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Drawing a Mandala : Step by Step

Vinita, That Crazy Doodler

Drawing a Mandala : Step by Step

Vinita, That Crazy Doodler

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Hello There!

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. Creating a Grid

    • 4. Creating Basic Patterns

    • 5. Creating Advanced Patterns

    • 6. Final Project

    • 7. Tips and Tricks

    • 8. Thank You and Beyond!

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About This Class

Hey there! Welcome to this class where we explore various patterns and techniques that go on to create a mandala - step by step. You can use the pattern sheets in the project section to experiment or try and come up with your own patterns. Just make sure you have fun!!

Keep Creating,Keep Inspiring!!

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That Crazy Doodler


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1. Hello There!: Hi, I'm Benita. Largest from idea. So in this class, I'll teach you everything about Mandela's right from how to create a grid to the basic and patents. So you get these great ovens in the project section of this class leaking down through that practice by the end of this class, even to create your own. So you have not picked up a lot. It's really fine. I want you to each and every step, so join me. 2. Materials Needed: through. Let's get started with the indeed it's that required to me. You need offensive. You can move the mechanic. You should make sure that wasn't like, As you know, the reason those are so You needed a razor any basically, you just need them to release the options. You need a ruler on the process. Now you can also call the same circle. I like this one better because you can get roads across a circle and it helps you prepare a Great. Then you need a compass. It would be a very basically like this roof. Something fancy like extractors thing entirely depends on your department. So basically equal sized campus like this people, I highly recommend using paper at least wonder gee, ism for mandalas. As you don't have to worry about the compass, creating blocks are spreading. This also helps if you're going to carry a mandala needed. Was the background Washington So it was a good quality. Ideas extra is the most important dealing on when I get so pence. If you intend to keep criminal law, why use water? Villas Order What resistant? Good evening. Basement mammograms are extremely open and they are right from 51 This factory I frequently used in involvements. Very, really good pants like this. Expensive that my cross, they also coming thing I give them sci fi nuts over this glass project is in this right, and that's it with you. 3. Creating a Grid: So let's start with the Greeks. I mean, does this thing was deported? Stepping readings of every deal? How so? Let's make sure that you get this right. How is that doing that? People's every so grips can be created in the first is to grow vertical lines like it's and then just want one centimeter points on one side of the That's what we're doing here is creating uniformly. Is this one. Then we dig are all these You can do this by I was doing what I will scoff. And that's one. Another way of creating silk ums is just a big center and draw myself. It's I usually use dismissed because I'm sure girl, So I don't think so. Align. Dissing. Then what? And degrees on the opposite. You could make this five degrees. All 15. It all just goes on. Decide how delicate How did you if it is five degrees, you know, and so your practice will be small and now you just join these notes with the same. It is ready. Now let's roll for some music practice 4. Creating Basic Patterns: so a little started happens. You find the sprint. Do you also most important for patterns in this list of basic patents and so divided it into a few six? Like these six thes are what I call them. It also has a so, except with music shapes. So these are basic shapes because quality date pregnancy is wrong. Feel these streams. So you tried about my So this is the valve ipic. You can make it just like this street. Right? So this is one of the Muslim practice and using sick in practice. It felt like this. And once you start practicing without any drinks, that's one of these. This next one is the crying khushi, which is pretty's just like that. Next, Just one off my frequently used chiefs instantly drug next read like bent. So I use this a lot in Lima Dallas change and the next she is call it a It goes like this a coat. So I feel better. Thank you. Right. I find this motion practices this That's it. She the last please accept that we have here. So I highly recommend practicing the music shapes even the next class. Maybe wasn't credits 5. Creating Advanced Patterns: does this weigh? No. As the name suggest they fill up the battles. If you have a pattern like this, I don't want to leave it empty. Be filling it up with small ships. They also help about when you're when you're drawing Teacher Amendola's like, for example, you have you use like this and suppose you don't want to start your next background from this point. Travel this one. So you draw something like this in this case you need this morning. So you sweetness with this second, use any of these shapes or maybe some of you Philip Small little slit, please. Home shapes that connected patterns. For example, If I have a room like this and if you don't want to leave this gap behind you don't want to leave this blank an ignition. Make this fill it up. So these are instances shapes that you can use, I think seeking practice their views shapes next you want. Now I just practice each of these designs that all proud of the sections that practice that's what did. It looks small once, so you start sparking so it most we still love your patents and let's seeking justice sheet as a prince and after these patterns are very different and do. But if you think the weapons are getting pretty, are just Jim Been tracks boarded, different techniques. Israel sheeting. I just feel these smooth are striking and so do presidents. Nothing beats practice, you decide. 6. Final Project: come back in this lesson. He started a project. It's a great and started, Lee said. Leaves a blacksmith. I usually find this to be a better off option is what it is. You have me back good stuff. We just outlines first with a pencil, you can follow these. So far, so good. - It's irrigated people as a good because this would have been it started so musically boiled fine. - The next stop and that's it. He goes protectors down so way, joining the next lesson. Some contact. Creeks. 7. Tips and Tricks: I enjoyed the process off, and we'll continue to dig this up as the home. Here's a nice tips. Tricks we have you make. Just use. Find depends so you don't lose. Find different. Small early things of them usable. Depend for the outright find difference. Also help with no greeting. Small cheating affects white, and that's when you're starting out, if you find it. Greed creating discreet one side lost just around. Complete the thing. So this way you handle sit in one direction so it will be faster for you. Next. It's never draw apart that you are in an area that you can't keep repeating so that you are kiss but never draw something which currency like just if your hand is not give, you know, draw in this region just missed and job stressful too much on small mistakes that you made during the process. Once you finish your Madonna, hardly as a movie would be watching. So be very hard to small makes upset. So don't worry much about mistakes. Philip Black species to enhance your bottoms Well, if you have fairly placements is this use connectors or just feel of the speaks? Is high lightly so you can either use getting Doesn't this motion just fill it up with whatever you draw inside. Be highlight because of the contrast. Then if you have, if you want to drop by several years in a row on she is a great What you can do is just Mark Watney boys like this and connect them just when we were talking about mistakes. So you have great directly with the pen. Getting out of this are maybe starting defense in it. Then I usually drop defensive first in case Mystic, so it's just easier to carry it. Then it's fine. So that's it for the tips and tricks. Thank you. 8. Thank You and Beyond!: I hope you have fun and enjoy the process of creating. I have to see what you're stalking. It's a projects in the project section on also Facebook and Instagram. That's that crazy love to connect with you. If you share a social media attacked me, you stand like crazy structure, creating get inspiring.