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Drawing for Meetings, Presentations and Trainings

Alex Glod, Storyteller, Trainer and TEDx Speaker

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31 Videos (4h 27m)
    • Promotional Video of the Course

    • How I Learned to Draw and How You Will Too

    • Course Principles and Tools Required

    • The Basics: Part 1

    • The Basics: Part 2

    • Creative Project #1 - Introduce Yourself

    • Section #2 - Enlarging our Visual Vocabulary - Drawing Nature

    • Drawing Fruits and Vegetables

    • Drawing Plants, Trees and Leaves

    • Drawing Insects, Reptiles and Birds

    • Drawing Sea Life

    • Creative Project #2

    • Section #3 - Enlarging our Visual Vocabulary - Drawing People, Faces and Emotion

    • Drawing People In Action

    • Drawing Positive Emotions

    • Drawing Negative Emotions

    • Drawing Faces and Cartoon Characters

    • Creative Project #3

    • Section #4 - Enlarging our Visual Vocabulary - Drawing Symbols

    • Drawing Symbols: Part 1

    • Drawing Symbols: Part 2

    • Creative Project #4

    • Section 5 - Flipchart Templates for Meetings and Trainings

    • Challenge #1 - Flipchart for Meeting & Training Agendas

    • Challenge #2 - Flipchart for an Educational Moment

    • Challenge #3 - Flipchart for a Planning Session

    • Challenge #4 - Flipchart for Wrap-Up

    • Section #6 - Perfecting the Craft

    • Reviewing Your Progress

    • Where Do We Go From Here? Skills for the Future!

    • Thank You & Keep On Learning!


About This Class

What will I learn and do in the Course?

  • Draw the Basic Elements to Get Started - Shapes, Word Bubbles, Arrows and more
  • Draw Elements of Nature such as Plants, Land Animals and Sea Life
  • Draw Faces and Cartoon Characters
  • Draw People, Emotion and Action
  • Draw 40+ Different Symbols
  • Draw Useful Templates for Meetings and Trainings
  • Explain Complex Concepts through Simple Images
  • Persuade and Educate more Effectively
  • Make Your Meetings More Memorable

If you believe you are not good at drawing, you are highly encouraged to join. These are not skills you are born with. You simply learn through observation, guidance, feedback and a lot of practice. Prepare a notebook, black pen and marker, as well as a few colored markers.

Whenever people think of meetings or trainings, they tend to roll their eyes and expect to be bored out of their minds. How about we change that? How about you learn how to make your meetings, trainings or presentations more effective and persuasive with the help of drawing?

With the help of drawings you attract people’s attention instantly, you communicate knowledge and meaning effectively, you spark people’s creativity and you keep them engaged all along the way. We will start with the basic elements of drawing and slowly build up tp drawing:

  • Elements of Nature such as Plants, Land Animals and Sea Life
  • Simple Faces, Cartoon Characters, Emotion and Action
  • Over 40 Different Symbols
  • As well as Useful Templates for Meetings and Trainings

Whether you believe you can draw or not, by the end of the course you will be able to create cool and creative images almost naturally. All you need to do is prepare your pen and preferable a notebook dedicated for this course. Through each section of the course you will learn how to draw all the elements mentioned before through direct observation and by replicating what you see on paper.

With constant practice and experimentation, drawing will no longer feel like a daunting task, rather it will become second nature.

Who is the target audience?

  • Trainers and Teachers that want to make learning more engaging and creative
  • Presenters, Leaders and Marketers that want to make their presentations more effective
  • Video Content Creators that want to make whiteboard videos





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Alex Glod

Storyteller, Trainer and TEDx Speaker

Alex Glod is a Storyteller, Trainer and TEDx Speaker at TEDx University of Piraeus 2015, TEDx Bacau 2015 and TEDx Calea Domneasca 2018.

In the past 6 years, he has trained over 2500 people in Public Speaking, Storytelling and Leadership in countries from both Europe and Asia and has taught over 13.000 students on Udemy and Skillshare. Alex advocates for a human approach in Marketing, Leadership and Education and teaches leaders, entrepreneurs and educators to use personal stories t...

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