Drawing / Painting / Sculpture - Essential Artists, Creative Options

Francisco Capelo, Visual Artist - Cascais, Portugal

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4 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction - 3 Art categories

    • Drawings - 2 artists in 5 drawing trends

    • Paintings - 2 artists in 5 painting trends

    • Sculptures - 2 artists in 5 sculpture trends


About This Class

Although new art movements and ideas have expanded the boundaries of art, there are three art categories that still remain and still define what can be done in art.

. Drawing;

. Painting;

. Sculpture.

Even with street art, conceptual, land art, happening, and so many other options around.

I give you 2 artists in 5 trends in those 3 main art categories.

All valid creative options you have to grow your personality and art.

Let´s begin ?





Francisco Capelo

Visual Artist - Cascais, Portugal


"My best student ever" - Art History Teacher, Oeiras Lyceum

"A dark Salvador Dalí" - Carlos Milhais

"The musician of silence" - Rui Nascimento

"The best artist I know" - Painter Gabriel Rito

"An art form that will last" - Painter Jorge Aragão


I am a 44 year old Sociologist, Writer and Visual Artist from Lisbon, Portugal.

I´ve been Drawing and Painting since 1992, and made hundreds of artworks alr...

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