Drawing for Beginners : How to draw a Diamond | Sheetal Mulay | Skillshare

Drawing for Beginners : How to draw a Diamond

Sheetal Mulay, Artist / Teacher

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Suppiles

    • Tips Before You Start

    • Draw Cute Diamond Step By Step Instructions

    • Class Project


About This Class

Drawing for Beginners : How to draw a Diamond

Step by step drawing tutorial

Drawing is a complex skill and it is impossible to learn it overnight.

But sometimes you just want to draw something.

Something you'll be proud of and you would be able to share it with your friends to get little appreciation and that too instantly.

Realistic drawings like sketching, shading and canvas painting are difficult to learn and takes time and practice to get the great results, 

But luckily there are other, more forgiving methods to draw literally anything. So that you can draw with no previous experience, and good results are almost guaranteed, 

Here is what you will learn in the class.

  1. Materials : What you will need?
  2. Tips before you start
  3. Step by step instructions to draw a Diamond.
  4. How to Outline the Diamond
  5. Class Project.

C'mon over and join me in the class.





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Sheetal Mulay

Artist / Teacher

About Me :

Hello, I am Sheetal Mulay from Mumbai (Bombay)-India.

I did my Engineering & started my career as a software programmer. Then, I completed my MBA & worked with a corporate for 10 Years. But a JOB is “A JOB”.

Even though I was earning well, there was something which was suffocating me. I wanted to do something more substantial and which could satisfy my creativity.

I was really trying hard...

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