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Drawing Portraits: Easy Noses

Noelia Fernandez, Teacher & Designer & Chef

Drawing Portraits: Easy Noses

Noelia Fernandez, Teacher & Designer & Chef

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5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction & Materials

    • 2. Lesson 1: Front view

    • 3. Lesson 2: Side view

    • 4. Lesson 3: 3/4 view

    • 5. Final Project

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About This Class

¡Welcome to a new class!

One of my fave things to draw and paint are portraits. But it wasnt easy when i started. I had a big issue that didnt let me finishe any sketch.

Today you are going to take the first step drawing portraits starting from the most difficult part ... you read it right, THE NOSE.

No matter how tricky they look, in less than half an hour you will be illustrating beautiful noses from different points of view.

You dont need previous knowledge to take the class.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Noelia Fernandez

Teacher & Designer & Chef


¡Hello there! My name is Noelia and im a primary school teacher, designer and chef from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As you can see i love learning as much as i love teaching and thats why i try to give all the tips and secrets in my classes. I know how hard is to start something new, and sometimes we just want a simple and direct lesson.

I believe sharing is the best way to grow you up as a human so i wont keep any secret with me.

¡Lets have fun!

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1. Introduction & Materials: Hello, we're going to make less Meninas, no alien. And a primary school teacher and designer from monasteries or container. If you know me or saw me on social media, you know, I love to draw portraits. But when I first started, I had problems with them. I couldn't draw one because my main issue my main obstacle was guess what? Yes. Noses. When you look at any portrait, the first thing you see is the nulls because, well, it's there in front of you and it defines almost everything else in the face. Today, I'm going to teach you a few simple steps to draw beautiful gnosis from different angles. After this class, you won't be afraid to draw a portrait. Bullied me. And let's start. But before you need to know that we are going to use a few materials. Paper, pencil, and eraser. Yes, that's all. Now, let's start. 2. Lesson 1: Front view: Before starting, you need to look at an else. Anything else? You can even look at my nose. And let's identify some boards. We have. The Northbridge deep often know the filter them. No thrills. And then no swings. Of course, their shape change. If you look at them from different angles or these like this, like this. So now you know that and you serve that very well. Lets move on. The first thing, we need to draw an oval shape that will be the center of the nose. It's our start point. Enough tools. Think about them like apple seeds. Well, they didn't look like them, don't you think? Then we draw the point of the nodes. You can play with the shape of it and under it, the filter. Now, let's move to the North wins. We start under the nostril Barry, close to it. It's a semicircle. And we'd go up like this. Once again, you can play with distances. We will see more example fun. And finally, two lines that will shape the nose bridge. I don't like to draw them completely. The viewer size will do the trick for us. And before thinking about lights and shadows, let's draw more gnosis. We're going to change shapes and size now. Again, an oval shape, much better. And much. The nouns. No swings. And denote speech. Let's draw a couple more. Always the same status. More angular nodes, wings and thin Northbridge. Let's think about another knows. If you're lucky, maybe to this guy, your nose is going to look like this. Much bigger nostrils. Yes, no semicircle now about ship now. We don't need it. The Filter1, wings, tip of the nose and no split. You can see the difference. Again. We have our noses. We loved them, but it's time to give them volume. For that, we need to add shadows. Of course we need lights. But for example, if we're going to use watercolors, you go from white to black, and that means the lightest you will get it your paper or an opaque paint. The nose has volume. And in this case, if we think, for example, in sunlight, probably the light will come from about the shadows will be under denote covariant the drills. And deaf children. Imagine it like triangle. Well, like we said before, if you look at any notes from the floor, it actually has that shape. So the shadow is going to copy that. You can play with lives in shadows with your own face in front of the mirror. The high contrast will help you to understand it better. And remember, if the light comes from this side, this shadow will appear at the opposite side. It will be triangular again, but not a perfect one. I suggest you to start with the lighting from above. First light, what we are going to do right now, I'm going to use a pencil, but I think it's easier if you use a watercolors, for example. Here. This is the triangular shape. And say I'm going to try to paint it light. So you can see. So you have an idea. This is just a speech. So it's going to be, it's going to look better over your final project. And here in the shadows because you are looking to the sky. So the light will just be here. You're not going to have any shadows here. Now, try to draw three different noses to practice in place. Shorter progress with me on the brush and gallery. 3. Lesson 2: Side view: To draw knows from the side, we have to think about, can you guess it? Yes. Triangles again because the nows inside triangle like this. But okay, again, I know I am never seen an else that looks like that. So let's use this just as a base. You should ride with very light pencil, but I'm using a darker ones so you can see it bare. And let's change the Northbridge to make another type of nodes. For example. This one is almost like mine because I have this little bump here. Once it's done, we can move to the tip of the nose. We're going to change it because It's not. This pointed. Here is going to be the filter, right? It should look like a softer curve. Of course, some nurses have around point, meter point and even in goes down like a cartoony channels or like a which knows. Now after we draw d is we need to draw the nostrils, just one because we can't see the other one. And it should go here more or less. And I lend them to look like they have a tiny Samy spiral here. And of course, the nose when you can see it. And here of course, you will have d i's and hear them out. But you can already see how the nose looks like. Let's do it again, right? Because then you have announced now, I am going to use another better. Let's draw it again slowly. First. Triangle, these. And now we play with the nosebleed, the tip of the nose and filtering. And here you will have in here probably here, we won't be able to see shadow, so don't worry about them. Maybe a little bit under the nose, just tiny line. But you don't think to work or to worry very much about it. Ok, for the exercise. Draw tree, noses from the side view and uploaded to the project calorie. Try to play with different bombs in sizes. May be witty nose or a monster knows. I don't know. It's up to you, but I love to see what you can create. 4. Lesson 3: 3/4 view: Congrats, you master gnosis from, from Sai Bu. And let's move now to, in my opinion, one of the hardest ones. Yes, three-quarters view. These nodes is very similar to the front view one, but you can't actually see boats knows trills. Let's start with an oval. Again, maybe more like circle and spear. And the nostril. Jill's one. Again are little Appleseed. Now we will draw the dot of the nodes in a little bit of the nose bridge. Like this. Here, you will have the first knows when. And here you will see just a tiny part of the other one. Now, the filter and the spirit. And hope you can see the shadows will again is going to be a triangle, but slightly move leg didn't nouns. So follow that top line. We draw before. You'll go from here. But you can see more to the right in here. Okay. Let's draw it again. We start with the oval shape. Nostril. Sometimes I like to draw when before you order parts, but it's up to you. With time you will dry it. Probably different. So do it how you feel it, better and easier. Okay. Here. The nouns, the order now swing the nose, the filtering, sorry. It's easy. Now for the exercise, once again, draw treehouses from these three quarter view and upload them to the project diary. Of course, if you practice more, it will get easier. Believe me, when I started, I didn't know how to draw notice. My nurses were horrible. So please keep practicing. 5. Final Project: Now you must have notice it at all. Was it for the final project? Guess what? I want to see now, CIS started with any of the tree we saw today. And after you finish, Why don't you add a couple of eyes and a mouth? Yeah. That way you will end up with an amazing portrayed. Over the next section, I will upload a file with portrait I draw before a sketch, but it won't have the nose. So feel free to bring did or transfer to any paper you like and play with different noses.