditation for connecting to the flow of abundance that's always swirling around us and a longer meditation that will walk you through resolving any blocks you have towards receiving abundance. I created this course to be as comprehensive as possible while keeping the information concise and easy to implement. My hope is that this class will help you see the potential within your own life. For abundance. You can start living the abundant life you want. Right now come with me to the next video, where all cover gratitude and why it's perfectly okay to want more, even if you're grateful for what you currently have. 2. Benefits of Gratitude: in manifestation Communities is common to hear how you need an attitude of gratitude because you can't get more without being grateful for what you have. First of all, I don't believe that's true. I see plenty of people who aren't outwardly grateful that have a lot of money giant houses , etcetera. You could argue that they're grateful behind the scenes, and that's a valid argument that none of us will ever know. But instead of focusing on whether gratitude is essential to manifesting the life you want , let's look at the benefits of gratitude. Forbes released an article titled Seven Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude that will motivate You to give thanks year round. These benefits include being more empathetic and less aggressive, sleeping better, better psychological health and mental strength, better relationships, better physical health and higher self esteem. I recommend reading this article, and I'll put a link to it in the class handbook under the gratitude section. When I look at the list of benefits expressing gratitude can bring, I see a list of abundance, abundance and compassion, abundance of sleep, of quality, relationships, of mental and physical health, and the list goes on. So while it may not be accurate to say you need gratitude to be monetarily rich, I believe is accurate. To say a practice of gratitude will help you feel more satisfied with your life, regardless of your financial situation. Wouldn't that be a great feeling at the end of your life, satisfaction for a life well lived, You might not reach all of your goals. You might not go all the places you wanted to go. But an active and thriving gratitude mindset can help you feel more satisfied wherever you are and wherever you end up, that level of peace and satisfaction sounds like true abundance. To me, gratitude doesn't mean you are thankful for what you have and never want more. It's in our human nature to want more, to be constantly growing and changing. Wanting new experiences don't feel guilty for wanting more. When I was learning all I could about gratitude, I couldn't figure out how to be grateful for what I had while not feeling guilty for wanting more. My husband and I have had many long discussions about this topic, and what helped the most is realizing that you can be 100% grateful for something, even if you still desire something more and that it's OK to strive for more. It's also helpful. Toe. Have a non attached outlook on your goals. This is a simple as adopting a mantra like I'm 100% okay with this happening, and I'm also 100% okay with it. Not happening or I'm really happy about this happening. But I'm also okay if it doesn't happen. This takes the pressure away from manifesting and can actually help you be more successful in achieving what you want. For most situations. You will be OK if you don't reach a goal or manifest something, so taking this pressure off of yourself can be beneficial. One big way it's beneficial is that it removes a layer of stress. Intention. The point of bringing in abundance and creating the life you want isn't to bring in more stress. Another benefit from this low stress approach is that you're more likely to go into problem solving mode. At its root. Manifesting is just problem solving. You don't have something whether it's an item or an experience you want, and that's a problem that needs to be solved. Being stressed about how you're going to get it can make you less likely to see opportunities and options on the flip side, being grateful for what you have while taking on a non untouched attitude towards the outcome of what you want, put you in a more receptive state and will allow you to see solutions and opportunities that you might have been tuning out. Once you're in problem solving mode, options will seem to appear like magic. They were probably there all along. But if you're focused on something not working out, you can be completely oblivious to solutions right in front of you. I have had this happens so many times, and as soon as I let go of the outcome or trust that things will work out somehow, they dio in the next video, we'll go over what it looks like to express gratitude as well as a few easy ways you can remember to make gratitude a part of your everyday life 3. Building a Gratitude Practice: Now that we know the benefits of having a regular gratitude practice, what does expressing gratitude look like? It looks like telling someone you appreciate something they did, whether it was for you or for someone else. It's taking care of your possessions. This shows you're grateful for what you have, because you don't just take them for granted and let your things become ruined. It's watching how much you're complaining. Definitely don't bottle things up. But be aware of how you're speaking about your life yourself and the people around you. Sometimes we go on autopilot, and we aren't consciously aware of how much we complain about our lives. I'm a big fan event sessions when they're needed. But reducing the need for events sessions is an even better feeling than letting stuff build up and then just unloading at all. So it is there an area of your life that's constantly causing you tension. What changes can you make to the situation to help it be an area you could be grateful for ? Instead, don't gloss over it with false positivity, and actors of everything's okay while you're seething under the surface. Instead, try to brainstorm ways that you can take action to truly change the situation, so it's no wonder something you have complaints about. Look for small moments throughout your day. You can inject some gratitude into this is a powerful mindfulness practice as well. Maybe you breeze through your morning and don't notice little things or you realize you take a lot of the day for granted. An easy way to reclaim your day and turn it into a mindfulness practice is to look for small moments where you can choose gratitude. I was, and still am sometimes guilty of breezing through the activities during my day, just waiting for the day to be over on Lee for the same cycle, to start all over again the next day. This is where you end up getting days that pass by slowly but years that whipped by and was little kids. I didn't want to stay in that cycle any longer, so I have looked at areas of my life that I could refrain my mindset and turn it around. I am very fortunate to be a stay at home mom with my kids and home school them. This is my ideal life, but it's still lead to a lot of overwhelmed, so I would go round and round your feeling overwhelmed but feeling guilty for not cherishing every moment with them and questioning my ability to even handle all of this and driving all the tasks I had to do throughout the day to have my home running smoothly. The first step I took to insert more gratitude was to be grateful for the overwhelm. This sounds so backwards and was hard to wrap my mind around at first, but being grateful for the overwhelm allowed me to no longer feel consumed by it. From there I started expressing gratitude about the tasks I had to do. Like I'm grateful I know how to cook or I'm grateful my Children have dishes to eat off of some days. I was just grateful to wake up in the morning. For some people, this change of mindset might have an immediate effect for me. I experienced highs and lows over the course of a couple of years of changing my mindset into a more grateful one. I am a reformed chronic complainer and I still find myself slipping into my old ways. But I love the results from the changes they've made toe live a life where things feel like a blessing. And not another burden to ender is freeing and everything I hoped it would be. If you're a chronic complainer and want to get out from under the weight of that heavy energy, there is hope. Start small and don't be down on yourself when you lapse back into old thought patterns. That doesn't help you at all. My favorite way to build a consistent gratitude practice is to keep a notebook by the side of the bed or somewhere. You'll see it and remember to write in it, have a open to a fresh page with a pen sitting on top. This gives you the perfect opportunity to write a few quick lines, and you don't have to go through the hassle of pulling the Nopa gal and finding a pen. When you can eliminate inconvenience, you're more likely to do the things you're planning on doing. Set yourself up for success by setting out a notebook or piece of paper with a pen. As soon as you're done with this class, I recommend keeping your gratitude list short since you'll be doing it every day. Keep it to three things you're grateful for, so it's easy to right out. In less than a minute, most of us can come up with three things pretty quickly and effortlessly. Three off the top of my head. I am grateful I woke up this morning. I am grateful to be able to teach you, and I'm grateful for my family, ideally, come up with three new things every day. But the most important part of it is to really allow the warm, fuzzy feelings of gratitude to flow through your body. If that means writing the same three things every day, that's awesome. And we weren't powerful. The writing down new things every day just for the sake of writing new things down in the next video all share with you some of my favorite tips for manifesting abundance. 4. Manifestation Tips: In the last video, we discussed how to cultivate gratitude. Now I'll be going over some of the most powerful shifts that will put you into a receptive mindset and allow your dreams of abundance to flow and more easily. Our words are powerful, mainly because what comes out of our mels is a reflection of the beliefs we carry within its that old adage that when you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out because that's what's inside of an orange. If you have a lack mentality, a victim mindset or an attitude that everything in life is a burden, you have bad luck and nothing will ever change. That's what will spill out of you when you're under pressure or just simply talking. Become aware of what reactions you have to various situations and what words come out when you're responding to people. This can help you figure out where you have blocks, which will be helpful when we go over how to work through box with journaling in the next video. An example of this say someone is talking to you about their new business idea, and your first instinct is to tell them that it won't work because that market is flooded in competition. That is a big red flag, that you have a lack mindset, that there isn't enough to go around for everyone. My next manifestation tip is to learn to quit saying I want because that shows the universe . You don't have it saying I want keeps you in a perpetual state of not having and makes it so you're constantly pushing away what it is you want. I learned a powerful technique for combating this instead of saying I want say, it will be nice or won't it be nice when this simple shift shows that you're more than open to receiving what you don't have, but it takes the focus off of not having it for me. This has led to going to a fairly expensive concert for half the price, some new clothes and a few other small things, including some great interactions with people I love. These small things add up as they build your belief levels and help you move to the next believe level in the next and the next in the next. Before you know it, you'll be manifesting bigger and bigger dreams and goals that might seem impossible right now, so don't be afraid to start small. You'll reach a tipping point where it gets easier and easier as your mindset shifts and you get into a more receptive and problem solving mode. My next tip is to act as if I don't go out and spend money. You don't have instead look at something like I could buy that, but I'm choosing not to. Or simply I'm choosing not to buy that right now instead of I can't afford that. Say, I'd rather buy something else or I can't afford that. But I have no desire to buy it. This helps your mind see that money is a neutral tool and not something you ruled by or need to be critical of. It's easy to dismiss something as a waste of money, and in Stuart Wilds, the little money Bible. His example is a luxurious hotel. It might seem like such a waste of money to you that you say something like I would never stay there. And while that might seem like a harmless comment, it shows a lack mindset and an area where abundance is being blocked. Of course, you don't have to stay at a fancy hotel. But being okay with staying there while choosing not to doesn't have the same effect on blocking abundance. This helps you to be open toe all forms of abundance that you can then choose from. My next tip is if you want something, refer to it as if it's already yours. If this makes you feel silly, just talk this way to yourself and avoid saying things like, If I get the BMW and instead say when I get the BMW. Like the previous tips, this. Put your mind into a problem solving mode. You don't currently have the BMW, but you're talking. Act as if you do so your mind will work to fill in the gap and see solutions to overcoming any obstacles that are in your way. My next tip is in regards to paying bills or buying anything. Anytime you pay a bill. Take a moment to be grateful for the service that bill provided. We learned how powerful gratitude is in the last video and switching bill. Paying from a burden to a mini gratitude practice is a great way to add more satisfaction in your life. Any time you make a purchase, say the money I'm spending will come back to me or in double or triple wherever your belief level currently falls will be the most powerful, say, an amount that makes you feel good. Maybe a little nervous but nervous in an excited way, not an amount so high that it feels discouraging. My last but most fun tip for manifesting abundance is to use future scripting to write out about what you want in life as if you already have it. This sounds hard, and they're generally a lot of questions about what it entails. But I like to keep it really simple once a day or a few times a week, right about your ideal life, as if it's currently happening to you, right for his little or as long as you like. Give yourself permission to really visualize yourself in this life as you're writing. Don't visualize yourself in third person like someone else watching your life. Imagine that you are in the middle of everything happening. Don't watch yourself enjoying a trip. Visualize what that place would look like through your eyes. What it would smell like the tastes and everything around it really immerse yourself in it right down as much as you feel is necessary to make a shift. And for as long as you're enjoying the process for me, I know a shift has happened when I get a certain feeling in my stomach or I feel like yawning, a deep, satisfying you on. Sometimes it comes in the form of feeling like I'm about to cry. Everyone experiences shifts and releasing oh blocks in various ways. So after a time you'll get a feel for what your body does. Pay attention to those signals and they'll keep getting stronger. Similar to future scripting, journaling is an effective way to get to the root of money in abundance. Blocks and the next video all share some powerful questions for you to use. 5. Journaling to Resolve Blocks: in the class handbook, you'll find several journal questions thes air, the same questions I'd ask you if we were face to face working on money and abundance blocks. Be honest with yourself as you work through each question, really feel into your body and listen to the signals that's giving you this work can sometimes be painful as we dredge up old memories, but once they're healed, they no longer have the same hold over you. The pain can be uncomfortable to remind yourself that you're safe, you're in a protected space and that this work is important. This is like your own private coaching session, so take full advantage of the time and treat yourself like the worthy client. You are some of the most common blocks, keeping people from abundance our unworthiness, fear, overwhelm and hopelessness here, these emotions in mind as you go through the following questions and remember that these air typed out in the class handbook so you don't have to worry about writing them down as I read them aloud. What does abundance mean to me? What negative comment ations do I have with this word? And why? What's the first memory that pops into my head when I have a negative feeling about money, about abundance in general. Am I worried about an abundance of bad things? What's the earliest memory I can remember about money? Is it a positive or negative experience, whether good or bad? What did it lead me to believe about? Money, If bad, can I turn this into a beneficial lesson that will help me to prosper? These questions can be used again and again, because each time you'll uncover new facets of yourself and dig up hidden blocks to abundance. The questions are laid out in a sequence that walks you through uncovering blocks and negative beliefs and then turns them into a means to receive what they were previously blocking. What I really love about these questions is the flexibility they offer. If you'd like to discover why you aren't able to manifest your dream home and heal the blocks holding you back, rephrase the questions in terms of your dream home instead of money, These questions might not seem like a lot, but if you put in the work and truly answer each one, it could be a really powerful toe. Simply follow the sequence of questions toe lead you down the path toe What your desire ing in the next video, we'll go over how to get clear on your finances because money loves clarity. 6. Money Loves Clarity: money loves clarity. I've heard this phrase so many times I'm not even sure where originated. If you know, please let me know. It's a great statement. Though Money loves clarity in this section. My aim is to help you gain more clarity within your own finances. You might be stressing out over bills and your finances and have zero clue where all your money is going. Several years ago, my husband and I kept over drawing our bank account because we had no clarity. Our credit union used to immediately post purchases. So for the most part, logging on to check our balance would give us the exact amount in her account. Our credit union merged with another Cut it union that wouldn't post some purchases until a few days later. So we log on CR balance and then make a purchase. In a lot of cases, that wasn't our true balance, and we'd end up over drawing her account when everything came out. This force us to keep better track of our spending. We use an app called Money Lover that has a free version and is just a rolling ledger of how much is in your account. You can even use it to budget for future purchases if you want. If you aren't currently tracking your spending, I recommend starting there with money lover. Get a feel for how much you're spending in different areas and how much you need to be making in order to live the life you want. You can also use the worksheets in the class handbook to gain clarity in this area. After you have clarity about where your money goes, brainstorm a list of what additional things you'd like to spend money on. Whether it's regularly buying new clothes, being able to buy a kombucha every time you go grocery shopping with dance class or karate for your child, a new car going on a dream vacation or whatever it is for you figure out exactly how much these things cost and how much more you'll need to bring in to make them happen. Sometimes the gap is smaller than what we imagine it, but it's OK if it isn't putting the numbers down on paper. Even if their overwhelming helps make them more riel. They're no longer this abstract concept in your mind. It becomes a tangible reachable plan once they're written down. So really, take the time to go through this exercise. I recommend listening to the block clearing meditation right after the session because this work is pretty much guaranteed to bring up some blocks. In the next video, we'll talk about making small changes for lasting results. 7. Small Changes for Lasting Results: looking at the list you made in the last video. What small changes can you implement now? Overhauling your entire budget, especially if that's what's needed would be beneficial. But remembering that humans are by nature resistant to change will help set you up for success. By not making too many changes at one time, you can avoid failure and build lasting habits that will set a strong foundation for when you're bringing in even more money in the future. Say your first step is using a spending tracker app like money lover. Use that for a few weeks or a couple of months until you're really familiar with it and in the habit of consistently entering every expense into it. During this time, you may start to notice areas of excessive spending or things you spend money on that you don't use and have just gotten into the habit of paying. For. While I want this class to focus mainly on bringing in more money, it's also important to cut wasteful spending. This will help you be more grateful and put a higher vibrational mindset around the money that's leaving your hands unless you're needing to out of necessity I'm not advocating for you to cut your spending down to the bare basics. Then in the next video, I'll help you create a plan to begin living the life you want with. The resource is you have available right now. 8. Live the Life You Want Now: A lot of times we get stuck in a cycle of continuously striving for the next best thing or waiting around for ideal life to start happening. Instead, let's take the first up today and get some clarity about what it is you're waiting for right out what your ideal day looks like for me. It's waking up a little bit before my daughter's enjoying a cup of tea with my husband, doing a short morning routine of yoga, journaling and doing a little bit of work. Then my daughters wake up. We have breakfast, read a few books. They play outside for a little bit while I clean up. Then we have lunch together and work on their lessons for the day, followed by some more time playing outside while I read out there. Then we all come back together for dinner, followed by a movie or board game, and then do a quick house clean up before bed. My ideal weekends air similar, but instead of the middle of the day things we go somewhere in kayak or hike or explore nature. Everyone's ideal day is going to look different, depending on what you want out of life. the season you're in and what your preferences are. For me, this is perfect for the season I'm in and the pace I want my life to operate out while my kids are still young. Taking a closer look at my ideal day, they're not really any additional expenses. In addition, toe every day life expenses, the yoga routines I enjoy doing are free from yoga by Adrian. The books we read are mainly from our local library movies. Air generally watched on Netflix. The board games cost money, but we buy fun games that are educational, and we consider them a very worthy investment, especially because we play them multiple times on weekends. Our main expenses gas, but the places we go are generally free, or they cost around $5 for parking. My ideal day is pretty low cost, but that isn't the point of this exercise. The point is to find ways you can jump in and do the things you're putting off for someday right out what your ideal day looks like, and experiences you'd like to incorporate into your life brainstorm ways that they're attainable. Now if you want to read a book a week but can't currently or should I say, currently choosing not to spend that much? Take advantage of your local library or the free library app called Libby. Libby has e books and audiobooks for free through your local library, and it has been a huge source for the higher amount of books I've been able to read lately . Maybe you want to have a pool in your backyard and swim every day. Ah, pool might not be in your current budget, but maybe a membership to a local gym that has a pool is attainable for now. So you can swim there as much as you like until you're out of place, where you can install your own pool. Don't be so caught up in the planning stages of your ideal life that you forget to actually live your life. In so many cases, there are very comparable alternatives that cost considerably less and are easier to implement than you might think. Sometimes the hardest or scariest part is just diving in and doing them. Use the worksheets in the class handbook to help with his exercise. Once you write out your ideal day, you may realize that there are many, if not all aspects of it that you can begin implementing now, and that gives yourself even more time of enjoying the life you want. Instead of waiting around for an arbitrary day when everything magically comes together, the next video is in meditation to help you clear blocks and transmit them into beliefs of worthiness and abundance. I recommend listening to it more than once, ideally for 21 days in a row. But a minimum of once a week for four weeks would still be beneficial. If all you're able to do is listen to a one time after completing the course. That's completely fine and will still help. It will be here for you to come back to whenever you're able. 9. Meditation for Resolving Blocks: find a comfortable spot to sit or lie down. Begin breathing in through your nose those and out through your mouth. Breathe deeply and slowly in and out. Ask your angels and guides to join you on this journey. Everything you do and see will be for your highest good way are creating a safe place. You see a warm tropical waterfall in front of you. Step under it and let the water cascade over your body, scrubbing away any stale energy you've been holding on to keep breathing while you're cleansing. Started your head. Let the water fall down your neck and back down across your arms and watch as it rolls off your fingertips, Taking any old energy with it. The water flows down your legs down to your feet between each toe, cleansing you and renewing. You. Stand in the warm water for a moment, continuing to breathe in and out. Step out of the waterfall and into the sunlight. Let the beams of light dry. All the water off of you watch as a swirling golden beam of light enters to the top of your head, swirling around swirling down your spine, reaching every spot in your body as it has down to your toes. Feel the warmth of his golden light as it lights up every cell in your body, the golden light heads back up your body, stopping at your root chakra. Imagine a red spinning ball of light. I root chakra red ball spins forward and backwards, even sideways, cleansing your root chakra. Now notice an orange ball of light spending at your sacred chakra, spending all directions. Refreshing your sacred Chaka, uh, notice a yellow ball of lying spending at your solar plexus watch as it twirls and cleanses out any stagnant energy. Refreshing and renewing your solar plexus is now. Notice a spinning ball of green light at your heart chakra. Notice any feelings that come up as it's worlds and cleanses. Allow your heart to be cleansed and renewed. Now there's a spinning ball of blue light at your throat. Chaka Thistles, R Chalker that helps with communication. Let the spinning light cleanse and renew your voice. Watch as it swirls and spins onto your third eye. Chuck. You see an indigo or deep blue ball of light, swirling, refreshing. Your third. I keep breathing. The ball of light travels up to your crown chakra, where it is a beautiful soft violet color. Watch as the ball spins and swirls, cleansing and renewing your crown chakra. Take a deep breath. You're refreshed and ready to take on the blocks holding you back. Begin walking towards a huge rock wall in the distance with every step you feel the soft, warm ground under your feet. Rockwall towers over everything around it. As you get closer, you see words written on the stones. There's one that says I'm not good enough. Another says nothing I do ever works out looking at the other stones. You see all the negative things you say to yourself all of the ways you block abundance. Hurtful abundance. Blocking words from others are on the stones as well. Take a moment to read some of the words as you keep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now imagine a huge slingshot several yards from the rock wall. Position yourself behind the slingshot. A steady stream off golden light flows from the heavens into your crown chakra, filling you up with a warm healing energy. More streams of golden light became flowing down, creating balls of energy. A stockpile builds up next to you. Instinctively, he grabbed one and place it into the slingshot. Keep breathing as you pull back the slingshot and send the golden light to the first stone . The golden light burst through, turning the hurtful stone into a small pile of sparkling gemstones. Fuel the joy that comes from turning low vibrational words into a beautiful treasure. Pick up another ball of lying and send it to the rock wall. Don't worry about your name. Golden light will guide you asi that stone crumbles. Pick up another ball of light and send it over. Keep doing this until the rock wall is gone. Allow the energy balls to expand and knock out multiple stones at once. You are strong and you are free. Keep breathing as you destroy all the stones. If any stones still remain, allow an energy ball to become bigger than the Stonewall. Send it over and watch as the final stones burst into gemstones. Take a deep breath and feel a wave of relief and freedom. Wash over you as those stones weighing you down. Let go off. Thank them for any lessons. They helped you learn. Walk over to the pile of gemstones and run your hands through the smooth stones. Watch as the son plays across the gems, creating little rain bows on your arms and in the pick up a few of the gemstones that stand out to you and place them in a pouch. Know that you can come back here again and again to receive more gemstones. Stockpile is endless and constantly replacing itself, just like the limitless abundance that is your birthright began walking away from the stones, feeling the sun warming your back as you boldly walk forward. Your stride is stronger, more confident, and you feel safe and secure as you walk back to where you begin. As you get farther away, turn around and look at the sparkling sea of gems where that old rock wall used to stand. You smile to yourself as you recognize how far you've come on, how abundantly free and at peace feel. Noticed the grass below your feet as you keep walking and keep breathing. Start wiggling your toes. Now wiggle your fingers slowly open your eyes and go about your day. Empowered and abundant 10. Intro to Connecting to the Flow Meditation: the meditation in the previous video was a moderately long exercise to help you clear blocks and transmit them into beliefs of worthiness and abundance. This next one is going to be a fairly short meditation so you can listen to whenever you have a couple of minutes to spare. Allow yourself to get comfortable and into a relaxed state quickly. You'll soon realize that you can shift your mindset with just a few moments of focused. Intention. This is great toe listen to if you feel like you're in a funk and can't see any abundance in your life if you're feeling down or discouraged. If you've cut yourself in the midst of a lacking mindset or if you simply want to be proactive and connect yourself to the flow of abundance, that's always around us. If you've read the little money Bible, you've heard Stuart Wild reference this flow all around you people are making money, spending, money, creating opportunities, taking new opportunities. It's like a network of abundant zooming all around us, and all we need to do is put our hand out to capture some of it. The next video is a meditation that will help you do just that. I designed it to be short and to the point so you can listen to it whenever you need to and as often as you like, get comfortable unless dive in. 11. Connecting to the Flow Meditation: get into a comfortable position. Take a deep breath in and out. Slowly close your eyes and allow your body to relax. Visualize a white glowing sphere at your heart center. The sphere grows with every inhale. In every exhale, it grows large enough to encase your entire body. Then the entire room. You're in the entire building you're in. It grows to fill your street. Your town, your whole country watch as it lights up your entire continent and then engulfs the entire earth. The lights fear is still radiating from your heart center, and you are connected to the entire universe. As you turn your attention to this light, you notice a web of bright lights radiating from you in all directions, spreading out like the veins of a leaf. The's veins reach out and touch everything around you, from trees to people to the sun to smiles. You're fully one with everything and everything is one with you. You start to notice that the veins are networks of energy, allowing abundance to flow all around you. Put your palm out and touch one of the veins. Notice that a pool of light begins to fill your palm you're able to do this with any stream of light around you at any time. No matter how much light you collect, there's always more. In some cases, the veins get brighter, the more you take from them. The light you collect lights you up and reminds you that you're an infinite source of abundance. You've tapped into an infinite source of light and abundance that you can come back to time and time again. As you return to your daily life, this flow of abundance is still around. You simply allow yourself to connect and benefit from it at any time. Begin wiggling your toes and fingers slowly open your eyes and enjoy your life of abundance . 12. Creating a Money Bowl: in this video, we're going to be discussing money, bulls or money dishes. So this is my current money bull. And I just want to show you what it looks like presently before I dissect it and take it all apart and show you how I put it together. So on top, I have some $1 bills, and when I first put this one together, we only had to $1 bills between my husband and I because we don't carry around cash a lot. And that's something we're trying to change because I definitely feel more abundant when I have cash on me. So having a physical presence of cash is a really important part of a money bull. So if you don't have any physical cash on you, you could always print out something to represent money. Whenever I have a money bowler money dish set up, I always keep any cash I have on hand that I don't have for another purpose. I keep it in there because I feel like it draws more money to it. And even though this started out with $21 bills in it, by the next day, there were five total in there. So that was just a cool little reminder that that always happens. And even if I have money that I like, say, my mom gives me money that I need to give to my grandparent's in the in between time, I'll put it in my money bull to just symbolize how money is flowing to me. But always with the intention of any money is going to flow to me for my use. So then the next thing I haven't here are some gemstones, and you'll find a print out in this section of a list of magical correspondences that are associated with abundance and with money specifically. But any green gemstone has the vibration of money with it, and then three is a complete number. So I like to have three of whatever I'm working on in there. Green is a color that's commonly associated with wealth and with money. And in the United States, our money is actually green. This is a really great jump stone to draw in more of that energy. Then I also have appreciated Jasper and appreciated. Jasper is a stone that helps you get your stuff together and our finances in areas that I wanna have everything together and clarity and just be confident in where our next amount of money is coming. So I figured, appreciated Jasper would be great to throw in there. Then I also have some. So Treen, uh, chip stones and these I got a bead store at the beach and these they're not drilled. They were just in a little bag down near the ground for a dollar with, um, about this size of a bag of them. So I just picked some out of there and tossed him in here. These aren't heat treated, so they might not look like some of the citrine you've seen. If it's very vibrant orange thes air, just rossa Treen Answer Train is a manifesting stone. It is the great manifest chur, and it's also associated with abundance and wealth. Then this is my husbands and with this fear. And he threw this in here. Since our finances are very much linked together, I wanted us to have our money, Bowlby something that we did together. And then I threw in a piece of polished, petrified wood because petrified would give stability and grounding. Because if you think of like the roots of a tree. So all of properties of a tree you're going to find in petrified wood in its gemstone form and stability with finances is always a good thing. So that's it for gemstones. Then I also threw in these beads. So a lot of times, if I am at the store and I see something on clearance that I like, I'll buy it without a specific plan in mind. And then I'll find it somewhere her five years later, having never touched it. I am really working on not doing that. So anything I have that I haven't used, I'm trying to find a use for or a home for. And these beings their gold and black, and they've got, like, little, uh, fake gems in them, and they just look so decadent. So instead of making a necklace with them, I decided to throw them in here because they look rich and I just like them then that finds a use for them. Okay, so then I threw in two different spices and herbs, so the first is cinnamon. Cinnamon draws in prosperity, and it's a very fiery energy that gets things moving and who doesn't want their finances on overdrive bringing in abundance and living a wealthy, abundant life. Then I balanced that out with lavender. I'm not gonna pick all the lavender out you can see here. We've got some lavender as a great smell, and it's a very calming study grounding energy. So I didn't wanna have just fire energy along with her money because I feel like that can kind of bringing an energy that might burn out quickly. But by balancing it with the lavender, it just rounds it out and makes it a more stable, lasting energy. And also we have some pennies in here, and that is to also just be a physical representation of money and of wealth. And they're shiny and their copper and copper, even though I don't think the newest pennies have copper in them, or at least not a significant amount. It's still representing copper and copper, is a great conductor of energy and allows energy to move through it. So now you can see what this plate looked like. I was getting it as a decorative piece and then realized it would be perfect for a money bull So when you're putting your money bull together, the first thing I suggest is finding a container that it can go in and then placing down the herbs you would like. So the entire time you're doing this, you can have music playing. I really like the song. Money Is Coming To Me by Karen Drucker. It is just a really high vibe song. It's just fun, a little bit cheesy, but it feels good to dance around the house and saying, My kids know the song really well. In addition to the music playing, you could also have a candle going just kind of get yourself in this really high vibe energy where you could just really visualize yourself, drawing in abundance. So after the spices that you choose to use, I suggest putting in the gemstones and you don't have to have any rhyme or reason to this. In fact, I kind of like to make it a little bit messy because whenever I want passed it, I just go like this to it and just kind of stir up the energy so it doesn't become stale or stagnant at all. It's really important to put this money bull in a place where you will see it, because then you're not gonna forget about it. And if you're not forgetting about it, you'll be constantly giving it your intentions. But also don't let yourself become obsessive about it. So for us it's on a hutch in our kitchen that we're not constantly walking past. But we walked past it a couple of times a day, so when we see it, we just think about it and think about our intention. But beyond that, I don't have it on my mind because I think when you're obsessive about stuff, you're repelling it and you don't see as many opportunities. But when it's there and you don't forget about it, that's beneficial as well. Okay, so since I threw in these big I did it at the same time as the gemstones and then go ahead . And if you have any coins, Sprinkle those on there and then top it with the money and then any extra money you get that you don't need right away, throw it in the money bull as long as it's safe where you live. To do that, we've had this out on the counter and we've had a couple people visit and nobody has said anything. I don't know if it's because they just don't question anything we do anymore. But it wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be to just have, Ah, bowl with gemstones and herbs and money sitting out on the counter. And I like words that because, like I said, we don't forget about it and we can want past it and remember that it's there and remember our intentions. Anything that you feel is a representation of wealth or abundance you can put in here. You can use whatever tools you have on hand. This could be a plain white play. It give you black plate that you already have in your covered. It could be a metal bowl. Anything works. It's truly your intention. And if you want, you could incorporate this into a new moon ritual or a full moon ritual. Or put it on your calendar once a week to have a mini ritual around, refreshing it and putting new stones in there or new herbs and spices. You could anoint it with oils. You could also do a petition and fold it up and put it in there. I'll go over petitions in another video. So that way that's clear, because I think that's another really powerful way to draw abundance to you. So that is my money bowl, and I hope that helps. And I would love to see any pictures of your money bulls. You can either put them in the class project site. If this is on skill share orifice is on you to me. Go ahead and share on Instagram with the hashtag relaxed magic, and I'll be able to see those money bulls in the next video. We're going to go over a ritual using a dollar bill and cinnamon, so I will see you there. 13. Cinnamon Money Spell: not going to be showing you the famous cinnamon honey scowl, and this is to draw in money and abundance. This is a spell that I came across my first started prophecy magic, and it has been around a lot longer than that. I don't know exactly where I originated from, but if you know, please tell me I will credit the original person who came up with this because it is so powerful. It's so simple. It costs a dollar and a small amount of sentiment studio. So this is this is a great sell to jump in with, if you've never done so work before. So for this cell, you're going to need a small amount of water, basil, cinnamon dollar bill and then something to cleanse with. While you can cleanse with hello Santo with sage with salt, you could be the sound hole. You could play music really loud that use the energy out. You could ring a bell. There are a lot of different options for clearing things. And then before we get started, I also want to suggest listening to the meditations in the class site for drying an abundance and removing blocks and connect, getting to the full of abundance. That's all around us. Those are things that are going to put you in our really great head space for drawing in more abundance. You can also listen to music. Anything that really gets you fired up is good to do before doing anywhere tool like this. The best way to manifest stuff is when you are in a fun, lighthearted, laughing mood. So the first thing we're going to do is Wen's every cleanse ourselves and everything will be using. So I'm using some Pollo Santo and some green sage that I grew in my garden. It's a little bit harder to grow white sage, and you can use story about white sage or any other something like that. You, like you could use Selves. Use a sound bowl. There are a lot of different options for clearing, but this is what I have a hand. So get intelligently smoke, going anything. They're finished all over yourself and say into this smoke, I release anything that no longer serves me, and you can do that from head to toe. You can just stand sharing the smoke for a moment. I'm not sure if that showing up on camera but with peasants will come on a break here as then, go ahead and panic over all your tools. So past the dollar through the smoke, make sure did not catch on fire has get over printing of money. Spell then passed. The cinnamon tree was smoke had the water. So now that we better vibe of high and we caught ourselves and all of our tools cleanse, we're going to start the ritual. So every step of this, I want you to fully imagine yourself having money coming to you and just really believing it's going to happen. And even if you can't fully believe that or you can't believe that it's going to happen tomorrow or the next day, just carry with you this attitude that just because it's not here doesn't mean it's not coming. So it's not here yet, so that's a really helpful mindset to do when you are still cultivating a great mindset. Now, the first step of this once everything is cleanse is to get the dollar bill damp, and you can either run it through the water like this that you went through while in this and it's just a Z effective to get a finger wet and rub it on their. So whichever way works for you, water helps things flow, and abundance is always flowing around us. So whenever I'm using water and still work, I always imagined my intentions flowing to me. Have this of the ways we can see a little bit better E. And if you're sage falls into your cinnamon, that's completely fine. That means that we'll just get money in abundance in a very pure way. Okay, so when we're doing so work and drying something to us, we always want to come towards ourselves. So go ahead and get your finger wet and then dip it in the cinnamon and then start on this left side and draw that to you so you might have to dip your finger a few times. I'm sure other people can do this more smoothly. Mine looks like face, and it works just fine. Cinnamon, as he talks about in the last video, is a driving spice. It is very powerful and works very fast, and it draws in prosperity and abundance. So this is a great way to get that money to us quickly. I want to do five lines total. So after you start with this one on the left side and draw it towards you, you can do the next four in any order you would like. I like to start on this end. It is always remembering to draw it to you. I have seen some people get nice exit headlines, but I just can't do that. So maybe you can not be great if you can, But I just figure the more starts I take to got to myself more money of going to myself. So I've got one Teoh, and then I put the next one in the middle. This just helps keep everything even more balance. Then the halfway point between these two on the halfway point between these two, then that gives me five lines of Sidman and then I'll leave this here until it dries and moving it a little bit just so it doesn't stick to the counter. And the last time I did this, my husband and I did it and it waas a full moon on a Friday, the 13 so that just felt like her really powerful time to do this and my husband anytime he does any spell work, he has amazing results. He also needs to learn to be a lot more specific. So over the next two weeks after doing this cell, he worked 23 hours of overtime. So for a two week period had 100 and three hours. It was his biggest check he's ever had, and she was exhausted. So we had a lot of abundance, and he's going to work on being more specific next time. When I do something like this, I still see results. Not such a dramatic amount, but I think I'm a lot more blocks than he has, which is why I create courses in the way I do where we work through blocks and we really break down the different things hindering us. So let me know in the class discussions I That's something that happens to you to like, Do you get massive results right away, or do you feel like you have some blocks to uncover before you get to that point and possibly be thinking I have so many blocks is a block. He myself held back, which I totally understand. So the work that I am teaching you is work I've done myself and has got me to a point where I can teach and I am drawing an abundance, and I just really, really hope that is working for you as well. In the next video, we're going to talk about inscribing candles to draw in abundance. 14. Inscribing Candles: Now we're going to be talking about inscribing candles to draw in specific amounts of money . So I usually have a 1,000,000 tea lights, and I seem to have Brent through them all. So that actually was beneficial because it gave me some new ideas while I was brainstorming how I could still teach you about this concept So you don't have to use a tea light or a votive candle. You could use anything that are going to be melting or anything to symbolize your intentions. So to be showing you this, I'm actually going to be using a chakra melt. And this is the on a hot A one. So this it's made out of wax and you can get a burner like this that melts it. And with with this method, what we're doing is we are inscribing a specific amount. You can use an embroidery needle, anything you can you comfortably hold that's going to draw into the lax. So here I have a really fine tipped crow Shea hook, and I'm just going to carve in here $500. And my intention for this 500 is to be able to take my family on a road trip in February 2 Death Valley National Park. This is going to be enough to be a big boost for the trip, because we're we'll be driving. There's that saves a little bit of money. Then I'm going. Teoh. Melt this while holding that intention. So if you already have wax in one, you could carve the amount in here. You could carve it into a candle and let it burn fully. So that's why I like to use tea lights for this one because they burn a lot more quickly than like a votive candle or one of these big giant ones that I've got right back here going, which is at the end of its life. But it's taken a long time for it to get there. Then another option is to use birthday candles. I like these ones because the waxes sustainably sourced and a little bit better for you to breathe in than some other types of candles. So you would do the same thing and carving your amount here, and then you would let it burn. And this is even faster, so kind of just depends on where your belief level lies and how much you can believe in. Like Do you need something that burns for a really long time to feel like you're really sending it out into the universe? Or do you feel like, you know, burning a birthday candles, going to get it out even faster, and that makes it even more powerful. Play around with it, see where your belief level lies, and she's something that works well for you. Then another option when I was digging through all of my supplies is an led candle, so this one has a real wax coating on it, and I'm going to do this in the future. But I don't have a strong enough intention that I want Teoh Go ahead and carpet now, so this could be something that's like a long term goal, like if you want to be bringing in $5000 a month consistently or you want $10,000 a month or you wanna have $100,000 a year, this could be a good long term goal that you are constantly working towards and putting that energy out there. I first tried this method about five years ago. My husband was going to be going on a hunting trip and we had paid $600 for him to be able to go and to get a specific animal. After we had made that decision, we realized that we really couldn't afford that. We really needed that $600 back. We were told that it wasn't possible that the deposit had already been made and we wouldn't get it back. So instead of panicking, or at least instead of panicking for too long, we went ahead and got a candle, inscribe $600 on it and just visualize the money coming back to us very effortlessly. Within a week, we had the money back in her hands. He was still able to go on the trip and have a great time with his co workers, and we didn't have to pay all of that extra money for an animal that we really didn't need . Then the following year, he went on the same hunting trip and he actually got paid to process the animals for other people and had a really great time. So it was just kind of a nice little residual effect of the abundance we had drawn in by getting our money back the previous year. I love this ritual because it's very simple, and all you need is a candle and something to inscribe the candle with. So don't be like me and not have the right candles on him. But, hey, this is a great example of how you can be flexible with your practice and use what you have on hand. There are so many options for things, so if you don't stay rigid and you just allow yourself to be flexible, you're going to see better results and just have a better time with your practice. In the next video, I'll go over what petitions are and how you can start using them in your practice. 15. Making a Money Petition: All right, now we're gonna talk about petitions, so petitions are away to ask your guides, ancestors, arc angels, saints, the universe or whatever spiritually or energetic being for something you want or desire and petitions can be done so many different ways. They're used to draw things in there. Also used to banish things. They're used for love, for money, for just everything. Anything you can think of, you can create a petition for There are different ways you can make them, so this might be different than what you've been taught. But I'm gonna keep this really simple and just focus on drawing in abundance with it. So all you're going to need is some sort of paper. And petitions were traditionally done on kind of Kraft paper, which a paper bag is similar to that and that A pen and you can use any type of paper if you just have white typing paper. You can use that if you want to use green for abundance or if you want to get fancy and use , um, gold or silver scrapbooking paper, use whatever you have on hand or whatever you're drawn to. And then for a pen it could either be Ah, fancy pine. It could be a green pen. Red is always just inauspicious color to me that it feels like it's just so permanent. So I'm going to be using red for that. Then petitions can be written on any shape of paper. Ah, circle is usually a symbol of abundance because it just keeps going on infinitely. So we're going Teoh, tear this into a circle and when you are wanting to draw something in always tear towards you do that really quick, okay? And this does not have to be perfect. So there is a circle, and even with a small lunch fact, you're left with so much paper you could do other petitions on. So you want to have the recipient of your petition written on here and you can either do that with a first name or birthdate, and you can write it one time or three times. I prefer to write things in threes. So I'm going to write my name around this in the sun. Er, Okay, so there's my name three times and I'm just going to be putting this out into the universe . I'm not going to be asking any specific ark, angel or saint, and you could if you want to. And you could even say I'll offer X y Z for this manifesting. But make sure that you fulfill that if you're going to put that energy out there. So for this one, I am going to simply write what I am asking for and say I will have and you can write it any way you want on here. $500 that is mine by no, I m there 15 years and you can get expensive because you want with the date or not is completely up to you. I like to be a really specific and say money that is mine because there have been times where I do a spell for, like, $200 then my dad gives me $200 to give to my grandparent's the next time I see them. And so I got $200 but it wasn't mine. I didn't get to keep it, and I had no say in what it went towards. So go ahead and get a specific as you want and keep it positive. Then we're gonna fold it twice, and since we wanted to come to us, we're gonna fold it towards us in half, then turn it clockwise and fold in half towards yourself again. So at this point, you can either tape it up or seal it with wax, or you can leave it undone like this and read it every day until you manifest what you're asking for. Now, with this petition, you can bury it in your yard if you would like, because that keeps it with you and is a great way to draw towards you. I wouldn't burn it because that's usually done for banishing things that we do not want to finish. Abundance. And another thing you could dio is put this in your money bull and be aware of it and say the affirmation that you've written on it. Whenever you are refreshing your money bull. You could also have a candle on top of it, like a plea on top of it, not burning directly on it and burn a candle on it every day for a little while until it manifests. We could have a candle next to it. You could keep this in your wallet. There are a lot of different ways. The biggest thing would be being aware of it and putting positive energy towards it. But not desperate energy. Just kind of that Calm, positive, knowing that it's coming to you. If you don't have it, you don't have it yet. So, like just kind of that type of that type of calm energy. So that's how you make a petition, and I hope this video helped. 16. Thank You!: I want to thank you so much for completing this course and investing in yourself. Living a life of abundance benefits you personally, and it also spreads out toe others and can benefit the entire world. I hope that the tools in this course help you to remember that you're an infinite source of abundance. The life you want is within your reach. Use the tools, do the work and allow yourself to believe and connect. I have faith in you, and I'm honored to be a part of your journey. Thank you.