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Drawing a Realistic Transparent Bubble - 100% Vector Artwork.

teacher avatar Isabel Aracama, "Every expert was once a beginner."

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. 01 About this Class

    • 2. 02 Story Behind the Bubble

    • 3. Setting Up Canvas & Reference

    • 4. Understanding What You Look At

    • 5. Painting the Bubble Part 1

    • 6. PaintingTheBubble2

    • 7. Painting the Bubble Part 3

    • 8. Painting the Bubble Part 4

    • 9. Painting the Bubble Part 5

    • 10. Painting the Bubble Part 6

    • 11. Painting the Bubble Part 7

    • 12. Fine-Tuning (Time-lapse)

    • 13. Adding the Background

    • 14. Wrap Up Notes & Comments

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About This Class

In this intermediate class you are going to learn, step by step how to draw a realistic bubble using 100% vectors. 

Not only that, but you will also learn how to is it that any transparent object is to be understood when you look at it, so you will be translating it into your canvas in an efficient and effective way.

We will be using Affinity Designer but should you prefer to use any other vector software of your choice, you're welcome to do so, as long as you know the basics plus concepts such as layering, transparencies, blurs, noise, and of course, the use of the pen tool and some other of the most common tools used in vector software. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Isabel Aracama

"Every expert was once a beginner."



Hello! I've been a designer & illustrator for the last +20 years. I'm a BFA (UPV, Spain) and Science Illustration specialist (UA, Portugal). I have a knack for digital and vector drawing.

All I know, you can learn, so get on board! You can also visit my site and follow me on Youtube, for more free tutorials, updates, and news and join the student's Facebook group where we discuss illustration and show progress.


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1. 01 About this Class: Hi and welcome to this class where we are going to be working together in the creation off base. Beautiful piece of artwork, which is this public. So first off, this is any damage, its user class. I will be using affinity designer, but you can use any other several you feel comfortable with, as long as you know about the mental transparencies effects in all these basics that are really necessary in order to take this class. So should you feel more comfortable using any other software such as Adobe Illustrator Escape Korea, you go to go. So important thing for this class is that we're going to be working together. This is the first time I created this particular bubble. And I wanted this to be like this because I wanted you to see how a tackle of the hardliners and all the issues that I found out my way. When I'm creating a piece of our like this one so you can grow out from there and incorporate to your own work clothes, we're gonna learn how to look at the difference. The mindsets and I will also give you some very important tips and tricks in order to make it look just fantastic. Not just good, but fantastic. So they find a price for this class. It's obviously this beautiful bubble that I would love to see once you have completed. I also like to encourage you to ask whatever you need to know any further explanation, to start a conversation with me and the rest of the students in the questions and answers areas and discussion areas for this class, because that's the best way to learn. So let's start the class. 2. 02 Story Behind the Bubble: Okay, So for this lesson, I would like to first into use the reason why I started doing this bubble. Because I have several percent of it. If you go to my big hands per five example, you're gonna be able to see how many times did I read it first? Another? If I works back in 2012 it waas Then I tried with sketch by Bohemian. According then I tried with affinity designer, which is somewhat amusing. Now this and I also really for rabbits Ever seen several? We decided to discontinue fireworks packing 2013 or so. I just decided that I needed to find something as good as that tool. It was amazing, working with factors. And so first, I I found sketch and yeah, I tried to reproduce. It worked really well. So for example Sorry. Thesis. Diverse. Um, that I did in fireworks. You see, this is the vectors points in the notes. This is the person that I did with sketch Also really good. All that I say. I prefer the warning. Fireworks? I don't know. Maybe because it's the regional. This is them. The one I didn't in affinity designer you can see here. This is the one in affinity. Designer, See the war from here. And this is the one that I did with Kravitz, graphic designer. And it was also for sure nice to see feature in the video for the person basin off affinity , the center for Windows. You can see it here, so yeah, the main purpose it wants to test suffer right now. Just decided it was a good moment to do editorial with all the tips and ideas behind their creation off a piece of artwork like this one. I also would like to talk about the original image, which I found in the vent out. I wrote to the guy VD X, and when he saw what I did, he really liked it. He said he He said he liked my work better than the image, which is, well, it's very flattering for I mean, this image is amazing. And if you want to find about his work or so he's got older, super nice bubbles around where this is a snail, where in any gays hay was nice enough us to allow me to use his image and pretty, my portfolio and show it around. So this is the story behind the bubble. And of course. Well, now we're gonna be using another image for this class. I found this one big Subait. So I am going to leave it in the resources 80 up for you to Donald. All just go two weeks of age. Or because now, affinity designer allows you to have connection. Daddy with picks, obey and splash and Texas just you can find it that. But anyways, you're gonna find the reference here for you to Donald, and we're gonna be using this one. So you all can. You said. And what with its OK, I've never done it. So you can see how I work on the fly, which is another massing. It's quite over, like a challenge. I have to study. How did the least And you're gonna be side by side with me in this process. Okay, so let's start 3. Setting Up Canvas & Reference: Okay, so first things first. The first thing we want to do is setting up or compass. So for that Open and you documents and what I already dates and I'll tell you my settings, it's 1700 more or less big Sell 1300 Big Sur and B I 72 because we're going to be working in digital. I have to bring the market for Web. Doesn't really matter. This is not going to be printed, so you're good to go with these settings as they are. And once you have your document ready, import your bubble image into your document into your campus. So I already have it here. And another thing I would like to go is, but I put my toes in here. I'm going to cops a bit this image for the time being, because I don't need it to be so big. I just want this image here for me to be outside another thing, very important here. It's going to be set in the background, and I say it's important because it's a release thing to do. Bought the background is one of those elements that are going to be crucial in this kind of our work. And I'm gonna explain why we're going to be painting or drawing transparency in transparency as well. You can imagine transparent this no call or to hit all the land, the surroundings. So basically what they hold the body off this bubble is going to be is everything that he has around. That means that the background as surroundings, it's very important. So the thing you have to do is grabbing your tunnel to drug. A background over the campus will have a great in here. But what we have to do is choosing something not being black, because that's too hard to the I. But something along these lines. If you look at my color well, in the red, you can be in the green. Everyone doesn't really matter. But somewhere alone, these area here okay, it's not definitive. This is just a thing that I said at the very beginning to know more or less where I'm at, the same is going to be for where we're tracing the first shapes for the bubble. We're gonna just put some colors in there some strokes and we'll go tricking them. OK, so don't go to mental on that. Just set your things more or less with some temporary colors, and we will tweak later. So go ahead now, very bored. And I was, say, named your layers. We're gonna call these one backgrounds and obviously as a background is going to be in the background. So let's put the layer to the bottom. Another thing I probably I'm going to do is making this a bit bigger. Something like this. It's hard to differentiate the background and Comus, or have my usually device set to black so well doesn't really Mother. So we're here. I'm gonna also block it so it doesn't move and that's it for staff does No. Let's see in the next lesson how to start your with this bottle. 4. Understanding What You Look At: Okay, so for this. Listen, I would like to talk about several things, and the first thing I would like to say is that when I'm looking at up picture like this in my mind, I'm not looking around bubble. Even though it's the picture, the image of a bubble. I'm not looking at that in my mind. Okay, so these images going off, But I think you're gonna understand what I mean more clearly in the image I have in here because it's I think it's simpler. So what I would like to say with these Is that what I'm looking at? Actually, for me is at a circle and some shapes you can see here. This is a simple shape. If you think about it, this is a window. This is a reflection off a window. And so is this one here. And this is the reflections off the surroundings. But in reality, what I think office in terms off shapes. So I want to be touched completely. From what I think, I'm looking out. I'm looking at a bubble. I'm looking at reflection off a window. I'm looking at shapes, very basic shapes. And this is the way. I would like you to think when you look at this image here. Okay. So for that, the first thing I would like to do is picking here my lips stool. And while clicking shift, I'm going to trace this circle more or less off the same size of this one. Obviously, I don't need the field and I'm gonna As I said, put some random color for the line, which I would tweak later on, OK? And I take out and shift to have a copy and to have it align perfectly. OK, so I will work in the Centralia. I go moving from left to right for right to live. Okay, so the next thing I want to dio is think in terms off shapes. That's very important. Okay, The most difficult thing I see in this image is the fact that it's reflecting a tree or forest or something like that. And that's well, maybe not so easy to trace. But actually, I understand what I'm looking up. OK, so it's a forest. Yes, but actually it's an amount off spikes that I can trace with Penta later on. OK, so yeah, First off, you see the forest or the window or whatever the building. But then just it that's from that and trying to think in terms off basic shapes. OK, now let's speak, then are Antle. Let's get closer and it's a start doing exactly that. Tracing basic shapes The armor make this slightly smaller just a slightly smaller. So it goes exactly what I wanted to be. These one. How would pass it later? So I'm gonna start here in another thing name in your layer bubble outline. Okay? And I'm going to click here, so I create a clipping mask and whatever I do now as I go paint in, this is just a test. See, I'm going over the boundaries and I give it a color. But you only gonna see what's inside this clipping mask. Okay, so that's why I want to do it like so. So let's rebuild it. I click on my bubble outline. I click on this I can hear is served inside this election and now with the mental selected , we are going to start tracing these shaping here. So let's go. Okay. Needless to say, you have to know how to use your pinto so please. If you say don't and you happen to fancy these tutorial, I have another one that is gonna teach you very well how to use the mental. So take that one first because you're gonna need it. You're gonna need to know how to use your mental important here is to follow Very well. They're round shape off this bubble. OK, so all these lines in this area here, you want them to have this shape that goes with the overall circle sphere. It's just goal of these. Go like these and always say, trying to follow these all these shape the bubble house that's gonna be very important in order to give it a compact, really aesthetic feeling to it. I go trying different things. I'm gonna get closer. Probably what I want to do with this one is just commenting here and now. Permanently here. Doesn't have to exactly the same, but very similar something that works. Okay, Something that makes it look the way Husted whatever makes it feel not as it should. I will it later on. And I would tweak something like this so it follows the whole thing. I have to select this last note, and now I can go possible. Andres, I don't care because I'm sleeping, masking the whole thing. Now I'm gonna give you the cooler, just some up circle to know and see very well what I'm doing. That's absolute color. Now I can get rid off the stroke ends. I'm gonna get really off the field to and I'm going to with the color picker. Come here. Select this one double click, and now have this field shape, and I'm gonna give it a little bit of noise. I always add a little bit off noise, just, you know, to give it more of our feeling off. Not too plasticky. Okay, the same very important. Note this down a little bit of noise and come into your effects panel. Go to the guards and blower and give it just a small amount off assembler. And when I say small amount, I mean it just a small amount. For the time being, I'm gonna make it zero comma one, my mate Ricky Later. A bit more May for the time in very little, very little. Well, this little is going to help you to keep to the overall as I said, not a plastic feeling to it. Well, if you over the win, it's gonna look very blurry like this for motto. If you don't know what its mother is, just look for it in Google, it's gonna be something really, really blurry in. No, that's not the look of a bubble. A bubble looks crystal clear, very sharp. But at the same time, there is some substance to it. And in order to not make it to computer graphic looking, let's just give it a little bit off course. Similar. So we have our first shaping their, and we also have our outline of its No. The next thing we're gonna be doing is filling up all those shapes we see around. 5. Painting the Bubble Part 1: Okay, so let's start feeling that bus and again. Think in terms off pasta shapes. So I'm gonna take care of our market roughly. I'm gonna take off this area here, the yellow whitey's than you see in there. And so the stock mental. I'm going to select my bubble up line. I'm gonna click in here, so I make sure I'm gonna be painting inside, drawing inside with doctors. And there you go. You see? Yes, everything's fine. So starts something like this Doesn't really matter what color I am using something like this. The most important thing would be to get this smooth. That's more important. And it's going, Teoh, I'm not even gonna finish this because I prefer toe stuck shapes. So I'm gonna put that somewhere like there, and I'm gonna fill it up with this colorizing here. Something like yellow. Maybe that's too much, but I'm gonna put a beat off, um, noise gonna make it slightly more whites. I'm gonna get rid off the stroke I was using. And now I guess it's a beautiful go shit in there. Something that you know for me to see clearly what I'm doing now, I'm gonna do what I did before at the very beginning, which is good at this. I make a copy and president shift and moving it to the rights positioning that so I can see what's going on. Okay. Oh, yeah, I have these. Yes. Now it's a good moment to start tweaking the background because I admit it may be way too dark at the beginning. Now I'm going to change that color just to see things a bit better. Okay, so I can see the doctor shape I did at the very beginning. I would take it again anyway. So be the sure ticket again. Something. I'm gonna make it something like base for the time being. Okay, so there we are. We have That's let me just tweets that often compare. So we have peace. I'm gonna give it more motion. Blur. Yep. And I'm gonna make IDs the color. It's gonna be a bit more whites. Just be more okay now. Important stacking layers in the right order. So these one goes below these one a second see in there or regional only. What I want to do now is these Purple lady A there as you can see somebody s doctor shape so you can go a little bit. Why would it bought? Always remember, it's a sphere. Follow the outline off this sphere. This circle that's been important. Because if you do, it's wonky. I'm not gonna look us tightened around us. It has to be. Just think this is a bubble in a bubble. Has really, really wrong. So So let's go there. I'm not inside the mosque. It so I'm gonna have to put it afterwards. Just goes something like this. Nets, come until here. Let's come Until here, I'm a up this bit in here inside the shape or May added later because I stopped lots off our colors. I'm painting with vectors. I'm gonna come until down here and, you know, I'm gonna go up and again, I'm gonna go up. You know, here, here I'm going a little bit more in words to what I see. Because then I will give it up ocean. During when I give it a Russian door, it's gonna spread apart. So I don't need to go exactly over their boundaries off what I see. And something like this could go down here also, but I will make it separate. So more Frito caution, different goals and blowers and things like that. And again. And I say said I never did these bubbles, so I'm just trying. Let's see if I'm looking Now I'm gonna put this inside because he has to be masked. And obviously it's not that this year because I have a copy and I'm gonna give it Go Ocean Blue in there and I'm gonna move it here and no. Yes, I have to put it up there. What do you call responds? Okay, not, but let's try now with it Brew in the background. I think that's gonna be easier. Yeah, I think I'm gonna grow up just a circle. What? I'm here. I'm gonna grab the color. Got a chuckle Park. I'm gonna try. If this works, it doesn't. I will repeat it. Obviously. Come here and I'm gonna give you up. Brewer now has to be really blurry. Something like that for three. Something like this. I'm gonna put it on the background. No, I will not. This area here is darker, so I'm gonna just simply copy the blue shape. Gonna make it smaller. Something like these. And I'm gonna make it back for the time being. I think this can work. We'll see later if I want to talk in a month, A little less of her and I copied again. So this is the one I have selected. I'm gonna buddy. Well, actually, I need to speak this one, and I'm gonna make it this blue color. Now I make it a be bigger, okay? And there we go even more. Maybe maybe he's one. Has to be that on the blue side. We'll check later. More possible to extricate. Okay. Making beer. So as you can see now, I'm playing with a lot with ago temblor and stacking layers of color. So I'm gonna keep on doing the same with these colors here. I'm gonna be stuck in shapes off color, dark blue, Another blue lighter bloom. That's what I'm gonna be doing now. And hopefully in the beats. Other start seeing things work very well. Now I would like to take this away so I get more of a feeling off the rial look of it. And now with the outline, I'm gonna do the same. I'm going to make it Super Super Lights like it doesn't even exist. Improbably, I would give it a bit off Gotemba to very little amount of it. Something like that. I will try later on to blend it with the background. Just be very, very subtle when you were doing this this again, temporary. And in the end, I don't really know if all the work off the colors are working well together. Okay, Now I'm gonna assume house and see what's going on, and I think it's more or less good. I'm gonna keep him working with the same principles. Okay? Just what is shaping here because you could include it in the background, the blue background. But I think and I said, I think it's much better to stock different shapes to be able to work more independently and see, for example, the Saturn tees off, making it more squiggly in there, so it blends with the other colors. But that's a good idea. Now, in this area here, I wanted to be more rounded. So there you go. These I will give it a go Sembler again. So not to bother much. And again come right. This and ah, it's outside. So I'm gonna put it somewhere. Here, keep it cooler and moving to the site somewhere there. What? Somewhere like this? And anger Give it It goes in your course. Okay, so very important. Just rubbing off. This lesson is toe. Get the roundness of it as you go tracing and to play with Go simpler and stacking shapes. OK, don't be shy. Stuck in shapes. Don't you want to just take the shark up and Oh, yeah, this is one off the shapes. This is one of the legs. This is one of the reflects. Just work in like a kalash. Okay, go walking at that. See? In the next lesson. 6. PaintingTheBubble2: So let's get him working with this bubble. And then I think I am thinking off twin is this populated here? I could just races, but I'm gonna get a educate. And I got a copy these shape and see if it works. So if it works, I don't have to trace it again. Now again, Go should blow or something that you think it works. I think it works for the time being, at least. So because, as I said, important place things around and then I go like, OK, things is good. This is bad. I get rid of this, I have this tweet that Okay, but for the time. And I think it works pretty well. I will have all these areas here just to make it follow them this fear before the Damian I'm gonna be like That's And now I'm going to do the yellow area here, so I'm gonna soon in Okay, so let's just go thes. Actually, I don't care about that area there. Let's just go like thes now when I get into the bubble normal like that? No, actually, I'm gonna come until here and now I just go like this just go like that. Just remember, we will be adding go Shandler to the hole and stocking things. So as I repeated several times already, it's about following the roundness of the whole thing. Even if you're doing a squiggle edge like I'm doing now, it has to increase when it goes up or down in such a way that it follows their roundness off them A bubble. So that has to really work. Because when out of twin this thing not this one but the other bubble several times. One of the things I learned is that if it doesn't follow that, it's not gonna work so well. Okay, so stray with this. Let's just give it a color A bit off Noize. Let's get rid of the stroke. We don't want that stroking their course and ocean blue again. Now we're gonna assume out we're gonna select IDs and with gift picked, just place it there. We're gonna go to the layers panel and we're gonna mask it inside, and I think it's gonna be some more here, even maybe one more up. No, no. One more up or yes. And then I will copy this one. I'm gonna just take it out. What I'm gonna be doing now is cutting this shape not to have to draw it again with these. What? So I come here now and there's a dog. Lucky you. You're outside because I can't. So yeah. And now I'm going to reduce the gross number for this one problem. Gonna make it a little bit brighter and again increase the goes in. Lord, I don't like the color very much. I'm gonna make it whiter there. I think it starts working. Starts working there pretty well again. I think I am going to repeat this and I'm gonna take this shape. Copy ticket outs there. You see what I'm going to be doing now? I'm gonna remove the not removed with. Yeah, I checked the ghost and war. And now take But these you're gonna see what I'm good at What I'm doing, I'm gonna take thes baba and I'm gonna cook the shape like these took that. Now I have these edge total is moved, and I'm gonna try to put it there in such a way. That's it will be masked masked inside the baba just to see if it really works. I'm going to just make it ridiculous color like this getting now I see everything is in the right place. I go back to my original cholera, which was this one, maybe even a little bit more wonkish. And so at some point, I may just get rid of the whole outlined that we created us a place holder at the very beginning and go creating the different colors off my bubble. Like, for example, here is white here is more yellow here is almost transparent. Black here is blue. So I go constructing my plan like that. Okay, now, next thing I'll see this yellow greenish shape. I'm going to duplicate it. I'm gonna make it more green, and I'm gonna start playing with effects. Just gonna remove a little bit of the ocean rooting There may be I'm maybe move it. I offset a bit. You know, I put it below because if I don't offset, is not visible with a got a lot of the other one and nice. They all need noise now. Isn't there more? Goes and look for this one and more goes and blur also for these one, I am not convinced with the color? Uh, that's yeah, probably better. No, that needs to be sharper. Probably the shop needs to be on top. Very important here in these area. Here, it's going up, and that's gonna give it a look of reminisce. I've been talking about this concept a lot, so it's not already a two carat here. I wanted to go upwards a little bit more, so I'm gonna do exactly that to help my eye follow them. It's fear, something like this, something like this. And again, I'm going to duplicate it. Take it ups. That's green. Could have it. This with subtract. Gonna selected again. I'm gonna put it in masking it, not there, because it's covered by these. And I don't want it to be covered and change the color to something more. Seems there to what? I see my reference What? For the time being, I think this works us is. Then I need to put all these white shaping their which majors do. And this that's if it works for me. And if he doesn't, I trace it from scratch. But I think he can work just with a few peaks. So these one, it's Why there and probably in. It's less of a go Simpler now. Oh, gonna take a bit, then notes, but idea to get rid of that one. Precisely. This one out. He's a I have to be very careful there because I want this to be exactly as east. So my best bet is going to be out in an old there, adding another note in there and getting rid of this. That's it. Not, but not bad. Okay, Now these needs to blend with this one in there, and I have several possibilities here. I cannot. Something some older shaping here. Um well, first off, gonna make it softer. I'm gonna try, um, Arlena transparency there. So it blends with their shape that we have below. And there's a bombing here, which I don't like, and we don't need that. So we have to fix that. There was no bomb is because we have this block in here. It's a bump created exactly by that shape. So we're gonna get rid off. Please note in there. Yeah, even a little bit more. See what happens if Yeah, it works. Goods, goods. I need to make sure everything looks very Romney. She's make these. I don't like this bombing here. Just making things look bad. So I'm gonna just thinking of it. Very important, but important again. I say that important to make it look around what it should be round. Otherwise I'm gonna work. So we have this. We have the shape below, and we are going toe new, shaping their Yeah, it's gonna go below. These one actually could have taken this one. I'm gonna make it more yellow. I'm gonna offset it a bit down and a a little bit off Caution door. Something about this we need around something like this. Okay, Okay. So keep going with the work and see you in the next lesson where we will be taking care off them forest and that I want you to think its first forest and then just shape full of spikes 7. Painting the Bubble Part 3: high in these lesson. We're going to take care off their spiky area. The shape, spiky shape, which is the forest. Forget about the forest. Is this back in shape? And it's sink liver because, well, it's quite a tedious things. Not a lot. But it's full of little bombs and, you know, very it's not uniform, and it's gonna take a little bit of time. So if you look at it, it's not necessary to trace it on because we can just do half of it and then copy and see. So another thing toe to say. Maybe people will fill tend to use the pencil like to go like that, and and it's living. And that's another reason why I'm not gonna use eventually because I'm a been to woman and this is something that is, you know, it's calling for a pencil, and you can just control it perfectly. I think it's much more controllable done than the pencil. It's gonna create less nolde half do as you like or try both methods put My recommendation for sure is one using the mental and to respect all details. Okay, Did you just go? Lacey and I know just every every detail. It's important in order to get things right. And, of course, just look a little bit from the corner of your eye, the roundness off the whole thing. Okay, so I'm going to start. I'm gonna starting this point here with one ridiculous color that I can really see very well. And I wanted to do the same. And because this is gonna take me this, You know, some minutes I am going to time. Lapse it and I will see you in a bit. Okay. For example. No. And there is this area here. There is blue. So what I'm going to do is just feel everything in black and then I will add another shape on top. That's what's important. I mean, if they say, Oh, I went beyond half off. Let's go back in time like there because I know I can go down here. It was every detail. As I said, it's important now. I have this year and I'm going to press shift, gonna come down and in here, and I want to trace the Sadia hot there and keep going. No, see what I mean again, I'm down there so This is a critical point. Where? Do what? I want things to look very. Yeah, no like that. They must like following the curve. OK, that's important. That's what is going to give or drawing the filling off yachts. It's It's a bubble. It's so wrongly, it so perfectly round. So do you want to do that's now I'm gonna Samata be going out. In a way, I'm here. Hey, no younger 1000. Mother. If I don't need this, I can just Kober it's overlap. Eat or get rid of it Now I have my shape Gonna give it a color. Something on the green dark side. I'm gonna give it a bit of noise. I'm gonna give it. I feel not a stroke for stuff. I was giving it a stroke so that sit in that America can get rid of my stroke now something like that. Let's go, Defects. Let's give it a bit of a goal. Similar. Something like that. Don't Let's just put it, Seo. Come on, two at the moments. That's what I put I don't like this color. I'm gonna grab it with the color picker. And again, I'm on my stroke. We careful with that. Okay, that's it. Now I press I'm shift and I move my shape, which may be a big to that. But anyways, I can fix that later. I'm going to place it exactly one minute ST which is there but also in the layers panel. I need to place it somewhere there. See if that's the way it should be. This to which corresponds to this. They should be below that. What about the purple? The purple should be lower than that. So I'm gonna pull it down. The Iraq, your players as usual, It's very important. I feel this house too much of a coach in lower. So I'm gonna put it down to one instead of point to not back. But I am not sure what I've done with these Gap in here that I cannot really seem there. What? It doesn't I can just create it and then subtract. It's I don't know why I didn't do it. I didn't see it. Probably so I'm gonna do it now. I just escaped this area here. So we're going to be doing is this Well, this is good. Just to you know, for those of you who? Maybe you didn't think about it and got the same problem instead of repeating the whole thing. You can do this, which is what I'm doing now. Okay, so we take this shape, let's give it some robin color. Just put it on top, and it's movie there, more or less. Let's grab the to off them. You know, it's two back, and so I have thesis cop in there. Okay, the same I could do with those in there. I can either subtracted or I can just put some shapes with some grating color up to me. Both work, so Yeah. Well, good. I forgot about it. So I can just talk about this little tips and tricks. Now I duplicate it and our Libbets put it to the side. Uh, and I have to flip it again. Seven, because it looks like a Russia test. Yeah, that's the way that's all right. That's the way that's the way. So I feel it's a little bit true. Sharp boats. When I put it to up to two, it was too blurry. So I have to find the right balance. Squint my eyes. I'm also missing this area here but I would like later. And now. Well, I'm gonna start out in these lights in here, which will make for the hole to look much better. How is this in their next lesson? 8. Painting the Bubble Part 4: Okay, so let's listen, we're going to at some off the lighting to start giving the whole thing more realistic. Look, so it looks more like what it should be. So this one has to go all the back because we have this area here, but I will draw that with their mental. So there's one I'm gonna pass to the bottom in my layers manner. So it's gonna be a sub off all off these ones I created some time ago. I'm going to stretch this one. So it gets to this area here. I'm going to the placated, and I'm gonna pass it also in the bottom area. But I'm gonna make it smaller. I mean, you see that what I'm doing is basically reproducing everything I see in there. Okay? No, I'm gonna create these shaping their which is another one reflection with Ben Tune. And as you can see it, I would say these in every tutorial. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. Really stick or whatever. Details, details he tastes. The tickets are everything. So I think that's and I'm going to go up the colors off. I just did, and I'm going to come on shift V copy the attributes, which it's not exactly what I want, but for the color, it's fine. And now I'm going to reduce the ghost. Nor because gender is not it's just too much. So I have this. No, I'm going to put a bit off. I can spar in. Seen here it, see how it works. Okay on. And, uh, even I'm gonna give it to the whole shape. Not with the transparency tool, but with transparency. Genera capacity. I'm gonna give it 50% capacity. You can see it here in the late Responded. I'm doing it with the cube or pressing on 57 75. 50 e. I think that godliness not quite there gonna Truthfully, though, babe, I'm gonna try with these one. There you go. Even worse, right? It's not even worse. It's just because of the transparency. I just add it. It's not like quite there. So I'm gonna work now with transparency, to try to get what I want. Oh, you see these sort of matters. You go crafting things slowly. No, I'm gonna replicate this and they want below. I'm gonna give it more of a goaltender. So the dream response and move it up a bit. Actually, I'm gonna make it a bit bigger. Something like this. That's the one below. No said to the right. Upset, Uh, who's up like that? And I also need some off the green in here. So, for example, grabbing this my carpets, I cut it on, put it on top. I put it here. And now I'm going to lower down you paucity very much. So there is just, like a faceoff greening there. Something like that's of course I'm missing all these little holes in there. You see through I have to craft them, have to do them, and I'm gonna do that now. But I will tell Maxie because it's just using their the pencil and subtracting two. Okay, so I'm gonna do that and see, you know, we do the same. So now I'm going to pick all these shapes are just create it. I just put some random color in there, so I can see now I'm going to move them here. I'm gonna give them a visible call or more visible color. And I'm going to get rid of the cult. Similar. So I see exactly what I'm placing them. Looks like a mop. Okay, so you have them. And now I did a group just for things not to get too. While in the layers panel boats ready to do now is duplicates. Libbets, put it down here. Sleep it again. Like so something like that. Yeah, I think I want to make their Mongia called. It's like the continents before they spread apart. I think I want to make it a little bit more, you know, or the little separatist to It's a little bit better. It should be done better. So everything is gonna work more nicely. So I take them all of them, like so Okay, I'm gonna pull them out the group, because if I use a group is not gonna punch through with a subtract and I'll take my main shape. Let's call it. And now I was abduct, and then we go and we have all these and definitely I need to make this a little bit more. Very so. Actually, I'm also going to I'm going create creative you. Now I'm goingto some very Sumpter outer glow. Gonna try different possibilities and see. Of course not white by the way this to normal. Now I'm going to make something super supple, but I think it's gonna make it look better. Yeah, something like this. I can even Maybe she's a building color now. Now I think it's good in normal. So something like thes Oh, um, by the way, this should be being low. Yeah, something that that's now I'm going to smiled and see their overall results. No, but but I see many things I have to be treat like here. These things. I need to be more prison. Now I'm going toe up thes highlights, which is going to make it look much more faithful to win it. 9. Painting the Bubble Part 5: so for jobs, I come here. What's the best way to do this? I think the best way to do days is gonna take something that has more or less there. Corfe that we seen here something. So now I replicated. I've put it down. I don't like that. Well, actually, I can. Just to relieve these, I'm gonna make it another color, so I can see So intersection between these two, it's gonna give me this Chris in there. I think that's good. Okay, Now I can't get rid off all of this. I don't need it. I mean, this so many ways to do this, sir, I'm just using the way that I came to my mind. First, you just do it as you want. Probably with one off these primitives. The question tour. You can be like that. It's me and my mania off doing everything myself with my own methods and stuff like that. Whatever. Just to watch you please, he could be like these. You convey like that. As long as it looks Goods, it works. That's one open. So it's plain to see that we need here a in effect, so out of blow and we're gonna give it some kind off purple color. And of course, this shape needs a bit of a ghost in two. That's it. That's it. That's it. Now dedicated. Put it up. I'm gonna take it, my family, that the important thing here is to understand that the way bends is very important because I never said it in this class before. You have to follow absolutely their shape off this fear. Now I'm gonna give it an inner glow the same color and be careful with these because it's always said to screen and you may see nothing. Now I'm gonna trick it in such a way that I can see something of what I need to see because it's white inside four, but with some glowy purple growing there, something like that. And now I don't indicated Pull it up again. No huff. Another one gold week in this. So he if it's your meats, But let's take this Brooke them copy freed them and down. But as you can see them here, they are a bit smaller. So I'm going to reduce them like so ends. I can actually see that this is too blurry compared to this. They need to be crisp here. So I'm gonna fix that and just reducing the ghost and offer them for as against. See here things are getting close to what we have in our bubble, so I'll see you next time. 10. Painting the Bubble Part 6: So we're working there. Highlights now, which is one of the elements that are going to make the overall look much better. And obviously these ones here need a little bit off tweaking. So the's one goes more up there. These one is maybe a little bit. Why there and again Lesson. Before, when I was doing this crescents here, I didn't use their primitive for presents. You can use it. But I always say that the more I do myself, the better results I usually get. So he might deny was using a Christian like these one. And now I just put it like this and move this year and even just making like these at the end, what I'm going to have unless I tweak it more is this crescent that goes all the way like this? I feel like it. This one and this one I created myself. They better they look more I like. So how do you use it? After you? I wouldn't use it. And I'm the teacher, so don't you see? And so, yeah, I'm gonna take them obits, and it's just a matter off, you know, trying to to make them look a little bit more like what I see here in the position and everything. Obviously, that is Ah, difference. That difference is still in the background that I see around these questions here, so I would need to treat that too. But, um, basically, we are almost over there. Okay, So I'm gonna take these. No, For example, this is very important. This area here, we don't have it, so I'm gonna take care of it. Probably. What I going to the always this with a little bit of a Gaussian lore, my friend. The go simpler. Obviously going to the layers panel. I want gonna pull it out so we see things better. So what I want to do is I'm going to cut it, and I'm gonna mask it inside the bubble like this. What's inside? It doesn't pass the boundaries there. That's goods. These I like because he has a leaner blow that is really not working for it. So I'm gonna change the color to something more on the yellow whites side and I'm gonna at I'm a bit of a go. Sembler do it. I think it's to be more white. Yeah, that's that's looking much better. Yeah, I like it better. And these in here that we did some time ago. It's gonna needs for a white area here that we see. And yeah, maybe I'm going to mental on this, but this is the way I work. I take it off every every every detail. And that's why things look better. Yes, that's the secret. Just making things look from the seat going, you know, taking care of every detail, every detail. Always the layers panel where you are. It's here and again. I'm gonna put this inside. The public doesn't go past there. I just so want to three for 1 to 3 May need off another one. And this too. Okay, so this is gonna be there and probably a little bit more like this. Yeah. And I'm gonna replicated, I guess this one probably going to make it. Why? So it follows again. The shape. Be careful. It has to look really? Stick it notes like it's not follow in the shape of fear. Good. It's you know, you're there. The after blurry way to glory. So Okay, that's better. No girls in blow to it. I see with the rest that once that one needs it. These were It's so much so I'm gonna put it down to Ciro Commode to these one Also, Ciriaco Mattei. Two instead of four. It wasn't four. So you see the importance off getting it exactly where you need And last but not least, thes were here Ciriaco motto. It was just too much. And now it's gonna look. But also these one. I'm gonna make it Sirica lmao to And I think I do it suddenly the same for the other through CEO Coma to now let's take a look. Yeah, it looks way better. So very, very important. You go simpler, always in the right amount. And even if its just by one little number, it's going to be so much. Now we're going to do these highlights here. That's gonna be pretty easy. So the first thing I'm going to do, I'm gonna take, um I love the startle or the double star. Let's try with a double star shift. I pull down, I pulled up. I'm going out. More points to it. Something like this. I'm gonna give you the green color. Just first. Actors not getting too nervous about it now. Another blow that is going to be also some kind of green is green, for example. And I'm gonna put up So the radios. So it's peaceable. Okay. Go simpler. Of course. What are you here? Well, okay, not bad. Now what I see here is a little bit of yellow in a quiet Gish stop dots. So, second, I'm gonna put my circle in there. I'm gonna make it. What? Those in there this end and elders An outer block. There's gonna be on the yellow site. And of course, I need to pay with your past city something that that's just some out. Gonna make it a bit smaller on our group. It's make it a bit smaller. Now I see from a distance this one originally the reference photo. It's bigger on the white, so yeah, I think that can work pretty well. Even whiter would work too. So I'm gonna play seed now, dedicated. And I needed to be slightly smaller. His muller and the altar glow. It's more on the green set for the second ox, as we see in the reference. So yeah, um, I kind of like it, but he's one. I feel it could be even more shiny. What it's calling for is the double stop to be complicated. I'm gonna make it more white, and I'm going to reduce it. That's it. That is it. I think that's gonna work like a charm and need thus, so slightly bigger than the original. So I'm gonna use it. Obits. So I mean, just beaks. Not that's not but but maybe the circle is way too perfect. So I'm but a converted to cars, and I just Yeah, move it up like this, and I may like it better. Something like that. Okay, I think that works. I think that can work. Okay. Slightly smaller juices, slightly smaller. As you see. I love did So Okay, so it looks pretty Well, I mean, of course, things have to be quick, but the overall work is almost done. And now with them last touches, we're gonna be the winning. The next lesson. Everything is gonna just wrap up together, and it's gonna look a fax senior off our reference public. Do you deny system 11. Painting the Bubble Part 7: Okay, so in these listen, we're going to have some of the shapes that are missing stealing our bubble. So, for example, this area here is a mirror with this one. So what I have to do is stop plicating, this one flipping it horizontally and vertically. Now, I'm going to move a little bit younger here because, well, he needs to be moved and to follow the shape of a bubble and again, always making it in such a way that it follows them roominess and aesthetic shape of it. Very important. Very important. Probably this needs to be longer there, So I trick it like so no, a little bit off. Let's check the ghost. I'm learning there because he had a big Maybe I cannot just zero come out, too. And the most important thing here is that there is this kind of like a It's not your e book . It's not so sharp. Not as sharp as I have it in my sample. Which makes me think that I need to just get rid of that. That 80 other I'm gonna try gonna get rid of it. Okay. I'm gonna I'm gonna retrace that because what is this idea here that I Huh? So probably I'm gonna do it in one side and then replicated in the other. So how do I make that look us? You know, it's not sharp. It's not glories just half broken crumble, uh, field. So I'm gonna just go like these. I tried to see if these words something like these they also here is not so uniforms. So I'm gonna try with this, so I'm gonna move it here. Oh, it doesn't have a feat. That's like I see it. So thescore here noise is gonna help us a lot also. And of course, they ever present goes in blue. No, I'm gonna a beat off transparency just slightly to see you ever looked at it? I think it works pretty well. It's not, but it's not that I am. And again, this it's to follow. So I didn't do that. I need to exaggerate it in such a way that it follows there. Shave off a massive office fear as goods. That's goods. Now this it's not supposed to be on top, so layers banner, and we're gonna cut it, and we're gonna look at ICI's one here so these one has to go the low. But that's to below. So okay, you're accumulate of layers. That's it. That's it. So we have this one here, which I'm going to make longer there. Now I need to create this area here which I don't steal half. He's I'm going to create these purple area. Also, I see the seven inspiring seen here. So let's go for that. Let's create transparency in there, which we don't have the time. See something like this. I think this is pretty good see, and this is also brewery in this for model, but at the same time, with some Betty or almost sharp shapes, that's at the end, is going to create. He's very realistic look to the whole. So it's just to these now the most important thing here is the's 123 spikes that are following also the sphere. So let's just create them with a little bit off consciousness on what we do, what we're doing there, because that one shape, they're pretty important. Just move this here and pulled here and the last one I wanted to be shopped there, right? Thes probably like this in like these. You work. Let's just copy this and it's based theater tributes. So we have the same color there. Now we're gonna move it. We're gonna call it, actually, and we're gonna look alikes. I'm going to trouble these so less of a flatter in there. So we're going to localize thesis. We're gonna pay states. We're gonna move it there. Say, now we have toe again. Play with go similar. And these are transparency. And if I need to go several shapes that he's obligated it, I will. We do what it takes. That's a This is a dog. We don't want it on top. We wanted somewhere, you know. That's very good. That's what got Z. Just pull away. Maybe less of a Gaussian blur. They have to glory. I'm gonna go get them. So they're they're more visible. I think that works. I think that kind of works. Yeah, no, but no. I'm gonna I'm gonna take one of them. I'm going to duplicate it. I'm going to flip it. I'm going to flip it horizontal vertical, and I'm going to make this one here. As you see, I'm just saving up time by not having to trace it again and taking It's just a stroke. So I mean, And now what I need to do is with the color picker. Just watch it with this one here. It's almost imperceptible because it's below. Yeah, it's the so because I cannot really see it. I'm gonna make it lighter likes so. And now you know, image. Okay, but good. Good, good. Okay. Now, I am not to make this internal. I've given you all their teeth, streaks and procedures you have to use to make a piece like this. I am going to take off all the nuances that we see here like this being color here. These two dots, this other one, you know, all the things that are missing, like thes greenish we don't have in there. These lines that we don't have in there. I'm gonna do that in the next lesson. So see that 12. Fine-Tuning (Time-lapse): 13. Adding the Background: Okay, So this is the last lesson where we're going to take care of the background, which I originally tell you to make kind off dark. And for that, I'm gonna make it almost like no black. That would be too much. And now we're going to add some styling lights around that I'm going to just make up. Like, for example, if we take original artwork. You see this? Only this sporting here, nothing more. Well, I'm gonna at something like this, like I did for the other bubbles you saw in my portfolio. But I've got something more. Just make it more interesting. So probably the first thing I would like to do is my compass doesn't need to be so big. It's quite big now that I don't with it. I could just make the bubble bigger. But what I'm gonna be doing is reducing it to something like, uh, 13 Andre it and that's it. So, no, it's also that I can hardly tell between the background and they on the interface. Well, yeah, that's it's pretty goods so mild and see because this is quite weak. And I don't need it so big. It's a This is a good size. Sit. And just to center campus command zero. And now we're gonna be doing is are in some spots off lights. So with the lib still, I'm going to this in here something like then on these lines with these colors that I see reflected in my bubble. So let's just grab something like this, Okay? Not bad. Now we're gonna put some Goshen road to it. So I'm ages like this, but I don't want him to touch Bob. Just be around. I'm not touching it. Now. I'm going to Camembert is a curse, and I'm going to to get a dead I have to be when the lives could be just some shape organic . Now I'm gonna use a new color, something like what I see in my bubble, because it's reflecting everything that is around us. We said before, maybe something like these, even one of a ghost in new. That works very well. Very nice. I'm gonna make this bigger. Is so you were tricking and the last one is going to do this one that I'm going to cooler and then poor poor side of things s illness leverage. You want to go farther. This letter only goes up to 100 for the goes on your boy if you want to make it 200. Did you stop in 200? Any will work. So I think this works really well as a background, you just cannot. Cultures remember that everything that is around has to be consistent with the colors at them. Bubble is reflecting, and here we are. We either bubble. So now I would like to compare it with the original one that we have in here. I'm gonna look it, and I'm gonna put it side by side. By the way, I obviously I grew up on my arm and it's not bad. Not bad. Let's just get rid of this from here. That is really not helping us for nothing. And yeah, So there you go. The bubble Done 14. Wrap Up Notes & Comments: Okay, so we are done with the class. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope to see your artwork, for sure. I hope you asked me all of your questions. Injustice. A wrap up. I wanted to remember the most important things which are Look for good references that made your life easier. So these means Don't just go for a picture that, you know, full of lights and shadows with strange backgrounds. Especially when you're starting with this kind of our work or any other for that matter. Always think off Roundness Think a bubble is a perfect sphere And so that's what you want to reproduce. So always make your lines wrapping around that this physical shape pained with shapes, stacking them in the right order. And, of course, play with your car. Similar your noise, Ukrainians, your transparencies in Europe, ass cities. Okay, so that is it for this class. I hope you enjoyed it. And let's just see what you are able to do now.