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Drawing Halloween Stickers in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Xenia Sorokina, Illustrator & Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketching

    • 3. Arranging

    • 4. Lining

    • 5. Coloring

    • 6. Adding shadows & highlights

    • 7. Making cut lines

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About This Class

In this class, we're going to draw Halloween stickers. 


If you have no prior experience in drawing, you shouldn't worry, this class is open for everyone.


We'll start by making a full sketch and arrange all the illustrations on a workspace to make them look nice all together. After that, we'll continue by making the clean lines, finish up with the coloring part, and in the end, we’ll be adding the cut lines.


After completing this class, you'll be able to draw a bunch of Halloween based objects, and you'd learn how to add the stickers cut lines.


This illustration is made in Adobe Photoshop, but you can use almost any graphics software you want. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Xenia Sorokina

Illustrator & Graphic designer


Hello there!

I'm Xenia, and I'm an illustration and graphic design enthusiast. I know firsthand how complicated and confusing the new software, tools and simply learning new skills could be, so I'm here for all the neophytes and enthusiasts to help you with learning new things. 

So if you want to learn something new or refresh already known but forgotten knowledge about Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate and digital illustrations in general - you're more than welcome to join the creative journey!


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Ksenia and them administrator and graphic designer. In this skill shake loss, we're going to be drawn hello and stickers will start by making a bunch of sketches and arrange old ministrations on the workspace to Mazen Look nice altogether after that will continue, but making the clean lines finish up with a colorant part and in the end will be adding the cut lines. This illustration is made in a deal before the shop, but you can use almost any graphic software you want. So if you're ready for some Helen wipes, launch your software and let's begin. 2. Sketching: let's start by creating and Euler in a new document. Also in a project and rest stop. You can find a fault with the title scheme, so let's open it and let's go. It is a letter from the skin fat and just drag it to our new document. Now Mood was a control key, winning this scheme template to help us create a few pretty difficult objects getting backed as a new blank way we've created to make sure we're one. Draw anything on the scheme. Let let's just lock it, Okay? We need to move this new Liz that were created on soap and we can start drawing our shapes . We'll start by making the bottle with the poison. So take the brush pigs, A call for the sketch and let's begin. What we need to do is to create his bottle shape so we'll start by making the neck off the bottle. And let's draw this curvy shape here and the same on the other side. You don't have to use this scheme template if you don't need it. And if you're able to draws a pretty symmetrical shape just by yourself. So we're continuing drawn this shape and drone around it. Conus here on the bottom, take the arrays ITU and get rid of extras, and we need to create the same shape here on the other side. It's just a sketch. We don't need it to be very clean and very neat. We can fix it a little bit later, so continue drawing these shape when we're ready and happy with our draft. Let's create this little Elon gated and Rhonda tricked anger here to make a bottle top. So when we're done, lest Rosa in a part off the bottle just by repeating the same shape inside, we can fix it a little bit. And the bottle is almost done so we can create the block here on soap. And we need to make this horizontal line here, and we're making this shape here on the top. Now let's fix it a little bit was in a razor to, and let's draws the liquid inside the bottle. So we're making this way the line here, and to make it a little bit freaky, let's at and as a lot on the backside now again, create the label here. Well, just make that rectangle. But If you want to make it a little bit more interesting, let's draw it with some and gold lines. We can fix it now. All we can keep in mind to end those details. Well, we're going to be lying in our objects. Nell. It's it it says on the label. Just right poison. And let's add a few more. Gee, does we'll add a few random bubbles on the liquid, and also let's fix the bottom part off the bottle a little bit. Also, let's add a few details on the block just for some texture, and the bottle is ready. Now let's move on to our second object, and it will be Jack a lot earn or just Helen bumpkin. So we need to create a few segments based on the L shaped. So just our drone. Those segments. Let's fix it a bit. Make it round it, make it cute and let's stop at four segments. I lived apart blend cause we need to create a stem, he on top. So let's just make a few lines like we're creating some kind of lightning and end in a part . No need to create the backside parts just to make out bunking to look a bit Freedy. Now let's fix it a bit and let's at a face to make a face less great to help lines vertical and horizontal, you can use the shift key to create the straight lines when you're done with the help lines . Lester putting our face create a little triangle here and one more and the same distance from the center on the other side. Also, lesser drone. The mouth with a triangle shapes on both sides from the center. Let's figures the bottom set off the mouth with the same shape as a part. If it's not very centered now, we can fix it with a lesser too. Select our objects and moving to the right or to the left, using the control key. This elected with the control D and let's fix some details. Now let's move on to the cauldron and we're gonna be using these circle here. We just need to repeat this shape, fix it within a razor to if it's needed and less great, the land here on the upper part, winning this land to know where to put the upper part off the cauldron. So we're drone this line, and let's Mexico curves like Goldman's shoulders here on this site and Lestrade the same parallel line here and the Freedy part here, also winning to draw those little round shapes on the sides off the lower up apart and merging with a parallel line under the conch, a flight and the same here above the convicts line. Now let's fix it a little bit and let's move on and at a little handle here we're creating a tiny circle and and not a bigger circle below and edge in the inner part off. The handle also lets at free Lex, just with the shapes off the rounded rectangle, we can add, some kind of agreed just to know where to put our culture and selects. And also, let's add a few details here on top. We're creating bubbles again and let's at a spoon here on the site. Let's fix it if it and continue drawing the bubbles and now we can move on to the next object, which is gonna be a which he had Forsa, which ahead we're gonna be using these Arabs, so start tracing the shape and will make some corrections a bit later to make it look and beat more interesting. No need to draw a you can gift line here in the middle, off the Arabs to just that, creating our head and also won the Berlin London and beat higher. Now let's merge them together with these curves on the site, and we're starting to create another part off the head. Let's make this some kind of a triangle shape with the fault fingers. The other part was of a villain and n detail off the head with the Latin in shape. Now let's fix it and add a few details. So let's draw some kind of a belt here in the middle off the head. Also, let's add dibacco and a boat. Now let's get rid of the lines here so we won't be distracted by them. And let's continue our fixing by moving on to the bottom part off the head. No, let's trace the shape with angles, lines and also let's start drones Alliance Force of Faults. Now let's fix it a little bit at little curves here on the belt sides, and we're done with creating these four objects. Now it's high. DeLay was a scheme, and we can start selecting our shapes to move into the sides by using the lesser, too, and the control key we needed just to make some space for the new objects this election, when you're done and let's move on. So the next object is candy corn. We need to make the around the triangle shape. It needs to be smooth and when you to make up a line more rounded. And also let's create to Moreland's inside just repeating Apollon Curve and our candy corn is ready, weaken selected and move it somewhere on the top. This elected was a control D, and let's move on to the next object. Now let's create the Aibos you can on hind the skin layer. Unlock it and mood was a control t on top because we'll need this round shape again. So let's trace it. Oh, you can draw it by hence handily when you're ready and let's start making the shape breeder . So selected was a lesser toe. Move it and make it a bit smaller with the control t this elected and also start fixing the shape again. Yeah, when we're done with our shape, let's create the inner part overnight. So we're creating one more circle inside for the iris and one more for the pupil. You can add the highlight here, and let's add a few details on the Irish was making those slides and also less rose like a Buress Here. One Ibo is ready, and we can use the control C Control V to copy it and fix it a little bit within a razor. I'll erase the whole ear part and amazing you, iris and pupil. Here, let's add the highlights and details. And also let's add the nerve here by creating of a V shape. Now let's fix It was in a razor to and also when you tumor silly with a corporate eyeball with our main sketch lay. So use the right mouse button and select merch down option. Now let's elect our eyeballs and moving to the side to make some blank space and let's move on to the next object. Now we're drawing some Candace, so let's create and my lips fix. It was in a razor, and let's add the petal shapes here to make it look like a candid and the same on the other side now again takes a lesser to fix it with the control. T make a corporate of the candy with the control C Control V and move it to the blank space now merciless. And let's create buttons on the Candace. The 1st 1 will be striped, so we're Creighton's alliance inside, and the 2nd 1 will be with Half Circle Senate. Let's take the lesson to and move can use to the blank space. Now this elected take a brush and less great a few more objects. So now let's create the bones. Make the straight lines and end a little heart shapes on the sites, and let's create one more bone here. Raise the extras and bonus operating. Now let's select. It was a lesson toe. Make it smaller with the control tea and put it somewhere on the blank space will arrange all the objects a little bit later. Now we just need to draw all of our shapes. So let's my want and create. Two lollipops will need a round shape for the 1st 1 and when we have it, start creating this sculpt so will make the diagonal line here from the center. And let's just start making the teeth on the bottom part. Now let's at one I hold here and the same on the other side fix it was in a razor and ends and nostrils. I'll take the lesson two and mother face a little bit dull. Now let's fix it a bit more and lets at the stick he just visit rectangle shape. Let's take the lesson to again and with the control T makes the lollipop a bit smaller, irritated and move it down. Now let's move on to the second lollipop, so create the round shape against and let's add this fink here on the bottom. Also, let's end this stick and start drawing the melting part here. We're just making these baby shapes with different lengths and using the arrays YouTube to fix all of the parts. Let's add a few Sprinkles on top and also takes a lesser to most out lollipop a little bit . They're selected, and let's move on to the last object, which is gonna be a marshmallow to easier lives. Let's measure rectangle he and let's start making those ellipses insight. We need to feel the rectangle with ellipses, the ways they'll touch the borders off the rectangle and for no, we're done was a sketching part 3. Arranging: Now let's move on to arrange in part and also will add some details to our sketch. So let's just take solicitude and start selecting our objects using control T to make them smaller, intraday them. Let's create one Mackenzie corn by using control C control O V and move it to the blank space. Make it smaller, and we'll fix it a little bit later. Now let's merge the less and getting back to arranging our objects. Don't put your objects too close to each other cause we're gonna be making the stickers from them. And we need some space between the objects you . When you're done, who's arranging your objects? Let's add a few deals on the blank space, so let's create a few little sparkles, betweens and main objects. Now let's fix it. They beat and we can move on to the line in part 4. Lining: So let's start. Ah, learning part by creating and ULA and buff also decreased capacity of the schedule and locate so we wouldn't be able to draw anything on the runway. And let's start learning. Are objects so big the color? Take the brush, said the brush up and start lining. - Okay , okay. - You can use the rotator to rotate your art board. You can find the two on the toolbar or use our button as a shortcut for the straight lines . You can use a shift key. Just put the point and move your mouth to the second point with a shift held down. Anti lines will be straight when you're done. Was lying in also objects you can hide delay with the sketch and start fixing all of our objects on the line in late to make him look nice. And don't forget it. We need all of our countries closed. Okay, good. - 50 and we're done was aligning part. So let's move on to the cholera in part 5. Coloring: for the covering part. Let's create and you live. We needed to be under the late with the lines. And by the way, let's name all of a lace. So we wonder, confused and lost. And also let's log chalets that we don't need now. And let's start coloring our objects so we'll start by color in the boto. And to make this grabbed a magic, want to go to the line Lee and start selecting heiress inside the lines To select Tuomo heiress, you need to use the shift key. When you're selected, all of the areas you need go under select modify, expand. I'll expanded to two pixels. But if your lines are figures in mind, feel free to expend the selection for more pixels. We need to do this step to avoid the white space between Akala and the lines. When you're done was explained in your selection, you need to set the colors. I am using the prepared color scheme which you confined in a project and wrestle stop. So if you want to use the same collis, feel free to download this file well, you can pick the cause was I drop it too and We need to go to the collar and let ram the pain bucket to and just put a cost on our selected area. When you're done. De selected with the Control G and let's elect other areas that needed to be God again. Go to the line Lee and start selecting two era. Don't forget to go on the select, modify expense and big another color. Go to the car and let takes a paint bucket to and political on their selected and continue doing the same steps with other areas. Also, you can use just to brush to to cause a space you didn't call it or at the small heiress, Where's the Magic? One didn't work. Well, now we just put in the basic collar so all the shadows and highlights are gonna be in the next part of a class where done with scarring the boys and board. Also, let's move on to other objects. Okay, yeah, and And yeah, - and nowhere done was put in the basic colors. So let's move on to the shadows and highlights 6. Adding shadows & highlights: So let's move on and boot the shadows and highlights. Let's start by creating and Euler above the lay with the colorant. Let's name it as shadows. Then we need to quicken it with the right mouse button and said it as a clipping mask. And now everything work rate and on this leg will be showing up on Lee in the areas with anything on the previous scholar and layer. Also, we need to select this lay and said the Callum or to multiply. Now let's move on and let's start putting our shadows on. Go to the color scheme. If you're using the same colors and being the dark ical for every object we have now taken brush and let's start putting our shadows. It is very saturated now, so let's said the capacity of this late to 40%. And let's continue putting our shadows. Use the Erez itude to fix the mistakes. Also, if you notice that you miss some places well, putting the basic colors, let's fix it now. Just go to the currently and fix it on colored areas. - All right, and we're done was put in the shadows. So let's move on to the highlights Great and Hewlett in Bob's earlier was shadows. Give it a name said that as a clipping mask. And let's select the Kalamata for this layer as overly. And let's Biggs a lighter yellow car and start putting the highlights on. Now it looks very saturated, so let's decrease the capacity to 70% and getting back to other objects, all right, and no one done. It's putting the highlights. Now, let's said the color for the background. So creating Ula and Bob's that already exist in looks, background and just being the color. I will put this one on, And if you're not happy with the color, you can change it easily into the dialog window, using the control you key combination. Also, I don't like the Shericka on the bottle, so I want to change it. Also, let's fix it. I will need to go to the current layer and with a razor to cut the extras and where John was put in the shadows and highlights and set in the background color 7. Making cut lines: and knowledge. Just make the sticker Scott line for our illustrations to make that, we need to go to the Langley and Big the Magic 12 and click on the blank space without objects. Now we need to go on the select and we need to click on in verse. And all of the objects are selected with the Magic one now. So we need to expand this election to Mexico outlines. So go on the select modify expense and let's set it to 12 pixels. Now let's create and Ula above. DeLay was a called by ground and sensical as White takes a paint bucket to and feels the selection with the color. And now all administrations have the cut line. So let's give the name to Soleil and where done. I hope you found this class helpful. And thanks for watching