Drawing Mandalas - Create Stunning Designs Using Your iPad | Robin Slee | Skillshare

Drawing Mandalas - Create Stunning Designs Using Your iPad

Robin Slee, Let your inner artist out!

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8 Videos (20m)
    • Drawing Mandalas - Introduction

    • What You will Need To Begin - Hardware And Software

    • Getting Started

    • Adding Banding - Building Up Your Designs

    • Enhancing The Motif - Adding Visual Weight To Your Designs

    • Adding Flow to Your Designs

    • Detailing Your Final Design

    • Exporting And Sharing Your Work


About This Class


Creating art is no longer restricted to those that possess the 'talent'! With a detailed and logical approach, free template files and resources this course will help you to create your own unique Mandala inspired images in minutes.

Mandalas have their origins many centuries ago, where they were used as a way to focus ones attention into a single activity and offer a calming and relaxing way to express themselves using simple drawing tools.

Comprised of a central emblem or motive, surrounded by rings of concentric and repeating patterns Mandalas can be elegantly simple or intricately complex. This course is your complete guide to creating these beautiful works of art.

By following the step by step process outlined in this course, you too will be creating your own patterns. You will start out by creating a simple four-ring design. Followed by learning how to utilize the free patterns, all designed to inspire and simplify your creative journey. Finally, you will see how to apply 'themes' to your designs. How to get inspiration from some unlikely sources. And how to add color and life to your artworks.

So, come join me in learning this fun and rewarding past-time. I can guarantee that once you complete this course and begin creating your own Mandalas, you will find it both relaxing and extremely rewarding. 

Best of all, all you need to follow along is a pencil, some paper, a pen and optionally some coloured pencils.

Things you will learn in this class:

  • Master the process of creating mandala designs
  • Learn how to incorporate your own shapes, patterns and elements
  • Create appealing designs using the free included resources
  • Learn how to make designs that flow
  • Add color to your artwork
  • Personalize your designs with themes and styling
  • Relax and de-stress with a relaxing new hobby
  • Draw mandalas with confidence and personality.





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Robin Slee

Let your inner artist out!

Hello, I'm Robin.

I am a freelance artist working in the 'not so' sunny UK. I have been creating online educational resources and products for the last few years. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others and helping them to discover the artist within. Whether it is creature design, concept art or digital painting, creativity just needs an outlet. I am excited to offer my help and advice here on Skillshare to anyone who has a desire to create. So, I am looking forward to g...

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