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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (4h 25m)
    • 1. Daily Drawing Intro

    • 2. What You Need and Tips

    • 3. January 1: Selfie

    • 4. January 2: Goal For 2020

    • 5. January 3: Favorite Animal

    • 6. January 4: Favorite Food

    • 7. January 5: Basic Shapes

    • 8. January 6: Favorite Word

    • 9. January 7: Favorite Candy

    • 10. January 8: Favorite Bird

    • 11. January 9: Grocery List

    • 12. January 10: Favorite Type Of Music

    • 13. January 11: Draw Your Hands

    • 14. January 12: Finding Shapes Worksheet

    • 15. January 13: Favorite Recipe

    • 16. January 14: Favorite Mythical Creature

    • 17. January 15: Favorite Quote

    • 18. January 16: Your Zodiac

    • 19. January 17: Your Favorite Book

    • 20. January 18: Your Favorite Place

    • 21. January 19: 3D Shapes Worksheet

    • 22. January 20: Your Outfit

    • 23. January 21: Your Favorite Vacation

    • 24. January 22: Your Room

    • 25. January 23: Childhood Toy

    • 26. January 24: Your Shoes

    • 27. January 25: Your Yard

    • 28. January 26: Converging Shapes Worksheet

    • 29. January 27: Favorite Drink

    • 30. January 28: Art Supplies

    • 31. January 29: Your Mood

    • 32. January 30: Childhood Memory

    • 33. January 31: Favorite Color Study

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About This Class

Welcome to daily drawing for 2020!

Just by looking at this class you are on your way to cultivating a daily drawing practice!

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

A bit about me, your drawing cheerleader and guide:

My name is Emily and one day I made it a goal to draw daily for one whole year. That was three years ago. And I still draw everyday.


It has improved my skills immensely. I’m still not an amazing artist (you might even be better than me!) but I do have the drive and determination to not give up. 

People ask all the time how to maintain a daily drawing practice amidst real life. I’m a mom to three small boys, I work, I cook dinner every night, I juggle all the balls mamas have to juggle; and still find a moment each day to draw. I know real life, and I’d like to give you guidance, encouragement and a few principles on how you can make it work for your life too. 

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”– Confucius

Each month I’ll provide you with a small workbook with practice sheets, a schedule of prompts for that month, positive quote art and a video each day where you can draw with me. 

I also have set up a Facebook group called Daily Drawing 2020 where we can post together and encourage each other as artists (good vibes only- trolls will be kicked back under the bridge) 

Also on instagram you can post with the hashtag #drawingdaily2020 and look for fellow artists also following along in the class. 

I’m so happy you want to take these first steps with me!

Let’s get started!

(Video music by http://www.bensounds.com)

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Emily Patriquin

Artist, Illustrator, Photographer


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Illustration Creative

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1. Daily Drawing Intro: Hi, I'm Emily, and I've been drying daily for three years, and it has improved mind drawings goes so much, and it's true what they say. Practice, practice, practice in that tell you improve if you want to learn how to draw daily and keep up the practice this class for you. Every day I'll have a different drawing prop, and we'll have, Ah, five, a 10 minute video where you can follow along. And then one day we will do drawing practice, drying skills, improvement. Um, and just so that we can really improve. And and before you know it, you'll have been a whole year's worth of drawings and improved your skills of Messi. So come draw with me and let's improve together. 2. What You Need and Tips: Hey, so I just want to talk about, um, what we need for this class before we get started. Obviously, you can use any kind of drawing medium to do a day they drawing practice. But I'm gonna let you know what I'm using so that it's really easy to fall along. Um, I'm using an iPad and on my ipad I'm using the at AP appropriate. It is probably the best drawing painting app for the iPad. Um, it's just really intuitive. And many, many artists use it for digital work. Um, and then I'm also using the apple pencil again. Honestly, you can use a new tablet and stylus that works for you, but this is what I'm easy. And then I also have prepared worksheet sand, inspirational art pieces that are all in the resource is tab here on skill share. And I would love for you to dive into those the, uh, worksheets. We will use one each week, and they're there for you to either download street appropriate or Delon Justus the document and printed off. Whatever way, you're more comfortable using that. Go for it. Um, and the inspirational are is just like a quote to like, get you pumped and motivated and you can put it as a background on your phone or your iPad or hang it up on your wall so that you remember this is what you're doing your your starting this daily practice and then last, you just need determination. Like, seriously, you can just do this. You can. And I believe in you And together we'll make this daily practice happen so that you can improve. And, yeah, I'm really excited to see you in the group. I also have a few tips for you here from the first is to set a daily reminder. So whether that, uh, alarm on your phone or, um no to yourself a post it stuck up where you see it every day but yourself a daily reminder to draw and try to make it a consistent time to draw every day. Because if you're drawing at that same time, your brain is insulin. Gonna start picking up on that pattern and you're gonna want to draw that time you're gonna be thinking about drawing about at that time all day. I draw at night after between my kids bedtime in my bed time, and sometimes it doesn't leave a lot of time. But all day long, I'm thinking about what Indra and it gets me really pumped for that moment where I get myself to be creative and to really get into it. So I just encourage you really find that specific time and stick to it so that you can get in the rhythm of it. And then my second tip is to check off your accomplishments because as you see those little check boxes fill up, man, you will just you're just getting more confidence in yourself and in your practice. Um, and I've included a checklist of all the January Trump's here in the resource is so make sure you get that and whether you put it in your procreate or you print it off so you can check it off that you did that days drawing, I say go for it, and then let us. I want you to not worry about messing up and just start. I know those mental blocks that gets you in your life, but I'm not good enough, But I can't do this, huh? Yeah, you can. And again, I'm gonna say this probably millions of times, but we're not drawing masterpieces daily there. Just drawing daily. It could be a sketch. It could be a doodle. It could be something that you're really passionate about anyone to spend more time on. Like it could be anywhere in between that you were just getting yourself in the habit of drawing. Really? Because you want to see yourself probe and I unless you go to. So I'm really excited. Those are my tips. And I can't wait to see you in this class. Thanks. 3. January 1: Selfie: Hello and welcome. I am so excited that you have decided to join me on this year of drawing daily. You can do it, I believe in and were in jump right in tears January 1 and we're gonna start with Selfie. You're like, Wait, what are we diving into? But really, this drawing daily practice doesn't have to be drawing the best drawing every day, drawing a masterpiece every day. It could be a simple sketch every day, and so we're gonna start with a selfie. So here's myself. And, um, your self portrait could be done, however, is easiest for you. If you just wanna, you know, do a sketch of yourself, whatever your style is. Go for it. I'm gonna just do a rough one. Keep going on the wrong leg. Um, of myself. Here, keep it real simple. Not some fancy. I do think on another month we will dive into more people and stuff like that. I thought here we would start with a month of introductory type topics to kind of like get to know each other, get to know ourselves as we dive into this. Yeah, I want I want to see your drawings. I want to see what you create and what you make every day and I want to speak will encourage each other. And that's basically why I set up this class on set up the group's. If you're not in the group's, Please, please join us Way have a Facebook group and then all the people that leave stuff here, comments and everything. Um, so please join in our daily drawings and improve your I am by no mean most amazing artists or anything like that. Obviously, I'm making a very stylized portrait with myself here, but what I thought would be fun and simply made one of these at beginning of the year. And then towards the end of the year, we make another one. She's kind of see how far you've gone, because that's definitely been one of my favorite things. Um, as I've been driving for three years is too. See how far come, um, because it can really encourage you, Uh, and and, uh, just so need to see what drawing daily can achieve for you in your Cohen skills. I'm kind of doing things backwards, really going. But you know what? Those are the kind of things you learn as you do, You know, more drawings of people and more drawings of faces. You realize, Hey, if I had done it this way along, it would be a way easier. So here is my I guess I should get myself good. - Where's my selfie? And like I said, we don't on TV perfection, but we're just drawing every day. And I am so glad that you are here with me the day and I hope you'll come back tomorrow and withdraw again. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. Um, because you are just doing this for you. And if you gain some skills along the way, you get your creativity flowing all better. So I am very excited. You're here with me. I can't wait to see what your self portrait looks like in a comet. 4. January 2: Goal For 2020: Hi. Welcome back. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to do things two days in a row. So I am so excited you're here, and we're gonna jump into January 2nd with our goal for 2020. And I know you probably are thinking about this right now. I'm thinking about this. Um, what do I want to achieve in this jail? You're 2020 but, um so let's dive right in here. So my goal that I was thinking of, um was to build my portfolio this year. So I'm just gonna sketch out kind of with that, like, a representation of that for me so that I can go. OK, this is what I want do this year. This is why I see myself doing and how I can obtain it. Um, so I'm just coming thistle diesel here kind of represent art and can So, yeah, I would love to hear from you about what you want to do this year. Your goal. And I figured we could talk a little bit about goals since this whole classes about achieving a daily drawing practice. And hey, maybe that's your goals, toe. Actually make it a whole year. That is a very of a local. That's absolutely how I started. I just said one year I am gonna draw for this whole year And then I did and and I did again and again. And I mean drop for this whole year every day because it really has changed. How I draw has improved my skills so much. And yeah, I see no reason to stop. Um, but yes. So let's talk a little bit about Gold's, um, there's a key to making smart goals and it actually has the acronym Some art, which is so fantastic. And you can just Google smuggles there away more goal oriented people that have made this. They're like talking about this. So yes, he come out, especially if you want us. Makes him smart goals for yourself. But the smart stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time measurable. Um and so as far as my goal of building my portfolio, Um, so it's really open ended. But, um, if I want to break it down, I could be like OK, so to make it specific, um, I'll say once a month, I want to finish one portfolio piece and That is a very specific goal. And it's, um it's measurable because it's, you know, monthly. So, um, you know, at the end of January can look back and go, OK? Did I finish that? No. All right, well, that I need to get cooking and and make it a reality here in in this next month. Um, And then it's also attainable because I I know my schedule and I should have time toe once a month finished a portfolio piece that I'm passionate about. Um, And then, uh, it's what were the other ones relevant? Relevant? Yes. I'm drawing daily. I want to improve my practice. So absolutely, it is relevant to build my portfolio to finish a portfolio peace once a month and then time measurable, which it absolutely is. Because I'm check every month at the end of month. Hey, didn't I do this? Um, and of course, if I'm seeing that, it's really easy, really? That I could always up my goal and, um really ramp it up and you say I want to More pro fleeces is or I want toe enter more contests or I want to, um you take more skill share classes and, um, and learn more about you. So there's definitely so many different ways you can take this. And that's what's so cool about building a goal. And I really am proud of you for showing up today. And if that's your goal to draw daily interest, draw yourself drawing daily your, um, Drabble calendar or whatever floats your boat and may make it your goal and run after man. All right, so I'm gonna build my portfolio. What are you gonna do in the year? 2020? Please show me your work. It could be a simple sketch. It can be a full on peace. Show me what you got done today. I'm going to see it. Thanks. 5. January 3: Favorite Animal: Hey, welcome back. January 3rd, and we're gonna do our favor. Animal. I absolutely recommend you get a reference books reference for this. Um and I'm just going to say I have a large affinity for platypus club time because they are so fun and so quirky. And I just feel like what would be more fun than to draw? So I'm gonna start with, like, a general help line. And again, we're not drawing masterpieces daily. We're not trying anything that has to be submitted. Teoh Art Museum. You just have to be you and draw your favorite animal in the way that you draw animals. Um, you know what that means? Uh, just a simple, simple five version of them. If it means a cartoon version means just a sketch, your main goal right now is to improve your art by drawing daily. And so it doesn't have to be this amazing thing that you're drawing every day. I'm just proud of you for being here and joining me and all the cool drawings you guys air a floating and adding to the gallery super exciting. And, um, I hope we just continue to lift each other up and keep each other going in this drawing daily practice. Basic outline of a plan this year I feel so what? Don't put some I don't know that so even noticed that I do type of stylized drawing. Um, a lot of my goals. I know we talked about goals yesterday, but for my goals is definitely to get into Children's books and illustrating Children's books. So I have a lot of influences from this style of Children's books, and, um so I am doing more simplified, but absolutely Children's books can be very technical details work. And I've seen so many, especially animal boats, where they they do the technical details and I can drop. But I would want to drag sterilize today. And so, yeah, basically, I'm just being me. Indeed, the way I want to do it, which is what we're here for, were not here. Don't be anybody but ourselves. And we're doing this daily drive. For nobody else, it is simply for self improvement. Yeah, I really think this is our awesome May. They're all about being themselves to They care that they're mammal the stove in the legs. No, que. But they're not a beaver there. So gonna have a big old tales. You don't care that they're not a bills. Anyway, They're just I really like that. Also another thing that you just have to figure out for yourself what you do and don't like . And like I said before, the best way to figure that out is just to experiment and try and and figure it out. Because I feel like I have learned so much about myself just through what I like to draw every day. And, uh, and how I like to drive, I'm going out. Lock this. That means when I try to drop off, only draw on him, which is super cool, because obviously I can't stick to them. Line. Um, so in case you're wondering, I mostly used brushes that he was procreate. Um, this one actually did not. I downloaded, but I use actually like a lot of free resource is, and I can, and links of those here in the resource is section. Um, just because I like to try different bits, and I'm sure you do, too. And so, uh, the best way to try things is often free things in my, um, not to say that there aren't some amazing and brushes that air totally worth paying for. I'm just saying so. But, um, like this brush that I was mostly drawing is just the test out one that comes here with agree Sorry for the interruption of my dog. Steamed, unnecessary. De yelled at the mailman. So there's a that, um I don't have a quiet house. I have a dog and three kids, so we might have a few more interruptions in this year of daily drawing. Um, and I just want to be great this with me, Like you're going to be gracious with yourselves as you continue this practice. Excuse me. So, yes, I was talking about brushes with procreate. Yes, there are so many different resource is out there, um, to use and, um, improve and play with should just get, um, the exact look that you are going for in the style you want, Which I just think it's so cool. Excuse me. All right. I, um just about done with my favorite and more on the flat of us. And like I said, you don't have to do anything in the style how I'm doing it You don't have to follow anything I'm doing step by step. The main point is I'm here to draw with you daily and so that we can. It's dropped together and make this a prominent practice for you. So here is my last post, and I hope you enjoy this. And I can't wait to see what you guys put in the class projects until tomorrow. 6. January 4: Favorite Food: Hello. Welcome to the fourth day of January. Today will jump right into our daily drawing so that you can keep up your daily practice with our favorite food. Now, I don't know about you, but my favorite food ISS mangoes and I could just live on a tropical island and eat mangos every day. And also I really love the colors that you find in pictures of mangoes and with radiant shipped is just gorgeous. Um, in fact, I'm even going to use the new brushes that came with appropriate. There's some painting ones that really just smear really beautifully into each other. Let me see if I can find one of those here I was gonna use. I think it was spectrum those two look alikes, and now I'm confused. Um, but here, I'm just going to pick up this run this in smear and see if I like that. It wasn't that is this one. I know There was one of, you know I can't detection. Look, I've already got an abstract mango going. Just keep adding colors too, So I hope your daily practice is going well. Obviously, if you're here watching the video, you are all about tuning and keeping going. That is a great first step, and I'm super proud of you. Um, and that's what's all about is showing up. That's a huge part of it, is just showing up every day, and so that you can improve yourself because no one can improve you. But you. I'm getting philosophical on you, and you just try and draw your favorite food. I'm just having fun mixing colors here. Mission in together but the changes they've made in procreating with having the history of the colors I've chosen, um, having being able to find harmony, covers complementary colors. You know that just it makes all the difference in the world to finding the color palette and matching up your colors with your reference drawing and all that. So I would definitely recommend what's going and finding a really beautiful reference that , like speaks to you with your your favorite food. Whether it's just like a juicy hamburger or or like really decadent dessert, find a picture that just really speaks to you. If you want really beautiful free images, I will goto unspool ehsh dot com that is on splash dot com. Um, they have really beautiful free images. And so it's really nice to use for references because you don't have to worry about who owns it or anything like that. Obviously, here I'm just using the colors from this image. So that's not like a big deal for me to use as a reference image. But like, if you're gonna trace an image, were given it, um, do like a still life where you used the exact set up of an imminent best lean on safety side. And, um and he's a free image that has no copyright. And the owners of the images on on slash actually encourage you to, you know, uh, tag them so they can see what you've done with their free image, which is super cool. That's kind of like an art community that you've got going there. Um, so, yeah, I would definitely recommend using that. If you I want to do is still life or something of your favorite food, I think it was like coffee and donuts, and you wanted a picture like that. You could definitely type of and slash and find the exact reference to do a still life of that scene. and not have to worry about copyright issues because you wouldn't want anyone to steal your work. And people don't want used to theirs and welfare. So, um, yeah, so my mangoes coming along here, but I would not mind sitting on a tropical island eating mangoes every day. I would, baby. All right, this one turned into a quick one today just cause I do mango very quickly and I think that's how it can go. Like some days. You can just do a quick sketch of your daily dry and some days if you have time, you put the effort with the time into it. That's what I do. And, um and sometimes those quick images will surprise you like I'm really proud of this little man. Go by here and how cool he looks. And it didn't even take me much time at all. But then there are other projects that you just wanna keep spending time on because it's just said something that moves you and inspires you, and then you absolutely should. So, yeah, that's all about finding those moments that work for you. And you can make this daily practice reality. Nobody has all the free time in the world. And like I said before, this is a daily drawing, not a daily masterpiece, that so they go. There's my mango. My favorite food for today. January 4th, um, tomorrow is the fifth. It's Sunday. And for Sunday's I have a worksheet that, um, is in the resource is and I'll go over all this tomorrow. Um, but we will go over the worksheet, and it will also give you extra time to catch up if you got behind a name that many of today's because life happens. So I will see you tomorrow, right? 7. January 5: Basic Shapes: hello and welcome back. So today and said a drawing prompt. I have a worksheet. And I thought that once a week during our daily drawing journey, we would, um, do a worksheet that you can either print out or you could upload right into procreate and do digitally and the work shoot and just basic drawing skills that I've learned through taking various classes and courses and things here on skill share. Um, in other places as well, and they're just to get our fundamentals down. So if you're feeling like your skills needed boost up, go for it. Do the work sheet. If you're feeling like, well, I'm beyond that, I don't need to be practicing throwing lines or shapes or anything like that. Absolutely. You know, you don't have to do the work sheets. They're just there to help you build your drawing skills, because I know that your goal and Michael for this year drawing. So here Today I have a worksheet, and it's the basic shapes worksheet in the downloads. Um, and, um, I will say that there and you can like a sad printed off and do it, um, by hand. Or you can do it here on your iPad. And if you do on your iPad, you're just gonna wanna have a new layer to drawn just so you don't confuse yourself, I'm gonna choose really bright color so you can see me doing here. But so basically, for this exercise, we're just gonna be practicing drawing basic shapes by connecting the dots and you'll be like, Oh, yeah, that's too breezy. Well, so the hardest part here we start with the square is making I guess I should draw was a line that would be helpful. I'm just gonna go. Where's that monoline? They moved it somewhere. Been calligraphy, monoline. Really good flat, easy brush. You made the hardest part. Nice Big is making sure. See, you look up by just going that now. Of course. I don't know if you know this tip, when appropriate, will actually help you draw shapes. Now, if I hold my square down, I have a quadrilateral group and it can turn into a rectangle square, Pauline. And then you can also add it it so that is super helpful. But it is also good for you to be able to connect four dots because if you are trying to draw a house or anything. Basically, this scholarship, you want to be able to have all your lines connected, the right points or else I have a very wonky looking Jake here that doesn't look practical . And then, you know, my my whole shine is off and you'll knows that fourth, a lot of the grace, they just have those basics down. And you, how do you get this basic down? The same way we're doing right now is practicing. And so you just kind of be able to breathe help on connect your lines from the street and make your squares triangles much the same, huh? Triangles kind of fun, though, because you can do, like, lots of different triangles that kind of give you more freedom. Um, and then rectangles along those same lines, too. I just want a double. See? Look, I missed or not, And that's what you want to get better as connecting your dots. And a big thing I've heard over and over is and I'm still practicing because iced elicited is actually drawing from your elbow and not from your wrist. Because you make this, I'm gonna bump my whole camera over. You make the smooth lines from drawing from your shoulder and your elbow. Um, rather than dropped my wrist. It's not smooth. See me smooth lines. And I find it helps because sometimes I get really tense when im trying drawn exactly. If I breathe out for my street lane, it's kind of a yoga thing to breathe out and relax. But sometimes when you're drawing, you're holding a lot attention in. So the breathe out I find helps a lot. Now. I have a large area for circles over here because what I want you to do and this actually takes a lot of is draw around a lot and better your heart circles, the better you will be at drawing people drawing objects. Hiss circles are all over, and this is great practice. And also it's just kind of a nice thing to do is like you could get a whole sheet of daughter paper. You could make a whole sheet of paper. And just when you aboard, just start trying circles and get better a drive vehicles and better connecting your dots. And that's also a nice thing about doing procreate. It was like I have an endless amount because look, it's gone, Harry. I'm practicing again and it's going. And so that's also a nice thing. I've given you these worksheets. You could do him again. Duma's much as you like. And, yeah, I just kept it really simple. So that you can use today is a catch up day are It's just a simple daily jointed eight. Or if you're a bigger project you're working on. You now have time for that, too. So I hope you have a great day today and I'll see you tomorrow four Day six play. 8. January 6: Favorite Word: Hello again. It is January 6th, and today are drawing Prompt is your favorite word. Um, like I've said before, I'm trying to keep this month really loose and really easy to start off with. And so I'm trying. You know, I still, like, are a little bit of, um, portrait are a little bit have, uh, just fun prompts. And this one is, um, lettering. So which is also funding to do? Um, you can play with lettering in a lot of ways. It's just yeah, super fun. So let's get started with our favorite word. It took me a little while. I think of what mine? Waas. But then I lift it up, and the word caught a sample. This kind of the word for this year because Connie Wemple it says to travel in a perfect, purposeful manner towards a bag destination. And I feel like that's kind of what we're doing here on this drawing journey is where we're being very purposeful. We air it's trying daily to improve ourselves, to get our creativity flowing to, um to just open that part of ourselves that wants to be creative, but like where it's going to take us is really bag. And that's just kind of the fun part of this journey. Um, journeys of one word to you can have that one. Or serendipity or, um, wander any of those you know, our You may have awesome favorite word, and I can't wait to see it in the projects gallery. So, please, please upload it when you're done. Um, yeah. So I'm just gonna start off. I've got my script brush that came with this brush a library here with appropriate five times. And guess I should be on a layer and not text layer and do that all the time. Um, and I'm just gonna make myself some straight lines by holding it down here so that I can make my words straight because I'm terrible at that. Excuse me. Um, so yeah, that layers just a background straight line there. You can also go online. They're buying loads of free guides that are like the guys you used when you were learning to write your letters. When you're a kid, you want that straight. But I just tend to you straight lines because, um, my script isn't really, like, pretty script. It's like I think you like the hello, but, um, usually mine ends up being more like like a drawing of words. So if I did call the waffle, I'm sure you would look more like a drawing of letters, which sometimes I've heard that in lettering. That's very useful way to approach it. Because, um, if you're drawing the letters instead of instead of trying to write them and you approach as a drawing, you actually have a much easier time. So I would definitely give that advice today, But, you know, if you could be we better it lettering the me and then who am I? Anyway? Um, I just thought of a cool thing, though. This is new to procreate five. I don't know if you know about this, but you can edit the brushes more than you ever could before. And I go to the color dynamics. Actually, I'm going to take this brush. I have two of them, and I'm gonna edit the duplicated one something with color dynamics. And I'm going to go to, um so huge. That's what. And so I got a stroke color, gender and Q, what that's gonna do and my new one is it's gonna change colors with every stroke. Um, and I think that might be fun here with cloudy waffle, and it'll make me really be more conscious of my himself. I'm gonna have to make this fall, because I'm not gonna put this word. I'm just I just know. Okay, um, more conscious of my strokes, because I have this fresh that's gonna change colors on me. All right. So caught up here, Like I said, I think approached like I'm drawing the shape of soothe and yet my copy and pasted my word down because I knew it would not be postponed. Maybe you won't have that problem, but I deflated. Will two. She picked up my pencils. Sorry, I have small Children. And so occasionally, when I draw my lines, I'm going to make a move. And if I am not demeaning you in any way, that is literally what I would say. Well, helping them with their letters and writing, you know, just being a mom. So I hope nobody's offended by my riding. Nice is have you better e m picky about this? Like I really love lettering and some people are so talented with lottery, and I wish I was. It's like my brain's remembering to not pick up my good. Basically, just set another challenge for myself. Which is exactly what it's precious. Something is just not gonna like what you read in that. Okay, I like it's a lot better. I like the scratchy texture temperature. See if I'm gonna have enough room. Well, I should you need tricking. Wait. If we didn't, maybe you found a good way to use it. And then if I duplicate and duplicate it, take that bottom layer. Goto Adjustments, hue, saturation and brightness. Bringing down the black adjustments again. Gosh, in your bag. Procreate. And I said coffee one. All right, so there is my favorite word. I hope you had some fun doing some lettering. And I'm glad I got to show you a few tricks. See you tomorrow. 9. January 7: Favorite Candy: Oh, welcome back. It's January 7th and we're doing our favorite candy. And I thought I'd show you real quick Unspool ash, Um, where I get free images. And so here we're just gonna go here sparring. And what I typed in was chocolate because I love chocolate. And look at all these gorgeous pictures of chocolate like and these are all free images, which is super cool. So I'm gonna go this one. But then I strolled out and find, like, images that are even similar. And I like this one. So I'm just gonna hold it down and copy it, and I can take it right to procreate. But really, there's just such beautiful images. And if you don't like candy or you're just not sure what to drive just been candy. And look how many really colorful and beautiful images that you could just I mean, literally, you could take that and take the colors from that. And it could be a beautiful images that you can draw. So if you just need inspiration, Sunsplash is also a great place to go. So yeah, I just want to show you that really quick before we got into it so that through our favorite candy here Sorry. Those three fingers down paste after I cost me this, Um, yeah, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do here. Get a new layer, though. That's always a good start. Maybe pick up this red and make my own candy box here. Okay. So it would help. My layer was on top of my reference. All right. I am so glad that you were back with today and that you are continuing this also drawing daily journey. And I want to remind you to post your photos here in the, um in the resource is and then also check out our Facebook page and post there or ask questions there. Um, I tried to answer, and I know the community tries to answer, so definitely do that. And, um then also on Instagram, you can use the hashtag drawing daily 2020 on just kind of join with the community that is following these problems there. Anyways. Gosh, uh uh, wait. We needed that. I hated so much. Okay, let's just go back. Let's try this again. That was good on the great. Clear. Just when you're like, I'm on a roll. I got this. Today's a good day. You drive another layer start day over. It's okay. Sometimes its second go is better. Don't let the small setbacks stop you from drawing daily. Um, I love seeing you all you today. I'm so glad to taking this journey with me. It's awesome. All right, let's trust me. My chocolates sitting. I also enjoy doing these kind of prompts because it kind of lets your followers on instagram. Um, just know a little bit more about you. And they could be like, I love that candy. Oh, I like candy, you know, And then you can just kind of start conversations with people, which is so great. Um, if we're gonna have all this technology where we can all connect with each other, we might as well make it, Really? You know, positive things that were connecting over and connecting over art is awesome. Um, also, I find that during random props, um also gives you a sense of one what you want to be doing with your art. Like, Do you want to be creating something bigger or do you want Billy building A portfolio was turning away and to kind of get you it sense of, um, like where you see yourself and once you kind of know I love doing food illustrations. Fallen. Build your portfolio full of food illustrations, man. And then find art directors that are looking for people who do food illustrations and hump out that portfolio and see where it leads you. Anyway, that's what I'm doing. But, you know, I'm not a professional. I'm just someone who loves to draw and has found a great practice withdrawing daily. So I'm sure there are people who know more could give you better advice. Sometimes as we go along, I'm going to speak through the slow bits because I'm just sitting your drawing lost in it, which is perfectly fine. I would love you to get lost in your dry on. Um, you enjoying a long So just so you know, my best forward a bit. Just so the video is not ages long while I do repetitive things like dry lines around little candy papers so that I have a place to place my chocolate. So yeah, I don't want to just stay here and watch me do that. There we go. That it's done strong traffic. I suppose I should have a new layers. Don't screw myself over here. Chocolate. I also really love having a good reference photo because you can pick up what are the shadows and highlights, which sometimes I have a hard time grabbing the right color for a highlight. I don't know about you, but sometimes I grab too much dark or too much light, and I go too far with and then it just like, looks really cartoon. You really doesn't work. Sometimes you just go with subtle like that that is the actual color than other times I have had trouble with picnic colors cause, um, what the I reads and what that I drop reads is not always the same thing, since I would just be wary of that. If you're feeling like, Oh, man, I'm picking up this color but it doesn't actually get a look. I want Berkeley. Okay, Sometimes you have to trick the eye of the viewer. And so that's just something you kind of play around with and learn. And I think there's a nice little chocolate is gonna make a whole box, see, and I would race using my phone would never thought of grabbing this green color as a shadow, like on my own. But it works really well. Chairs on that. Okay. Instead, I'm still learning to I thought that might kind of take some of the pressure off this classics. I feel like I've taken so many classes from people that air such professionals. I feel like, Oh, I'll never learn to draw like that. Are my skills will never be upon that car. And I'm just want to be like, Hey, she is where I am. And if I'm below where you are, just consider me like a friend that you get toe draw a little bit with each day and take it that way. Yeah. I mean, you must be here for a reason. So I'm excited that you're here, and I'm glad we could do this together and have a little journey. Whatever your reason. So I'm just cause speeding through these pits. Um, but if you ever have any questions about any techniques, user, anything I'm doing that you're unsure. Like why did you do it? The way I've never seen that before. Feel free to ask, either. Here in the comments or in the Facebook group, and I would love to answer you. Um, and if you're doing the Facebook group, you probably get you and more answers from even more knowledgeable people than because that's what so great about artists communities. I found a lot of good communities that just really support each other here and so awesome to see. So um, yeah, feel free to ask. There's no wrong question. There's no dumb question if you're having trouble with pro great, probably someone else's as well. Um, but usually, if you're ever, like stuck with appropriate, I would just close it out and shut down your iPad and restarted and do it again. Um, cast here is do that all the time. Don't realize it. Here is my favorite candy box of chocolates. I'm so glad you could join me today and then we'll see you tomorrow. 10. January 8: Favorite Bird: Hello. Welcome to January 8th and we're doing our fever bird. That's our property day. So glad you're here. I'm so glad you showed up. Let's get started. I have to say I really enjoy a good owl. So I found this adorable picture of a barn owl. And starting now, I don't know if you check out the new procreate brushes, but some of them are really awesome. And this one, Terra. Leah, maybe you're right. It does is cool. Like Tex Cherie. And I thought it was kind of moody. Kind of. Look, it's already doing our spots and everything. And remember that it's kind of text, Cherie. Oh, I'm just I'm just gonna roll with this is not the right color, but, man, thanks for that came a decent brush is really fun to play with. And I think that's also the fun part of having our daily drawing and practices. You just just come play like, you know, I am a firm believer that kids learned so much through play, but I think it's adults. We learn really well through play, too. Like I think it's just like this lifelong thing. Um, I see. If I can get more the brownie cover. Try this way without adjustment. Enlightening. You get for around, we'll keep that. Maybe start again with this brown color. I can't recreate what I just did here. Yeah, I could make a really light. I brought one in different layers. That was really fun. Yeah, this brush, you can just keep going over the same area. And it kind of moves and warps that area rather than a permanent line. Really makes it a brush. All right. Um, yes, New layer. I screwed myself up again from Dr College for these real birds. Could be really fun that I got of this guy over birds me super fun. Um, just because they're textures and shapes and just their style just so gorgeous. And I mean, this is not a colorful words. It's not a parent or anything like that. It's just this picture of it stoic, But yet I also want a couple it because it's so fluffy, just gorgeous. - I'm just playing with the texture and style here, and I didn't like her from there, although it's all on one leg. But just like, as I add the oh , good. Didn't seem like the nice thing, if you ever do serious like that is you take your little last time too, and three fingers went down cutting paste. And now I have my reference. Um, yes. Take these. Making random layers, I guess Make small. That is one of the things that I just love about digital, and it's really hard to go back to. Analog drawing is because the undo button the move things around, but the I drew this too big. But don't worry, I can just resize it rather than I need to start over on a whole new piece. Favor. Um and that makes it really hard sometimes to go back to analog, especially if you're doing something in a rush, or you just want something quick and easy. There absolutely is a place for analog drawings and such. But man digital, the speed at which accomplish things is just me. Yeah, If I leave you with nothing else today, I just leave you with words of trying new things. Experiment, test amount. Yes, we should all have our tried and true that turn back to. But Pan, it's fun to try new things and obviously thinks so. too, Because here you are trying to develop a new practice for yourself. And I am so proud of you. And so glad you're here and actually spend all day making this hour. But I think I'm gonna leave it right there for you. I, um very happy that we got to do this today and I can't wait to see you tomorrow. 11. January 9: Grocery List: Hello. Welcome back. It's January 9th and we're gonna do your grocery list. Now, Um, I want to start off talking about and infographics. Now, if you don't know when Infographic is, it's basically a picture that explains information with other pictures, and they usually use very minimal words to explain it, but and you've probably seen them all over. But it's a really big thing, and a lot of people request them, especially for books or editorial are and stuff like that. And so, um, an easy way to practice Doing an infographic is to do some kind of list or, um, giving information. And I figured a grocery list is really easy because that's something off the top of your head. You don't have to go look up, you know, information. And it kind of gives you the fill feel of what it would be like to make an infographic. So we're gonna kind of try to make an infographic here. Um, I thought I would start with how I want my information replaced. Now, you can do yours really easy. You can draw. Um, um, you could draw just like a piece of paper high. I thought I'd start here is a shopping cart. Just keep it really simple and what I just did right there. I don't know. You know this, but you drag the color over and drop it in, It fills it up for you. And actually, I can show you one more thing. So if I make a circle here and then I dragged this over before I pick up, I can actually drag this and fill it more. And so that will give me more feeling. You still see it Because I have a textured brush. There's still a little textured edge there that I can send. Draw over. Um, but if you do it, any drag less without that edge is bigger. So if you're feeling like you have too much have been edge on something, then, um, once you want to do is drag all the way over to the beds. I n depend on how textured your brushes will be. How, um, much of an edge you have there, but with a really flat brush, you could get a really clean, um, shape. That's filled it anyway, Just a little too There. Okay, I've got my shopping cart here And then how did my shopping her and get a new player Mangrove again here. And I don't mind coming in that edge. Some people want to do really quick and easy, and they don't want that. I get it. But I can even go back to this guy and fill this in with duck Go on a little bit lines talking and again, I'm just making a name for the loose and easy like this doesn't have to be anything professional. It is just you practicing and improving and seen yourself get better over time. - Way too much time on this e do that. Sometimes I'm sure many people that problem where they spend too much time on something that shouldn't be that big video. OK, so we're going back to enlist here, on and up at the top. I'm gonna write. I think I've found if you're writing, it's really good to have consistencies like I did. My other are like that thin that kind of throws the eye off. So I'm trying to make exact same are by pulling, pressuring at the same point. Did there? Yes. You already know I'm not a great right. First read All right. So let's see. What do you want? An ad for a list, I think going to draw some. And even with this one, I could get away with almost no words. Because, um, pictures are so universal, especially food pictures, that as long as I'm growing an accurate representation like you could have a grocery list of just pictures and know what you need to get some bananas. And then, um and absolutely you need references. Were Avera Frances. I am just going off the top of my head, which may or not be accurate, but it's again, if you know and you have drawn things enough times. It's not that to pull, to make simple pictures of what you how to get strong. So I got bread and let's see, let's get bulls app on their lonely. And what I just react to my grocery list on some milk label on that. But again, I don't even have toe action label. Definitely produced goods have actually label. It has long, as is accurate representation. Um, let's get look in the kitchen with us by the grocery store course. My mind has gone blank. Um, let's get some cheese. Thanks. And cheese. And thanks. It was a really shadow on and broccoli and then because I did so good and on my grocery shopping fully hard ourselves with chocolate way. Have a grocery list and you've done your first infographic. Um, conveying some information. Namely what? You need to buy the groceries. Um, so I hope that was fun and interesting for you. I can't wait to see what you need to buy from the grocery store on bond until tomorrow By 12. January 10: Favorite Type Of Music : try and welcome to January 10th 2 your 10th day of drawing daily. Congratulations for making it this far. Um, we are doing our favorite type of music. I'm just just jump right in here. I got myself a reference photo because I've talked about that Simple times have references , King, um I really enjoy the ukulele how it sounds, and I would love to learn it someday. So I'm gonna draw me a little ukulele here. And actually, I was even thinking that I might even be funny to have, Like, a big animal has been doing sketch here to show you how I work from a sketch. Procreate, tensile. And so I was thinking here I did a big old hippo time years bagel. Happy hippo with a time ukulele. Let's see, some kind of roundish where everyone is Feet and Babel. Hippo arms. I have a tiny here. Where is my four ? Okay, he's got his feet. Make him happy. Both. All right. I don't know if I like this body shape. Right. And then let's grab another drawing one. Yeah. This one is the one that came appropriates called Blackburn. It's a cool texture. Yeah, all right. Let's were fractured. Put our sketch here on top. We'll take with this. You clearly, For now, Um, I'm gonna make him kind of a bluish green. More cartoon hippo color told by here on then. - Okay , so what if Dunn's I made body? And then I made the head of slightly different color. And now I'm going to make a layer on top of that endure clipping mask, which means whatever I draw will only draw on that layer. So if I take this, you only drop that later. And when I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add some shading. This one's good Cheese big. Yeah, shaming. And the nice thing about your sleeping mask, it's a whole separate layer. Make it less with the new race without erasing the layer below it Would that be? Go and then I can do the same with body. Make that a mask on. Do since she drink fresh. - Go back to my first fresh here. Andi, I'll take my sketch later on so I can kind of see what I'm doing here. - Remember , part of the process of drawing is things don't always look like what they are until insulated so don't get caught up on making things. Making this drinks look like hippo before it can. Passport replacing because just yet. Yeah, So if you're making the guitar, you know, get your is your shapes, right? And then as you add your shading in your details more guitar, something sense. - So let's did him lately I really enjoy how the ukulele sounds and I really hope to learn someday Half one, I just haven't moved. But I do think it would be a really fun thing. Number of terrific. So they dark part And you know what? It is perfectly fine to simplify your images, especially if you don't want to take all day learning to simplify and not have to have every details correct all the time and make all the difference. Um, and you continuing a daily practice and not getting frustrated over. So I encourage you. It's just sometimes maybe, let's go little details and let it be a simplified version. You clearly were simplified version. Whatever. Did I think I like to feel better with the outline, So I'm gonna snatch up one of those throwing and good sketch evens. I think I'm gonna make it outline for him. I will make this so I will lower the opacity on our drawing layer. - All right. I went back in there and I redid that ukulele. It wasn't happy with it. I was the one to make it more with sunny color offset Hiss. So I'm just gonna read your real quick. - I think they will go back to clean my shading a little bit. - And my shaving valiant A texture to him, which makes him a little more interesting. I really, really love a lot of the textured brushes that are in crow Created really makes it fun, and, um, makes you drawing that much more interesting. Okay, there's my happiest fellow playing the ukulele. Um, I hope you enjoyed that on. And I can't wait to see what your favorite type of music is. Thanks. Nice. 13. January 11: Draw Your Hands: Welcome to January 11th. We're gonna draw our hands now. I know this can be intimidating, but don't worry. We'll do this slow step by step and will will have a hand by the end of it. I promise. Now, let's start really easy. Get a sketching brush Are Yeah, sketching brush. Just grab any one of those. And so if you're looking at your hand, you may think that this is how it goes. And yes, you're kind of grabby. The basic shapes, but and easier way would be so if I have the wrist. OK, time my wrist. So let's start with that basic shape. Nice little square. Okay, That's why we're practicing basic shapes. Next, I have this part. Now this part does not sit flat on their stunned. My hand is all weird and looks in looks. It looks robotic. So you want a natural hand we're gonna do shaped like this and you can do it a few times until you get the right feel of a shape. Here we go. Now, your little finger it's smaller than your other fingers. And then you're going to do the next figure. One in the middle is the biggest, then your next one and then your thumb is alone and about. Okay, you see how that looks? More like a hand already. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna lower the capacity on that and make a new layer were gonna go above it, and we're going to refine this. And so you see, this is what USC is, the spot. Three of the movement. So here you have a movement here. You have a movement. Here. You have movement. Wherever you have a movement, you need to account for those those muscles. Those movements. Drawing your own hand is great practice and can really get you far. And your hand is always there available for you to draw. Okay, so we minimize that. So now we can see the movement spots. No, I get a refund it even more. We're gonna make it look more like a hand. So let's start with the thumb. We've got knuckle neck and then we've got it's having a home. No one works next, and then we're gonna connect it down to the wrist. Okay? Even minimize these further except feel like it's probably hard to see my drawing that's on top. Um, and then see, we're the connection, the movement, this we're going to connect the spots, see how they connect, Shoot, shoot. Just like that. You can do that with every fingers were going connected and hands, or just like anything else that could seem intimidating. But the more you practice of more, you do them. That's better and better. You will be at drawing, and I actually haven't really crooked pinky. See how good it is. So sometimes I draw that and sometimes ignore it. Sometimes it's those little things that, um, make your hand. But sometimes when I draw it, the people question that I made a corker thinking, and then I have to show them that I have a really good thing, see? So that's one of those things. So you've got a line that connects here, got line. Next year you get a line that comes down. Everybody is a little different, so they don't have to be perfect. So if I take away these, you can see I've got a hand there and now what we can do from here we can refine it even further. That's what's so great about appropriate is, you can just put layer and layer of sketch on top of each other until you get something you are proud of. This is a little hatching because you can kind of see where the lights giving me shadow on my hand, - and each time you refine it, you'll find yourself finding better and better lines and better and better movements. I encourage you to keep going, and if you feel like you're getting off course, step back and go back to the original. During that you made and with the shapes and then refine again from there each time you can improve and have a better drawn hand, and you will be an expert of hands before you know it. Impress all your friends with your handedness. So, yeah, I take away the last one and I'm a whole new one. Like I said, just refined refinery finding. And then I could probably keep going all day, improving it and just remember people that draw hands and drop people have worked and worked and worked at it. They did not suddenly become amazing at drawing people overnight, so that's exactly why you're here so you can keep getting better every time you drop. Thanks for joining me, and I hope your hands turned out. And again, if you're having trouble drawing your own hand, don't be afraid to grab reference. Um, there are so many good videos of hands, pictures of hands. Um, you could find so many good references online already tell next time. Bye. 14. January 12: Finding Shapes Worksheet: Hello there. You've made it to another worksheet day. You confined this worksheet over in the, um, reference. Uh, resource is over in the researches section here on skill share. And again I printed off. If it's easier for you to drop by hand loaded up into your procreate, if you want to use it over and over again and get yourself a brand new fresh layer on top so that you can you raise it easily and try again. But today we're gonna do a little work cheap on worksheet on finding shapes, and it's just meant to be a quick thing. Teoh, get yourself learning those basic shapes and you could also use. Today is a catch up day if you got behind it'll. So let's get started and find some shapes and our pictures. I just found some really easy reference fit pictures that had some really good shapes in it . Um, but finding shapes is half the battle of composing a picture or even create throwing objects. So here, obviously the big circle, and then we have rectangle, rectangle, rectangle square or al bader lateral because sideways rectangle rectangle rectangle work to bring this over here you can already tell that is a chair with some kind of circle on top. Obviously, if you tied it and make this look more like a balloon, it would look like a balloon in a chair, not literally took me five seconds to do to trace those shapes. And then from there, I can you draw my own. And I know in the art world there's a lot of bad rap for tree seen. But sometimes you need a reference up object, and you need to find the shapes that air within it so that you condone draw it correctly because not everyone can draw a chair for memory. Now the more you draw chairs, the more you will be able to draw them from, um, memory. And the more you will be was a get angles, correct, like I didn't do here, Um, and that's why we're here to practice, practice, practice and get better. It's that so let's look at this the next one saying kind things loads and loads and loads of basic shapes don't do a new layer, so I could move it over injury. So we've got just some simple circle holy circles here with a rectangle, and you could even do the rectangle rectangle behind. And then here's with some little ovals on top and circle with a Circle and Maher circles with circles and kind of an oval circle circles circles Circle square straight line there And then this one rectangle mark single rectangle, rectangle circle, penny circle, mark tingle directing and again I pull it over and you can see Okay, you can see what all those objects are. Especially bad. The hands to the watch. There you go. I've drawn basic shapes and then I can, you know, do like we did in the last video with hand. Put another layer over top of it uses as my sketch layer, and I have a shape shapes that are all in the basic layer, really simple. Now you can even do it with organic objects. I'm good not have green. A lot of that is green to some blue. Um, so these are kind of like 20 ovals, so 10 of that leaf shaped and absolutely if you just want to do an oval that you knew where those were rectangles, you just did ovals where the flowers were are circled for the flowers were you did a big cylinder down here with a circle on top and I pull that over. I mean, that's the basic shape of flowers. Or you could do the actual leaf shape and then do the individual leaf shapes. And again, don't spend time trying to draw the exact shapes. Get do the basic shapes that you're fighting in there, and I will provide an excellent skitch layer for you to complete a final artwork on top. My drive. I still under down hair. A few more leaf shapes of here. Triangles even throw some triangles up there. You can still see how they could be believed. I won't do some more rules for these flowers. Mm, this'll hiding there and then I bring it over. Let's go. And if I felt that was too complicated for me to do a sketch from, I could do all my I mean shapes on schedule in one color. And then I could grab another color and sketch my Lowry ovals and then oh, yeah, still under. And we'll do a thing on three D shapes here in a bit. And there you go. You can already see that that is a baseball flowers. Obviously, it's very dumbed down, but you can see how those shapes can relate to that and how you could turn that into a picture that would look like that. So, um, definitely try this on your own. Do it with other reference photos. Do it for this next week as we do different objects. Um, take your reference photo, find the shapes and then make it your own with your own color palette with your own designs on top. And, um, I hope that really helps you have a great day. 15. January 13: Favorite Recipe: Hello. Welcome to January 13th. Today we're gonna be talking about our favorite recipe. Remember how last week we did our grocery lists and it was kind of an infographic recipe Illustrations air kind of that same way. And in fact, if you go to Pinterest and you look up a recipe illustrations, you can see how very cool people are making them. And I actually made one of my grandma's cookies resting. And, um, I didn't like this, and I printed it out for my sister for a gift. And she was just so happy to have Grandma's recipe as an illustration on the wall. It definitely makes great wall art, and, um, is really fun to do. And in fact, if you go to Liz Kohler Brown, that's her right there, I can tell you right now her beautiful red nails, she has, uh, a recipe illustration class very intensive. But it's so good and she offers a ton of freebies with it. Um, and I really enjoyed taking it, and so we're just gonna do a quick version of it today, but yeah, take her class. If you're If this is something that you wouldn't doom or off, but let's get started. Obviously, you want to grab a recipe that you wouldn't do. I'm just gonna do basic chocolate chips. Um, and what's nice is now procreate has text that you can add, so that makes it a lot easier. Teoh do things like recipes and stuff, or you can do it all hand lettered. It is really up to you. And what your preference for what kind? Look, as you saw on Pinterest, there are all sorts of styles. There's really fun weebly, wobbly styles or there's really clean lines. Um, some people will just name the ingredients that would go into it on Ben. Some will write their whole recipe down, which is also really fun. Um, but again, it's just a fun way to, uh, Fella Street something that you use every day. So, um, I've definitely thought about illustrating a recipe and then pronounce her off for my own kitchen so that I always have it, and, um, I probably should just print the one that I made of my grandma's recipe. I felt so special that I gave to my sister that I didn't make one for myself, even though I should have That will be one of my next things that I print. I suppose I need a good research, Mary. And actually, I don't like the color that cookies. But if you go here to your little adjustments tab and hue saturation greatness, I can just look more like a cookie. No, I'm clipping mask on it for some shadows. If I said it to multiply in action Dark perversion of the car already. Okay, now I've got my cookie. Start on my right. All right. So I made this really big and left no room from my rest. So what I dio is that grab all the layers and I resize them. Oh, okay. I'm gonna do is do the ingredients. So I'm gonna do butter, sugar, brown sugar, Let's see. - And then you obviously could do from one different players who just passed for me. Is it this ground speed, this evidence I put together? But you can kind of see what I'm doing here. Adding each ingredient, drawing them all on separate layers. And then you go, you got oh, your ingredients. And you're obviously spend more time. We're finding this, but, um, it's a really fun way and kind of relaxing. Just getting into drawing the ingredients and and everything. So I hope you enjoy that. And I can't wait to you tomorrow, I 16. January 14: Favorite Mythical Creature: Welcome to January 14th. I'm so glad you're with us. You're still here today. We're doing our favorite mythical creatures. Listen me, anything that is saying to see just something fun to try more of a character type drawing than a real life drawing. So I chose to do a Pegasus. And because I can't really get reference of the Pegasus, I have a horse here. And then I also have a bird's wings that I'm gonna get. So I thought we could, um, look at getting the shapes from this horse. Um, the same way we can ended in our worksheet a couple days ago. So let me find my pencil, all right? And then a new layer. And so basically got the horse. 10. That an overly shape here. Smaller, one smaller ones. And then we've got some Oh, well, triangle shapes. For years, we've got big shapes. This is where using a reference can really come in handy as you congrats. Er, all these shapes that you wouldn't necessarily see or think of just out of your own head. Okay, so there you see have a sketch layer of that. And from there I can refine it and make it look more like a horse. And then, um, take my wings here, and I can resize them so they fit my horse here. Go and lower the capacity. Go back to my Sketchley here, and we'll find the shapes again. Sorry. The dog is loud on the floor. I had to come see what I was doing. Come on. Put in a few of these lines that I guide myself as I make my schedule. Here. There. I've got a good sketch for Pegasus. And so I men do like we're doing with hands, and I'm gonna put another sketch over top of it. - Okay , Jews, I'm gonna find the color that I like to use for this. And there must be gaps. So when your color does that when you drag it, that means you have a space where it is not me. I've got one right there. I can see so far into this way. Go start filling thing here. Okay, so now I've got my basic layer, and we're gonna add a layer on top of that, and we're gonna make it a clipping mask, which means it will only draw on that layer that it's the mask. Four. Then a man choose a slightly darker color, and I'm gonna use the damp brush that's in painting, um, for shadows. So what you gonna do first, you want to decide where your light sources If your life sources up here than anything, do you have to imagine light source is coming down like that. So anything that would the light source would not reach would be where your shadows are. So, like under the chin here and, um, under way under the belly, um, the hind corners. So that's where your basic shadows would be. And then you also want the shadows from any other objects. So, like the wings would be giving a shadow onto the back. And then feathers are gonna have their own channels. And I make sure gonna take my eraser with the stamp brash, resplendent. And I'm gonna kind of recently where, um, I have to much so I kind of define my lines. All right, so then I have a bit more shadows for my pence's here, and then I'm just gonna to draw in the other clerks that I want to add to it. - Adding highlights things works much the same as adding chateaus and said, You're going to find the light and you're gonna add a lighter version and you'll notice my shadows and my highlights are not directly white for highlights or directly black or parade for shadows. What you want to do is find a lighter version. So this was my original gold color and what I did, I sled and over until I found a lighter version, and now you have the light gleaming off those, and you can even go like, as some bright greens right in the center of those two really get some shine. And then my shadows were the darker purple instead of instead of a gray or black. Because true shadows or a darker version of the color you see. So that's something to keep in mind is you're playing with shadows and such. Then you can also add more equity masks to the same original layer. And so now I can add some highlights to our pigs Here. Again, I'm going to the lighter the same kind of shade. - Okay , and there's my Pettiness is, um, I can't wait to see what mythical creatures you have come up with, and I hope you under that Thanks 17. January 15: Favorite Quote: Hello. Welcome to January 15th. We're doing our favorite quote today. I love a good excuse to do some lettering. So high wind looked up a good quote and this one's by mocked Maya Angelou. Um, and I thought it would be fun. So I'm going to get started. Um, think of a uses, dark background, something. Get a background layer here, going. And what is a really dark color. Very go. No, I can't see my quote. So I'm gonna add a text. Then I must switch this to, like, go. And then if you go here to your little tools and you go to campus, you can have a drawing guy get trained on. And this is very useful for making straight lines or in this case, straight lettering. Can you can make it as big or as little as you want. They would do that. I just want as a general guide. So that my writing this in slanted here. All right, on then. I'm just gonna one of the things with quote. It's good to pick like, a word that you want up with emphasis on and maybe start from there and build around it. So um I'm gonna do creativity. And I'm gonna find a good color for that when I need a new layer here on. That's good. And my see what we got here. Okay, So men start out with Creed to do you see how my lines helps me keep it all in there. So I'm gonna put my creator to the day here in the middle, and then we'll go and sometimes is really good to put things on separate layers because you can always merged layers, let later. But sometimes it's hard to separate them. I'm seeing you can look at it without the guy and kind of weird going. - And then what I can do is I can start off to here, um, to make it more creative because we're doesn't know creativity. - And don't forget to attribute your quote. I think I'll do one more thing here. Skiles textured to my background way . This has a little bit of visual interests there, so I've got a bit of a glare, All right. And there you go. Now you got a beautiful of put, which is always fun. And I hope you had fun making yours as well 18. January 16: Your Zodiac: Hello, one. Welcome to January 16th. Today we are drying your Zodiac. So this one I just thought would be a fun thing to try out. And you could kind of make it your own interpretation, which is always kind of fun with the prompt. Um, I went to Pinterest and just typed in pricey Zodiac illustrations. And, of course, with all different things. A lot of mineral fishes. So I thought I was been draw something with a fish for mine. But really, there's so many ideas on here that you can just kind of you go through and figure out. See, like this one is even just the star sign with flowers, and that's so cool. So yeah, making your own interpretation. Um, but I'm gonna draw some fish. I think so, uh, let me grab a sketching brush here, and we'll get started. - All right. So can trying to this melon calling type of sketch. I don't mind. And I think it's kind of fun. March is kind of a melancholy, rainy month anyway, So, um, I think I will. What's also fun about drawing every day is you get to try out and experiment with new things and new techniques that you may be having tried before. And that keeps you on your toes and keeps you, Um, maybe you'll find something that you didn't know you were going to love. There are really some excellent water compressions that, um, really mimicked the style of what color? This one is just the one that comes appropriate. But I have other ones that I really enjoy. But I thought since it's a water sign, I would do some water color. - Okay , now that I have my layers do a little thinking around it, just like I would with a watercolor paintings. - Okay , I can take my sketch later. When I got here, what I can do is they put down when I come play with how it loves top. And there we go behind it. My Zodiac. I can't wait to see what you come up with. 19. January 17: Your Favorite Book: Hello. Welcome to January 17th and we're doing our favorite book since I was a small kid. My favorite book was little women, so I thought I might try and redo the cover here. Uh, obviously, you don't have to do the cover you can do just like something from the book of character Or you can and just do the lettering. Um, you could just draw a book. Whatever you feel is your interpretation of this. But I'm just gonna do a quick sketch here. What? I kind of worse was thinking that this should look like, um, the book is about the four sisters. And so I was kind of just having them link arms here and you can see with my sketch. I'm just doing basic shapes. Basij one have a layout here. Okay, Then I buy they Sometimes you put my other layers thunder, my sketch layers so I could still see my sketch layer on top. That what I heard someone say that being an illustrator is also being a designer. Um um a fashion person like you get Teoh, take your characters and decide what they're going to wear. What their house looks like what their hair looks like. And all of those things you kind of have to design as well as draw. Um, it's absolutely true that there's just a lot that when you're deciding on what your image is gonna look like, there's a lot that goes into it. And that's why I like toe look up inspiration to I don't ever want to copy anyone directly , but at the same time, it does help to look up inspiration, um, to find a ideas for what other people are doing. Or like these. These are vintage dresses. So I would obviously look up, you know, dresses of that time and then be able to recreate them. - So what I'm doing here like grease the shadows and then I take my little plunger here just came out, make the more into Rico's and stuff on the dresses. Okay, so I got my dress is done, and I'm going to my banner down here. And then if I help a locket, I can add, um, I'm gonna for a new layer with riding, - and sometimes you want a duplicate an element. So all you have to do is grab swathe through things down coffee and pace. Now, another way I can put it. He's cleaned up here and just do a quick all around image. Clean up my edges here and I'll be good. - And there we go. That's my image for my favorite book. Hope you enjoyed that one. 20. January 18: Your Favorite Place: welcome to January 18th and today we are drying our favorite place. I have always been one to love the ocean. So here I have inserted I went to little toolbar and I said, Insert a photo And then I picked from my photos here on my iPad. And, um, this is the beach. That's kind of nearest. And I thought it was kind of cool photos that might be fun to draw. So there's my reference. Of course you can get a reference online, but it can also be quite fun to draw one of your own voters. So here, I'm gonna lower the opacity on grab sketching brush. Now, I'm just going to sketch out the general shapes again. We're going with the general shape, you see, and, um and then we'll go from there. Okay, so what's my sketch layered? And I can take off the reference and you can see that I added some clouds and I kind of build down the leaves here. I think I wouldn't do a kind of a different effect than the natural picture and then and then go to painting brushes that came here with appropriate on a try out uh, this wet krilic one. And let's start with a very back layer. Because if you build your layers up on top of each other like you would have real painting , um, then you can kind of see how you're painting and you're drawing is growing. So start back here and get some blue sky. So I've got just a general blue and I'm been just to a light Leiber wash over top. Just give it some texture. And then there were a couple clouds. So let's go ahead and put those concerned about this. Acrylic brush is really nice for club phones. This is very fluffy. I don't know if you can see it really well on their Sometimes my camera is adjusting to the light and doesn't always pick up all the lighter things I draw. But I do post these in the Facebook every day, So if you are took it on there being able to see and I did that on my Sketchley, Try again. Okay, so it's good to double check that you're doing things that a new layer it's okay, you the second time around will be better than before. So it worked out right. Okay, Now we'll do a new layer for the ocean. You just got to remember when you have a little step back like that, like it's not the end of the world. That's why you're practicing and learning, and as you doing that you're growing in. Next time you'll think my bare check my layers before I go and trying to make this new set go them for the ocean. I'm gonna try kind of blend in those lines that white ways. And then there were actually some darker ways in the picture back here. Go further. I just had my rocks on top of another good thing about Griffin player. Is it my turn back on here? I can grab the pillars of rock is so it's hard to find those colors. And then I can paint around that exact color that the rock already is in the picture, and I makes more sense. See, I because that's an actual Rachael took it right from the rock and I feel like my rocks kind of light. What I'm gonna do is actually duplicate them and then merging together. And then I have some rocks letter a little more solid, and I'm going to go back to my ocean layer and put in some shadows for the rocks and then some waves crashing up. Okay, lets grab the color sand. First stand Blair here. It's also nice to know on your reference layer, like see how there's darker sand here. There's a good reflection of a rock. I should get that in there. When you add in things like reflections and shadows and highlights, it really makes all the difference in the world when you're doing, like, a landscape or something like that, that brings the reality of it to the image. All right, Trevor. Sand color. So we've got the what? Stand here. Down by the water Streaks of light and dark. Ok, now I'm going for the uppermost layer. This, um, almost shadow silhouette here we've got Okay . So what I've done here is I kind of did a big swatch, the shadows and stuff I wanted, and then what? I'm going in the night you raced away. But I didnt want on left with this big open shape now, and, um, I can build off that everybody has different techniques, and, um so however you want to make your landscape is not a wrong way. Like I don't even know if I am Very does it this way. But this is just how I'm choosing to do this image. And then I'm actually gonna do a new layer and build stifle age. On top of that, if you guys are interested in during more landscapes, I would definitely look into Bob Ross. Yes, he's old school and been around forever. But he really just puts a joy. And he's on doing landscapes Where, um it makes it seem like it's just really is that simple to do. And, um and a lot of put those into doing landscapes is about just relaxing on and, um, moving with the landscape to create it, how it is in front of you rather than how you think it should be. All right. So I could probably go on all day perfecting the bits and there, But I'm gonna go ahead and call it done for the sake of time. I hope you all found your favorite place. Quite a relaxing drawing to do. And I will see you tomorrow. 21. January 19: 3D Shapes Worksheet: Hello. Welcome back. Today we're gonna do the drawing three D shapes worksheet. It's in your resource is tab to download it and you can either download it and put it into appropriate so you can do additional or you can do it physically imprinted out whatever is easiest for you. Um, it's so I figured just like once a week, we'll do some drawing basic drawing skills practices. And so drawing through the shapes is very important to increase your drawing skills. So let's get into it. If you are pretty into procreate, you're gonna want to do a new layer. You won't have all these layers. I haven't seen this as in J peg here. I have the original. Yes, So you want a new layer to draw on, and then you can grab just about any brush. A sketching brush would probably work best on. I might have a nice, bright color so that you can see what I'm doing here. So I would start out trying kind of tracing the shapes I have so that you can get a feel for how a cube is, how pyramid is and all that, um and then you can do a new one, right? Next tricks. So let's start with the cube here. Um, basically, with acute, you start with a square and then behind it, you have another square. Oh, and then what you're gonna do, You connect those squares. I had all the points and then you have a cube and the same thing goes with the rectangular prisons you have square and then you have another square behind it, and then you just connect all your points. And and this is why the last works for the first, where she we did it was really important to connecting the dots is because if you're connecting your two points here, you won't be able to draw a straight line between them so that your shape consume like the right cheek. Let's go for a pyramid here with a pyramid you have, it's a little different. Looks like the same. You have a triangle here, and then you have another triangle beside it. And then, besides that one, you have another triangle. Or if it's easier to visualize, you could start with a square at the bottom and then you build a try and go off your square keep of the triangle off that science where and trying off the other sentence where and then you have to Chairman Milwaukee there, and then triangular prism is more like the rest Angular prison. You have your triangle and other triangle and then you just connect quits. Um, so these ones are a little different. So a cone. He's a flattened circle on the bottom, and then just a triangle on top of it. And you could also kind of round out and have a overall in the middle there, too. And that will connect all your sights. And then a cylinder is actually a flat Intercable or noble. And another plans are going on and you're connecting to edges of that. And you can testify doing in another one in the middle to make sure you are all the way street all the way around, and then the sphere. Of course, you start with this circle, and then you have a circle inside in a circle inside, and then you have a sphere, and so that ends up being one. This this Yeah, so it's a pretty simple worksheet, but the more you draw these shapes, the more you'll be able to apply them to your daily drawings. And also, I want to give you kind of an easy day so you can do ketchup. Or you can just kind of have an easy drawing dead and then get back into it next week. All right, so I hope that works for all of you. And I hope you a great day. 22. January 20: Your Outfit: Hello. Welcome to January 20th. Today we're gonna draw our outfits. Thistles. Always a fun practice. If you're just trying to look for something to draw. An easy prompt is to draw what you're wearing. Drive people is a very important skill. And, um, definitely, uh, something don't work done in practice. And so you're drawing your outfit, then? It's an easy thing to practice. Okay, I'm just been dropped. Basic human Jeep. Go ahead. Thank you. Okay, so I just did this sketch of me, and now I have something to put my outfit on. So let's start with new layer. So I don't end up adrenaline. Same there. And I'll just wear some jeans here. One thing you'll know if you are using references is that, um people don't stand just like what they're like, straight, very military. I mean, I guess if you're drying soldiers, But, um, for the most part, people have bends and they have movement. And just a little details like that can really add a lot. Teoh, you're drawing over person. - Okay , I'm gonna new layer on top for my sweater. And I'm just wearing a pair of mismanage stocks right now, so decision . Have any job? Really? Don't have to train its into self portrait. You can just do. Yeah, close on a on a person. And you don't have to turn this into self portrait. I just figured I might as well, since I already had a head on on. Yeah, there we go. There is my outfit today. Very Mom outfit works for me. All right. I hope you guys all had a great day. Three time. Keep up the drawing. I'll see you are 23. January 21: Your Favorite Vacation: Hi there. You've made it to January 21st. Good for you. I'm glad you're still with us and still drawing. So for this prompt, I have a favorite vacations. And actually, I'm kind of taking a spin on it and doing my dream vacation because it's steals very January today. And so my dream vacation is Hawaii. And that's what I feel like There is a little bit Hawaii. So I was gonna take my reference photo, and I was gonna do much the same as I did the last time we did. Landscape. You totally don't have to do this. You can interpret vacation dream vacation however you want. But I enjoyed during that landscape last time. And so I thought, um, so I'm going to get this mountains back here, and I'm gonna do is sketch of the full thing and then go from there. All right? There's basic sketch. So instead of doing it with the acrylic fresh, where was kind of smooshy and painterly, I thought I would play more with shapes with this leg escape. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take more of a smooth brush and see how it makes more of a smooth line than a paint flying and grabs with these colors. So what I'm in do is I'm gonna make my mountains back here. Bill it when you have a really smooth brush, it'll feel really smoothly. And you won't have that extra line. Um, I know I've talked about that before, and then I'm gonna do a new layer so that I don't screw this up, and I'm gonna get dark color for all these shadows that I outlined here. Okay. And then if I take my sketch layer, you can see Thea outline of the mountains I'm going with here on and, um, e Teoh clean it up a little bit. All right? No. On some ocean Mosses and on layer trees and then behind all these layers. And there were some nice white clouds on there. - Okay ? And then we have our whole tree out front top here, - and there is my very shape oriented drawing a Hawaii. I hope you had fun drawing your vacation 24. January 22: Your Room: Hello. Welcome to January. Stick it and we're gonna draw our room. Um, so I was thinking in the name of, um, doing things differently that we're not doing the same thing every day and kind of switching up. I was going to more of a lot of drawing for this one. Um, just because if you're drawing dailies, good to switch things up one so that you're not game board and choose the contrite, different styles and things and figure out what you love. So I'm gonna start with the shape think of Mr With a diamond and fortunately, procreate. Well, let me fix it. All right, So for a line drawing, I'm going to use a really straight brash with no texture. Um, and I'm gonna do it fairly small, I think. Has your sketch first just so I could get the feel of what I want, and then I'll do finally drying. So for my room, I'm going to make it so I've got a corner here and in my corner. I've got a big win. No, I'm just drying my favorite spot of the living room here because there is a bookshop here, just a low one, but it's got a bunch of plants for the window. And then I've also got a chair over here trying once around you and been something that artists have practiced since be am time. And it could be really helpful. Uh, as you're learning to just draw what you see. Okay, so that's my sketch laying in there, and you saw I resize it because the dimensions were working was too much empty space. So now I'm gonna do more of a file dry number talk. I don't actually have strikes my wall, but I thought it would make more visual interest in this line during have more lines and keep it straight. I went through my other drawings of the chair, and now on to do is race that back drawings. But my line to stay straight and I don't have to worry about that's what's nice about doing digital. Sometimes you can do those extra things to keep things neat and orderly that you can't necessarily do with paper. - I'm writing to. There we go. That's a quick little drawing in my room. It's kind of a fun that different drawing for me, and I hope you enjoyed that 25. January 23: Childhood Toy: welcome to January 23rd and we're doing the prompt of our childhood toy. Um, this one is kind of fun because you can take it pretty much loosely. Um, yeah. So let's get started. Um, I was gonna try something a little different today. I've been trying on different style. I have the nor Winder is I was called our render pencil, and I was gonna do kind of a colored pencil style. So I thought, um, might be kind of fun to do that. Um, yeah. So I don't think I've even been sketched out. I kind of wanted to have a sketch. You look and again. I know I've said it before, but that's what drawing daily is all about. It's about learning from your mistakes and learning from trying new things. And I really do love procreate just allows you to try so many different things because in real life, when I'm working, I'm always trying to, like, get better water color. And then I don't want to switch to colored pencil for a while because I feel like I was just thinking all these shrank of water, and now it's rich in colored pencil. Um but because procreate often feels very similar in that you're using a Silas to create all these to pray kind of give you that, um, that freedom to try new things. It's not worrying about messing up for even losing previous skills. Also, I love that undo button makes shipments from a being frustrated with Dr Bailey to me being says, - all right, - And then I was also really into collecting horses. So I have a few voices. Oh, two things of you. Maybe I'll make it kind of gold. I want everything to be seen color on the page. It's kind of thunder. Think back to the things we usedto have and do with it. - And then I was always that China had a book with me, - right ? So this love my childhood CEO free, and they kind of you to try new style and just shake it out and let your creativity flow. I can't wait to see what your toys were, and I hope you have a great day 26. January 24: Your Shoes: welcome to January 24th and we're gonna draw our shoes. This is always a fun prompt just because it gives you a little bit of something different to drop, but also something that's quite familiar to you. And sometimes that makes it a little easier. So I would love to see your shoes. It doesn't have to be the shoes you're wearing. Obviously, it could be whatever your repair shoes, shoes you want shoes you had a long time ago. Whatever kind of shoes you want to draw. I want to see him. All right. So, um, this is one of those things that you can definitely start with. Um, the basic shapes because we've got the oval part of the toes and then the rectangle part behind and then a little square up top. You put those all together, you've got a very simple shoe. Now, of course you're gonna find it, and that's actually shape my shoe. But you can see from those basic shapes You can create more complicated shapes, like shoes. So there's your basic shoe shape and toe. Add a pattern should be easiest to make us another layer on. In fact, what we've been doing like this one week, a new life here. So that layer and then on top of that layer waken dio is we can make it a clipping mask of the under layer. You see that pattern show up? But if I want to switch it, I can't move that clipping mask if I want to and get smaller. And even if I want to distort it around the shoes, that your pattern fits your shoe a little bit. And then I can also take that layer and I can apply the different styles to it. You see how and then and then I can also create another mask. On top of that, I want to draw laces here. - All right, so there's one of my shoes. I want another one. I can actually easily group used to these together. And then I can either merge the mall if I'm right and emerging more. If I feel like I want to change my just duplicate the whole group, I'm actually going to flatten these ones because what I'm gonna dio kind of way behind it and then and then and the mask on top of that that is set to multiply and pick up this colored hair and shoes. And with that shadow, Aiken, men come make it a little smaller. Just not so obvious. And there you go. There's Mike, their issues. Art Can't wait to see how you do yours. Have a great day. 27. January 25: Your Yard: welcome to January 25th and we're gonna draw your yard if you don't have a yard. Obviously you can just draw your view or your favorite park or anything like that. I just thought I'd give us a little chance to dio outdoorsy land KP type prompt. Um, that and your yard is a very convenient place to see that. And anyway, mine is gonna be, um, more of my garden that I'm planning because that is where my mind is right now, already thinking ahead to spring because I want spring to come. And so I'm going to do a little bit of for what my garden and my yard will be. But you do you and do it how you would do so Let's get started. I'm doing more of a public thing. I really liked the other day when trying the acrylic for a share appropriate, it was really fun. Love and textures and blends I got my brown to my sky. So in my garden I think I'm going to plant carrots. - And I think I'm going to plant, have her plans and and and maybe plans someone you gotta grow some pumpkins. Otherwise kids you like? What is the garni? - All right. So shaping up. One thing I want you to notice is that I did not put in every single detail, every single plant. And so when you're drawing yard, don't feel pressured to put in every single thing in your yard. Draw the things that draw your I excuse me. Draw the things that you love most. Patrick Burke, Uh, or your yard? Sorry to draw the bird that you see out in your yard or dry the certain flowers that you love that bloom there. You don't have to include every detail in your daily drawing. Draw the bits that bring you joy. Because that's what this daily practices foul. It's about bringing you a bit of joy and a bit of excitement and so that you can just grow this daily practice and just love doing that. Yeah. All right. So there is a garden are what it's going to be. And I hope you enjoyed drawing today's front. Have a great day 28. January 26: Converging Shapes Worksheet: Hello. So today we are working on converging our three D shapes together. So we're gonna smash from three D shapes and what it doesn't teaches you about the shapes and how they work together. And then what you can take from that is, um, how these shapes combined can make up the everyday objects that we see around us that we're trying to draw. So we're starting here with the square and on this page, judges drew some basic three D shapes to start with you out with. And like we talked about last week, are shapes are here. So here, to our cube, our baby shapes made up all these lines that are parallel to each other and then say we want Do Cube on top of it. So here, I'm gonna get other colors. You can see it really well. What I'm gonna do is a man take a basic square and lay it on top. I want this plane to match up with this plane so they are parallel to each other and then two. Then this one is going to match up with this one. So there's that plane and then this front plane. It's gonna match up with this one. Okay, so then we have our planes mash up, and then all we need to do is smash them together. So what we're gonna do is hook it on the edge here and we race all the bits that wouldn't be showing. Okay. And then when I pull that away, we have flying at Wonkette. We have two squares on top of each other, and then you can also, um, had square sluts. So we get me matchup our planes here on. And then, um, we match up our other plane just like they did the 1st 1 against smashing together. And then we erase anything that wouldn't be visible. There you have it. And I could easily be a button part of a robot. You know, anything that is a square on top of a square. A lot of architecture would be like using shapes like that. OK, so then what if we wanted to combine a cube and a sphere? So let's go back. Real maker. Let me get new later. Make your cube here again. Remember, do as many layers as you need so that you can erase all the bits and see where you are and all of these air here for you to practice again and again. Okay? And then if I want a sphere on their spear is a circle, and then the sphere has two intersecting circles. You've got circle going this way and circles. I guess they're more goals. But then you want to find where it cuts off. So say you're, um, Cube, Your start your sphere is eating into your cube. I know. What you're gonna do is erase all the bits that are no longer visible has never. Girl. We have acute eating an entire speech, our sphere, even in Turkey. Um and then we could go down here on we can do que begin. In this time, we could have a pyramid converging with our cue. So there's our Q began. Let's get our pyramid go in. Apparent is your triangle and then you drop side triangle and that actually connects back here. And until you get the hang of it, connect all your lines that you can see where your shape is. You could make sure see as it you can see that my e redo that one because my I should have started my square because it was on the same plane has this square. So now they're on the same plane that will make sense visually. So dry my hair, innit? Pyramid again. And then we're gonna say it is biting into it here on race. The bits that wouldn't be this ball. If it was a solid shape, you could also fill it in. And then you would see just the solid shape of the chairman. Okay? And then pull it off. Thank you. All right, so we gain the hang of it. How are shapes? Converge here. Let's try and a little differently. This time you're going to make Cuba can. And again, the more you practice you, cubes of better and better. You'll get him. You will be able do it freehand, and then I can take a cylinder on, shove it through the middle. And then here's my thing. And see how those circles Max matchup with the plane of this side. And then, no, you whole and you conceal useful. That would be in so many different drawings. And then, of course, your cylinder can sit on top as well or on the side or whatever. Sorry, our cylinder is a circle and then a circle, and then we just match up the two sides there, and then you just erase all the bits. UNC won't go, so you could see how you would use that and then everyday dry, and it already looks like an object of some time. Great. Okay, so now we've done some converging shapes. Let's, um let's actually, um, Buster, shape this part here a little bit because that's also quite useful. For instance, if we take our you hear and we slice it in half, then we want to do this. And when you do the top and then we make sure this is parallel to this No, pull it off so you can see. There you go. You've got a ramp which could be used for various drawings or even a roof. Um, there are lots of other ways you can take apart your cube. You could slice it down the middle and again, you want to make sure all your lines air matching up. So this is now a parallel square or exact there, and then I've sliced it in half. Um, let's say you want to take that cube out of are cute. Okay, so we'll start with the full cube. All right? As then we're going to make sure we have a parallel square, that one, that one mash up, right. Then we're gonna match up here, here and then for that race, some high. Okay, that's what is any match up of sex? Okay. And then here and here. So now I have a cube within a cube. Right can see it. I'm coming all the same color. Take all that out upset with those on TV. I don't wash those layers. So a knife and see how it looks when you take a bite out of it. Okay. And let's move on to the spear here, obviously, to make 1/2 smear, you can take the half atmosphere here, and I'm just gonna take the outer ring on there. And that's obviously that could be a full like d So many different shapes in the same with the other way. Take care. You know, dinners and then half of the circle. Can you see how these complicated shapes look so must look so hard to do, but when you just break it down to circle half a circle. It's all things that you can dio. Now, let's say we wanted to take 11 slice out of it, okay? I'm gonna go to a new layer. You can see it really well. Um, and we're going to trace the whole thing, and then we're gonna take this hemisphere down. Then we're gonna do our circle within that, you know? I guess. Well, I sit down, pull it off, cut out the slice of it, or let's see, um, more complicated. Let's to Let's do a new layer. That's your whole circle. And if we take our, we do both of our hemispheres here. We can, Then So here. Here, let me do you think you will see it? Do. Here, here. Here. You see where that meets up again? You saw the lines that don't matter. And now I love my little bit out of the middle. Here. Thank you. Cut it open. Okay. And then, um, that's that one more time will do a full circle mismatch, circles, and then we've got our inner circle. Okay. And then, um, just this in a truck. So I'm not saying we went. Teoh cut it right here. I think we need to cut hemisphere connect Just last size. Wait. All the bits that are confusing and we will see way. Oh, I did again. You didn't see How are we've got a big old chunk out of the top of it. And again, that's very useful wedge of cheese shape or carried shape or anything. You know, um, let's see less move on to a cylinder here, new layer because I keep forgetting. 29. January 27: Favorite Drink: Hello. Welcome back to January 27th. Today's, uh, our favorite drink. That's what Prompt were doing. OK, Chelsea started my favorite drunk drink. Is coffee on DSO? I thought a fun coffee cup here would be Could start. So let's start with circle. We're all good things. Start basic shapes. Way to do that twice. Okay. For the top. What I meant by a nice coffee color selected All. Then fill the layer. We'll make that my small coffee circle. Okay, then. This one, I'm actually just gonna lighten a little bit, you know? I'm using all our basic shapes to create this. - Okay , So I had to make everything all rounder. I didn't like how walkie and turned out. All right, so now I'm gonna go to my middle one, and I'm going Teoh do a shadow, actually do that on clipping mask so that if I screw it up, work it and then on the same layer, I could add a highlight. You go a little lighter, okay? And then if I take the main color So I will do that. I knew where you can add a handle and then we can do the same on our plate here, we'll have a Clipper mosque. I highlights chat apps and then make sure got merged my handle with my cup there. Um, because I'm an take that cup shape and duplicated. And then I'm going to bring the brightness all. We don't make it a bullet there, bring it out and bring down the a pass ity. No, you can see the shadow of the cup on the plate. And then I'm going to the same with the plate and I'm duplicated. Bring down the brightness, blur it and side it down. And now we have a lovely plate. So you guys, why I'm no good tutorials? As soon as I used to do something, I see. Ah, that looks bad. Let me fix it. And then, uh, let's go into our coffee here. I'm going to add a clip your mask onto the coffee. I don't pick up that brown, but what I'm and do is I will find a slightly lighter color, I think kind of swirl it here with our, um, smudge er on. Then maybe we want toe Pretend like there's some beautiful lot a are in side of our cup, okay? And I'm discuss much that ever so slightly. So looks a little more my better on and, uh, Angela More highlights around here in a couple shadows way. Have some lovely coffee and our cuff. And then, um, we forgot background. Let's go down at a new background here and let's get a lovely smudgy brush and really just much it out. Okay? Really? Maybe I'll take um if you go into textures, they have a wood texture. So now own scratchy table. And I might just bring that down. So touches that's so prevalent for drawing. And yeah, they would go. That looks pretty good. How my smudgy up, my my highlights here a little bit. They're just to clean. There we go, Alex feel better. And my shadows and my handle shadows go better. Maybe even these shadows to Sometimes it looks more organic with your smudge it up rather than flat. So sometimes this much tool is quite useful. And there we go. There's my favorite drink. A nice cup of coffee for you. Excuse me. I hope you enjoyed that formal coffee tutorial. Have a great day 30. January 28: Art Supplies: Hello. Welcome to January 28 we are doing art supplies. Hopeless is something you're familiar with, And you probably even have things lying around that you can do a still life type drawing off those. So let's get started. Um, let's see, I've got start with sketch here, Tom. I think I'm gonna do some water color just cause I love the look of water color supplies. So I did like a little watercolor box. Can you see how my shapes that we just worked on already coming into play here, making all my lines parallels, they all line up. And don't worry, it doesn't work. First time. That's what the sketches for that you can work and make your lines parallel. People that have been drawing for ages sometimes don't even make perfect cubes. So you are starting out. It is perfectly fine that you are not making a perfect cube. My water comes Aaron Usual Squyres brush. Okay. Actually, I moved more center. I don't know why, Andrew, Opposite sides. That's also thanks about digital drive. Okay. All right. So there's my sketchy layer on and wouldn't be fun if I took the watercolor brush and me, my wife. Close from what? Our color brush school painting for the likes of water tow digitally, whose you don't have to obey all the rules of watercolor. Often I forget to plan ahead, which is, like rule number one with water, and that leads me to not be enabled. Draw like that blue relying on top of the paintbrush because I went and to the holding black. So I like with digital the hue can, um, have a second chains like, but there's such a practical application already for all those shapes we just learned. Um, because your place probably are made up of a lot shaped. And so because I'm using watercolors, you can see how my shadow I was showing up underneath. So I have a special trick for that. I take my top player, so locked it. The nice click on my shadow layer three fingers down, cut. And what it does is it cuts away on shadow on. I couldn't even selected again and do the same thing. Second time. Cut it a little more. Um, so there you see, the shadow is almost all right. I'm actually gonna just take out some of this just because the white coat the watercolor is so light. I don't want it to be muddied by the shadow, but I do want to have a shadow underneath. But if you're a solid object that is showing through, that's also how you do that. Then I all right and have my water Cologne's. That's the fun part they become, - comes on their cleanup, - all right, and there's my art supplies. Um, I hope you had a good time making those, and I can't wait to see what you drew and have a great date. 31. January 29: Your Mood: Hello. Welcome to January 29th and today we're going to draw our moods. Um, so this is more like a interpretive prompt. And if it be just about anything, Um so for me, I'd say it's been just rainy, rainy, rainy here. So I was gonna grab one of these of garlic brushes that air new with procreate. And I was just gonna play around with it, um, and kind of make a moody, rainy day dry until the fixem good rainy day colors. And yet sometimes it's fun to just kind of let go. Um, you know your thoughts and and any expectations you might be holding for yourself. And our patient just kind of let it freely go kind of like kids. And when they finger paint and stuff, they just kind of go And, um, it's actually a very popular thing to, like, jumpstart. Your creativity is to just preform it and and let happen what's gonna happen? And sometimes it can just give you that little bit of freedom when you've been pushing yourself so hard to create something. And so, yeah, I'm just playing around color, hear shapes and, um, seen work goats. It's not doing any particular thing. I'm just playing with the texture light of it. So I challenge you to give it a try with the nice abstract piece. Just let yourself, um, really paint or draw our any of that. You can't honestly help you a lot with your daily dry in practice because you're just kind of letting go. And in that freedom, uh, you'll find things you like and you want to continue doing okay here from my rainy day and drawing Gonna put a little sleeping kitty. It kind of feels right. Thank It's green and day. - I say, this little kid here accurately represents my mood today with the rain and and there we go . All right. I love to see your mood for today and thanks for joining me. 32. January 30: Childhood Memory: Hello. Welcome to January 30 and we're doing a memory from our childhood Today could be just about anything you want to draw. Um, I change for me. Uh, we had an orange tree in our backyard growing up, and I would sit up in that forestry and just a dream all day long. So I think I would like to retreat that So I'll jump right in here, and I'm gonna start with the background, and I don't think I would do directly like this image. But I do like that. There's an orange central and then then some fuzzy out ones in the back. So I'm just gonna play around with that kind of look here. I really love reference phones because you can pick up the colors directly from and adds that more riel miss to what you're So what I accidentally did here was I drew on my reference layer. But what you can do is I can, um, take this because it's not actually, um, attached to the stuff behind it, and I can cut and paste it. So now my reference layers aren't only, you know, over this down and get back here, everyone mistakes like that happen. Don't like, let it stop you from doing what you love to do. The more you make those mistakes, the more you learn not to make those mistakes. So, uh, definitely just keep going, Keep moving with it. Don't get frustrated or are, um, Setback. You know, you're learning your figuring it out and probably for the rest of Spain, and I'll be more careful about what layer I'm on so on good and can see how I'm just adding layer on layer. I'm using a brush I'm using the oil paint brush from procreate that is just allows me the add layer upon their so allows me to add shadows and texture on top of inch it's that can become a fully formed object. Was shadows and Highland. Yeah, that's why I can fund a play with things outside your comfort zone. Play with paintbrushes without mess of paint, you know, play with different colors and textures that you haven't normally used. - Also good to zoom up close to skin and then also stuff a step back. You know, I think it looks more like an apple, so we may have to play around with it looks more and see, I wanted the end intent texture of the orange. So I put on new layer made clear mask and now I can play around. - All right. I kind of like how a minute kind of dreamy quality for my childhood memory. And I can't wait to see how you create something from your childhood. Have a great day. 33. January 31: Favorite Color Study: Hello. Welcome to January 31st You men entire month of drawing him so proud of you. You are amazing. I am so glad you're here. Let's do this. Okay. So, January 31st favorite color study now Ah, color study is where you take one color, and you just do everything either all in that color or variations of that color. Um, you conduce you everything. Um uh that is that color. Or you can just make everything that color and just let your imagination run wild. Um, so my favorite color is like a teal color. Look, I'm on the Hello, Text Lee. My favorite color is a teal color. So I am going to do some teal. All right, So and you can even go toe Pinterest, which is great. And you can look up Teal and I've got all these different nts so I think kind of snake from some of them. They Vala Ocean. You type pictures for tea? Oh, yeah. I could just trust stars, water, all these things, great ideas when you, um just can't find inspiration. You know, Pinterest really does work, so let's start out. Um uh yeah, I saw some ocean. So let's start with emotion. Um, I think there were since sunglasses in there. Remember, you're drawing never Hessel of like minds. They're simply how I'm interpreting the prompt. Basically, me drawing here is just like a buddy who's keeping you accountable on your daily draw in practice, and your you could be accountable to draw daily as well. So it's a win win win situation. - This is also a good lesson and just drawing everyday objects that are just around you and, uh, kind of a drought. What you see and the more you do that, the more objects you'll just be ableto pull from your head and add to your drawings. - And you can even take your color study and draw things that wouldn't normally be that coming to , um, just take it even further and take it even a step further. You can play with light and shadow with your color study so that you can learn what colors were pressed, the shadows and highlights for your favorite car, and how to best achieve the look you're going for and and the more you do that with each individual colors, the more you'll be able to master lights and shadows. - I try to do a little water. Droplet was entirely successful, but that doesn't mean I didn't irony from it. Yeah, this is your little bit of a color study. And so I say, Just play around different colors and have fun with your favorite color. All right, There you go. So show me your favorite color on, and I hope you have a great day.