Drawing Plants & Leaves: Grow Your Unique Style Through a Visual Library

Marie-Noëlle Wurm, Artist, illustrator, stargazer

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12 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Drawing plants & leaves: Grow your unique style through a visual library

    • 2. What you need for the class

    • 3. What a visual vocabulary is & why it's important

    • 4. Leaf structure

    • 5. Leaf shapes

    • 6. Leaf edges

    • 7. Leaf venation

    • 8. How to assimilate the library

    • 9. Two essential ingredients

    • 10. Making your unique drawing

    • 11. Demo + explanation

    • 12. See you soon!

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About This Class

This class is for those who are curious to expand your visual vocabulary on the subject of plants and leaves. We will be moving from a ‘research’ perspective, where I will bring you through the process of building a visual leaf library, learning about leaf structure, leaf shapes, leaf edges and leaf venation — and then using this library as a springboard for creating your own unique drawings. 

The class is geared to any and all people who are interested in learning about a tool that will develop your artistic skills, and to those of you who love plants! 

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