Drawing Foundations: Learning the Skill of Setting Out Your Drawing so it Works First Time | Keryn Bloxham | Skillshare

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Drawing Foundations: Learning the Skill of Setting Out Your Drawing so it Works First Time

teacher avatar Keryn Bloxham, Artist/Teacher/Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Learning to Draw and Getting it Right First Time

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Drawing the Basic Shapes

    • 4. Drawing the Details

    • 5. Adding Pen

    • 6. Erase the Pencil

    • 7. Adding Colour

    • 8. Extra Butterflies

    • 9. Share Your Work

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About This Class

If you want to learn to draw and paint, but you often find that your drawings don't turn out as you intend, tmis class is for you.

Maybe your drawings don't fit on the page, or you get the proportions wrong, or you draw too small...If you are looking to improve your drawing skills, this class is for you.  We will be focusing on butterflies, but his skill is transferrable to many subjects!

This class is for anyone wanting to learn to draw, regardless of your age.  I teach this lesson whether I am teaching children, teenagers or adults as they are growing in confidence with drawing.

Knowing how to correctly draw shapes is the foundation to creating pretty much any realistic artwork, and once you have learnt this skill, you can apply it to draw subjects you are interested in.

Keryn started drawing as a child, spending many hours experimenting with line, shading, and colour, especially with drawing animals.

She believes that drawing and painting is more of a learned skill than genetic, much like reading and writing.

In this class you will learn:

  • Deciding where your picture will fit on the page
  • How to sketch shapes lightly in pencil
  • Refining your shape with a sharpie or pen
  • Adding colour¬†

You will learn the foundation of drawing shapes in this class so that you can go and create your own simple drawings.

Draw a monarch butterfly by following along with me.  Then follow the same steps to draw your own

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Keryn Bloxham



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1. Learning to Draw and Getting it Right First Time: hi, uncaring Bloxham. And I'm a sadist. I am a home schooling mom and I also teach students to draw and paint. So I started roaring when I was very young. I love painting. I love coloring in and draw or anything like that. And so I pretty much always drawn and painted, and I just slowly, you know, I slightly increase my skills and go, Peter, Now full of this place and we're going to look at drawing and want to fly. So I'm gonna walk through Heathrow. Simple steps off, getting outline, putting in the details, putting in your column. This is just a process that you just need to do a few times to get used to, how you draw and how to get your picture sitting on the page where you want it. And this is helps you not make mistakes. Really? Well, you're still make mistakes, but it's gonna be easy effects. You have to, like, go through screens and screens of paper trying to get it right. So we're just gonna enjoy doing that this time. I have a I've had a few students do this and one of them was a leaving. Then she drew this lovely butterfly and another student was about what actually did a beautiful butterfly that I really love. I think it's so cold and she just put on all these different colors into the same picture. So it's up to you. You could be as creative as you like. Use of colors that you like. I'm gonna use a traditional colored monarch. Butterfly oranges. I don't even like the color orange, but I thought just for this I'll keep it traditional and you can be as creative as you like . But if you're just wanted to learn how to copy, copying is really the foundation for learning how to draw anything. So what? You doesn't start with copying and being after you copy? Really? Well, you can learn Teoh put in your own creativity and pull things together. So I mean, I've created pitchers once. I liked to draw and paint really well. I can create really realistic paintings that are really creative, but I just bring in just this realism because I know how to draw and paint things. I say. So this is really gonna help. You just said, Get guys next. It's off knowing how to drill, because once you know how to draw, you enjoy anything electorally 2. Materials: So for this class of materials that you need a pretty simple dismayed a paint. So some plain paper and you need like a black teen. If you want to use watercolor paints, you need a ackles next pain, like maybe a vivid or shopping. And if you just want toe color in with pencils or crayons, you can use any kind of life you want. So pretty simple. Weaken having a razor if you wanna rub out any pencil lines that you have, either you're about my pencil lines, but sometimes and yeah, pretty easy. 3. Drawing the Basic Shapes: Okay, So I did a really basic about fly over there. I'm gonna try and copy it, so just so you can see the basic shape that I'm waking from, So the first thing we're going to do is we're gonna do the basic shape we're going to figure out. Okay? I'm gonna have my wings come somewhere around here. I'm gonna do a doctor pencil so you can see what I'm doing. Normally, I would draw really lightly. Not many of my ways go from near to. Maybe some way here on the bottom of my wing will be something here, so I'm gonna go, right. Can you see that shape under all of this shape here, That's that's not a fact line, but it doesn't look like a rainbow either. So it's somewhere like you can just kind of sketch it. And today I'm doing kind of escape. She kind of a look and then I'm gonna make sure that I like how it works. So the shape of the wings, we've got this. Everything fits in a kind of shaped like that. So when this kind of know, I kind of I do Yes, by the everything's gonna fit in the Okay, so I got out first wings. They kind of come down. We gotta siento gonna figure it. Is this my Santo? Okay, so first wing's gonna come almost 45 degrees. Not quite a little bit bigger on this side, So I was gonna go slightly bigger for that wing. I'm just going to try and make it the same on this side. That wing Not quite the same as it. I think my machine does not quite right. Should be coming this way somewhere in there. Okay. I mean, this is this is not an easy one. It's a little bit tricky. So take your time. And don't worry if you don't get everything perfect and I'm going for the shape off the face, Wang right off the second. Now the shape of these wings here, it's It's kind of like around a w. So I'm gonna go around a w, so I like it. Maybe don't bring it up a little bit. You can change things while you're doing in a pizza lightly. You can change what you're doing. And my hippie was at it comes by anymore here. Okay, Think I'm feeling happy with that as my bicycle type. So just get make sure Just take your time. Get your basic shape, right? Because it's gonna fit everything else that we do. 4. Drawing the Details: So now we're gonna put in our details. I'm just gonna start with my head. It's kinda like a little triangle. He'd my Auntie Anna. They're still sketching them in. We're gonna do for Rex and Abdomen. And then now you say they've got a kind of a thick dot line around here, actually Happy with ice. Now, this lineup here, this is also darker. So destroy, Think line up here. That doesn't matter. First looks sketchy. At this point, we're gonna go over with a vivid, important now allow blacks later. So now you can kind of say that everything here, like is anything really colorful Kind of fits on the same area. Now, these aren't exactly perfect. You can see, I I haven't told them really well, but we're gonna put all the color butts in the the color of its kind of in here. It's gonna have us, you know, where they go Now I've got we're gonna put in all these lines. This is not very easy, because it's it's one thing to draw a line. It's quite another thing to get it the same looking on the other side. So we're gonna do that in a minute. Now we've got l basic shapes, and we're gonna go ahead and plan all these detail paces, um, all these stripes. So we're going to go for a female butterfly because a few more about F I actually has Sekar veins. Then the mail in the mail actually has dots here as well. So we're gonna go for a thicker a vein just because we're gonna use a vivid it's gonna make it easier. So we're going to just come down, just come down on the other side. I got the same come up that No. From here. What comes down? I'm inside studying on this side. They were going to do it the whole time down there. Yeah, we got around these off. But when we do of them, we're gonna be rounding them off a bit, okay? You're not gonna just basically is That's what they're gonna look quite Windley. Put some vivid on. Okay, I normally like Do you have a little angles in here? But we're just simplifying the butterfly a little bit. We're just trying to do a simple but if I don't have to bay absolutely realistic, sir. I'm gonna this pace copy it on the other side. Look, about the same. I think so. Now got these veins it come down to great for fine. And again, these are gonna be rounded, so they're gonna be around it all the means we're gonna do that when we get to the vivid. OK, but they're going to be rounded at the bottom end, but not at the top end, because six to sell the veins work now the ends. But it's just a little bit tricky. So take your time. We're just gonna I mean, you can look at the real butterflies if you want to make a really realistic just look at a real butterfly. But we're obviously going for a more simple fired look today. Maybe that. What do you do? You just make sure you kind of don't on the other side assigned, okay? And now, but if I has little, um, white dots all the way around these dark pieces, So what lender is we're going to draw them with a vivid and hopefully you gonna get the center of your white dots will still be white. And they will draw around the outside and look pretty cool. this takes a little bit of time to just be present. Take your time. Okay, I have We've got anything Now. I noticed that with one of the butterflies that Canada's had these little white dots on the abdomen. So I'll Robert does draw some lines and some things down. It will become like a few little white dots, but it's not necessarily necessary. You could do the same with heat if you really want to. But again, we're keeping a simple So I think that's pretty much sketched out now it's a mix. We will be doing the vivid. 5. Adding Pen: Okay, so now I'm using a black teen. Um, I'm using a vivid You could use a shopping upper food. Shopping's personally. I'm gonna go round airlines. So when you go around your lines, you just want to instead of being so Sketchley like I wasn't first. You can see now how really carefully. Just following the basic line that I have figuring exactly where I want to put up Nothing. It'll sketchy. Now, now these. I want to keep these feelings. Ethan, These air but fat, I kind of mix up a little bit. So I'm just gonna do one line for H within black ancient wings. That but lips. Now, as I talked about before, when we go around these, we're gonna actually gonna kind of around the corners on this. Made him look a whole lot nicer. It doesn't matter What What are you doing? It Because you figured out now where you want everything to go. - Okay , Now, I got to look around all of these still circles. Not gonna go exactly around. Every single one was gonna put it about where I had a reminded a little snow. So they're not gonna have walked inside them and around anything I've missed. Think now does go around with black. It takes a little bit of time, so just be patient. Take your time. I lost a few of my white dots around here. Two small with my circles. Sometimes you're vivid. Will bleed out slightly. And so what you drove will be slightly smaller once it finishes leading into the paper. Slightly bigger by the black line will slightly increase. - Okay , Sure. You happy? Looks I don't. 6. Erase the Pencil: I can now if you want to remove any itself, now have time to do it. I don't often. I don't normally removed my standstill That just this time I will. Yeah, clean image. 7. Adding Colour: I know. A ready to add some color now. A weapon to look at a real butterfly. I've got a little bit of flying. I photograph. You're welcome to look at and see the colors off. Sometimes that's really helpful to see colors. So I've got paint souls. I've got paint. I might just use both. Use whatever you like. No, don't use watercolor paints. If you didn't use a alcohol based enough, used a water based paint and try and use water based paints. It's gonna be a miss, so just, um, use what makes sense to you. I'm just gonna put in some yellow first to make it right. You can coming a butterfly anyway. You, like, had a student who colored who is beautifully old, different colors. I got off the so called I'm just gonna go for traditional colors today, but you can choose whatever you like, - so that's a yellow. I'm gonna put a little bit of yellow. And these spots here, I actually don't see yellow. And these on the on the outside spots, I can see there's a white on the inside spot. There's color, so I'm gonna it. But probably with a paintbrush later. It's gonna be easier. Now I'm gonna add some orange. - I don't know what a pint read. Maybe around the edges. E I'm gonna get my pain. Start with similarly covers. - Large . - All right. When you satisfied, I stopped. And I feel that I put my name on it before, so But I know, Mom, we have a no butterfly ups. One thing I forgot. The slowing up here is actually a lot darkest. Larger. Okay, that looks, but yeah. Here we go. How you enjoy that? A lot of fun. 8. Extra Butterflies: so about image here off the Blue butterfly and a few other butterflies that I photographed . And you can just practice the same skills on the same kinds of things, but obviously every But if I is different. So you give different sites, different colors and different patterns on the wing, so if you really love butterflies, hopefully you enjoy doing NYSE. 9. Share Your Work: If you've created any out that you love, why not take a picture of it right now and add it to the Project Gallery? I would really love to see a wig and encourage other students to. And if you like, I could give you feedback on your work. There's nothing like having somebody who is a few steps ahead of you. Show you may be what you can improve on, something that you've done really well but something that you can improve on. I had that myself, and I'm so grateful that I did. There's only so far I forget is an artist without having someone critique my work. And I got to a place where I got really frustrated with my wig and I got awesome teacher who taught me and he critique my work really hard. But I'm so grateful for him for that because my work just got a whole nother level. So she your work and the ah let's be encouraging about other people's work. And if you want to be in touch with May, just Google, my name Kieran Bloxham and by my Facebook is care about some artist on instagram. It cure on blocks him honest with my spices. So I'm quite easy to find. Just you'll make a threatening message. Let me know what you thought of the class. I would love to have your feedback. See you on the next class.