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12 Videos (1h 22m)
    • Drawing Tikis!

    • About Tiki Tony

    • A Brief Tiki History

    • Drawing Tikis With Jon

    • Inking Your Illustration

    • Drawing Tikis With Tony

    • Cleaning Up Your Illustration In Photoshop

    • Editing & Moving Pieces If Neccessary

    • Coloring Your Illustration

    • Outro

    • Bonus Tiki Tony Interview

    • Other Classes


About This Class


Tiki culture exploded in North America in the late 50's and early 60's as Hawaii became the official 50th state of the United States of America in 1959. In the late 60's it had a fast decline, but there are still some dedicated artists who love the Polynesian art form.

In this class I will show you how I approach drawing a tiki, importing it into Photoshop and colouring it in there.

This class also features one of my favourite artists and long time tiki artist; Tiki Tony. He bring his wealth of knowledge and teaches us a brief history, as well as his approach to drawing Tikis.

This is a great class if you have any interest in Tiki or Polynesian art. Even if you haven't considered it before, you will likely have a blast drawing your own tikis!

I look forward to you checking out the class!



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Awesome class! Thank you guys!!
Thanks for this awesome class, Jon and TikiTony :-)
Monika Zwiefelhofer

Passionate Graphic- & Webdesigner

A fun filled class that anyone would enjoy. Jon is a great teacher who always help with any new tips to make work flow much easier.





Jon Brommet

Graphic Designer

Oh boy, these things are always awkward. Should I talk about myself in the third person like an accomplished wordsmith who compliments my every trait? Or should I just keep it real? Do people still say keep it real? Oh uh, I think I already fucked this thing all up. Great, now I even swore. Good thing no one reads these things. Wait, what?

I think you already know this by now, but I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I graduated from a 3-year design college with honours in 2008. So I've been a full time designer since then. See what I did there? I didn't say I've been designing for 'X' amount of years, that way I never have to update this thing. Genius! 

I've been working full time since the day I graduated in a print, design, and sign shop in beautiful Bracebridge, Ontario. It's tagline is "In the Heart of Muskoka". Muskoka was actually rated the number 1 place in the world for a summer vacation by National Geographic. Or something like that. No one said I'd need to fact check in my own bio!

I actually live in Barrie which is about an hour North of Toronto. Bracebridge is about an hour North of Barrie. What is this, a geography lesson? Moving on...

The beauty of being the only designer in a small print shop is it doesn't satisfy my need for creativity. That may sound like a negative, but it forces me to go home with a hunger to create. For this reason I freelance, illustrate, and teach on the side! So you could say I'm fairly busy. At least when I'm not napping. I should probably delete that last sentence. But I've got to wrap this thing up and get back to the grind. So there's no time to delete!

So that's basically that. If you want to get a-hold of me I'm on basically every social media thingamajig @JonBrommet. You can also check out my website at the link below.

Congrats if you made it to the end of this train wreck! Also, see a doctor. You probably have one of those obsessive compulsive disorders where you need to finish things. Like reading a terrible bio.

Seriously though, check out my classes. You'll love them like your mother. Also, I promise not to try and be funny, I just keep it real! Seriously though, do people still say that?

- Jon Brommet