Drawing Velvet Fabric by Markers (Fashion Illustration) | Anna Mikheeva | Skillshare

Drawing Velvet Fabric by Markers (Fashion Illustration)

Anna Mikheeva

Drawing Velvet Fabric by Markers (Fashion Illustration)

Anna Mikheeva

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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The Texture of Velvet Fabric

    • 3. Combinations of Markers and Pencils

    • 4. Dress: Using 2 markers

    • 5. Dress: Using Pencils

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

My class is dedicated to drawing of velvet fabric. It can be useful for your fashion illustrations.

If you are interested in fashion illustration and if you like to draw clothes (using photo references or your own dress designs), you will certainly need the skill of drawing fabrics in a realistic manner.

I have drawn fashion illustrations for several years, and I am always trying to make all the clothes and accessories on my drawings most eye-catching and realistic. Also, I have many offline students (and this lesson was tried out many times).

Using this drawing scheme, you will be able to draw any velvet clothes.
Small basic skills of drawing are desirable, but are not obligatory. 

In this class you will learn:

– the difference between velvet fabric and other fabrics;
– how to choose properly two markers for such a project;
– how colored pencils add special texture to the drawing;
– how the finishing detailing adds eye-catching effect to the drawing.

For convenience, I added both English subs and Russian subs for my students and followers.

Music by Twisterium

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Anna. I'm a fashion illustration teacher. 

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1. Intro: Hi. My name is on, and I'm glad to see you here. Welcome to my fashion investigations. 2. The Texture of Velvet Fabric: before we start, we need to get acquainted with velvet fabric. Let's look at its distinctive features. We will draw such a drip if we compare well with fabric to any other one. For example, sitting fabric. We will see the certain fabrics is dark toe edges, and it's all lighter. Arrest are in the center off objects. You see that it is necessary to darken the picture of fabric, so the edges. But as for velvet, it's a completely different case you've been. Look at velvet. We'll see that some highlights a bear through the edges. The fabric turns and twists back exactly at the edges. Thus, everywhere we're comin, fabric has dark shades. Well. That fabric, on the contrary, has light highlights. So on the velvet off any color where we expect to see shayt, milk has highlighted and the darkest the rest are in the middle. Thus, we will need to select markers off two colors and one pencil. Also, we will need a black pencil for the Douglas areas now to give. It will try to pick up. I set off to markets and one pencil for different cars over. You could make such an example for yourself. We see the to use are generally used a light one for highlights at ages, off the object and the dark one in the center. And it is also necessary to make small graduation from dark to light. We will need to Marcus for this. It is important that the colors off Marcus makes each other one market will be like and the other very dark. Also, you need a pencil off just the same color as the dark mark. 3. Combinations of Markers and Pencils: Now we will select pairs off. Marcus, Suitable for drove on velvet will be copper mentioned pencil for each pair of Micah's, for example. For the pair, light pink and dark wine with select a pencil off much in color. It's shade will be the same as the color or the dark market. Almost identical for the pair of Greenmarkets. I picked up a pencil off the same degree in color as lawmaker for the bear blue mark in dark blue market. I chose a pencil off precisely the same color or the dark blue market for the pale light, lilac marker and back violet marching. I chose a dark violet pencil off the color of the dark market. For an example, I made four sets off Marcus, but in the fallen listen, we will use only one off them in the following lesson when it one of them in red shirts. But the selection of color is very important for velvet. I will show it four times some examples. For example, blue velvet. We take for it light blue color and dark blue, and we need to select match in pencils. There are many shades of blue. Look what color matched best. This doesn't much. It is to sky blue. This pencil doesn't match to this is too great. And this color much fine. It will make a bear. 4. Dress: Using 2 markers: I use a lift, Um, sketchbook. But we drove in by alphago markets or dinner office paper will be OK. You can also take ordinary paper, which is thicker, then Baber usually use it for printers. We are drawing here such address, but you can design your own style of close Sandra and so father model other style when they draw with a pencil, look after cemetery off your picture. As a rule, it is important for dresses and other Clovis. You can draw the center line symmetry axis so that the areas from it to the edges or the dress to the right and to the left were approximately the same draw. All seems that you see seems usually help to create fashion illustration because they had some realism to the drawing. You can change the dress length, make it shorter along there as you want and how it's more convenient for you to draw. It is also important to show, and you drove in this crazes on each side because they show the dexter off fabric and its thickness. That's why we will show them to. You don't need to draw the exact above the water you can make your dress just similar. Nobody will compare you drawing toe the original picture. The drone can differ from the bottom. And if you drove some style inspired by your imagination, then it will be the best parent it will with something that did not exist before. Now, where is the center line which have with us and was certainly wipe all drones with the memories? It sold it to the pencil. Griff. It was sled list seen. Now we take the light marker. We begin to draw all latter parts. Where? Tracing all the creases carefully. We'll never possible. Precisely. But you don't need to draw Ariel. Go about the photo. It is especially important for the side that does where these highlights are. Here, look as here. We don't use methods off mixing off alcohol, Marcus, we don't need their special quotes. It means that we can take any markers, even sets for Children. The main thing that the two colors must match each other as I don't you. In the previous video selection of color is the most important thing I will repeat is the cars off your markers. Much fine. You will be successful at drone off velvet fabric. Usually I use a brush steep, but you can drove, will it with anything in a while? It depends on that. You got used to will not use the light market to paint the lower butts off the address because there is no highlights and don't fault off fabric on the lower. Just the skirt just ends there. When they finished, the light part would take the second marker, the duck one and carefully draw all the details all folds, creases and areas that was seen. Let the parts must be left toe edges off, a fabric more false, and Chris is more realistic. And I catch in the publicas if there are not enough crazy. So the photo you connect them to your drone as false and special texture to the milk. Oh, call the Chris's fault and twist on the Light uses the texture off of it. In this areas, we drove around all the increase accurately. If you didn't finish with painting pink, you can add a light marker. Yet anytime, the most frequent mistake in drawing a velvet it can spoil. The result is to make take the second mugger. It is not dark enough. It has to be really dark. You can paint to tora two times to laze often will make the dress darker. You can take a bite marker for large, so face Payne to address we mugger twice to lay the color more, even if you use alcohol markers. Try to paint the dress with brown moments, so call was spread more even. We will also at the dock. Translator. Wherefore if that Paris off your dress seem to you're not dark enough. Don't worry, the Bansal will make them darker. So we invented the dress two colors we used to markers on the step. 5. Dress: Using Pencils: No, we start the second step. We don't need the Marcus anymore. We take the spend so the same course as the duck marker. What do we do with the pencil? We draw smooth graduation from the dark ages to light. Let's do it soft and smooth, trying to buy into other all the light part that do you have just drawing It is a special feature of the Bensel line that gives us that realistic effect off velvet special texture on the paper in order not to make sharp edges between the light and dark parts off your drawing with Muslim the searches with a pencil, it is impossible to do it with a marker. We draw on Lee at the ages. - You can draw on the dark parts and a little bit on the life parts, and we drove around every crease. The painting of the markers in is flat and even and the band silken as the bitches song green. Sharpen your pencil more often, so with will be shop all the time. You can it with a pencil. Some pictures. So the Doc Pont's The dress is usually painted docker toe the bottom. You can draw the sense on the dress with a band. So and then, if you need, you can trace them with a doctor pencil, for example, a black one. We make smoother the sharp rages between light and dark. We have finished our work with the dark red pencil, and now we need to make some to tell him for it. Winning the black pencil, just that intensity toe the color of falls and Chris's and to trace of the seams. It has to be well, ground black band, still very shop. We'll trace the sims with bit and at intensity to the color off. Some folds in the vital dip off the false. It is possible to add some dark shit, so the thickness is sin better. I can also share the middle duck Paris. Now we put yourself pencil layer. - We can also add some dark color on each side, a little father from the edge of light and dark, and duggar the bottom of the dress. So our work is almost ready. We used to Lazov markers, toe collars light, and, uh, then we added two pencils. One pencil is, though the same color as the marker. The second pencil can be black. That pencil will work fine for that green dark blue violet dresses. It will not work on Lee for drawing a velvet off light crafts, and now we're drawing a duck dress. Black pencil will help us to great volume and intensity. If there are not enough false and creases on the photo, you can just think them up. If you think that it is necessary to read some folds, your imagination will help you to decide where you will draw not just more fabric but fall . So we have just ruin every overdressed. We managed to drove Volume and Dexter on our picture. We also darkened the bottom out of dress and dress of the since will a shot black Mansell. 6. Conclusion: that's all, Buddha. I'll show you some drawing. So, Bellet clothes, which I might in different shapes I hope you like and hope for you Watch my on a fine and awful Roger.