Drawing User Journey Maps to Design User Experiences, Gather Ideas, and Collaborate | Rob Stenzinger | Skillshare

Drawing User Journey Maps to Design User Experiences, Gather Ideas, and Collaborate

Rob Stenzinger, Interactive Storyteller, UX, Game Design

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9 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. When it's Time to Map

    • 3. Tools for Mapping

    • 4. Journey Map Project: Overview

    • 5. Project Step 1: Setting a Goal

    • 6. Project Steps 2 and 3: the User and their Journey

    • 7. Project Step 4: Adding Wider Perspective

    • 8. Project Step 5: Learning and Deciding

    • 9. Conclusion: Reflection and What's Next

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About This Class

User journey mapping and layering a wider context of ideas is useful in so many situations from starting a project to digging deeper on ways to make it better.

  • Help your design process by unpacking your ideas, questions, and findings into a flow of steps all about understanding your user experience.

Throughout this class I’ll teach you to:

  • Put yourself in your user’s point of view and organize your ideas using a sequence of steps which becomes a journey.
  • Gather a wider context for ideas, gather and unpack ones you already have using specific framing and questions.
  • Use mapping to explore what may be most useful to focus next on a project.
  • Some examples discussed for creating journey maps, whether you’re planning:
    • A website update
    • A complex service involving different customers, teams, and applications
    • Or you’re hosting a gathering that you’d like to think through thoroughly

This class is for:

  • People early in their practice, learning the tools of UX and service design.
  • People looking to collaborate on the ideas and establish enough consensus before building something.
  • Anyone curious about the tool of Journey Mapping, looking for ideas on how to prepare a journey map for a team or solo project.