Drawing Letters, Making Art: Lettering Beyond The Page

Joseph Alessio, Typographic Illustrator / Image Maker / Animator

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9 Videos (35m)
    • Hello & Welcome!

    • Project Summary

    • Tools and Materials

    • Lettering Tips & Tricks

    • Prep Your Surface

    • Sketching Concepts

    • Creating Your Piece

    • Touching Up

    • Concluding Thoughts

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About This Class


Why should lettering, one of the most versatile and exciting forms of communication, be restricted to a sheet of paper? Explore the possibilities of composition and creativity by lettering on surfaces and objects. Joseph Alessio teaches the techniques and tricks that go into crafting quality lettering, going over the basics and some of the lesser known principles behind letterforms, and then walks through his process in creating his popular TypeLimited violin pieces, guiding you in creating your own piece of typographic art. Get your hands dirty and take your love of letterforms to a new level!


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I wanted a lesson to help me with drawing lettering in my sketchbook journal - outlines to fill in, ideas of styles and layout. The aim of this class was not exactly that! But was really helpful regarding letter forms and visual balance
Lots of information shared with illustrations. The finished project is amazing and certainly inspires doing a similar heartfelt piece for yourself or as a treasured gift.
straightforward and short.





Joseph Alessio

Typographic Illustrator / Image Maker / Animator

Hi! I'm Joseph. I'm obsessed with words and letters, combining language with fresh media, concepts and sometimes motion, to create a unique form of communication. I'm a typographic illustrator and content creator, from Detroit, now in Denver. I also play 7 musical instruments, and sometimes I forget what they all are.

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