Drawing and Painting with Procreate on the iPad Pro - Robot Character Design | Robert Marzullo | Skillshare

Drawing and Painting with Procreate on the iPad Pro - Robot Character Design

Robert Marzullo, Online instructor of Figure Drawing and Comic Art

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12 Videos (1h 27m)
    • Promo Video

    • Getting Ready to Draw Our Robot Character

    • Drawing Our Robot Character

    • Tips on Inking in Procreate

    • Inking Our Character Concept

    • Using Reference Layers to Apply Color Fills

    • Applying Shadows and Highlights Using Blending Modes

    • Using the Freehand Selection Tool to Edit the Work

    • Painting the Cape and Adding More Effects

    • Adding More Texture and Depth to Our Character

    • Adding Hard Edge Shadows

    • Adding the Finishing Touches

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About This Class


In this class you will learn my process for drawing, inking, and painting a cartoon style robot character. I absolutely love creating with the iPad Pro using the app Procreate. It is portable and extremely effective! I will walk you through the sketching process, adding inks, and then digitally painting in the colors. You will learn how to use layers, blending modes, selections and all the other cool features that allow us to create this type of art!

I will be adding more classes on this subject so make sure to let me know if you have any questions that I can help answer for you!

Thanks for your support of the work and good luck with the class! ;)

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics






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Robert Marzullo

Online instructor of Figure Drawing and Comic Art

I enjoy creating and sharing Video Content of my drawing process. I teach comic book illustration techniques, figure drawing, and digital painting. I use programs such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, and Sketchbook Pro 8.

I am the author/illustrator of the book, "Learn to Draw Action Heroes."

I have been teaching online for over 5 years now and love the ability to connect and teach artists all over the world. It is very exciting and rewarding!

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