Drawing Portraits: The Layout

Emily Armstrong, The Pencil Room

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction To The Class

    • 2. How I Teach And Why

    • 3. Explaining The Structure of the Face

    • 4. The Project: About Drawing The Layout of Your Own Face

    • 5. Exercise: Drawing A Generic Face

    • 6. Drawing the Layout of Your Own Face

    • 7. FinalThoughts

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Project Description

The project for this portrait drawing lesson is to draw the layout of your own face.

1. Take a front on self portrait on your camera or phone (watch the project video for guidelines)

2. Draw along with me as I figure out the layout of my own face. Find the proportions of your face compared to the general guideline.

3. Sketch out just the layout using the measuring techniques discussed and using the free portrait layout guide provided.

Remember this is just a layout exercise, the placement of the features of a portrait is really important but the real likeness comes when we start drawing and shading the features (next class!!)


Student Projects

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Caryn Heeren
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