Drawing an Abstract Turtle Through Simple Patterns & Designs | Tatiana Ambrose | Skillshare

Drawing an Abstract Turtle Through Simple Patterns & Designs

Tatiana Ambrose, Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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5 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Simple Turtle Drawing Pattern Art Introduction

    • 2. Starting With Drawing Basic Shapes and Patterns

    • 3. Continuing The Drawing Patterns

    • 4. Finishing The Drawing Patterns on Your Turtle

    • 5. Simple Drawing Art with Patterns Conclusion


About This Class

Do you want to relax while drawing? Are you interested in drawing something different? Even try out some new drawing patterns?

Then this pattern drawing class is the perfect fit for you! I have been involved with drawing since I can remember. Abstract art is my favorite because there is no right or wrong way in drawing and allows your creativity to take over. 

This drawing class is for anyone that is curious about drawing pattern art as well as seasoned artists wanting to step out of their typical drawing style and try something different.

In this pattern drawing class you have two options: you can either follow along with me or draw inspiration from my abstract turtle patterns to create your unique drawing pattern art piece. 

Your turtle art can be framed or even given as a gift to your loved one.



  • Use your creativity in this pattern drawing class
  • Work on improving your hand eye coordination through pattern drawing
  • Relax while drawing patterns 
  • Learn to see what patterns visually 'fit' into your drawing

This drawing class is about relaxing yet at the same time thinking creatively while learning different and fun drawing patterns. Give this drawing class a try, enroll today!



1. Simple Turtle Drawing Pattern Art Introduction: welcome to my simple pattern art class in today's class, we're going to draw turtle. Not a realistic turtle, not a symmetrical turtle, an abstract, a role created from repetitive patterns. This class will not only introduce you to different patterns, but it will help ignite your creativity while at the same time keeping you in a relaxed state of mind. This class is great for beginners, along with anyone wanting to step outside the box with their creativity and art skills. This introduction, lecture and my conclusion lecture will be the only time you will hear me talk. Why? Because in this class you can do two things. Follow along with me in the creation of your pattern, turtle, or draw inspiration from my patterns throughout the class and then make your total unique to you. I'm not going to babble on and on to distract you while you're supposed to be relaxed in a Zen state of mind, creating patterns you are drawn to. The main goal of this class is to not have a set image for how your turtle is going to look like because you may make a mistake. And then guess what you're gonna have to fix it by turning it into a completely different pattern. I want you to go with the flow with your feelings with what patterns you're drawn to. There is no wrong way. There is no mess ups when it comes to drawn patterns, as long as you don't have a preconceived image off how a specific pattern or image is supposed to look like. As you will see, I draw all over the turtle with simple shapes first, and then I add intricate patterns later on. I'm not starting at one end of the turtle and working my way down. I'm drawing shapes and patterns that I think look good in a specific space. Instead of trying to make the turtle look a specific way, I want to focus on specific shapes that are going to make the total unique Make the turtle abstract. For this class, I will be using a pencil and eraser, a no bleed Sharpie pen and a two and one Sharpie with a fine and an ultra fine point. Give this class a try enrolled today. I think you will definitely surprise yourself 2. Starting With Drawing Basic Shapes and Patterns: 3. Continuing The Drawing Patterns: 4. Finishing The Drawing Patterns on Your Turtle: 5. Simple Drawing Art with Patterns Conclusion: Hi. You have now reached a in this class. So what did you think of this class? If you enjoy the class, I would love to see a thumbs up review from u. I love all my students Feedback. It helps me plan for my future classes. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you had fun. Learned some new stuff and I will see you in my next class.