Drawing Daily in 2020- October | Emily Patriquin | Skillshare
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25 Lessons (2h 53m)
    • 1. October Intro

    • 2. What You Need and Tips

    • 3. October 1: Ladybug

    • 4. October 2: Monarch Butterfly

    • 5. October 3: Praying Mantis

    • 6. October 4: Symmetrical Bee

    • 7. October 5: Luna Moth

    • 8. October 6: Mosquito

    • 9. October 7: Scarab

    • 10. October 8: Fly

    • 11. October 9: Grasshopper

    • 12. October 10: Wooly Bear Caterpillar

    • 13. October 11: Collage Bee

    • 14. October 12: Firefly

    • 15. October 13: Peacock Butterfly

    • 16. October 14: Rhino Beetle

    • 17. October 15: True Bug

    • 18. October 16: Dragonfly

    • 19. October 17: Cicada

    • 20. October 18: Cartoon Bee

    • 21. October 19: Stick Bug

    • 22. October 20: Wasp

    • 23. October 21: Silk Moth

    • 24. October 22: Scorpion

    • 25. October 23: Weevil


About This Class

Welcome to daily drawing for 2020!

Just by looking at this class, you are on your way to cultivating a daily drawing practice!

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

A bit about me, your drawing cheerleader and guide:

My name is Emily and one day I made it a goal to draw daily for one whole year. That was three years ago. And I still draw every day.

It has improved my skills immensely. I’m still not an amazing artist (you might even be better than me!) but I do have the drive and determination to not give up. 

People ask all the time how to maintain a daily drawing practice amidst real life. I’m a mom to three small boys, I work, I cook dinner every night, I juggle all the balls mamas have to juggle, and still find a moment each day to draw. I know real life, and I’d like to give you guidance, encouragement, and a few principles on how you can make it work for your life too. 

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”– Confucius

Each month I’ll provide you with a small workbook with practice sheets, a schedule of prompts for that month, positive quote art, and a video each day where you can draw with me. 

I also have set up a Facebook group called Daily Drawing 2020 where we can post together and encourage each other as artists (good vibes only- trolls will be kicked back under the bridge) 

Also on Instagram, you can post with the hashtag #drawingdaily2020 and look for fellow artists also following along in the class. 

I’m so happy you want to take these first steps with me!

Let’s get started!

(Video music by Mela)


1. October Intro: Hi, my name is Emily Patrick Lynn and I have been doing a series of classes and the sheer about drawing daily. I think having a daily dry and practice is so important to your career, your daily life. I have been drawing for over 3.5 years and I love that little boost of creativity every day. And I love just seeing my skills develop as I draw every single day. And I want to help you draw every single day. So I've created this class, or I'm basically you're drawing buddy and everybody else in the class is just you're driving by it to help you stay motivated. And to give you a series of prompts. Here in October, we are doing bugs because I thought it would be really fun to do creepy crawly is in October. But if you don't want anything creepy, just doom, really cute and adorable, or doing really realistic. It is fully up to you. We're just a group that facilitates you drawing daily. And if you wanna join our Facebook group, you can get feedback and show off your work and all that. So if you are continuing the Sali drawing class, Awesome. You've made it to October and I'm so proud of you, but if you want to start for the first time, now's a great time to start. So let's jump into this class and start growing daily. 2. What You Need and Tips: Hey, so I just wanted to talk about what we need for this class before we get started. Obviously, you can use any kind of dry and medium to do a day they drawing practice. But I'm going to let you know what I'm using so that it's really easy to fall along. I'm using an iPad. And on my iPad I am using the app. App procreate is probably the best drawing painting app for the iPad. And it's just really intuitive and many, many artists use it for digital work. And then I'm also using the Apple pencil. Again. Obviously you can use any tablet and stylists that works for you, but this is what I'm easy. And then I also have prepared worksheets and inspirational art pieces that are all in the Resources tab here on skill share. And I would love for you to dive into those. The the worksheets we will use one each week and they're there for you to either download striated, procreate, or download just as the document and printed off, whatever way you're more comfortable using it. Go for it. And inspirational I is just like a quote to get you pumped and motivated and you can put it as a background on your phone or your iPad or hanging up on your wall so that you remember, this is what you're doing. You're starting this daily practice. And then last, you just need determination, like seriously, you can just do this. You can. And I believe in you and together we'll make this daily practice happens so that you can improve. And yeah, I'm really excited to see you in the group. I also have a few tips for you here. The first is to set a daily reminder. So whether that's an alarm on your phone or a note to yourself, a Post-It stuck-up where you see it every day, but set yourself a daily reminder to draw and try to make it a consistent time to draw every day. Because if you're drawing at that same time, your brain is instilling Ghana's start picking up on that pattern and you're going to want to draw it that time. You're going to be thinking about drawing them. But at that time all day, I draw at night between my kids bedtime and my bedtime. And sometimes it doesn't leave a lot of time, but all day long I'm thinking about and it gets me really pumped for that moment where I get myself to be creative and to really get into it. So I just encourage you to really find that specific time and stick to it so that you can get in the rhythm of it. And then my second tip is to check off your accomplishments because as you see those little checkboxes fill up, man, you will just, you'll just gain more confidence in yourself and in your practice. And I've included a checklist of items here in the resources. So make sure you get that and whether you put it in your procreate or you print it off so you can check it off that you did that day's drying. I say go for it. And then law class. I want you to not worry about messing up and just start. I know those mental blocks that gets you in your life, but I'm not good enough, but I can't do this. Yeah, you can. And again, I'm going to say there's probably millions of times, but we're not drawing masterpieces daily. We are just drawing daily. It can be a sketch. It can be a doodle. It can be something that you're really passionate about anyone to spend more time on. Like it can be anywhere in between that you were just getting yourself in the habit of drawing daily because you wanna see yourself Grove and I will see you go to. So I'm really excited. Those are my tips and I can't wait to see you in this class. Thanks. 3. October 1: Ladybug: Hello friends. Welcome to the start of a new month of drawing daily weather. This is your first time or pure continuing this whole year of drawing daily. I am so glad you're here and you're drawing with me. If this is your first time, what we do is I provide a promptly and you are free to do those prompts. Hi everyone. This month we are doing creepy crawly or bugs or anything of that sort. I'm pretty excited because they're kind of fun to do. And they come in. So my rise of colors and shapes. And what's cool is you can take them realistically. You can make them really cutesy. You can make them really creepy and crawly. So there's really no wrong way to do your day. They dry in practice. We're just here as a group to provide inspiration. And yeah, just to encourage each other to have that daily drawing practice. So once again, I'm so glad you're here. Today's prompt is ladybug. And what a fun one to start with, right? It just get this to cooperate. I chose this reference, but I'm actually going to go with more of an illustrative feel for my lady bugs or for all my insects probably says just the sad I usually do. I know for the last month for landscapes a few check that one out. You'll see that I did very realistic landscapes. And that was super fun. But I definitely am more of an illustrative style usually. So I'm gonna stick to that release bugs because I think that would be really fun. I just pops the soil guy up in this reference here, but they're just going to stick to it loosely. So here I'm going to start on the shell. Yeah, let's get drawing. So for this style that I like to do, I tend to stick to two brushes that are just procreate brushes. I like to keep it simplified. If I ever need another type of textures of the like that of course I'll jump to another brush. But I've found sometimes with the daily drawings, if you overthinking it and try to add two main different brushes or textures. You end up losing that motivation and that, that drive to draw. So I try to keep it really simple. And I find that works for me. So the toothbrushes that you'll see me use most often. Are the pencil, I use a 6B pencil and then the Niko rule, I really love the texture of both of them. And it just gives me that illustrated by that I'm going for. So that's what you'll see me use. But again, you are not restricted to anything I do or stick to anyway in bales in this group does this, this is your daily drawing practice and you do what's gonna work for you. But I would recommend if you are just starting out to keep it simple, you can always add more to your practice as you go. But sometimes if you demand too much of yourself, you're not gonna keep up that practice. Just like if you want to start running, you wouldn't start running ten miles a day, you'd start with one or two miles and build up from there. It's the same kinda thing. Start with really simple, simplified illustrations and work your way up from there. And I think we'll keep that motivation and that love for drawing. That brought you to want to draw it every day in the first place. So now I'm starting on the hand here, adding the legs. And I'm just sketching out what I wanted to live. Like. I didn't do a full sketch for this one. And just kinda jumped right in. And then just kinda depends on my time and what I think I can do with the prompt. So I thought this one would be just fine to jump right in. And so I'm just adding, sketching here, two legs instead. So you can see I'm not going quite realistic here, but I'm keeping on the realistic elements just to keep it very recognizable as lady bug. But I think it is here instead. Then the bug. Just to keep it fun. So let's try to add some backlinks here. I'm trying to figure out the best place for this leg because I don't really like how it's interrupting the antenna. But I also, and I think it's so belongs there. Maybe there. The dilemma of the back leg. Alright. Alright. I think my ladybug turned out pretty Q. I hope you enjoyed this bug prompt and have a great day. 4. October 2: Monarch Butterfly: Welcome back. I am so proud of you for continuing your daily drawing practice. Sometimes doing it today's and rho is the hardest part. So I am so glad you're here for the second day of October. And today we're doing monarch butterfly, which is so pretty, I love their bright orange colors and other spots. And I think it's going to be super fun. So I got this little reference guy who's gonna move him out of my way here. And then I'm going to start sketching out. Like I said yesterday, I am going for more of an illustrate them five. But you, do you draw your bugs in your beautifies? However, he knew what I can't wait to see what you come up with. Okay, so I've got my sketch started and I think I'm going to grab up some of this beautiful orange color. And we bring in a tad. And I'm just going to use my favorite Negro rule and fill in the orange part of the butterfly. And now I'm going to alpha log those and add in some of these other tones. Just to give it a little variety. Interesting. And because they're not just straight up orange, they've got a little darker shading spots and they fed the brighter spots and orange. All very fun and colorful. So that's what I want to express with this butterfly. And now I'm going to start some black outlining on those. And I'm just grabbing out my pencil and I'm just going to sketch my edges here. Okay. Alright, so you'll notice, even though I stayed pretty true to allow the shapes, I still kept it kind of a sketchy illustrated by because I want to have that kind of picture here. And so the wings aren't exactly realistic looking. And that gives it a little more of a drawing. Fill in a little more quick cartoon, but definitely illustrated. So that was a vibe I'm going for. And now I'm just filling in details. I'll go from there. Alright, so let's layer on top and work on that body there. I don't know if you can see I use a little bit of a darker black here on the body. I use almost more of a gray there on the wings. And that was purposeful so that I could have the legs and the body stand out a little bit and I won all blend together. You can use color in that way to aid you in your drawing and making certain parts stand out. So that's definitely one of those things that you just pick up as you draw more. And again, that's why having a daily drawing practice can be so important. Because as you experiment and as you play around in gathered those little nuances that make your drawings that much better every time. So that is why I am. So for drawing data. And there we go, I've added a little bit of a smile onto our little guy here, and I think it just adds just enough sweetness to it. Yeah, that was super fun. And I hope you're enjoying drawing bugs. Drawing daily. Keep doing it and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 5. October 3: Praying Mantis: Welcome back friends to another day of drawing. Today we're doing the praying mantis, which is kind of fun to draw their a little creepy looking, but they also have really cool just the way their body looks and their arms are kinda creepy, Cool. So let's get started. I'm just kind of grab a pencil here and then just kind of sketch out what I want mine. I'm so going for a cutie illustrated by probably going to have more cartoony eyes and less realistic, but you do it how you wanna do it. I'm just glad you're here drawing with me. Alright, kinda happy waving here. I'm going to start and grab some of this really green color. Start coloring my little happy praying mantises. Okay. Okay. Alright, so I've got the basic body colors sorted out here. Just a padding. The lines to define the legs. Praying mantis arms here adds more textures in stuff on time. So that'll be next. Time. Got all these legs and arms attached. Okay. There's my little praying mantis. Think it turned out rather cute. So I hope you enjoyed this prompt to, I'm so glad you're drawing daily. Keep at it and I'll see you tomorrow. 6. October 4: Symmetrical Bee: Welcome back friends. I am so glad you are still drawing daily with us. Whether you're still going strong or a few just starting now, I'm so glad you're here to draw daily. So you may not know, but once a week I try to do more of a drawing technique rather than a drawing prompt. And so different months we've gone over different techniques for drawing like crosshatching and shading and different things like that. So this month I thought it would be really fun to do the same insect for different ways. So I have the honeybee here, and this week I'm going to do a symmetrical drawing. Next week I'm in, do a collage. And then after that, I'll do a cartoon and then a realistic I thought would be really fun to gain a perspective of one image for different ways. So that's what I'm doing. If you need a day off or if you wanna do your own thing, do they go for it? This is, you never have to stick to these problems. We just want you to have the motivation draw daily and sometimes you need dried buddies to do that with. So that's what this class is here for. So anyway, and then move this guy out of the way. And I'm gonna go up here to my little wrench, which is Actions. And I'm going to go to drawing guide, and I'm going to edit that drawing guy. And there's different types of drawing guides you can have. And this one is called symmetrical. And you can actually do it in a whole different set of ways. Including quadrant and radial, which is super neat. But we're just gonna stick with vertical. So symmetry here. And I'll make sure you can see that line really well. Alright? And what this does is if I grabbed my pen, you can see I draw on one side and it mimics it on the other side, which is just fantastic. So what, and what I'm going to use for my drawing is I'm gonna go to the calligraphy section of the Bush Library here in procreate and grab the monoline, which is really smooth. And if you're ever feeling that your writing is really jittery and you're not liking it. Just click on that brush and bringing the stream line all the way up. So this is a streamline down. And it's got like a little bit of waviness by Vice max that you can see how much smoother it writes. So the monoline is when I'm going to use for our symmetrical drawing. Before I do that though, I'm going to have another layer that is not drawing assistant and I'm just going to sketch out what I want. So I'm just going to grab a pencil. Sketch. What I want to look like just so that I met going in, they're blind. Alright, so I just wanted to give myself a quick sketch there and just can bring that below my assisted layer. I'm gonna go back to the calligraphy and grab that monoline for myself. And now on my drawing assisted layer, I can start drawing my b. So I can try and match up my two sides the best I can. Start with the basic body shapes here. What's also nice is if you erase on one side and the race is on the other. And so that makes it really easy to maintain the matching luck on both sides. So since it's kinda fun looking B, I thought it might be fun to do a little bit of a stylized. So that's stripes going on me. On the stripes. I thought it'd be fun to add that because it doesn't have to be realistic if I'm just making it symmetrical looking dry. And that's also kind of the fun of daily drying is you don't have to follow specific rules. If you ever do need to remove something from one side and not the other, you can select it with your select tool and then just cut it away and it doesn't affect the other side. So I can actually add a few of these honeycombs by just selecting this one that I made. And then three finger swipe down and coffee and then cakes. So now I've got another one. Oops. I could add up here. And I can continue to paste them too, and just add them wherever I want. And then the last thing I think I'll do is add some color. So I can add a layer below that. And if I just click on it, I can click driving assist. And so it will still assisted. And then I can also click my original layer that I'm drew my smudge gone and make it a reference to that layer below it. I can get my Kelly and I can drop it in. And there we go and things. I had to do those on a new layer because the entire body, but and there we go, friends, there is my most magical is quite a happy guy. Take off that drying and he can see everything was really special. It looks like a really clean dry. And I hope you enjoyed that little tutorial. Keep dry daily and I'll see you tomorrow. 7. October 5: Luna Moth: Hello there, chickadee signed. So glad you're still drawing with me. Today's little bug prompt is aluminum, Ma and the gorges. I love them. I was super excited to add them to list because there are just so beautiful. They have these cute little fuzzy Antenna. Two books. I had to draw this one. So I'm just gonna move this aside and do my sketch and start with that. Okay, so there's my basic sketch. I'm going to add my colours underneath that step with some green here as my base. So I've got my basic colors, hair for my wings. And I'm just gonna add it to the little details. Okay. I think that my and my little fuzzy white body here in the center. Because its voice, I think I'm going to actually make the dark background like it's night time. So let's do that first and then I can see you see what I'm doing here. So will get really dark blue black. I don't want to use straight black. I'll just on a very bottom layer, lay out our nighttime sky here. You can see the edges of this wings to i so I can fix both of those. So let's start with our little Bonnie and we don't go back and fix things. I do like to use sometimes to different tones of the courage just to add a little more texture and by emphasizing that, so I used a darker yellow, green and then it up a little bit. And I think just little touches like that can really just add your peaks. And then I think I'm just grab many go rule here and give my cute little moon. Happens. As illustrated with the Azi others because I just love those into them so much. I don't want to clutter it up with eyes, so I ended up not adding any eyes to it. But maybe she's looking towards the Moon here. Alright, there we go, friends. My router MOD, I love it, love those colors. I hope you've had a really fun time doing this prompt as well. Keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. 8. October 6: Mosquito: Welcome back friends. Today's creepy-crawly prompt is a mosquito. Not fun, but it could be kinda funded draw with those crazy long legs. Yeah, I think I'm just gonna try and have fun with it. So that's something that I wouldn't necessarily choose to draw. But I think could still be a fun prompt to attempt here. So grab up my pencil and just sketch it out. All right, so here's my sketch of this creepy crawling I can then looks like evil villain type character. I might even play with this color and make him. Finally, let's see what we can do. I'm pretty creepy currently. Whom give them some KPN? Let's work on those creepy legs and bring down the opacity on that. But the legs on new layers of base grew up. They're really easy race. And then let's see if we can't get these legs on here. So one thing about illustrated drawings is when you're drawing something that's real, it doesn't have to be realistic because if you think about like Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse is not anatomically correct mouse completely. But you still have to have the recognizable characteristics. So Mickey Mouse has mouse ears, kind of a mouse nose. And, and it's easy to recognize him as mouse. So my mosquito doesn't necessarily have to be a 100% anatomically correct from doing illustrative style, but should still have six legs probably, unless you have a good reason for it not to or unless you want to make two of them arms with like boxing gloves or something really funny like bit. But still, you should probably have sticks all together. And then does it need little circular thing to study with? Absolutely. Because otherwise you can't recognize it as mosquito. And so that's really the thing to think about as you're doing illustrated the same goes for any other animals or any people? Anatomically? No. Does it need to be recognizable as the thing you are trying to imitate? People aren't going to be left guessing what it is. So this is the perfect can sample. Put mosquito necessarily have sharp, jagged. But does it seem like it could? Absolutely. It seems like it wants to bite you with his little teeth, but also savvy with its pointy nose. So this is my will illustrate a guy. I hope you enjoyed that. Thought it was fun to take something that's really a key and kind of make it a fun creature. I hope you keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 9. October 7: Scarab: Welcome back to days bug. Prompt is a scarab beetle and they're pretty cool. They come in lots of iridescent colors, which I think it's so neat. And I think that'll be the fun part of drawing these guys. So I got two different ones here because I really like the greens on this one, but the purpose on that one are really cool too. So I might end up mixing. So the colors I just wanted to give myself loss of references because there's just so many different color combos for these guys. So I'm just going to grab a new layer and my pencil and start a sketch. Right? All right, so there's my basic sketch. And start laying down some colors. Maybe also this greenbacks. All right, so now I've got my basic colors laid out here. And what's really going to make it look iridescent is to go in with a finer pencil or small line and mark in those highlights and shadows. Because that's what's going to give it that iridescent look. So here on this green 1, first I'll gram of these dark bits and grabbed my pencil. I'm just going to fill them in because it's almost like he is an outline on his back. But then you'll notice right next to the line consists really bright green. That's gonna give us the highlight. Can start to give us that year doesn't look so if I start to add little bits like that. So I've started to add in those highlights and shadows and see how it really adds texture. From far away. You can really see how it gives shine to the back. And so now I'm going to do that on the upper part of the body as well as add these details. I'll be here shy. Now. I'm starting to work. Pretty happy with how the body turned out. So I'm just gonna get these lengths all sorted. Ir distance to the links as well by adding some clues and then some highlights. I like how he turned out well, I hope that was a fun prompt for you as well. And keep trying daily and I will see you tomorrow. 10. October 8: Fly: Welcome back friends. Today's prompt is, I chose this guy because I do really like the iridescence Look. I'm just going to grab a new layer here by pencil and start sketching it out. So I think that's quite fun. Let's see if we can add some cool colors. Him, thank him, less creepy and more like a fun character. So in the attempt to make this trend, they give them more cartoony eyes that are Unless. Let's see if I can achieve that. Suppose we need to give this. Let's do that on a new layer above this. Alright, now that I've got those we take down passenger adds quite a bit. He's kinda gotta hurry but here, so I'm gonna go back on body layer and add some hair to him. It also kinda makes him a little bit more comical, which is kind of fun. Rather than him being creepy. He's more like a silly guy. And in some legs, I always flip to a new layer when I feel like I'm going to end up ruining layer underneath or I'm gonna do something that I will regret messing up on another layer because I can't erase things. So if something's going to bump into another layer, and I would erase more than just the thing I'm currently working on and just jump to a new layer because you can always combine layers later. But to save yourself hassle and longer and it's nice to just jump to new layer. He's not so bad, logan. He's kind of a cute little character. I hope that was a fun little prompt for keep trying daily and I will see you tomorrow. 11. October 9: Grasshopper: Welcome back friends. Today's insect prompt is a grasshopper, and I think they're quite fun. And the bright colors are so cool. So I think a mimic him, a cool little guy here. I'm just going to grab up my pencil on a new layer and sketch him out. In fact, I might even use this reference here and discuss SketchUp. His body parts, get all his legs correct? We've talked about this before that those nothing wrong. If you're feeling like anatomy is a little too tough too. You get correct and you can grab up those big shapes until your hand is familiar with it. This is how we learn. So here's my sketch, and you can see how it's able to grab up some of those tricky parts. Anatomy by sketching right over the reference, but are still able to make my home because I added classes and the last session about that. So now he's a cute though character guy. And so there's nothing wrong with taking what you need from a reference and getting those basic forms down, and then making the drawing your very own. So I just want to encourage you to grow and learn and not be too judgey hard on yourself. Because once you've drawn a dozen or so grasshoppers and then you can probably drawn without even looking at a reference. But if you've never drawn before, then maybe you need a trace one and there's nothing wrong with that, especially as a learner. So you see I grabbed the layer underneath and then started adding migraine mid tones and then just my other green tons all on top. And now I've got my basic body. I'm just going to shape it here and then add in the details. So you see I've added all the details under the body here. Even added my fun details and the glasses. But she said that let me turn my sketch back on. There's my super fun graphs separate guy who's even kinda Q with his glasses. And I hope that was a really fun prompt. I'll see you tomorrow. 12. October 10: Wooly Bear Caterpillar: Welcome back friends. Today's prompt is the woolly bear Caterpillar. And yes, these are the adorable, fuzzy caterpillars that you see almost sidewalk that remind you of fall or maybe where you are, you haven't seen them, but they are adorable and they're so fuzzy enqueue. I yeah, I had to I want to draw one. I'm just gonna move him up here. All right, so that's my sketch is really simple because I'm just going to keep him like a bean shaped because all the rest is just the fuzz in the the, the colors to add to it. I do like him climbing the stick just be as all my other insects are pretty flat on the ground and so a vertical insect is pretty cool to add to my collection of bugs this month. All right, so I'm gonna go on a layer below my sketch here and stir on some of these color is okay. Okay. I've got the base for my Caterpillar and then the bass mystic. And just added some all textural elements to my stick here. And just keep a pretty simple. But to give it some more, just life in texture and reality to it, but different lines and colors. And then I'm going to start on caterpillar guy here. I'm actually gonna do a layer above that base layer just in case I put some of his fuzzies in the wrong spot than I could easily erase. Erase. And I've added to my Willy bear here. I think I'm done. He's pretty whew. I was thinking of those Sheng Yu dogs that have the hair over their eyes. So try not to make them look grumpy but so kinda fuzzy and lovable and with the hair over xy there. Yeah. I think he turned out pretty queue. Just as cute as real life fuzzy caterpillars. So I hope you enjoyed that prompt and keep trying daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 13. October 11: Collage Bee: Welcome back. So once a week I try to do some kind of drawing tutorial type lesson thing. And so this month I said we were going to take one insect, the honeybee, and draw it for different ways and said this week we are doing a collage of RB. So what I did was I went on to unspliced.com, which just has really excellent images that are royalty free. And I just typed in yellow and black. And so I found an abundance of images. And so now I get to decide through them which ones I'm going to use make R B. Now, a collage, if you're not very familiar, is basically cutting out bits of other images or other papers and sticking them together to create one image. And so I am going to collage or be out of different images and make whole new image of a B. So it doesn't have to look spot on and doesn't have to look realistic. But it can be super fun to find new ways to use images in it kinda gives you a point of view and new way of looking at things. So I am going to start, I was looking at these. I think I'm going to start with this one and I'm going to use that as our back with the stripes. I kinda like that. So I'm actually then take the selection tool and I just have it on free hand. And I'm just going to freehand myself a nice circle. And I make sure I'm on that layer. And then I can just copy and paste it. So you can see now I have this circle. And what's nice here and procreate is I can just use my eraser tool and shape it however, which way I want. I'm actually going to use the monoline that's an array. So a really clean edge. I realize I did a little trick here that you may not know on our layers. If you hold down just one layer on the visibility, you make only that layer visible. And then if you went all the way back, you just hold that back down again. I actually just found out about that trick and I'm pretty impressed with it because it's pretty useful. Alright, so I've got that for my bottom half. And then maybe we'll kind of make this fun. And this is just a lot of PC and then figuring out what looks good next to each other. And there's no right or wrong. That's the fun of it. Okay, and then I think I'm fat, fat, so I'm gonna grab this per gram, the shape we want. And then I just duplicated it and then I'll just put this, as you can see right there. Awake. So I'm still trying to build. And I think this little thing is pretty cute for a B head. And then I was thinking this camera here, be pretty cool for an eye. And so I might grab. This is just the fun of collage. It's seen images in a new way and then using them for a new purpose. And so, I mean, it's super cool to be well do atom magazines and newspapers. I loved doing that as a kid. But it's also cool that we can still do the same art form digitally. And then last I think, grabbed the antenna from these flowers, the flowers and the rope. But I think I'm grabbing food, flowers. Maybe I'll grab these two and then just kind of draw over top of them. So now you can see I've got all my B parts and now I get to do the fun bit of gluing them together. It really comes down to. I'm I'm just arranging them. So they all worked together here. And basically building my b by taking a layer and move toy can grab on the corners any can alter the perspective to gives that new perspective here. So what I really love me antenna is to puff balls on the end. So I'm just gonna grab those. And then on that same layer is honest sake, why these darker greys. And probably use my pencil here. So I've got these wings here, but I think they just need a little bit. And so I'm just gonna actually doodle on them a little bit. I think they'll kinda add two. And then I'm just gonna make them a little opaque. I think. That's kinda fun. Let's add some legs in there. And I'm just gonna do those onto. No, but collage is like you can add bits that you draw or you can even take your pain like a really good paintbrush. Even here in procreate and just make paint blobs. And so if you're not finding the right color image, you could just take a blob and, and create your own color and make that into a shape that you want. Collages really, really freeing. And some people find that intimidating and then get that. But it's also a really great exercise to just kinda let your feet to the flow and see where it takes you. I think the last thing I'm going to do here is go to the paint brush here and grab the oriental brush and grab a dark yellow here and layer up above. Put it on multiply and I'm just going to add some shadow smudges. And these layers just to give them along depth and play around with the images so that they're not just flat pictures that I cut up. After a few more details. There is my hope that was a fun challenge for you and I enjoyed it. Keep dry daily and I will see you tomorrow. 14. October 12: Firefly: While you've got it. Oh boy. Does. So cute. Alright, so I'm going to move him over here with my pencil sketch. All right, so there's my fire by sketch and I wanted to keep this just so I can add some reflection of the light off of it because the ones that the pictures I saw that verifies on leaves and stuff where they were at in the globe. Looked pretty cool. Also. Try some kinda effect like that. And the base color here for this guy. I've just got my pencil. If I'm adding the antennas. And then underneath my lover guy here, I'm going to add my plant. I know I still meet my light to go. I wanted to do that last so that I can add it to the plant at the same time. So that's why I'm doing things in this order. I'm going to add on another layer so that I can really play with it and alter it. And to really see what we want here. First. But I just want to add on the actual light and the tail. And then I'll probably add another layer that will be the actual goal. So on another layer and I'm going to add the glue that's going to reflect off of things. And this way I can, again, erases I need to. Actually, I might even go to Guassian Blair and blurred a little. Gives it more but below. But again, I can still erase it is I need to make it work with image here. So America, there's my cute little glowing fireballs. I hope you enjoyed the show is quite fun to make and keep DR1 daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 15. October 13: Peacock Butterfly: Welcome back. Today's prompt is a peacock Butterfly. I added this one just because the coloring and the markings are so beautiful on this one, I thought would be really fun to draw. Yes, so I'm kinda get started on a sketch here on a new layer and go from there. While I'm doing my sketch here, I decided probably best to do this in cemetery mode, since both sides are very equal on the wings and everything like that. So, okay, I go a layer above my sketch here and go to actions and then canvas and go to drawing guy, habit that drying guide. And you go to a cemetery here and try to make it so you can see the line and go. And so what it's going to do is on this layer now, what I draw on one side will appear on the other hand, I think they'll be really useful for trying to better phi. So let's get started on an outline here with this dark brown color. I've got this outline on the layer underneath. And I will also make that one. And I'll start filling in the colors on the wings. That would be really easy to do. So let's start with this brilliant red on the top wing. So you can see I've got this toughing done and it's been really fun to do in symmetrical. Now I have two matching ways. And I'm going to move on to the bottom where you keep going with this coloring. It's quite fun. Okay. I've got my top, bottom wings now. Layer on top of those for my body. Very lovely. Beautiful colors, great markings. I hope you enjoyed that. And I hope you keep dry and daily, I will see you tomorrow. 16. October 14: Rhino Beetle: Welcome back. Today's bug prompt is the rhinoceros beetle. He is pretty cool because it's got this devil horns in this one that comes sway and this one comes this way. Yeah, I just thought they were really unique looking bug in there would be fun challenge to draw. So when grab a new layer here and just grab my pencil and get my sketch going. So there's my sketch. And you'll notice because he's really shiny. Grabbed up the shiny bits and I drew outlines a with the shiny bits are. And I think that'll help me direct where my flight and the highlights of him really recreate that shining the SPI he has. And do a layer underneath the sketch and start some colors here. So right now I've just gone through and I added my base color. And then I'm just adding Where I see shows and where I see highlights and more in to give my little bug here more depth and reality and you can already see it starting to form where his shell is. So yeah, I'm just going to keep doing that over and over and killing good look that I'm happy with. And then I'll clean up those edges. Oh. Alright, so I got my base layer down. And now I'm gonna go in with my pencil, which is a fine line. And the details that really bring this guy. Maybe I'll start here with the, well, I've been doing pretty cute. So I hadn't all those details. And now I'm going to just finish up with some legs. Right? There's my happy little rival guy. I think he turned out pretty good. Yeah. I like how you turned out. I got the shine on this little shell and the legs and they're pretty happy with it. I hope you enjoyed that prompt as well. And I can't wait to see how you drew it. Have a great day. Keep dry daily and I'll see you tomorrow. 17. October 15: True Bug: Hello again, friends. Today's prompt is a true bug. There kinda little brutally bugs that come in a variety of different colors with different sometimes drive somehow spots. So I just thought a gives you a nice little variety and they're pretty common. So you can see him just about all over the world because they come in different varieties. So I thought it would be a fun little one that most people would have known some version of a true bug. But yeah, I chose this little green guy because he's got the cool pattern on his wings and then he's got also the spots. I just thought it was kinda cool. Colors. Colors, I love colors. So this is my little bug. I'm just gonna get a new layer and my pencil and traced. Alright, there's my little true bugs sketch. And now start grabbing some of those greens up and cut the color layer underneath. Alright, if you see I've got my two basically is I put a layer underneath for his underbelly and his wings so it could be darker and cheated. And then I'm Valley are on top and jump back up to my upper layer here and add on some of the yellow details and stuff like that. My kids actually have quite a few, but books, so I know more about bugs in the average bear. And that's what led me kinda pick this topic and I thought it'd be fun. So far I've been really enjoying drawing bugs. I don't know about you. Maybe it's not your cup of tea, but it's still kinda gives you a little bit of a stretch. As far as like patterns and colors and time being yourself doing something different than what you usually do. Which I think just brings up the creativity and really gets us gets a little brains moving too. So I think that's very important, especially in daily practice so that you're not gain stale and you're not doing the same thing over and over. This guy has dark spots on his back. So I went down to the spray paints category in the appropriate rashes and grab the flux brush is working pretty well and might can supplement it with just one of my pencil brushes are some things I can add in that same color. Yeah, that looks quite the same texture is what will go in there. And it's going to use going forward. I've got the whole body. And then we'll have a two. I'm just finishing up by adding the highlights on the legs. Here we go. I think he turned out Bay successful is kind of cool texture and color. And the splatter is really work on his back that looks very much like a real bug. I hope you enjoy that prompt and keep growing daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 18. October 16: Dragonfly: Hello and welcome back. Today's prompt is a dragon. And I've found this pretty pink dry and I didn't know. I was really excited when I found something new. So to get started on this, I'm just gonna grab my pencil on a new layer and start sketching. All right, so there's by sketch of my dragonfly. I thought I would give her cute little bonnet here. We'll see if it stays. I don't know, I wonder you ever something but yeah, let's color it first and see what accessories we could add another layer underneath them to Skype. Grab a nice pink meant town here, and start by coloring. So I got her body done Pretty in Pink. And now I'm just adding on those wings. I'm just making sure to add a lot of the details in. So I think that really adds to the effect of it. Yes, it can be a lot to add details and sometimes you can glide over some details and just imply them. But then some cases like this, you really need to add the men to just give that affects. So plus kinda one of those things that you just learn as you draw more. Venture into this illustration thing as you learn your style Mark has some styles are really detailed and some take that for what you will learn more about yourself and your own stylized where on this drawing daily journey. Okay, so the last thing I'm just going to add is this grass down underneath. Just for something for the Australian Plan B. And there we go. Those wings took forever, but they look really good with all the details. And I'm and he said in the end not to put the hat on. I think just the pretty eyelashes were just really well, give me just that amount of character. So there is my little dragonfly. I hope that was a fun prompt free and keep dry daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 19. October 17: Cicada: Welcome back. Today's book prompt is a cicada. They're pretty cool. I'm mostly known from as a kid, I would hear their sounds in the summer and they make like this clicking whirling sound. So it's pretty cool. They leave their exoskeletons and traces of so, but they're definitely in different looking bug because they've got this weird shaped body in these big ol wings. So I thought it would be interesting to draw. Hopefully, does it weird you out too much? But I've got my reference up here. I'm just going to grab a pencil sketch. So there's my sketch. I made sure enough those legs go along. And I also gave him some headphones because he seems kind of like a musical bug might lengthened jams. So I'm gonna start with this body here and with my way up to the details. Okay, so I've got my background base layer for this details and go from there. To add the legs on here. And I want to make sure I add both sets. But again, sometimes when you're making things not quite realistic, it's all about simplifying. So I'm not doing the links perfect, but they're still indicating that their insect you legs away, they bend and their coloring. And it also, you get the vibe of it just from having six ohm, which is very insecurity. So sometimes if you're just in the vibe of what you're drawing down, you don't have to be so specific and get so bogged down by the details. Of course, there are loads of people that make amazing, realistic illustrations. And they do all of those details. And that's awesome. And if that's you, do it great for you. But I I'm just mostly given advice for somebody who wants to have a daily drawing practice but sometimes gets bogged down by Haben, makes things look exactly correct. And sometimes that's not what the daily drying is about. Sometimes it's about getting your idea across the page and indicating and enough of what it is that you get by. Because then you still get to use your daily drawing to enhance your creativity. But you're not getting bogged down and you're not stressing over details. I think that's the main point I'm trying to make. All right, the next detail I really wanna get ready are these wings. They're super cool. Just, just as big as his body. So it's definitely something that I want to get right kick. So that's the next step to work on. On this side it under M, so that we have something that I see and it consists pose obviously isn't fine. Stick. That's my last little bit here. Right? There is my happy little cicada. But I quite like it. It's a little weird, but it's also quite fun. Yeah. I hope that was a fun prompt for you and I hope you keep dry and daily so I'll see you. Bye. 20. October 18: Cartoon Bee: Welcome back. So once we, we've been working on drawing this, be indifferent styles so far we've done a collage style and we did symmetrical style in this week. We're going to draw them in a cartoon style. So should be kind of fun because with cartoon you can do kind of loose and silly and you don't have to stick to all the realistic rules to body type or anything like that. Because even you can even draw a b is just a circle with some stripes. And songs, yeah, the wings. That's perfectly acceptable. Cartoon me. I think I'll do a little bit more than that. Just have a little bit more substance to show you. But really you can take this just but anyway, so I'm going to start a sketch and see what I come up with here. Okay, so I've got my little big a here. And we've talked a lot about having the essentials to make it seem like the object that you're trying to create. So I've got the antenna, I've got the stripes, I've got the wings. And so a lot of that lends itself to being a b. And then of course, I make cute with this little honeypot and he's taken some honey, a honeypot, and I gave him the big old cartoon eyes. So I think this will be fun to draw. Let's start with a color layer here. Underneath. Alright, so there's the basics of B and C. I've got his stripes and I would even add a kilo hat on M. And now let's start adding some arms and go from there. Right? Pretending. Of course, you need some way, since I'm upper layer underneath all of these for his wife. And actually to make my life easier, I'm just gonna duplicate the one-way and flip it over. These cartoons are often symmetrical anyway. Just seem to face, right? Yeah. And there we go. There's my little cartoon began. That was fun. He's pretty cute. I hope you enjoyed that and keep trying daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 21. October 19: Stick Bug: Welcome back. Today's bug prompt is a stick bug. And these guys are super cool. They look just like sticks. And they can get really long like as long as your arm. I've held one that boat was about halfway. R12 is pretty cool. But yeah, I think they're really neat and I think you'll be kinda fun character to create here. So an open new layer above my pencil. Sketch it out. So there's my sketch. I kept it really simple and because it's gonna be a lot of time the story to the colors and stuff like that. So man grab a midtone green off of him here. A color layer right below my sketch. Okay. I've got the color of my body, of my guy. I'll just start adding the details on the body. Okay. Stick them, well, stick. Now on top for those links. I suppose he just seems to stick to stand on here. Okay? Okay, so there's my stick back here was really fun to draw. And he turned out super cute. I hope you enjoyed that prompt to keep growing daily. And I will see you. 22. October 20: Wasp: Hello there, two days but prompt is a wasp. And I really don't like was, I don't think anybody in this guy is kinda creepy. Wasp or have their tails hanging off like that. It's just so weird that almost see you have to draw it. It's just so strange looking. So I'm going to start on a new layer here and grab my pencil and just sketch it out and see what this little buggy guy becomes. Alright, this sketch of this wasp is just as creepy as the railways. But I still think OB, interests in and draw and definitely not like anything else I've ever drawn before. I, so I give it props for that. Alright, so I'm gonna go ahead and get a base color going and start coloring my wasp. All right, so I've got this body started looking pretty good. I do find that if it's something that I'm not particularly keen about, drawing, that focusing in on the details really helps. Like these patterns on the back are pretty cool. I mean, yeah, he's a wass bunnies, not cool, but the patterns are pretty neat how they're laid out and very unique. So at that, I mean, they fed focus on gain those colors, right? And gain those patterns, right? Really, I don't think too much about being there. Bb, little wasp guy. So that's just a tip. I have a beard and doing something that maybe isn't your favorite. Focus on the things that you do like the best, whether it's the cool patterns or details or colors. But usually confined little bits of things that you really do enjoy about something in case you ever have to create something that is not your cup of tea. Alright, now I've got the body and so I'm gonna go ahead and had those legs. So let's see what I mean. Even these little legs, even though I've kind of creepy, can be kind of cool because all that orange and red just looks really any altogether. If you forget that they belong to us, they're pretty cool eggs. Alright, so the last bits I need are the intel in the wings are probably just throw those on the same layer because they don't really interact with each other. And so if I screw it up, it's on, can erase it without affecting the other one. So I did end up throwing the wings on their own layer because I realize I probably want to turn the opacity down and make them slightly see-through and not so solid. So I did end up putting them on new layer. But I got my antenna going there. Then we'll get these wings. Okay, so I decided to do about the wings because they're more transparent here at the top and not always transfer as I'm actually going to duplicate them. And then what I'm going to do is make the layer on top of the layer underneath halfway opaque CC. And then take this top layer and just grab my eraser and kind of pull back. For the opacity. I think that worked quite well. And there's my Was Hi, I'm pretty happy without came out notes on my favorite thing to draw. But look what looks like an evil villain in a bug movie, super terrifying. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with how that turned out for being such a cubic golly. I hope you enjoyed that as well. And keep trying daily. And I'll see you in a viral Bye. 23. October 21: Silk Moth: Hello friends, welcome back. Today's bug prompt is the silk moth, and these are like the teddy bears of the bug kingdom there. So ferry and finally, and these little antenna. Adorable. Okay, so I'm going to try and draw this cutie. I'm gonna get my pencil and just do a sketch here on a new layer. Alright, so that's my sketch aren't really simple. But I'm really excited to make this little fuzzy dude so midtone here for the start coloring. So I put it back ground color and now I'm just going my pencil on top and adding all strokes that make it look a lot like, especially when I use a base sketchy colored pencil like a lens to it. And then if I just use different tones, darker, really get a good image. A lot of texture. So there's my little fuzzy body for this new layer. And those links in I gotta get those wings. And so I'm actually again did this behind glow for everybody. And I'll just give myself an outline here to work with. Now I've got my basic textures, so I'm just gonna go in and put those outlines in these coolings. Again, this is not something you have to do perfectly. Even if you are going for realistic. Many people may not have seen a soap moth. And so unless you're trying to put it in some scientific journal, you know what? It's okay to make mistakes on this. And drawing deal is supposed to be fun. So this should not be something that is stressful or causing you anxiety over trying to make it perfect. If my wings aren't exactly the right shape, guess what? It's okay. Because he still looks like this adorable, fuzzy ma, happy with it. And then the last bit here, I'm actually going to have the moth sand on something green. Just to add a bit of contrast, I feel like everything in the picture is very brown and we're going to add bit contrasts. Turned out quite cute. Really enjoyed this. I hope you enjoyed that prompt as well. And keep Dr. Daly and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 24. October 22: Scorpion: Welcome back. Today's bug prompt is a scorpion. And stinky boy is definitely Phoebe looking, but I think it could be a cool drawing. I picked this bright red one because I love color. So I'm just going to sketch them out. Ci returns out. Maybe I'll be really cute and I don't know. So I've got my pencil. So there's by scorpion. All sketch gun here. And make them kinda cute. Little things like hey, I'm really actually just cube. I am going to grab this darker red here and make them my base color and start with that for my body. Underneath my sketch layer. I guess the basic shape here and my colors and my details. I am just going to go on the new layer can those links. And you can tell that they're actually part of the family because they have eight lakes and not really a bug per se. And the more of this very family, so did the creepy sort. But these reds and blues are quite fun to work with. So I don't know. I made him last creepy March. And those friend clause indexed. So there's my scorpion. Can I cubed? I hope you enjoyed that prompt. Keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. 25. October 23: Weevil: Hello, welcome back. Today's bug prompt is a weevil and he is weird looking, but also kind of fun. No, it was protuberance. Looks so weird. This was kinda shiny, which I'm digging. So I'm thinking where I have fun with app. So let's graph Pencil here and get started sketching on a new layer. So how is everyone doing with them? Months, prompts and everything. Everything going well, enjoying some creepy crawly. Or maybe you're joining a and one the other October prompts because there's both 4 million out there. Either way. I am super proud of you for drying daily, for continuing to draw daily, and just showing up every day. And I think you should be proud of yourself to, because it's pretty awesome. Okay, so how are we going to find the good midtone from this back? That's not tutor, cannot work up. Okay. Go. I've got the body for this guy done now. Next on top and get those. Right. Okay. He's pretty cute. I hope you enjoyed that prompt. It was kind of fun. Keep drying daily, and I'll see you tomorrow.