Drawing Facades in Ink and Watercolors | Chiara Mazzetti | Skillshare

Drawing Facades in Ink and Watercolors

Chiara Mazzetti, Artist

Drawing Facades in Ink and Watercolors

Chiara Mazzetti, Artist

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11 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials | What do you need?

    • 3. Thumbnail | Value Sketch and Composition

    • 4. Pencil | Think in Shapes

    • 5. Ink | Expressive Lines

    • 6. Watercolor | House

    • 7. Watercolor | Grass and Trees

    • 8. Watercolor | Details and Darks

    • 9. Bonus video 1 | Hobbiton, New Zealand

    • 10. Bonus video 2 | San Pietro, Rome, Italy

    • 11. Thank You! (class project)

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About This Class

In this course we will have a lot of fun with colors and ink which are a perfect duo to experiment, combined together in a unique style.

We will start by studying a reference photo, analyzing it to take all the information we need to simplify and bring it onto paper.

Then I will teach you to give life to the drawing with expressive and spontaneous lines made with ink and finally we will pick brushes and colors and i will share with you all my tips to paint white walls, grass, trees and details to make colors pop up!

This is an intermediate class and I will not cover all the basics, so if you find it too difficult i recommend you my other classes first, where i go deeper in details about watercolor techniques.

So, let’s pick up all the materials to draw!


Meet Your Teacher

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Chiara Mazzetti



  Here's the Artist behind the Art :)
  Hello! I'm Chiara Mazzetti and I live in Italy.

After completing classical studies, I graduated in 2016 at the University of Pisa in Digital Humanities and later I specialized in Graphic Design in an academy in Milan. After finishing the studies I worked as a Graphic Designer in a historic and famous art gallery and at the same time I designed websites together with my partner.

At the end of 2018 I became interested in calligraphy and lettering, whose arts taught me the patience and the importance of practicing every day. From this point on, the passion for watercolors began almost spontaneously, findin... See full profile

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1. Intro: welcome toe during Merced's In In and Watch Colors. Hello, I'm Sara and they will be your teacher. In this course, we will have a lot of fun with colors and ink, which are a perfect the war to experiment, combining together in a unique style. We will start by studying our furans photo, analyzing it, the old information we need to simplify and bring it on the paper. Then it will teach you to give life to the drawing with expressive as spontaneous lines made winding. And finally we will big brushes and colors, and they will share with you all my Thebes toe paint, white worlds, grass trees and the sales to make colors. These is an intermediate class, and they will not cover all the basics. So if you find it too difficult, I recommend you my other classes first, where I go deeper in details about watercolor techniques. So let's pick up all the materials to drop 2. Materials | What do you need?: Here's the materials you will need First, obviously water core paper. Any kind will do at the recommend cotton paper for the purples. Off the cost. I will use this A four sketchbook which has culprits. Couldn't paper 230 Chisholm. But I will also show you on artwork in this other small book with on almost excellence paper compared to the previous one made on Lee with sellers actually will go on Also job by preventing the page debacle I like toe have something behind the sketchbook toe Make it dealed letting gravity do some work for you Would your color pains on ballot? Here's mine. I love the struggle polit because it has a lot of mixing wells. In the reference section, I uploaded a photo with the name as watches off all the scholars so you can grab it. You will need just want big brush like this one on number 12 with a very nice steep. I will use it for all the grass changing it on Lee for this battle technique where I will use this number eight brush with snippy bristles. Let's talk about Inc. I use both fine liners and funding them. I used the fine liners very often. Especially the number opened one and oh, going to They have a felt tip that thus are really good job for the city Zip lines. I used the Lami from them pan with fine name with this sepia ink. I love this shade, and it's waterproof as the blood ink for the fine liners. Finally, Ah, pencil or a mechanical one within a razor for the initial study. Now let's jump right into action. 3. Thumbnail | Value Sketch and Composition: let's start from the very beginning. A thumbnail sketch. It's a very important step because we did. You can get an idea about composition main subjects on elements to include. It also helps you with realizing lights and shadows and so building the value sketch. Uh, but let's back deeper into the photo. The main subject is obviously the house, and therefore we want it as the focal point off the composition where the other evidence will have to surround it like a friend. They're drawing the rock tunnel, which will contain a scaled version off the composition. I will start with the focal point, So in this case I put the house in the Center weekly sketch the outlines and some details if you want, but they are not strictly necessary. The drawing must be small and quick. No currency is needed at this stage of the work. Let's go back to the photo, understand the values, and especially where the dark and light points are. I'll do you find them. This secret is to squint your eyes in this way. This points of light and shadow will be much more visible. In this particular case, you can see that the windows on the greenery on the bottom sides are shadowy and dark spots , while the columns, the railing and the many first aid on the roof are the brightest points. - And here is somewhere thumbnail. In these days I only needed lights and shadows, but if you feel like it, you could also add the meat bones to have more in the study off the value. Remember that this Joey must me something quick as more. It's just a name for you to better understand this scene and should not be something aesthetically satisfying for others. 4. Pencil | Think in Shapes: Once we have a new idea off the values and the main subjects, let's build a structure that is a senior US possible toe. The photo. I always start by dividing this same in simple shapes, and I gradually moved from the larger ones to the smaller ones. In this case, we can imagine the first aid off the house as a large square. It is not precisely a square, but we need to simplify so a big square will do. Inside. I can't distinguish the roof as a trapeze and the remaining part of the house as a rectangle. This blue and yellow shapes meet in the middle of the first big Red square. This is enough for now to drop the structure, so thinking shapes. This is a deep. I want you to learn and focus when it your and it's applicable to anything. I'm simple shapes first and divide them into smaller once and saw. You will see that before you can rely. Ity will no longer be afraid off drawing complex objects in the photo. The angle off the prostate isn't so from though, so I just some proportions to feed my ideas. As always, it's not about absolute perfection we want to create and portrayed is seen Kobe go on and Russian. So let's define the four sides off the red square. I will do it free home. It's a good exercise to keep the hand high coordination trained, but you are free to do everything with a ruler. If this make you feel comfortable, just don't calculate every single inch. The seven thing I noticed is that the two blue and yellow figures inside the Red Square meet approximately in the middle of it. So I draw the line at that point, extending it on both sides to define the roof. From this point, I start to find smaller yet simple shapes inside the larger ones. In fact, I think by again the yellow rectangle find the basement. Then I got to find the space off the tree calls, and they split the shapes to discover the area off the rating. So, by bearing simple shapes with each other to find the right ratio, I find this space is off all the latest that are never saved. And then I referred them on paper. Us faithfully s possible to build a second floor on the roof. I have a little trick for you. Try to think of it as another small house formed by our tangle. That truck inside inside for small school and the rectangle for the basement. Which is exactly what we did for the first big structure way. Trace the trees and vegetation that surround the house. Naroff! Wait! Just see the space they will think. 5. Ink | Expressive Lines: in this passage, we will focus on the fine and getting like to the draw. Me, we think. How is it just about busing over the bends in line with the bank? No, because we are going to trace lines that give the idea off the picture off the object tree or building by these, I mean expressive and still various lines where the tip off the pen makes small jumps on, then continues or is repeated to give the idea off material sickness. So screw people and make this continues and in perfect dots and lines. Obviously, this is not constant Indian. Sometimes I helped myself with a ruler toe have strong lines. They are something or where it's being able to tell and convey life to the drawing. The principle is the same, but there could be differences if you use the paper without or with less. Dexter in this stays just the more careful after breast too much with them, and not to make lines that would be unnatural. You can see an example on an almost text Tulis papermaker, the bonus video to roll 6. Watercolor | House: Now it's time. What colors? They will start from the roof. So, Alex, a very dark, brownish color on the palate. I use the sparkle after Mary Violet and under to create this shape next to this first moister create some more, what with a prevalence off barbell and the other off. In fact, in the painting, it will not to use Onley once the city corer, which would result block on uninteresting. But it will very eat in a constant and took it away, making the same match more life. - Likewise , I think the roof below by Barron cars. Now I have a thatch ultramarine work to make the Knicks colder. Then I don't see the warmer cover like we know we don't work. But being right, I just saw partof our way. I told the colors in my palette by mixing them often with the previous makes the great consistency. - Keep in mind that the wet car on the baker looks more intense than the final result will be when the color dries it loose, some off the strength I try to avoid going back to the wash. I just painted, not spoil the nuances, and I also you small y spaces to create the reflected light. Now that's more on the wife bar off the mercy but occupation white. Well, I'll be painting on Lee. The shadows and the white bigger will be our white, so let's create a luminous on nice way. The most classic combination weeks is ultimately blue and burn shin. Then I had a bit of bread toe have, Ah, great. That's standing to sparkle. And on Lee, with the deep off the brush, I go to define the shadows on the strips that make up the received. 7. Watercolor | Grass and Trees: Let's not focus on the trees and grass surrounding the house. Two billion make some greens on the polit, starting with liker shades using sap, agree and yellow. I also add a bit off your red light to give a more orange tint to some part off the foliage that with writer Kohler slight emerald green I at variety with the Great. Instead, I'm good. Great arias off shadow, concentrating on the lower part. Look at my brush. I all eat in the upper part off the handle near me. This decision will force you to make lose brushstrokes, giving spontaneity. On the contrary, what you decisive marks I really hold the brush near the book sells a more trump off my brush so we will be able to bring precisely Davis as a general rule. I tend to door leaves yellow or like way. The height is and closest to the sky there, while the lower wants near to the world doctor and danced in color. This will create a lively greenery and beautiful contrasting starts for the rest in the foreground, with which create a wash off green and young was very light and bright. Go interest with the doctor wants that are on the sites off the house to create the color off the plants that grow under the house. I want to use different shades off, Wait, sort off way bluish green and great. It makes the emerald green and a bit of violet as usual. I don't use a single thing, but they used other colors, possibly there once I really have on the palate to give unity, he takes his understand right, mixes and get to know the ball. But in the South is extremely more satisfying than buffalo. For the trunk, I treat a brown and then brotherly at the colors that I already have on the palate, who had some dark parts, such as the bottom off the drunk. 8. Watercolor | Details and Darks: the windows are last fundamental part. We are missing from the value sketch Stalin being very dark. I prefer to pay them towards the hand. Do not condemn you the palate with such a strong and our color, which would have turned it off the lighter once if mix it together. I create a very dance mix off indigo and safeya on holding the brush. More family near the Bristol's I goto fill the spaces off the windows, but not completely. I leave white little species for reflections. Wariness of top instead partially reflected clear sky. So Umberg agree insurrection with gray and orange, which is the collar off the least that are surrounding the house. To give more emphasis to the painting, I locked insert Barker marks here and there, as you can see on the rule, tree drunk and grass in the foreground. The stalker points. We contrast very well. Scattered needle. Yeah, not a very big collar on the roof. This latter is a technique that they often use image being things. This case to give the idea off leaves on the Doctor house. In other cases a year assistant Nick to give a touch of life Penis, for example, withdrew on orange, which are two complementary colors, which I love to use together way. Finish the shadows under the parch with the great makes created before, but make it very watery because they call her will be seen immediately on the white to define and finalize the drawing with a hunting ban or a final liner. I emphasize the dark parts creating very dark lines under or around some elements, such as windows or under the grass in the forum or even the branches. 9. Bonus video 1 | Hobbiton, New Zealand: with the same tricks that you alert by following this course. Thus family with body sketch. Simply find this scene in shapes and throwing it with pants, put on the ink with expressive lines and finally, put color song. I painted this landscape off a bit, Um, in your Zeeland here, As you can see, the difficulty is greater, both because it's no longer off a safe but two elements in perspective a bridge and then in . And because the amount of detail it's especially on the beating is very high. Give it a try if you're confident using the kids and teachings you learned in this course, or if you have previous knowledge about perspective, uh. 10. Bonus video 2 | San Pietro, Rome, Italy: here we are at the second bonus painting some piazza. I wanted to, uh this painting to let you notice the difference off the paper. This is not a cotton paper and compare it to the previous one. It's much smoother even if it's defined a school press. The dimensions of the sketchbook are smaller, but I still use a large brush so I don't have to go back to the same spot. OK, Cattermole, this paper is 200 Jessa, so I prefer to work in weapon dry and almost no matter what the bigger. Before. Knowing this differences, I adapt my mated off painting to achieve the result I'm looking for. No, you're materials their limits at strength and trying to get the best out of them. You are the one who creates not your materials. What I do not change, however, is the process. First, lighter colors last washes and that work on the city's gradually taking more and more thick bait. Talk about your week perspective is also involved in your vanishing point is in the lower center. Off the drawing. All the lines convert the and the closer the opposites are to eat. This mourner and narrow where they are. Look at the windows off the buildings or the plants from the side work. This is what is that? 11. Thank You! (class project): thank you very much for joining me in this course. Now it's your turn waned. Beating the reference photo or another one. Even better. Ah, pic of your house and make me simplify complex shapes in single ones books a make on and then give it lie with other cars. Let me see your artwork here in the projects calorie or on social media. Stalking me at carol city dot art. And they are stuck schedule with Cara so I'd be bathing and see you in my next class.