Drawing Dogs | Joshua Johnson | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 Front View Structure

    • 3. 2 Front View Guide Lines

    • 4. 3 Front View Face Shapes

    • 5. 4 Front View Rendering

    • 6. 5 Side View Structure

    • 7. 6 Side View Guidelines

    • 8. 7 Side View Face Shapes

    • 9. 8 Side View Rendering

    • 10. Drawing Dogs from Life


About This Class

This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to construct and draw a dog faces, no previous skills are required. There are so many different types of dogs, and they each have their own personality. 

I provide you with the basic steps to drawing any dog, but I also go in-depth and walk you through my start-to-finish process of drawing a dog portrait. 

By the end of the class you will be able to draw a dog's face from the front view and the side view, and you will be able to draw them from your imagination. 





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Joshua Johnson

Freelance Illustrator

I'm a freelance illustrator residing in San Juan, Puerto Rico, just transplanted from Austin, Texas. I draw traditionally with pen and ink and then digitatize and manipulate with Photoshop and a drawing tablet to add color, alter composition, and finalize my pieces. I'm fairly new to the industry, coming from a music teaching background, so my client list is small, but I have done several personal projects over the last two years (see my finished portfolio on my website) and sell these items ...

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