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6 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Form

    • Approach 1: Light and shadow

    • Approach 2: Weight

    • Combining approaches

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In less than 20 minutes, illustrator Melissa de Nobrega, is going to teach you how to enhance your drawings with specialized tips and tricks. She’ll take you through two different approaches to drawing with line quality. While she’s working digitally, you're more than welcome to use traditional mediums such as pen and paper.

For the class project, you’ll have a go at applying these techniques yourself by picking any household object and drawing it.

Through this process you’ll learn how to:

  • describe the form of your objects and create a sense of depth in your drawings
  • use light and shadow in your linework
  • convey a sense of weight/weightlessness
  • combine both approaches through one ultimate method of drawing!

This class is for anyone who wants to upgrade their drawing abilities. No prerequisites are required, though if you're working digitally, a tablet is recommended.

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Melissa is really great in explaining basics of line drawing. Great class!
Great class! Enjoyable and easy to follow! Thanks!
Great class covering the basics. Learned a thing or two I will now implement in my work!
Dameon S. Williams

Learning the skills to pay the bills.





Melissa De Nobrega

Graphic designer & Illustrator

I'm a Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator who's had the pleasure of working at home in my comfy pyjamas.

When I'm not wrapped up in blankets, I can usually be found hopping from design studios to media agencies, getting work done! I've been an artworker, illustrator, pitch designer, packaging designer and even powerpoint guru.

Now I mostly work on my own illustrations and designs to put up for sale on Creative Market :)

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