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Drawing Heart Shapes in Illustrator

Ajdin Imsirovic, Front End Web Developer

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Make A Heart Using the Pen Stroke

    • Drawing a Heart with the Pen Tool and Bezier Curves

    • Make a Heart Using the Ellipse Tool and the Pathfinder

    • Draw a Heart Using Spirals, Direct Selection Tool, and the Pathfinder


About This Class

In this video class, you are going to learn a bunch of great techniques for drawing heart shapes quickly and effectively.

This class is perfect for beginners! 

If you never used Illustrator before, and want to start making nice designs immediately, this course will teach you various useful techniques and shortucts in 15 minutes!

You will learn about:

  • Using the pen tool
  • Using the selection tool and the direct selection tool
  • Using the pathfinder
  • Changing the color scheme of the Illustrator interface
  • Quickly finding hidden tools in illustrator
  • Assigining custom keyboard shortcuts to the Spiral tool
  • Working with arboards 

Watch over my shoulder as I put my 15 years experience with Illustrator to practice!





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Ajdin Imsirovic

Front End Web Developer

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