Drawing & Proportion: How To Measure Widths, Lengths and Angles | Emily Armstrong | Skillshare

Drawing & Proportion: How To Measure Widths, Lengths and Angles

Emily Armstrong, The Pencil Room

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8 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools & Materials

    • Project

    • Exercise - How To Measure

    • Measuring Proportion Part 1

    • Measuring Proportion Part 2

    • Adding Curves

    • Summary

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About This Class


Accurate proportion is vital if you want to learn how to draw realistically.

In this class we look at the technical side of measuring widths, lengths, angles and points that line up as a way of gaining a good understanding of how to draw your subject accurately.

Draw along with me to practice measuring techniques and produce a 'skeleton' drawing that maps out your subject so you have an accurate base to work from.

This class is suitable for complete beginners or artists wanting techniques to use to improve the accuracy of their drawings.

Happy drawing!





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Emily Armstrong

The Pencil Room

Im an artist, teacher, surfer, reader, eternal student, reluctant cat lover.

Art and teaching are in my blood - my father and my father's father both taught and enjoyed expressing themselves creatively. After finishing a Masters of Art & Design in 2010 I returned to the simple joy of putting pencil to paper and just drawing. Since then drawing has become my passion as both an expressive art form and an enjoyable and mindful practice.

In 2017 I started The Pencil Room, a...

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