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Drawing For Kids (Part IV) - Drawing Game

Abinaya Sindhu, BooBooPaintz

Drawing For Kids (Part IV) - Drawing Game

Abinaya Sindhu, BooBooPaintz

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Learn the Rules!

    • 3. Let's Play the Drawing Game!!

    • 4. Drawing Game - Simple Method

    • 5. Assignment and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this course, you will be learning to play a new game called The Drawing Game which the kids can play with their friends and family during their leisure and this will improve their observation skills.

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Abinaya Sindhu



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1. Introduction: Hi, kids. Welcome to my drawing course. I'm Abby, and I will be your instructor. This course is a part for off the drawing course for kids. So if you have not watched the previous courses, I highly recommend you do that so that you will get your basics right in this course and going to teach. You are drawing game. You can play this game with your friends or your parents or siblings or any point. All you need to play this game is some papers and some pencils. I'm so excited to teach you this game. So next time when you feel bored, you know you can play the drawing game. I will see you in the class. 2. Learn the Rules!: Hi, kids. Great. It is a game played between two people and it hasn't rules to be followed. I am going to tell you the rules sharply. So the games like this one person must be drawing a shape or some code lines or combination of straight lines. Oh, both. And the other person has to draw something meaningful out off it. For example, of this code lines, I'm going to draw some mountains and this will be the water. Okay, So something like this, once that is done, the rules change. Now the person to has to give some shape and opposing one has to troll maybe something like this. Okay, so now let's look at the rules. So when you draw the code lines or shaped usual not elect a pencil off the paper So we can be something like this, or days or tears, but not like this. That is not allowed. Okay. The second rule is the person Whoever is giving the shape must be able to draw something over fit. So whatever shape I am giving the other person, I must be able to draw something with that shape. That is, if I am giving the shape. I should be able to draw something with that shape. If I myself do not know what again, draw, then that shape will be disregarded. Okay, so these are some rules. I know you might find it a bit difficult to remember these, but But if the next week here, I'm gonna show you how to play this game by playing it this would make you understand the rules and also the game. I see you the next one by 3. Let's Play the Drawing Game!!: Hi kids. Are you excited to play the game? So am I. Ok, now I have two papers on one paper. I have this course and on the other paper I'm gonna draw. Okay, We have another player with us so being called the players cat and a bird. So I have drawn a cat phase and a bird and I have also written the number off rounds. Let's get started now. The cat is going to keep a shape and the bird is going to drop. It's a moon. Great. That looks good. So the bird gets one point? No, it's a turn off the board to give cat shape and the cat is going to draw Lit it. Okay, I think done well. The cat has drawn a Christmas tree. Great. So the cat gets a point to now for the wrong three. It's cats turned to give the shape and the cat is giving some. We glean some crazy shake Andi, it's very difficult to draw something out. If it meeting, you can give it to try. But Bird could not try it. So So the bird wrote give up Now it is a cat stone to draw something with it. But the cat doesn't know as well which makes us round this regarded. So I'm just marking it with a cross in the fourth. Wrong. It is the Birdstone to give the shape and the cat has to draw. But let's see what happens. Oh, the cat has given up. So now it is the Birdstone to draw something with it. That looks like a table fan. Maybe that's what the bird is trying to fall with some numbers on it. I don't really know. What is this? I'm not able to find out neither to the bird. So it does not accept it. Now I'm crossing that on the score sheet as well. Let's play two more runs. Okay? No, it is a cat's Chinese to draw the shape. Let's see what is going to draw it. Done. Great. That's a flag. So what? The bird gets a point now. It is birds doing okay. Oh, does shape. Um, Looks like a mountain. No. Mm. Can't. Really doesn't know what can be drawn with that. So the carrot writes give up? No, it is a bird Stone on. And the foot has drawn a Batman. how that looks good, so the bird gets the point. Now let's see who won the game by finding the total the cat gets only one point on the food gets three points, so the bird wins the game. I hope you understood how to play the game. You can play as many loans as you want. Try playing it with your parents or your friends or your siblings, and that is your assignment. Have fun. I'll see you in the next chapter by. 4. Drawing Game - Simple Method: Hello kits. In this lesson, I'm going to show you how you play the drawing game with my students. This is a very easy matter of playing it. Let's just imagine that you and me are playing this drawing game. I'm going to give you a simple shape. Let's say I'm giving you a circle. So you didn't draw anything with that circle, which is very easy. But I'm going to restrict you from drawing certain objects. Let's say I'm not allowing you to draw a son and a ball, so you you cannot draw son or ball using that circle. You can draw anything other than that. So let's say now you're going to draw a flower. Awesome. That is perfect. Now it is your turn to give me a shape. Let's say you're going to give me a triangle on dure, restricting me from drawing house. Using that, can you see how you can draw a house using a triangle? Okay, now I cannot draw the house because you have restricted it. I think I'm going to draw a sandwich like that. Great. Now that is allowed. Okay. Now it is my turn. I'm going to give you a Wrigley shaped like this on and you can draw a sneak using that. You can draw anything other than that. And now you're drawing. Can you guess what it iss? Yes, that's a road. A long curve road. Perfect. Now the next room, the next turn is yours. You're going to give me a shape that IHS Well, you have decided to give me a simple shape. That is a square. And I cannot draw a cube using that or any kind of box using that shape or anything that looks like a cube. Okay, now, now I'm going to draw something other than a box or a cube. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that's a chair. Pretty easy, isn't it? Hey, and the next is my turn, and I'm going to draw an oval. The restriction for you is you cannot draw an egg using it. Well, that already looks like an egg, But you're not allowed to draw that. So what are you going to drop? Let me see. Whoa, That's a snowman. Wonderful. Let's say that you have drawn a snowman. No, I cannot restrict you from drawing a snowman because you've already drawn it. So I should tell you water you cannot draw before you start drawing it to know that isn't book. So your snowman is good. All right. This is how we play the drawing game. In a very simple way. You can go ahead and play this with your friends or your family. Enjoy. 5. Assignment and Conclusion: hike. It's You have a super fun assignment with this course. The assignment is to play this drawing game that someone in your family, all your friends. If possible, you can take a picture off your drawings and send it to me. This is how you can send. You can log on to boo pain, Starcom, with the help of your parents and scroll down to this section and upload the picture here. I would love to see all your drawings, and I'll be glad to give you my feet back. I hope you enjoy this game and I'll see you in the next course by