Drawing Wreaths With Ink For Beginners - Part 1

Margarita Bourkova, artist | dreamer | infp

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5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Designing Leaves

    • 3. Wreaths With One Design

    • 4. Wreaths With Multiple Designs

    • 5. Outro


About This Class



In this class I'll teach you all about drawing beautiful and delicate wreaths in black and white, using a simple black pen. I'll walk you through my process of designing different botanical elements and creating wreaths with them. 

I usually speed up parts of my process, but this time i really wanted to share everything i do; so the whole class is in real time! You can watch me draw or draw along with me and complete each exercise with your own designs. 

Quick Outline of this class : 

Lesson 1 : I'll show you how to come up with different types of botanical elements and how to create your own reference sheet with ideas ("cheat sheet") - 2 exercises 

Lesson 2 : Designing simple wreaths with the botanical elements from your cheat sheet - 1 exercise

Lesson 3 : Designing complex wreaths by combining two or multiple botanical elements from your cheat sheet; exploring different shapes for your wreaths - 1 exercise 

Level : Beginner! 

Supplies : any type of pen, paper 


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