Drawing for Kids and Beginners: Learn How to Draw 24 Cute Cartoons Step-by-Step | Em Winn | Skillshare

Drawing for Kids and Beginners: Learn How to Draw 24 Cute Cartoons Step-by-Step

Em Winn, Teacher, Art Instructor, Artist

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26 Videos (1h 26m)
    • Meet Your Teacher and Learn What We Will Be Learning in This Course

    • Let's Draw a Frog

    • Let's Draw an Octopus

    • Let's Draw a Fish

    • Let's Draw a Lion

    • Let's Draw a Giraffe

    • Let's Draw a Tiger

    • Let's Draw a Bunny Rabbit

    • Let's Draw a Porcupine

    • Let's Draw a Mouse

    • Let's Draw a Dragonfly

    • Let's Draw a Deer

    • Let's Draw a Peacock

    • Let's Draw an Owl

    • Let's Draw a Penguin

    • Let's Draw a Teddy Bear

    • Let's Draw a Koala Bear

    • Let's Draw a Baby Bear

    • Let's Draw a Pig

    • Let's Draw a Horse

    • Let's Draw a Skull and Crossbones

    • Let's Draw Pirate Island

    • Let's Draw a School House

    • Let's Draw an Angel

    • Let's Draw a Baby Carriage

    • Let's Draw a Stegosaurus Dinosaur

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About This Class

Are you looking for a beginning drawing course for your child?

Are you seeking a course that will ensure drawing success and confidence?

Would you like an experienced teacher guiding your child through the drawing process?

The Beginning Drawing for Kids course may be just what you are looking for! Designed with beginners in mind, this drawing course is perfect for ages 5-10 years old. The teaching process used is a kid-tested, step-by-step method that will both inspire and delight your child into drawing action! The process involves organizing shapes and lines together until a recognizable outcome is achieved.

As your child works his/her way through this course, he/she will discover that they may then apply the knowledge they gain through each lesson to create unique masterpieces of their own. The Beginning Drawing for Kids course is designed to give young children the tools they need to begin their artistic journey into self-expression, reflection, and creative thinking.

Let's get creating with the Beginning Drawing for Kids Course! Yay!

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Great fun and easy to follow for my 10 yr old
Lovely for kids
Despite being in my 20's the class was relaxing and refreshing. Em Winn speaks calmly and concise making for an excellent art instructor geared towards a younger budding artist-audience. If you're like myself and "Too old" for this class, you'd be right, if this was a public school. It was a nice warm up for art projects to come and the real kicker is being innovative rather than copying EXACTLY what is being drawn. I would try to change up the drawings a bit, such as adding additional layers, details, shading or angles etc. If your hands aren't as deft as they use to be don't be ashamed to start with the basics to get back into the groove. This is an honest to good class. Thank you Ma'am.
Brofessor JMO

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Em Winn

Teacher, Art Instructor, Artist

Hi. My name is Em Winn and teaching art to children is what I love to do! I pride myself on creating dynamic, meaningful, and engaging art lessons that are taught in a relaxing and joyful way. I have nearly 20 years teaching experience in the elementary classroom and in the art studio, and I feel that I have a good grasp on how to create a learning environment that makes children feel happy, motivated, confident, and successful. Let the creative fun begin!

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