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Drawing for beginners (especially the nervous ones)

Dawn Summers, Artist, designer, maker

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    • Welcome

    • Dealing with inner doubt

    • Task 1

    • Task 2

    • Types of pencils

    • Class project


About This Class

Hi everyone and welcome to the first class in the series of drawing for the terrified.  My name is Dawn Summers and I am a freelance community artist and a newbie surface pattern designer.  I am based in Leicestershire in the UK and I have two grown up daughters and five beautiful grandchildren who treat my house as one big art and craft space. If you would like to see some of my work you can follow the link to Behance.

I hope you enjoy the class, take part wholeheartedly and remember to have fun. The aim of the course is not to enable you to faithfully capture every last detail in every last image, we have cameras for that, rather the aim is to encourage you to see that drawing can be fun and enjoyable and that there are many different facets to drawing and creativity.  You just need your own style.





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Dawn Summers

Artist, designer, maker

I have a long history of working in the caring professions and using arts and crafts as a medium to use in creating relationships with vulnerable groups. I also teach for the Open University where my speciality is around working with vulnerable groups.

I gave up working full time in this capacity four years ago and now work on a freelance basis in terms of working with community groups whilst working on my own arts practice which just keeps growing.

My website for surface p...

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