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Drawing Koi Fish with gel pens on an ink background

Kaylene Hitchins, Artist

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7 Lessons (43m) View My Notes
    • 1. Drawing Koi fish with gel pens on an inked background

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Drawing a koi fish

    • 4. Finishing Koi fish drawing

    • 5. Making an ink background

    • 6. Drawing on an inked background

    • 7. Our Koi fish is finished


About This Class

Let’s have fun drawing Koi fish.

We will start using gel pen on paper then progress to drawing over an ink background that we will make together, to create a stunning artwork.

You will be impressed by your creativity.

This class is designed for everyone, from beginners to experienced artists.

You can make this project with a few art making supplies or everything you have in the cupboard.



1. Drawing Koi fish with gel pens on an inked background: welcome to looking at drawing a koi fish with Joe pens on an ink background. You can see holiday supplies that are just in front of you, and this is what we're actually going to do. We're going to start off by drawing a koi fish on a plain background. Then we're going to ink a background and draw over it. It's gonna be a lot of fun. It's another 1 may, but we don't need a lot of supplies. You don't have to empty out your out coming to do this class. You just use what you've got or if you're like me and I'd like to buy different Joe pens and inks all this, go see what I've got, the papers and everything that we use. You don't have to go fancy either. I like water color and I'll show you all the different supplies in the next class. So join me. They via 2. Supplies: Now we're going to look at the supplies that were going to be needing what we're going to be needing some nice paper. I like watercolor paper because it's nice and thick. You can hear that that is lovely and think it's not like to set a copy paper or just drawing paper out of one of your drawing books. It's a bit thicker. What I like about it is that when you go to put something like this in a frame, it holds its shape so it doesn't walk. I also like the hot pressed watercolor because it creates a nice smooth surface because it's been pressed with hate. The cold pressed creates. Let little divots in it, which is great for watercolor or pest ALS because it holds the color. But for when we're using it for display, I prefer a nice, smooth surface, and the ink looks lovely on it. But just choose what you have, and hopefully that will help you. If you decide to go out and get something, are you also like a HB pencil and a white eraser? The hate be because it's easy to a race after you've drawn, and then the white eraser because it doesn't actually leave any residue now comes for the interesting part of love is bars where you're going and you get to try all the periods. Although there heaven. Anyways, I'm gonna show you a few of these joe pins that I have here that was nice and black. And this is how you contest them. See what you like beautifully dark, aren't they? Well, this one's like a buyer. Oh, so you can get a different effect on that one. And that one's a lot thicker. Lovely, lovely. But it's one borrow again. You can see how this one here is quite dark, and when it dries, it still kept its depth. Where it's a pyro is bit Matt, if you like, But it's got these lovely ages. So here, you you This one here is just my point is quite dark. Where's this one? Which was Buyer Oh, is a lot met, but I've gone in and I can get these lovely ages with those lines, always like a white Joe pin. Now, these are great because you can use thumb over the top of your others and being Joe Pin, it still has to dry, so it is good to test them as well, because you won't have a nice flow. I like these. You nibble signals. They're quite good. There's also a little bit of a final one, so they're nice. And as you can see you and they get, I do use Colin Joe pins as well that they're always nice to use. Some of them are just like paint. You can get shine, Eze. You can get ugly grease. I get so many different things. You go absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, always have, like a little piece of paper and a like a little paper towels. I can rest my hand on that and this sample things, or even just to test the pins running nicely before I start with it. And the other thing we're going to need is, you know, I like to put my ink into little bottles. It makes it really, really nice to use and always have a little squirter that I actually put just water in or quitters of my colors. I like Brush O because it's little powders and so vivid you could even use water colors. If you like that, you can mix up. You can use inks, inks and the finish will actually be right a little bit stronger color rather than what I've got here. They dull down after you've put them on. But I love that finish. So these I use what? Sorry, Food coloring, no water color. And I use it on here forties. You could see that it blends beautifully. So we wanted to do an actual video on how to do the background, which is in the sunlight front. Can be a little bit missing, but it is so much fun. Okay, that is pretty much all that we're going to be using. It's not a lot. And you can just use what you've got at home, but through coloring, you probably got some of that at home in the tiny little bottles. But just use what you have, and if you need to go out and buy something, hopefully you've got a few skills that will allow you to look and see what you need. Okay. Next class. We're going to draw Dele 3. Drawing a koi fish: Now we're going to draw oil our fish. I like these clipboards where you can just put a little bit of paper in, but a little bit of paper tail. And there's usually something underneath to give a nice cushion, Using our hate to be a race of what you'll use later, we're going to just stroll like a really elongated sausage and then from there, and you see little Curly's let's see how I'm holding it at the end. I want a nice light sort of impression that I'm putting on here. If you don't want to use that, I do actually have in the files. I have a couple of different samples that you're welcome to print out and drove over the top of under held Wonderful. So then we dio without fins, but I'm just making them nice and flowy tail. I can give a little bit of shape now, and it's a season to the water. So you wanted to actually have a bit of movement tennis, Iran, but a little line across there. Then it'll shake for ahead on some little fishy lips. Thank you. That's devices where we start and then we decide. Henry like it's happened. Look, lips biggest. Only one I might actually go with this fabric has still because it's not in fine and black . The first thing I'll do did my line across here, you can see I haven't covered it completely over a little bit over the edge. I'm not worried about that. And then other My line on the side where I went over the age, that's just waiting. My readings were gonna come out cool. No. When I come across here, I'm going to make my scale shaped all the way across. And then I decide what sort of feeling I'm going to give them. Okay, So I could do you like little grass from the center? Looks not with this pain, I could color Italy that looks. And Ivins. I could do just a really long one in the middle, said literally map there like that, but also forgot. Let's try that filling this whole spice going from here up to the age. So the final goes up there. It's really that hp do my second row. I come from middle to that across. Just put the edge of the city now it doesn't matter. Hey, Mr You didn't see here that some of bigger summer smaller doesn't matter because it adds to the flow and it makes the future look like it to move me moving little book. I could start talking. Let me. Nice. So we don't worry about that. So it doesn't matter ive the next row. You do smaller like that because when we g o and fill it in, it is really not gonna matter what size plus these classes about having a bit of relaxation , A bit of fun, Nothing else. Oh, I like that little clue actually do that, E. I think that would be quite nice. All right, Mr Fish, you can come back. It would be creepy. And I'm not being too precious about where it goes, where it starts, where it stops. Great skin. You continue that, Dan, then to the child. We'll continue that. Then I put like, a little triangle. Then I'll continue with that. Yeah, a little that have around this. Gonna make sure I've got a little bit of space in between, but not too much. I haven't followed my lines. And I'm not worried because I will be erasing them later. now because that's what I think I'll put my Patel under my hand. Did not mum once I'm going to shape these so they sort of come out and around again. That led to the movement inside those a little I don't want to like that. You don't have to do exactly what I'm doing. Are you concealing with whatever you feel at that particular time that spot needs. Okay, It's nice coming over to Mr Eyes with my Petzel I just to elongated sausages again. And it's a little curvy bits at the front. You can already see that that size and see how they slightly different understand? Extend that slightly. I'm going to Philippi put little circle there that I want coloring. Now when I coloring man with that spot and I think I really don't like it, I can color the Holiday Inn and in always put white over the top lighter. Not a problem. What Selena, This is when I start doing decoration like that. Okay, second, finish it off. A bit off camera. Come down to my tail. This is where I could do my little adjustments. Well, I want that to be flicked up there a bit. Oh, I think I do that. Lou, please don't. MediaOne's and probability just longer going to shorter on the sides. Fish is coming alive. Then there's gonna color these little bits in here fit scene with what I've done up there. I think I'll divided tile up as well. You see, I've still got my hand on the hand towel. I do smudge quite a bit, especially with when using the thicker ones. They take ages to dry, but they got hold your sides with it. But I'm going to actually just continue that off and then I'll come back and we'll have a little look at the finish. One in the next video. Have fun. Doesn't matter where you do it. This is just for enjoyment, and I'm enjoying it. Okay? It's only I had a little bit enjoyment. I will see you later. 4. Finishing Koi fish drawing: Now it's time to finish up our out work. You can see it's what starting. So I've continued on there a little bit looking pretty good, but this is one I prepared earlier, so we're going to continue working back. A slight difference with this one is in the eyes for here. The eyes are not bulged. It'll but this one so you can see a different high. It is slightly going out there. Just added a little bit. So what we want to do now is to put the final touches on to it. So things like fiends now, quite often I put these fins in because I might have it might have been witness smudged it like hell And I've just then decided Well, I'm gonna do something about it. And I didn't want to throw out the artwork, so all I did Waas just added a few extra little bits. I might make the lines wider or like this, just pop in a couple of little extra fins and nobody is the wiser. Then random dots. Well, there's something I didn't show you. Then I have the tape on this. Well, the current artwork that I'm using I like to keep the same pin because even if I have another one, that might be the same brand that I bought in the exact same time. There might be a different dialect. So just like wall, it'll be a slightly different color. It might be that it's not so dark or not. So light might be more met. So I like to put tape on. So I know which pin I'm actually using on which I work at the time. Sometimes I might have three or four outworks going at the same time. There's I get a little bit award. Okay. What? Looks really not so like that. That's now I'm going to finish off the town. Excuse me, Mr Fish. You can go down there for the time being, Uh, I have used the wrong pin. This one, as you can see, is more met. Not quite as doctors. This that's fine. I'll just go back over it. So he, uh, is not quite as dark here where I put this little extension on Not quite as Doug and my little globules. Yeah, that looks better. I want to finish off Dan here, - adding all the extra little bit is what makes it individual to you and makes it look a little bit , Um I have no more finishers. Trunk. Think of another word. But I guess that's what it is. All the little bit of extra things that you do makes it look more like an artwork. And it is still very relaxing. A love it, love it, love it, love it. I do not like these. Why? Don't want to say green eggs and ham. All right, look at that. Just one little thing with the little dots and it's just put it all together. Okay? I really like that. Now, I could go back and you little bits like this coming off. So this is where you do what you feel you want to do? Doesn't have to look like anything. Really? Just a song is your happy doesn't have to give up on a wall because it doesn't go in the bin. Okay, So that it's done. The only beat that I need to do now it's clean my eraser and rice all these extra lines, making sure that I don't go every work, That's what. See, I've just done that little bitch Hey, that's not. And before you finish this, when I was drawing with Look at it, keep turning it around. Decide which way is up on which way is down all. Isn't it amazing? You turn it that way and there's just something I mean, yeah, that's all right. That's rather nice, but you turn it that way and it just looks fabulous. So now I need to just put my name in some way here, do in issues, and then that's finish. Yes, I do have to go in and do a little bit more racing, but I will do that at a later time so you can have a look at other different outworks that I've done. Actually, there is one thing I do have to do. Just make sure this is working is support some whiting. Now, when you use the what the hell, I'm dabbing because it's put over the black. You sometimes have to put a couple of layers on to make it look like it's actually white. So where's my little one? Here he come. Come out wherever you are, so you can see there. That's probably about three layers that I had to put on and then I put some little, but we don't be there as well. So what about this one? Did I have to do it on this one? Yet? You can see there's probably only about two are probably need another layer on their and even now that this is dried, it's not quite showing up. I would have to wait for it to dry, and then I'll go back over and put another layer on. Okay, I really do like him. He's quite nice. So that's the practice, if you like pretty darn good looking practice, isn't it? So upload what you have to our project section because this is just the first part of the project. The next part we're doing is in keying loving, so we're going to actually do the background first and then we're going toe work over the top of it. We'll see you in the next video, for our thinking can get messy. That's okay. We don't mind that I see in the next video 5. Making an ink background: Now we're going to work on our inked background. You can see I have You're different things here. I've set up my area with paper, just used recycled paper because I was gonna get thrown out. I have my watercolor papers, actually pre witness under the tap so that I can smooth it nicely onto my tray. But I could also be in just with it. It will spray bottle. I love these little spray bottles. Actually get quite a few of them that dies out because in nice and cheap, he said, actually clean them after you've used them. We think after every time. But I didn't always do that. I'm not always that fabulous. With their I get too excited with using them. Okay? Sort of ink said I use disease. Lovely ones by beautiful Australian lady called Jane Devenport. They're not only fabulous inks, but they also smell hurl. So if you're using this one, that's most like Berries. I mean, how ridiculous is that? Then there's also another one which is pinata. While I have this is automatically sugar. So you probably know the white tends to separate a lot of the extent to separate so you need to give them a really, really good shake on when you're putting it into a little mixed mixi spray bottle. Always make sure that you shake it before you use it, but also after issues take the nozzle out. So if you can get one that the novel comes out and you can put another container or something of the top because or the little chewy, then there will get sediment in it, and then you go to spray and it'll clog the top. I didn't always do that, but you could be a good person. Now the other thing I like to do is brush. Oh, it's little crystals that I mix up into little containers on. They are so bright and vibrant, bubbly, but also food calorie. Yes, food calorie. It is fabulous. I actually mix it into little container, just watering, and they fill the rest up with the color, and then I do a little testes test to see what color comes out. We're going to do a little start, might stop this. Wanted to my hand. Okay, here we go, holding up nice and high Little square. It's just wherever I feel that I worked it. That would be the water over the top of that starts at moving what I can also do then if any areas that don't have any nice water flour over the top, I can just believe if you like. Oh, I quite like that. Let's go for Mixi. Nice. A little bit more water. It is hard to control this medium because it it varies on how much flow, how much pressure you have put on. There's a lot off apply in these. I don't like that. But that's okay. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get my wife to see if I it is frayed. Now look what happens to the colors when you add your wife. They lied. They deal in between. I don't like this big lights sticking up a little bit. What? I'm not just get a little brush, See if I can. No, it's not gonna work. That's okay. I see it with the producer world. Watch it, Move what you flow. It needs a little bit of yellow. Who? Oh, wow, What? Amazing. But what I also like to do again shakey shakey is take the novel out and do you really nice being busy. I get lots of inky flowy beats. Look how many colors era so many Now, with the inks that you actually use, they will stay a little bit more vibrant in color, then using the food calorie. Oh, that. That's starting to look really nice. Oh, well, now I'm going to try a little dummy dummies. Blue. Let's see if I could do time spray. Oh, that Look a little bit more wood over the top of that. I will fight, But you just gotta let it dry, See what happens. Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop. Okay, So since I had this little try paper talented around the outside, let's get rid of these runoff because I wanted to keep running off. You can see this side be neither. Just gonna throw that is into building up a little bit. I'm just gonna take some of that Colorado. Then sometimes you might have a bit of color in here and think I But you might do to be Debbie on the top of that and see if it makes a difference. They could see this is getting a bit. Maddie's my colors are mixing a bitch too much, but I still have the vibrant areas. Now we're going to leave that and see what it actually looks like when it dries because it will fight a bit. But as it's going, if it finding that you want to add a little bit Maura's, it's drawing Do since rebels do it spray. It is not a problem because it will fade quite a bit, Inc less so, but it still does fate, but we want to a have a little bit of a quiet background so that we can work back into the top. Okay, see in the next video, when we're gonna believe back into it, I 6. Drawing on an inked background: Now we're going to work into our inked background so you can see it's lovely white one that I had. Now that you've done it before, you can see where the white patches are, where it's actually moved and again here or the little white patches. So this one I did with White Hart very obvious, and that was nice. But when I had to make sure that I did, I had my piece of paper on my tail. But when you actually work in tow it, sometimes you gotta wipe the age because you get a little bit of buildup residue. That's what I found with the white, but it makes a lovely finished a connection. Lee. See that this is quite raised. I really do like that. That's really nice. Now, this one I've actually worked back into, I don't like so that they could be a really, really long time to do. But I think the but I don't like is you can actually see where the scales up. So what I've decided I probably will do is to get a thicker pin and go back later and go over my scales. So it's a business like crisis. I don't like it, but I will keep working on it until we get a finish. Then this one I started you and I got sick of doing the same usual shape for I scale. So I decided to do something a little bit different. And that's why I did these little triangular. So the shapes and I've decided to use I got some new colors. I had to use them and I decided to do a little bit of blended blended. So this one is a lovely pink. And then I just used a lovely silver and where it went in the middle. The colors seem to separate. It almost went into this coppery color. Absolutely border. That's to show you another pin that are found. Look at this one. It's quite amazing. It's good. Different dollars it up. But I don't know where I got it. You know, im devastated, but I'll just keep looking around. I know. I'll find it some way. Absolutely gorgeous. So the pink obviously goes down the middle. What? It be smooth blue equity with the grain. Okay, so that's what we're doing today. So maybe gorgeous is to the side. There are previous works. Let's get in some that have prepared earlier. So these are some of the break break. I can talk back ground. That's better. This'll one is I've used on a printed piece. This one was a bit flimsy, but I want you to say that the difference with the flimsy it's not a lot of difference with color. It's just that it's blending, being rather like that one. Look at how the white has just gone out. Then there's this one. Now this background I did not like I did not like it and you can see here where I left it and I didn't want my agents of the colors started coming back here, but it looks like a bit of a fishy border. So what I did was I got some. Yes, sir, which is a thick met. What pipes of not like usual point is actually met in May. Double take met and I'm mixed up with water and I painted over top, so it actually hope it's a bit rougher, so Well, actually work on to that. I'm going to get a much nicer finish and the pin will work really nice on that. But I have to be careful because with the job pens, remember, if it's wet, paint is gonna go back in. But if it's little particles, it'll go back in as well. But this is a nice matte finish. I'm gonna work over. We might start if that one get put in my board. It's the cookie clicking. And when I painted it, you can see that I already have my shape. I painted up with a brush into that shape so that I actually already had the shape that I was working with. So that's what I did. I use thesis my pencil and I let it dry. You didn't use a pencil is will and you can draw just like we did before onto one of the pieces of paper. We're gonna start with this on TF because this is a lovely background. Now, look at it is a any areas that I prefer that I definitely want to keep any areas that I think I don't want to keep it. I want to cover up. Um, no, I rather like the whole lot. But what I was thinking. I like this bit here. That's wonder if I can get sort of fishy to go sort of around, but I like this be so I might have Mr Fishy going around that sort of way. So again, Oh, my long sausage. This time, I'm actually going to have a little tailed going around like that cause I want to see the flow. Then once I've got there. Oh, that's idiot. A little bit less. Thank you very much better then. My little fins coming out on that going over the top. Now I look for adjustments. Okay, Well, I'm going to have to go out around them, let into a national child. Bring that international tail. And my child is why too long? Being out there probably need to bring it there across to here and then back up. Adjust for that shape. That is much better. I don't like this here going to even that off a bit. I'm going to do googly eyes. I'm going to take that out a little bit further. Yeah, quite like that. Okay. So I'll actually work on that light out. What? I want to show you. It's working over the top. All of this one again. I want to test what I'm doing. I wanna have one of my really, really black ones. I wanted to be a bit finer because it's not a huge work. The same is before now. I don't like that sleep don't like that they But what I'm going to do is I'm going to go straight across the middle with some nice big lights, and I'm gonna work it back from there. What I was thinking is, if I did a face similar to this one, so I'm actually going across the middle of it, and I think that will be really nice. So you go and have a play and see how you get your project. Don't see what you like. I'm not going to show you until the end What I actually have done because I want you to enjoy the process and say what you feel like you're gonna do. So go and have fun with your ink backgrounds. Uh, 7. Our Koi fish is finished: We have now completed our artworks, and we've had a lot of farm with used ink withdrawn with views, pencil drawing up reviews, pin. So then this is what we've created. And I think it pretty looks pretty amazing, actually what we've done. So this was the surface that I actually did earlier. That's a nice one. This is the one we did together, and you can see that the yellow has definitely come. There's a lot of flow with white, and it isn't as, um, muddled or mucky or brown when the colors just makes up together. If I thought it would be, and then there was the earlier ones that we did and remember that there is a file like this that you can print off. There's one, actually, that has three smaller ones on them, and they're quite nice, this one. When I finished it, because that's when we drew together, I did Papa white in for the eyes. You can see that it is going around that center piece, so that looks pretty good and it does look like it's almost like splashed out here and splashed out here with the white, which absolutely perfect. I really, really do like this artwork. It is really nice, and I don't think there's anything else that I need to do it other than frame it. I think that would be pretty good. So I'd like you to upload your project into the project section. But any discussions, any suggestions, anything that you'd like me to cover, and we can then just play together. So all the things that we have done and we have seen it's been absolutely wonderful. But when I will show you, I always like to give you something that will get extra. This is one that I did with paint, so this is probably what I'll be doing in my next class is a painted background. Now I've used stencils, so I've actually, it's You can see that slightly raised in bits of my background. So I stenciled first put on the background color and then worked in with a few other colors to give it just a little bit of a texture. Then, like we did earlier, I showed you how I put the just so which is the Mac paint in the background around the shape. Then I work back over it probably with this pin, and I've even put some white. Which was the unit ball dots in different places. Just a highlight. The bird loved drawing birds Absolutely amazing. So this artwork is complete. It is actually up on my daughter's wall instead of in the lounge room. She loves birds to this, but I'll probably take for my next class. So if you like it, come in and you can join us, and we'll have a lot of fun on that one as well. It's been a pleasure being with you and spending time together, So don't forget to pop up your project and don't get to look and see how many different koi fish we have. It's rather exciting, see in the next project.