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Drawing heads and faces with KRITA

teacher avatar Damien Barban

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Starting with the basic options

    • 3. Starting the sketch

    • 4. Proportions and the face

    • 5. Completing a first face

    • 6. What about the different tools of Krita

    • 7. Drawing the profile

    • 8. Drawing an ear

    • 9. How to draw eyes

    • 10. Drawing the mouth

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About This Class

If you want to know how to use the drawing software Krita, and how to draw heads and faces with it, this course is done for you. I'm presenting you in this course many tips to help you in drawing faces with Krita.

In the end of this course, you will know more about Krita and about drawing anatomy of the head.

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1. Introduction: welcome in this course, where I'm going to show you how to create the face of a character coming book character with a software Crete. We're going to see what options were going to use from left, right and on the tub bar here. Few options are here very useful to create easily the face you want to draw. Let's start with this option, which is to create a new farm. You start by clicking on file new, and you already have a couple off options you can select. You can select several templates for European comic book US comic book style. Mango are all things you can see according to the diversion of the secretary. Half that options are added and you can personalize the document on. We should get to work, so I'm going to work on a system. Documents can name it my file, and I can't decide to use print. Define firm. You use a four. You can decide to supply the pixel millimeters centimeters and so on. As I'm friends, I used to work in centimeters 21 9 20 nine. Okay, dp I It's a P p. I should the point pair inch I can say 300 really enough. I can save my Freese. It just created here. I can select a different kind off option for the color. Too edgy. Be. It's more common one, and you can decide. Also hear different quality ignites. It's enough. Other options by default are really enough. You don't have to go into to this accepted. If you really know what is going on here, but otherwise just keep the different options on, then I'm not going to going to war descriptions. It's not useful for me to do. I create nine documents. Wait a little bit, and I did appear here. So in the other videos, I'm going to show you how to use these tools, these tools and what we have here on the right to draw a comic book face. 2. Starting with the basic options: Let's talk about the tools. You have a couple of tools on the left and some co corruption on the right. You can see that the different options are useful or not. One is various. Fall into brush your free hand brush tool. It means that if your use a graphic, tell it's going to draw freehand. You can select the color and or this you have here the nine tool lying to very simple rights. You re single your cycle and you have some forming this our phone like that, and you can also drove with forints anyway. So here are interest in into dring with the freedom tool here, and get interested into the layers layer is just something that is transparent and that is added to your working space. We can say that the layer one is a white page. It's like if you was taking a white paper and you was adding the layer to that, they had to put it on your white page and you can draw on it. Everyone would be. We can sit background and you can draw any details on the New Year's. You can add as naturally as it wants you have a different kind of players were not going into this right now. But if you add a paint earlier, just adding another layer on which you will be able to drop. But first, let's start withdrawing the sketch off my face. They're too usually I'm not touching. Lay around white peach, probably at a background in the late one, and the character will appear in the later to only evils catch right away. You can also rename this layers double click here safe like rooms. I like it too. Skitch and free will be the thinking. It would be when I will use black ink to details on this catch. So to drugs kitsch, I will take a great color and a very simple tool wishes such lines. It's enough. By the way, here your capacity. If you decrease the opacity, you have something very transparent. If you can create different city, gonna get something strong. It is simple size. If you increase its size, you can see that you're brushing is going to be larger. If you decrease, it will have something that will be. Then you will have here different kind off tool. The rock cycle the razor effects and soon the first woman using its cycle. It's where he confined Come on tools like depend brushes and some I'm using. For instance, this brush she's give me something like this. This is enough to create my sketch. First I'm drinking a little. This novel is separated in two parts. It's rather we can say its its neg catch in two parts you can try due to due to equal parts . But if it's not really Corbyn doesn't really matter. The body is not one of the persons at sea. Then you kiss your this you can see there is This part is smaller than this one. This line in the line of the eyes. Then you can add some lines here, which would be the eyebrow. So regarding the distance, the first step is to pay attention to that distance, the distance and the band of the eyes. Here, of course, the hairs are going to be added in addition to this and you will be something initially here covering head like this. But we will see this in another time. First, make sure and you just drove this kind of egg you get with then here, approximately here. And you can add the eyebrow here. When you are done with that, we can go to another state. 3. Starting the sketch: When you're done with this, we can continue. I'm going to erase a little bit. You can select here a razor's the whites raising can Chen decides, Razor, just give a bull. This come back into my block from my book cycle is better and can restrict a little bit. So we have hydro here. Make sure to have enough things here in space. Otherwise your character will trafficking off problems to place his brain here. So if it's not big enough, who can have control? Then you can place the age the eyes here so we can start with forms like this something more difficult to create sensei from his eyes to this eyes and you can place line here and there. Designs are, in fact, where you put the the nose and demand. Then for the years you can imagine the river line here in here, approximately at the liver of the ice. And from there you can just and but here's then we can just seditious Nick, That's so what you have to check when you draw your face is the distance Here, here, here, here, here. If when you look at your face, you can see something that is weird because your eyes is having the habit to look at faces , and it can instinctively, I feel that there is something wrong with the proportions so you can try to work again with drawing can cross here and see if this I'm in on the same level. This one eyebrow off sentiments and little end of space here. What could be wrong? It's to draw something like this for the hand and don't have enough space for brain in sight. It would give you characters that it's rather stupid because yeah, you can you can draw very large. Here's and so on. So it's not much we're trying to do. We tried to do a normal human, so now when you're done with this, you can start drawing room bits, some more pre saris lines and you can see in black. Here I'm doing something more. I could read it, and that continues more sin Razor. You could see this part is much more interesting. More decorate, so you're over or your egg you use previously to draw your hand is starting to take the form face and what you have to remind its to have enough space here can draw in blue more importance. Ryan's of your face because your face is Freedy objects and you will have stuff like that and all of these will be on the side of her head. And your your hand is also going like this. This is the round object and this is the same for your nose. You would have volumes here involves here from sometimes shudder here in the show there, this Kim eyes showing you where the lights will reflect on the face and where you have to different shadows So you can use this as a basic eggs and size to just to draw this ahead with normal form here and just draw these lines to have the habit to draw your face with. Keeping in mind that this is a free T uh, I'm Jake. When this is done, you can go back to raisings, tumors, details and probably continuing, drawing with the normal tool cycle and black color. And this time just this probably should have here just to remind me that we have a shot of here. So the point is, when you start adding shadows, the very simple rule in that if you have shadow here the night here, so it will give kind of dimension off already having a counter existing into a space where we have light and shadow the characters already existing somewhere. Of course, you have some show here gonna add some shoes a little bit. Here, don't use to much shed was everywhere because when we start recovering the technique in the shadows, we have something about having to live around without taking account that there is some rules to respect and we don't have plenty off source of flights and plenty of shadows here . Just select one point for the right one point from the shows. Then when you are done this, we can go to the next time. We should be going into more detail and starting to be out off just sketches and going to something more human more really 4. Proportions and the face: All right, so now we're done with this sport. So this catch. He's having plenty off details and lines, and we don't really know where we have. So I want to draw on my aching. That's it's be too earlier to start thinking the drying. So we've already add another pain there just to move. It would be pencil step and my sketches, taking a lot of intent attention because I drove with many colors and soon so will select it, and I will click right or his capacity. I can change a city. Okay, that's enough. Now I can go back on my pencil and start drain with Try this one. Um, maybe this one. It's true there. Then I tried drawing in a dream on the frein's. You can see that, you know, they did something. This were still sketching, but something more free signs respect the distance with nose here, and we're another distance. We have to respect the size of the snuck. Quite is, even some experience can do. It's sometime when we really have difficulty. You can just compare. Try to revert the sense of the ice, or as you can. You don't have to work on the size and have something very similar. So I can add some additional stuff like that really works when you work for coming book shut. It was really here, and the mouth is not in the good access. So we'll raise this and take cycle black. And this time things work. This all these elements are could be hard to draw because if you don't have the happy to draw nigh, we will protect more time. That's what is important here is to respect the proportions because if you draw a very beautiful I and the other one is to launch two too small and the head, it's too big, no matter how good your eyes will be at your drain with the wind. So the face is a composition of many things in every element of the face needs to be worth carefully, So we're gonna go back later on every parts on through This first example was just a shame you how you place them and when you please, he hears you can also draw something very clean can work with cleaning. When you feel like this, when you scheduling this, you have to find a way you feel, the more confortable when you're drawing. It's useless to tell you to use one specific technique because we probably not to be the rifle. And for you, every artist has to find his own way to use the brushes and so likes you zoom outs to start drying. I mean lines, especially for the outlining of the face. And then you come back zooming in and you can see that when you zoom in, you can see things that not not very perfect. So you have to like this. Maybe some stroke against. When you zoom out, you have something more different. This sign and this sign could be really hard to do because you have the job that's going like this. And according, if you draw with male or female, the George beef having different kind of forms, and then when you draw hairs, you can think like if it was adding kind of helmet. You think about the helmets. You had an additional part here. Don't draw the handlers by just adding them like this. We're It will make your character very strange and something in no additional to what he's already existing here due to handle the thing that's the head was very too small. And there we can imagine. He really has a brain inside here. So it's also give you that distance in their distance, which is quite good for face. So it was the first advices I can give you now. We'll go in more detail with the eyes, the nose, the mouth and how you can draw. 5. Completing a first face: then when you are doing with the proportion we can, I stopped going into the banking parts. We'll probably also decreased the intensity of this layer and this time use cycle. You can stop with block. Let's try something like this or something like that. Do very interesting thing. You can use different kind of drawing style. You can try to do a very Ralf style if you aren't drinks. Catch. He has black hairs can just leave some lights between these parts, just drawing their planes and from the inside of face and probably used no tool cycle. And take that. This is a field site and what I'm used to do is for the eyes trying brush that is very small. Been working with Finn. Lines get increases true of the Earth. It's the lines just increasing the pressure on your graphic toe and adding details. And then we can start adding nos. I can see that they're not doing always the same details on the right on the left. Just to give some to do Nofal into too much have been something too much similar. From right to left. - They can hide this layer and this layer and then we have something way I can continue drawing this clicking this. Okay, shadow here, but in character with some perversions. Kendrell his. Okay, so we have the first character. He's nuts, A perfect person. It's just a guy. And you can see that just with a few elements like proportions, details of the eyes and some few shadows. You have something something efficient. It's works as a restriction. Then we can start drink. Others to fight that with more details are different aspect of the face and also different emotions. 6. What about the different tools of Krita: Now we can see that to create the face to draw a face are ahead. He could be quite difficult, so this is very important to explain how you can exercise yourself. No matter if it's with a graphic tablet or, if you're on the street, are in train on your car or whatever. You just need a pan and white page. Of course, this could be applied not only for creativity for many other situations, they're for creative. If you want to improve your skill in drawing with tools offered by deceptive, you can just take a new document and start drawing by testing all the different tools here . This is a neck exercise you can do on bond. We're not looking for quality, but just looking for testing options and improving yourself in drawing the first key point to improve yourself in your drink. Skill is a quantity of drawing you will do. We are even not trying to create something very realistic. We're just trying to make quantity when I speak of a quantity, speaking about doings, catches and trying to do something and trying to different tools. And sometime when I feel comfortable with the tool I will remind that this one could be used and could be good for me. You don't have to be shy in testing. It's not because you will test the tool and you will not feel confortable with it. That's who are that level are. If that you are not good enough and so on. You really have to understand that every graphics after half his own specificities and you just have to get familiar with the ones off. All right, I can cancel. Ever seen, you know, start again. Just this. This one is very good to thin lines. All right, so to the rays, rapidly my sketch under control, eh? It's an older page, and I put a button surprise off my keyboard and give you directly the razor off your layer . I can just just new one. I love to draw eyes, especially when I'm testing brushes because you have the emotion directly communicated by. All right. And you can really have the authors view off your brush. All right? I does. This one. It's quite there is similar when you draw something very similar, like you draw and I are face when you change your breath you can see the slight difference . Sometimes you have just very small differences. Sometimes, like here, you have a very big difference. We have something there dark here. Been trying to the more great like here. You really have coming more cattle. Plain style. This is really exists on chicken. Do trying to drove rapidly with different tools without taking any paying attention to quality images. Jewel, stuff like this. So you don't Freedom House troll. Just do something very, very rough. I think this one thing drink just rode lines with my graphic Talic trying to take my the habit off using this and then and tense this one. Okay, I can play also the size this one seems for interesting. All right, said Ben. Okay, So what else? This one then It's not done. You just have to. Tests not only cycled when it just selected, but blocks blocks. It will give you stuff like that. It's more to re present the shadows. There's something we're going to talk about it later. Some brushes are quite interesting, especially if you want to draw something like drawing on Lee with shadows suggesting forms all right. For bullshit. It's more complex tool to use on the other one. This one's very interesting because when you draw this year this line, but you can cut, have a count of calligraphy style. If I draw in a calligraphy, C can do interesting nines. All right, anyone since inflates black from Yeah, this one could be interesting in drying fixing faces, uh, very strong details. For instance, try to drool of Death men The rough Three riffs Time in second could be like during carrying off, um, grafitti refugees thing. Then what else? No to ban, but you can see the two of a kind of opacity. The opacity is that 100 person, but you still have some capacity. So this is what makes the difference between two blocks in the cycle. Second can really find black pens like when you used the China Inc So it could be quite the pointing to use blocks options. They were the eraser history. Race ethics is kind of interesting stuff like that, you know, very usual. Ah, yes, you can just some for here have to resign The rights, the appropriate moments, forgeries, such things, I think that I think is really dedicated to to the inking your drink, and we can see that is a really working quality to you. Can really been details if you're drawing talent is it's great, Henry. Have some fun drawing such. It was during such tool, and I I'm not changing this side of my brush and night just using more pressure on my graphic tablets and consider difference fresher. And it was a lot of pressure. Got a very big difference. Is also why graphic trouble. Two years of very important if you use something that's very chief and that's good, Schaff our events of material that is very, very good. We're gonna have some are time to get a difference. You know, if your tell it is a very good product, if you can have two same difference. Like what? Training here, the thin line. And without changing the size that just changing the pressure on your brush. We have something. They're different here and just keeping the same this finning off, including T to change this size on the brush with the changing this. So again these different rules you can have some slight difference. All right, it was inch and mixing that this is what you when you have some watercolor techniques. Very interesting for this right now. Went and soon so we don't go into The option of coloring is something that could be covered in another course. We're just thinking about drawing faces, but what we're going to do is use the option. The injection. She's more accurate for drying faces, so OK, when you are dumb with testing these different option in this course, I'm sure Samuel some options amusing myself. But if you don't feel comfortable with brushes and training, uh, don't hesitate to shoes your own. You can fold scores by just selecting another one. The more importance if that's you can do the exercises and for you succeed truthful, different step training. Well, we are draining and faces. 7. Drawing the profile: The next step is to start over again by using pencil one of the brushes here and we were so like the blue color. No, I'm going to show you a profile of the head. How you can draw head from the profile, begin stops during name that is lying on the ground considered his ground your egg. Then you can hit here and go up to here. Then you drew this. You can see that we always start with geometrical forms to make distant very easy to follow . Then you have the line here Can just add a line here and you can hear Can you can kits here from now you can just just a little bit more hair because otherwise the faces into tool already envision what the face is going to be. You can cut a little bit here. The weight would be to learn to and you can start green here. This this knows here. So you have to do this The front head here and you complete my turning this so you can see that even if your sketch is a big too short here, you have to at this otherwise be knows enough space for your brain. Already seen this point in the previous video. And you know, I brother is going to be placed here and the eyes is very important. The eyes seem to be placed at that distance. You have to respect a distance here. Don't stick the eye to this line. Otherwise we're kind of extraterrestrial on enough. Being there is a woman. Then you have to hear is going to be a proximity here So we can add just something like this in the math, not something that you can just could. Here your mouth is something like this for the news. You can like their sports going to be at their distance approximately Yes, this spot here and this is very important to draw in the same time that part be here has to come back because this is a job. And if this line it's too close to the nose is going to have a face that is the re strange . So drove, Enjoy. This is they're easy because you have to observe a picture or something that this sometime , But you can do something like this and you're the neck just be really short here and his shoulder added Right here. From there you can stop drawing very interesting face because gonna add hairs and details over drawing the nose here is a bit too, and two out on too big, too much in that direction. So reaching the race razer, white color and get this hurts your nose like this and we're in bed. You can see this sketch is really something conduce you. It's not in first place. They're easy to 60 to do everything in a row. Uh, you're going to really try to do one parts than one far in the 1/4. If you don't succeed to do everything, you can concentrate on just one part and do it over over again, having to also see the different parts the nose, the eyes head and soon separately to make sure that you can exercise yourself on every different parts separately. 8. Drawing an ear: Now it's talk about the here. You can see that I have drawing approval if you do something quite similar to this. So when you draw here, you have to work on the first for this and you don't have to know every detail Here. You can just draw forming this and suggest what is inside. Something like this you can do drew more things like this. But if you have too much detail, it could be weird. It could be like yes, unclean. Here's isn't ending this And then you have the hairs here. Make sure to draw something quite this. So if I draw a lover again my face during rapidly this tape I just show you previously here is going to be here and forget there is the eyes to refer. You are getting play for the hair. Could beans approximately that distance and you can drew from this Don't make something too large. Nick and Joe starting at the end of the year. This is where the position of the year is very, very important. This'll ei and you just for the position. Everything. What is important in the face? It's to realize that the person of the year. The eyes I broke the mouth is going to be connected. If this part it's too loud is going going to affect the quality of your drain. The here is too large or too misplaced here, or there is going to be, uh, actually so your other kind of tree angle you have to respect. And if the string girl is instead of being like this is to like that, you will have a face. So if I trying to do another character miss here, he's going to be here can try to bring too much more regions. I can start drawing another, creating another painting layer, zooming in my working space and trying to do something more Decrease capacity of my sketch layer. Residents here for kids. Okay, okay. And I can draw on the Leo three Tim right away by moving Just having a hand always in the space. Where are my keyboard? Moving When I put Keep space board Have my hand can move like this and you can draw were affelay. So this is the first example about drying the hair. Of course, you can go much more into details and at some shadows and things like that. But sometimes if you add much more stuff like that shadows and soon it's probably use this . You don't have to go into this, especially if you draw comic book. Just have a look at your different commingle who used to read, and you will see that they are not going too much details. It's really sometimes waste of time. It's much more important to spend more time into the expression of the off site, the mouth and what constitute the emotion of the character. You don't have much emotion into the brain of a here. 9. How to draw eyes: one of the very important step while drawing faces to know how to draw eyes. You are plenty of techniques, but this one could be very simple, easy to exercise and efficient first. And I could be defined by two ovals with two both inside. Of course, if you just tell this tip, it's different enough. Not enough. So you can I have something more accurate if from there you decide to drool two lines I can't hear you get here, here and there. This is a comic book technique. Then two small lines here in here. Then this hiding my skitch and booze kitsch. I will, too. Off bulls like this one human. If you draw and I with the ball inside like this, that is just in the middle. It will gave the feeling that your character is in the drug or is it nit tight? So it's probably not what you want to create a normal human Highs Lee heist. Morning, this. Then, when you are done with this, you can this and this is the light bulb. You always have liable in the ice to give life to her character and then drilled that parts greens inside. Hear, Hear this and the Aib rose that are going to be there. So these eyes are quite natural. We don't know yet. If this is a woman or men, that will be the difference between these two type of eyes. The woman is going to be more happening. And I'm saying this and a man is going to be more straight lines saying that it's indifference. So to have eyes more like this, like Hellman's, it will be more for women's. And then there's going to be more straight. So what? You have came difference. All right, so did it. Exercise can do here. Draw full head with eyes. You can serve it. Boom. Here, Sit far. Ain't your head hear from team here? And the eyes are going to be position approximately that area Thinking of the tree and go narrows Jim mouth and for the eyes and going to zoom in in Jordan into use another friends and nose here anymore. Here, the way you can see that when you start during the ink in part fuelled drink Ah, the proportion has to be considered again because here the nose is under me Here seem to be here if you stick to your original. It's kitsch. This is possible. Yeah, that you represent me stakes. So be sure that when you draw something like this, like the eyes then can play the rest of the face with the correct proportions. And the place is I didn't want him to be here. You can hide in the year, all right, more stuff like that determines, and then I can draw the roasted face. So while you're drying and exists, any easing yourself during all these different parts, including the eyes, and to be more attention and nothing to be faster, then when you know how to draw the eyes, you can drool the difference. Our recon play with different emotions because you're rising to be openly this and you play with Aib roles. So is everybody some interesting things to do with it? The condition of the eyebrows on the way the eyes are open or closed will be differently. Keep one for expression of the of the emotion of character 10. Drawing the mouth: When you want to draw the now for your character, you have to select off course the pen to draw sketch off the body for the usual lines to create your character with knows and a place where he put the eyes and we will get interesting from two drawing face. We can Zuman and see how you can drop this face. There are several taking. First you have to understand that this is line. This line is going to be changing the lines going up. If smiling are something like this. Give the characters quiet, having some problems and thinking about it. You will not be happy if we do something. That this thing is a very rough explanation and simplification of the Now if you really want to draw something more realistic, still drink this line, of course, that we will separate the mouth in two parts if I drop the mouth from the beginning to the end, going to give something like this ever side of the mouth. And so this, but used to be drew some black, had chains and then we'll get news here. But this month that could be enough. Girls are men, usually when we Joe enough. We used to draw one of the men like this and few details here if we drew the one of their things do seem to be reason. More details depend if this is a man car and according to this, we can see that we separated the mouth in two parts. Then we have the upper side and the last part. And from there you can change the orientation of the line current and was said to this you can even change his sign. He was happy can do the same. But we create the line going off in that direction. If he wants to exercise yourself, you congest create new documents and draw their symbol deaths to 34 again. 12 34 And you always separate. Just kitchen three parts 123 on. You can add some hatching to complete, sirs, kitsch is to make your drain. You really feel more confortable when you draw your character. Of course. That method be up. Get a t here, give something like this. All right. And while during this then you can finalize your exercise by trying to draw something a bit more realistic. and with more accurate details and taking more time to draw, Indian will be more able to roll now this.