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Drawing Symmetric Patterns Live in Illustrator

Melissa Wiederrecht, Geeky Artist

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7 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • The Templates and Cheat Sheet

    • Damask Pattern With Blob Brush

    • 6-Way Rotation With Blob Brush

    • Chevron Pattern Using Hand Drawn Motifs

    • Layered Designs

    • Thank you


About This Class


In this class you will learn how to draw symmetrical patterns with a live preview in Adobe Illustrator!   This super fun and easy way to make patterns is outright addicting and you will find yourself coming back to it again and again.

We will go over how to make patterns in any of 17 of the wallpaper groups (that is mathematical lingo for ways to fill a surface will symmetry), plus many variations of those 17!  You will be given my Illustrator templates for free to use in this class and your project will be to make a pattern. But seriously… who can make just one, when they are this fun and easy.  So… your project is to make patternssss. And more patterns. Go crazy.

Anybody should be able to take this class even with no prior experience in illustrator or with patterns.  But those who know a lot about making patterns or using Illustrator will learn a lot and have a blast too.





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Melissa Wiederrecht

Geeky Artist



Hey, everybody! My name is Melissa Wiederrecht. I am a lover of art, mathematics, computer science, and most especially everything that lies in the intersection of any two or three of those.

Check out my BRAND NEW class on creating impressionistic paintings with CODE!!!   I'm super excited about this one and I hope you are going to love it!  https://skl.sh/2QY1cGw

Or... scroll down to take a look at all my classes :)


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