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Drawing Foundations: Learning Step-by-Step Drawing

teacher avatar Keryn Bloxham, Artist/Teacher/Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Drawing Foundations: Learning Step-by-Step Drawing

    • 2. Set the Limits

    • 3. Draw the Basic Shapes

    • 4. Sketch in the Details

    • 5. Refine with a Pen

    • 6. Add Colour

    • 7. Next Steps

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About This Class

In this class we look at the foundations of drawing, so that you can start drawing with an understanding of where to start, and what steps to do next.

Have you ever gone to draw something but then half way through, found that it doesn't fit where you imagined on the page?

Or you finished and then realised that something you drew was really out of proportion?

If so, then this class will help you!

We will cover:

  • First deciding where you want your picture to fit on the page,
  • Then sketching in your basic shapes and proportions
  • Adding in the details
  • Refining the drawing with a pen
  • And then putting in a little bit of colour for fun

This class can is best suited to those who have had a little bit of practise drawing.  If you are completely new to drawing, check out my first class that focuses on line drawing for beginners.  Get confident drawing simple shapes and lines and then this class will be perfect for you!

In this class we draw a tiger similar to the one in the project, but we aren't striving for an exact copy - we are just learning to get things basically in the right place.

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Keryn Bloxham



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1. Drawing Foundations: Learning Step-by-Step Drawing: Hi. Um, cure blossom, and I might add ist I am a home schooling mom and I also teach students to draw and paint. So I started drawing when I was very young. I love painting. I love coloring in and draw or anything like that. And so I pretty much always drawn and painted, and I just slowly, you know, I slightly increase my skills and got better. And this class is going to look at how to draw as slightly more complicated picture how to break it down with simple states we've got to start with during, say, your outline, we're gonna add in the details and then it in some color. So I'm just gonna walk you through each one of those states to create a white tiger. If you want to be, could create, you know, a color tiger you can put in your colors, but I hope this class helps you to figure out how I actually go about the drying process. How do you start with a blank piece of paper and turned it into a full drawing that fits well on the page and looks similar to what you, uh, drawing from 2. Set the Limits: So we're gonna draw that. I get We might change it a little bit. But today, withdrawing a white tiger, the main thing we want to do is we want toe sketch out were we want everything. Make sure we would like it before you start. Like just drawing with a dark color. It's starting. What you want to do a sketch out your entire thing. Make sure you're happy with Weird is on the paper first before you start putting it on your details. Because if you do everything right, you don't have to do it once, twice, three times trying to figure it out. So we're gonna go, OK, talk with our picture. Destroyer Light mine. I'm gonna draw these disa teeny with Dr than I normally would. Hopefully you can see them well, and you can always write these out afterwards. I'm gonna go. OK, what years? I'm gonna go above that line and down here somewhere. Ground When it seemed I don't want to go away to the end of the paper. I'm not gonna go past that. Why? That line 3. Draw the Basic Shapes: if you can see this, you've got pretty much an entire circle. We're in here. Okay, So what? But you've got a bit of space above it for the years, so we're gonna go. OK, let's start out circle here. Let's just start escape thing an approximate circle doesn't do perfect, but see if you get it really good. That includes the chin. Okay, so now we're gonna put out years on sickle, Probably, but more flight of the talking. So it's kind of all round reflected at the top. So it is gonna Flynn and it out of the top. Bit more. See how, as I look at it, I changed what I'm doing as I go now, I'm gonna site put my ism one year up here. Look here for make the shape of the year. Approximately. Put another year up here. Now the eyes We're gonna put a line for the eyes, Okay? They come about here. So what we're gonna about So if we head out circle there above half. I passed our circle, so you got half life as a single. Go back up. Let's put our line there for the eyes. So that's what I do. If I'm copying a picture, I figure out my proportions and we things go. Your noise is pretty much down. The bottom part of your sickle fuel cycle was your idea. Just have a think about where your noise is gonna go. What part? My nose about here. It's about a triangle, and it's got shown here, Chairman. Now we're gonna change this as we go. You see, my nose is not quite wide enough. I'm gonna wide in my noise a little bit, okay? No, my eyes, This is the center of my here. They were my nice prizes. A scene tough. So now my eyes go off seen toe, but they're gonna be get, like, kind of on an angle for my noise. So you figure out what the Angela's and you can put them on. It's gonna put a little dot on the angle for the scene of the I. You know, I'm gonna walk around it. Maybe my life should be further down. What do you think? We got them in the right place for heaven. I want to change it. Before I put on my vivid in, I think. Ok, my one better with more space up here. I'm not sure my mom always slightly fire pot. But now we okay, I think. All right. So you've got your eyes kind of way. You want them? I've got ideas. We want them. Just gonna figure out this. But here, bring this lineup. You can slow this down anytime you want. You can see this part off the vice kind of his occurred toe. That's where the whiskers come out off when we got a pet us drops. And but fist make sure you happy with everything you've got. Now this Pat's gonna we're just gonna put it like a really light line coming down. 4. Sketch in the Details: So now I've kind of got where I want things sketched out. What I'm gonna do now is make sure I've got all my details and that I want to draw with a river. So I'm gonna have a couple of lines down here. One here. So I'm happy with my noise, right? My mouth kind of shite. Chen know when to stop putting in some extra areas. Like where this The whiskers come out off some stripes. So instead of adding your whole strikes, you get his head where you want to put your stripes just through a kind of little areas for your stripes? No, I'm gonna make mine pretty even. This one doesn't really look even, I don't know a drill that delivery a long time ago. I'm just gonna make my eyes stripes up. Um, really key point where they stripes are. - This is the kind of tricky, but because you have to figure out where they're gonna go, - just take your time and enjoy prices. Now, here's they've got some fluff but a darker patch in the middle, but we won't make it completely black. Okay, now I think we're pretty much ready to get a live it out 5. Refine with a Pen: that is of it. Start drawing a shite. So just don't really carefully make sure I'm happy with my shapes in the eyes in sanctions, You know, I speak about the same size. So he was livid because sometimes it bleeds a little bit into your paper. Now, for your stripes, you can just kind of wait. Let back up and down. Looks a little like that. Why, OK, you're just gonna do it inside your little try periods. You've already decided what makes it nice and easy for you. - You can't make some of them, but more fluffy if you want. You, you have flip flopped on up about a year going around the outside. Actually added that, you know, fluffy. Uh, same with the chin. Not so much with the mouth. So it was sort of here Appear. - I got the noise. Do a few dots along the top. You don't have to fill in the entire thing. Always good to study animals. What kind of study? Kits? Since a little, you know, look at how the noises were. Look it Yeah, I shapes and things like that. That will make you much better. Artist. If you study things and look at them closely. And if you don't, if you don't have any experience with this sort of thing, get some photos of it, we'll help you a lot. I mean, if I was gonna do this myself, normally I would wake from a photo. I'm not that I am working from an old drawing that I did. Normally I find it hard, I Because if you find if I was gonna always much more realistic when he's not in the way, actually, no, They got a little spot where your whiskers come out. I don't know if we will draw whiskers or not to that normal tigers have white whiskers. He could draw some, you know, a little bit with this if you want. Yeah, I don't know. I might try. Drove some white ones. Say it is if you've got a white pain for white paint with something come waiting a fight out via But I'm a little, um what we have here go miss something. The bottom of the Chinese area Much almost. Leah. - Okay , Got the top of the heat. Okay, Thank I'm gonna put my name on it now. 6. Add Colour: Now I want to do it on a does. Put us a little bit of color on. I think this one could be right. Really nice with a bit of color. So depending what you've got going, what you've got today, I'm gonna interest. He's come crayons, and you can if you want to, you can arise your lines at the moment. I'm just gonna leave. Mom says I don't really mind, but, - um , if you really want to, you could make this into a normal tiger just by get a picture of a normal tiger and change the colors to be orange tiger or something. No, But on that day, just grab a gray of runny. This one's brown come needed griping. So to put in some shed eyes. Okay, Are black brown again? Just like Okay, so just kind of put in a few shadows here now, kind of screwing it and a bit of fat in the sound of the shim. And what am I trying? But if you want whiskers on No, really, you get a few little views come out here. Yeah, and that's about done. So I hope you enjoy that project. Which one? do you like? I think I like the original better. That's part of why it's always good to wait from a picture a photograph rather than outward , because every time you wake from it, you'll change. Us. Likely become Lisa Lisa, like the original. 7. Next Steps: I hope you enjoy the class now. I would love to see what week you minutes today. So there's a place in the class where you can add the pictures that you have drawn. And even if there's something that is different from the class, that you use the same steps to do it, I'd love to see what you've done. So puppet in the air and you go places like pixel by you can get like free images that you can download and you can draw. So just apply the same sticks that we learned in the class and see how you go drawing.