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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (3h 49m)
    • 1. December Intro

    • 2. What You Need and Tips

    • 3. December 1: Draw Your Mood

    • 4. December 2: Draw A Blue Thing

    • 5. December 3: Draw A Movie Or Show

    • 6. December 4: Draw Your Train Of Thought

    • 7. December 5: Draw Your Last Conversation

    • 8. December 6: Draw Something Yellow From Your Day

    • 9. December 7: Draw Yout Last Errand

    • 10. December 8: Draw The Last Yummy Thing You Ate

    • 11. December 9: Draw A Dream You Had

    • 12. December 10:Draw Something You're Excited For

    • 13. December 11: Draw The Last Animal You Saw

    • 14. December 12: Draw The Most Colorful Object Nearby

    • 15. December 13: Draw Something You Need To Get Done

    • 16. December 14: Draw The Last Song You Heard

    • 17. December 15: Draw How You Felt When You Woke Up This Morning

    • 18. December 16: Draw The Last Thing You Read

    • 19. December 17: Draw Your Favorite Thing You Wore This Week

    • 20. December 18: Draw A Happy Memory

    • 21. December 19: Draw A Red Thing You Saw Today

    • 22. December 20: Draw What Time Of Day It Is

    • 23. December 21: Draw Something You've Always Wanted To Try

    • 24. December 22: Draw A Drink That Makes You Happy

    • 25. December 23: Draw A Place You Want To Visit

    • 26. December 24: Draw Something You're Grateful For

    • 27. December 25: Draw Your Favorite Gift You've Ever Received

    • 28. December 26: Draw Your Favorite Time Of Day

    • 29. December 27: Draw A Green Thing In The room

    • 30. December 28: Draw Something That Made You Smile This Week

    • 31. December 29: Draw Your Favorite Place To Sit

    • 32. December 30: Draw Your Day's Worries Away

    • 33. December 31: Draw Your Hopes For Tomorrow

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About This Class

Welcome to daily drawing for 2020!

Just by looking at this class, you are on your way to cultivating a daily drawing practice!

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

A bit about me, your drawing cheerleader and guide:

My name is Emily and one day I made it a goal to draw daily for one whole year. That was three years ago. And I still draw every day.

It has improved my skills immensely. I’m still not an amazing artist (you might even be better than me!) but I do have the drive and determination to not give up. 

People ask all the time how to maintain a daily drawing practice amidst real life. I’m a mom to three small boys, I work, I cook dinner every night, I juggle all the balls mamas have to juggle, and still find a moment each day to draw. I know real life, and I’d like to give you guidance, encouragement, and a few principles on how you can make it work for your life too. 

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”– Confucius

Each month I’ll provide you with a small workbook with practice sheets, a schedule of prompts for that month, positive quote art, and a video each day where you can draw with me. 

I also have set up a Facebook group called Daily Drawing 2020 where we can post together and encourage each other as artists (good vibes only- trolls will be kicked back under the bridge) 

Also on Instagram, you can post with the hashtag #drawingdaily2020 and look for fellow artists also following along in the class. 

I’m so happy you want to take these first steps with me!

Let’s get started!

(Video music by Mela)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emily Patriquin

Artist, Illustrator, Photographer


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1. December Intro: Hi, my name is Emily, and this entire year I've done a series of videos and classes on drawing daily. Drying daily is this amazing practice that brings out your creativity and gives you a chance each and every day to practice art. I really support it. I've been drawing for almost four years now and it has improved by drives so much. And it's just a fun thing to do. So here in this last month of 20-20 and let's start drawing daily. So if you haven't been doing with their classes, that's pined, start here in December. And joining our prompts, the prompt plus will be in the resources tab and you can follow along with us. You can take these prompts however you want. This month. I really want to set everyone up for the future for to continue their daily drawing practice. So we are drilling our day and this way, you can, after this year, just take moments from your day and do a little sketch or journal a little bit. And that can be geared drawing for the day if you're out of inspiration or have no prompts to draw. And so that's what I wanted to set us up with. For December. It will be really late in easy. We're just your drawing buddies. And so joining another class, we also have a Facebook group where you can join in with all of us and you can be supported by other people who are drawing daily and see what other people are drawing. It's just really supportive and helpful. And that link is in the Class info and we're so glad to have you. So let's get to dry daily. 2. What You Need and Tips: Hey, so I just wanted to talk about what we need for this class before we get started. Obviously, you can use any kind of dry and medium to do a day they drawing practice. But I'm going to let you know what I'm using so that it's really easy to fall along. I'm using an iPad. And on my iPad I am using the app. App procreate is probably the best drawing painting app for the iPad. And it's just really intuitive and many, many artists use it for digital work. And then I'm also using the Apple pencil. Again. Obviously you can use any tablet and stylists that works for you, but this is what I'm easy. And then I also have prepared worksheets and inspirational art pieces that are all in the Resources tab here on skill share. And I would love for you to dive into those. The the worksheets we will use one each week and they're there for you to either download striated, procreate, or download just as the document and printed off, whatever way you're more comfortable using it. Go for it. And inspirational I is just like a quote to get you pumped and motivated and you can put it as a background on your phone or your iPad or hanging up on your wall so that you remember, this is what you're doing. You're starting this daily practice. And then last, you just need determination, like seriously, you can just do this. You can. And I believe in you and together we'll make this daily practice happens so that you can improve. And yeah, I'm really excited to see you in the group. I also have a few tips for you here. The first is to set a daily reminder. So whether that's an alarm on your phone or a note to yourself, a Post-It stuck-up where you see it every day, but set yourself a daily reminder to draw and try to make it a consistent time to draw every day. Because if you're drawing at that same time, your brain is instilling Ghana's start picking up on that pattern and you're going to want to draw it that time. You're going to be thinking about drawing them. But at that time all day, I draw at night between my kids bedtime and my bedtime. And sometimes it doesn't leave a lot of time, but all day long I'm thinking about and it gets me really pumped for that moment where I get myself to be creative and to really get into it. So I just encourage you to really find that specific time and stick to it so that you can get in the rhythm of it. And then my second tip is to check off your accomplishments because as you see those little checkboxes fill up, man, you will just, you'll just gain more confidence in yourself and in your practice. And I've included a checklist of items here in the resources. So make sure you get that and whether you put it in your procreate or you print it off so you can check it off that you did that day's drying. I say go for it. And then law class. I want you to not worry about messing up and just start. I know those mental blocks that gets you in your life, but I'm not good enough, but I can't do this. Yeah, you can. And again, I'm going to say there's probably millions of times, but we're not drawing masterpieces daily. We are just drawing daily. It can be a sketch. It can be a doodle. It can be something that you're really passionate about anyone to spend more time on. Like it can be anywhere in between that you were just getting yourself in the habit of drawing daily because you wanna see yourself Grove and I will see you go to. So I'm really excited. Those are my tips and I can't wait to see you in this class. Thanks. 3. December 1: Draw Your Mood: Hello, welcome to the first day of December. If this is your first month drawing daily, I'm so glad you're here and I'm so glad you wanna pursue this. This is an excellent way to improve your dries gills and just have that little bit of creativity every single day. If you're coming back, whether you've done that this whole year or just picking back up. I am so glad you're here wherever you are on your daily Drawing path. I am glad you're here and welcome, welcome, welcome. For December, I decided for the prompts we would do drawing your day or journalling your day through drawings. Because I wanna prepare you to continue your daily drawing practice. So after this, maybe you'll go on to find other prompts or you'll go on to find other projects to work on. But there's gonna be days where you're not sure what to draw because you're in-between things or the prompts aren't speaking to you. And journaling near Day is a great little exercise to get that created creativity flowing and get yourself in the mood for drawing. So each daily prompt is just a little thing that you can draw from your day. And you really can take them however you want. There is no wrong way to draw daily. Today on December first, we are drawing our mood. And for me, it was just a good day. We took a walk at the sun was shining through the fall color leaves. So I think I'm just gonna kinda scribble out some fall coloured leaves and maybe some sunshine. Yeah, it was a good day. So I'm going to start grabbing some fall leaf colors here. And I'm just kind of scribble some leaves and see where it takes me. That's kinda what this whole month is going to be about. So now I'm just taking those colors, scribbles. I'm shaping them in the leaves. And this can also be an excellent tool when you're just not sure what to draw. Just make some scribbles and see what they look like to you. Like this looks like one of those Hartley use like that. A new layer, I'll add some red leaves. And now I'll just add stem and veins to these. And like I said before, you can take this prompt. However, I'm just showing you how I'm doing it because this was my day. Your picture can look vastly different. Maybe you had a really good day. Maybe your day was not so great. And so you just seem to draw something more and melancholy. I completely understand that. But maybe there'll be another day where your prompt will be leaves and this will be really helpful to draw some leaves that looked like this. Either way, I'm just here to be your drawing buddy and to help remind you to draw daily with these little classes. And then I think I'm gonna do some lettering Just to remind me why I drew some leaves. And I'm just going to write a good day to have a good day. You will pick a really bright color, like the bright blue sky today. And I put on my drawing guide, so some straight lines here. And we'll just add some mothering. So I did today is to have a good day in a whole different lettering here. So I'm going to then on new languages so that I don't, I think I'm just going to write it in bubble lettering. I like that, but I'm going to add a fill to the inside of each of these so that you don't see the leaves through them. An off-white loops here. And that makes it easier to read. I'm going to take off my triangle. And I'm just gonna duplicate that good day since I want to pretty much the same. And then today one, I'm gonna duplicate that and I will go to the bottom one and change in the brightness of the hue, saturation brightness. And then I'm just going to give myself an outline there. Stretch a little bit because it is running into good day. There we go. I think that's a pretty good representation of my mood. Day. Today is a good day to have a good day. And I think that's how we should start up this month thinking, yeah, today's a good day to draw, today's a good day to paint, today's good data. Be creative. So I hope you take that with you. I'm so glad you're here. I'm going to keep saying that because I really am and keep dry and daily. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 4. December 2: Draw A Blue Thing: Welcome back to the second day of December for drying daily. And if this is your first bump doing it, I'm so glad you're back for a second day. Sometimes that's the hardest bit is doing this I can time. And then of course the third time and forget that. But eventually it becomes so easy and so second nature that it's just part of your day. So today's prompt is draw a blue thing that you saw today. And I saw a blue paint tube because those painting christmas gifts. And so I thought that would be a fun thing to draw. So I'm gonna keep it here where I can see it. And I'm just going to sketch it out to start with here on a new layer. But what blew thing did you see today? Maybe was a bluebird or maybe your favorite cup is blue, or maybe something. You saw. When you wanted to buy a gift for somebody. The sky was blue today and you are so glad for it because it hasn't been blue lately. And maybe it wasn't blue. And you wish it was so many blue things that aren't necessarily sad. Blue thinks I don't feel like a paint to visit, especially a sad thing. That's good. Sketch my little guy, then I will start on my coloring. I've got them. And now I'm going to add the silver part. And I thought I would make it a bit more fun by adding some paint actually coming out of the container. And just to add a bit more visual interests than just a tube of paint. And with something realistic objects like this. I know shadows and highlights can make all the difference. As you can see how this black piece here, once I add some shadows on it. And then a couple highlights, it really brings it to life here. And I think class we just see the shadow underneath to really bring out the 3D. Barely started out with a weight I foreshadow than I need because taken away from it is way easier. Especially when you're just bringing down the opacity. And I usually have to shape it a bit too. And there we go. I hope you're both thing turned out as well. And I hope you're enjoying these prompts where you can pretty much take them anyway you want. Keep trying daily. And I will see it viral. 5. December 3: Draw A Movie Or Show: Hello again. Welcome to the third day of December. Would still journaling about our day in our life. And today's prompt is draw movie or show that you want to watch. Well, I'm feeling really crisp and see we got our tree up. And so elf is one of those Hillary's movies that I loved watching during the Christmas season, which is so goofy and funny and lighthearted. So I thought I would draw a buddy, the ELF. So I'm going to start with a sketch here. Alright, it, since he's such an over-exaggerated character, I thought I would over-exaggerate and make a GI ahead and tiny body. And I think it's quite fun. And so now I'm going to start on coloring layer. So I started on the jacket here. I just really want to over-exaggerate everything. He says some parts, colors bigger than real picture, and he just gives it a little more effective comedy and arrange a snake niche. Exaggerate things. So I like that jacket so far, pretty cool again, lots of good texture to add on the face and hands. I think. So that part of the fun, exaggerated drives is that there are no rules. So you can really make them whenever colors or anything to bring out the exaggeration of dry noon doing. Okay. Okay. Okay. The last legs. There we go. There's my buddy, the L or the movie or show that I want to watch. I think he turned out quite fun, cute character, mature. But take this prompt however you want to a realistic do a scene from the movie and just do ideas from movie. You could even just write out your movie or show name if you want to practice your lettering. There's no wrong way to journal your day. And that's what we're doing. A really easy month where you just draw daily. So keep doing that and I will see you. Bye. 6. December 4: Draw Your Train Of Thought: Welcome back. So glad you're here to draw with me journal year day. Today's December fourth. And we are journaling about our train of thought. And I was just thinking about this, which I guess is part of my train of thought. But I think when I originally wrote it that I wanted to just draw your thoughts for the day or what you're thinking about and you can totally take it that way. But right now I'm kind of thinking and I want it to be an actual train. Although with all the holidays and craziness, I feel like my train derailing a little bit. So my might be a little bit of a junky drain. So I'll just sketch this out and see where it takes me. But I think it's going to be an actual train of thoughts. Let's try it out. Okay, so I have my literal train of thought here. Going off the rails here you see? And that probably is because those monkey driving the drain. Also, all my train knowledge is from children's toys. So it is a children's toy, but it's not a realistic train. And then I've got all I wanna do is sit down with a nice cup of tea right now. But of course he is my crazy train going off the rails and span left the cuppa tea on top of the train, just like you do on top of your car. And then you end up spilling everywhere. And then I've got lists and I've got drawing and thinking about and I'm zoomed up Christmas staff and presence for people. And it's all thrown in the back of this train. So I think that's a pretty good depiction of my thoughts there. And yeah, I'm going to start coloring it. And it's probably gonna be pretty bright colors. Because it's a little bit crazy. Alright, I've got the start of my train here. I've got my bright colors and I've got a bit of a circus feel on the back because. Circus. But now these wheels, to just make an easy shadow, I duplicated the layer of the wheels and I'm just on the bottom layer, bring it down a little bit. And then I can just nudge it over. And I have the letter depth to my wheels and it doesn't look as flat. And so that's looking pretty good for my train. I'm just going to hook these two together here. Yeah, that's looking pretty good. Now let's start adding some elements. So I've started to add my elements in S that just goes on and on. And pencil because invoicing, unless the next drawing. Yeah, I'm really liking heads turning out. If you've been here minute you know that my style is very much when Z and I'm really into doing children's books and that's what I wanted to do. So this is not unusual at all for me, this whimsical children's style. But if this is not your jam and that is perfectly fine, your train of thought could just be a bunch of ideas that you just need to get out onto a page so that they're not swirling around in your brain. Or it could just be something that you've been thinking about. And drying can be such a useful tool to get it out of your head and, you know, kind of be free of it. So it's not just sitting there stuck in your brain. And because I know a lot of people use journaling to just kinda free themselves with the thoughts that keeps swirling around. And so I'm drawing can be just as useful as that. And so that's also another good thing that comes from trailing your day and learning how to do that as part of your daily dry in practice because you get to get that creativity out, those thoughts out that are swirling around those. Those little things. And you get to kinda process them as you put them out there. And I'm going to make light of the things that are going around in my brain, then make it into a fund with so-called train. Alright, there's the Christmas tree falling out the back. And you'll notice I pick up a lot of the same colors that we already have in the image. And that's also a really useful tip if you want to have a really cohesive image. And so if I picked up this blue and just put in the lights, it just brings a little bit of that same visual there, rather than using entirely different blew. It kinda just ties it all up together. So that's always fun. You're just going to represent on somebody to get people make or anything like that. Sitting there. All my thoughts. And then I was going to add a tea cup up here on top of the tree. And I think the last thing I needed was my monkey dragging my train. So I'll just add him because that'll be a fun element. Can have a dry realist strain no matter how crazy it is. I did forget one important thing. I forgot the rails. We can't go off the record if we don't have anywhere else, I'm going to put those in really quick. And there we go. There is my train of thought going off the rails. This is not at all when I pictured, but I first wrote the prompt down, but it definitely is perfect for today. So I hope your journal and drawing it really well and keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 7. December 5: Draw Your Last Conversation: Welcome back. Today's December fifth, and our prompt is draw your last conversation. I have to say and this took me a minute to think of what to draw. But that's kinda what I want do these prompts. Because if you think about journaling your day, you think, oh, I'll just, you know, the sky was blue. Men do blue sky and birds and, and that's all fine. But sometimes if you think about things in a different perspective, it gives you that little bit of creative moment to think about your day in a different way and allow yourself that moment of creativity so that you're not feeling like you're drawing the same thing every it, every day. And that's the point of having different prompts. So anyway, my last conversation I would have to say was with my five-year-old and he was doing where I mean words. So use doing bear, chair hair. Time me things that brought him and he is really excited about it. So I think I'm gonna do a bear with some hair and in a chair. And I think that will work really well. So let me start I sketch and see where it takes me. All right, so you see for the sketch here, I started with my bare by Chair, actually give myself some structure to where my bear would sit. And then I was thinking beehive haircut because like that sixties beehive because the ones that attract those bees. And then of course I went with like a sixties style dress. And yeah, I think we're very fancy. Little Bayer here with beehive hair cut. Let's see. To get chair. Painter. I don't know if I'm supposed to be a conversation, so they might end up in there. Anyway. I thought I turned that into a pretty fun well sketch. And now I think I'll start coloring my bare so I can build up the other layers on top of that. Okay. And that's the address. I don't want to mess up my address in case I don't like how the arms are. So far, I think it's really fun. I gotta put that under all these other layers. There we go. Do they end up bearing the words on because it's a conversation, albeit interests in one. Yeah. I hope you had fun doing that. And like I've said before, you don't have to do the prompt this way. This is just how I'm doing it. But we're just here to encourage each other to try daily, so keep doing that. And I will see admirer, Bye. 8. December 6: Draw Something Yellow From Your Day: Hello friends. It's December six, and today's prompt is draw something yellow from your day. And took me a minute figured out, but some get me little snacking peppers here, little sweet pepper, and it's very yellow and fun. And I like bright colored fruits and vegetables expression in the wintertime because I feel like you get less of those. So I'm gonna set it here so I have a good reference of it so I can get the highlights and shadows, so I'm not gonna move around too much. And then gup. So I got my basic yellow down and now just kind of blocking out the shadows are and I'm not using length of grey or black. You'll notice I'm using a D saturated darker version of the law. And that makes a lot of difference in shadow work if you use a version of the color rather than blacks and grays, because you'll notice in real life that shadows of an object or not actually collecting Grace. So if you studied this, you can see that the lights are a lighter version of yellow and the darks are dark or even a more desaturated version of the yellow as well. And so that's something as you observe more and as you draw more age is kinda pick m. And then I love using this Munch brush. But I'm actually going to alpha locally or so, don't smudge it off the layer and smudging that shadow in. And then I just went through the same thing. But the highlights. And then I like to think of as the extreme highlights in their very white and very light. And sometimes you even have to go into like color rounds and find that even brighter white of it. And those are very small spots and they are as widespread. But I still like to blend them in a little bit. And then definitely more extreme darks to some people do all of this on different layers and sometimes I do, and sometimes I like to have it installed blend, blended together. Here I'm blending together one because I like the look of it. It's munging like with real paint. But also because this is just my daily drawing and it's not anything that I have to like professionally turn and, or I'm going to actually be seen by anyone that much. It's just part of my daily drawing. So it, it's what you want to be comfortable with and experiment with. This is that time where you can be like, OK, well this doesn't have to be seen by a way if I don't like it. So let's play around and let's, let's see what we can do and push yourself a little further. So that's what I kinda like to use the daily drawing practice for. Now we're going to add my green top and i'm just because centrality element. And once again, I'll alpha log that. Otherwise it's just gonna smudge everywhere. The nice thing about procreate is instead of like stepping back from a canvas painting you're doing, you can make it really small and you can see how it comes off. And if it's coming off as a realistic pepper or not. And so I really love that element of it. Also, I really love the undo button, which is not as easy when you're drawing or painting. Yeah, I think I quite like that. I think it turned out great. And there's my yellow pepper. So that's my something yellow for today. And it was really simple, but sometimes your daily journalism FB, anything elaborate or extreme, they can just be pay ideal PAPR today. And you can still have fun with I created creativity and I had to do a fund still life, which is not something that I get to do every day. So I hope you enjoyed that and keep dry daily. And I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 9. December 7: Draw Yout Last Errand: Welcome back. Today's December seventh, and our prompt is dry. Your last errand. And my lowest, Aaron was actually running to the post office to mail package to you, somebody out of town. So I think when Draw Something along that lines. Yeah, so I'll start my sketch here. Well, I crush again new layer. But I kind of like this prompt just because it, it kind of, you can really any day that you're feeling stuck, just draw things that you did throughout your day. And you can draw them in a wins. You can draw on a very practical way. But as long as it keeps you drawing and keeps you motivated to, to draw every day. I, it's a great thing and it's just something so simple that hey, I did this today, I could draw that. And then it gets your juices flow and gets you go on and before you know it, you're back in the creativity game. I think it goes back first sketch the package and got a bunch of stamps. It's pretty simple, but maybe I'll add more to it as I'm coloring in here. Here. Okay. And I just thought it'd be fun to like floating up in the air just because the animal, the Renzi to stagnate and pictures sometimes if you can add a little movement or visual interest to your picture, really just changes the whole image. And I just kind of a race in a way to make it come visit. One thinks this. And I think that adds to add another bit. Again, adding that when Z and, and fun. All right, I'm going to go back and add in those stamps by some more visual interest. And then because I want to appear this, I'm just going to duplicate this and then play around with them everywhere. Turning them. And just kinda add into this. Again, we'll pile of stamps, will address label and then I think I'll add open-end term Christmas, just add a little bit more Fund has package instead of just some brown box. And I think that's pretty cool. You can tell that my engineer and was running to the post office and sending out Christmas packages. I got to make the errand look faceted. So I think I was pretty fun and I got to be a little creative, creative with my ideas. They have great way to journal that day. So I hope you enjoyed that as well and keep drawing daily and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 10. December 8: Draw The Last Yummy Thing You Ate: Welcome back. It's December eighth. Prompt is draw the last yummy thing you ate. There, one of my kid's favorites. So I loved making them for them. And so I'm just going to sketch out some yummy waffles and go from there. Alright, this is my sketch in the flex moral NCA, square trays and a waffle. And but I thought I'd work on gain the perspective right first and then I'll cast off and those quarters. So it looks more like a waffle. I start with my color layer here. Alright, so I go and basic shapes mapped out here. And I'm just coming has smooth it over, but I've got my lights and darks and so I kinda like that. Yeah, if I just add more on top of it, eventually, but more like golf and less sketchy sketch. Particularly tricky. Then just kinda Go step-by-step and blend the colors. Look so much like straight lines drew in a grid pattern. Before, you know, you have a waffle. Quite like how that turned out. I think I'm actually going to go ahead. And whereas Bayes and fret here. And I was thank keep them really simple. But I think it adds extra element to the image. I think I'll put a shadow under everything just to really cemented down. So again, a layer under that. And then I like to adjustment from split. And it looks like they're floating right now. And there we go. There's my waffle. I think that turned out pretty good. I hope you had something yummy, you could draw it. I enjoyed that prompt. Keep drawing daily and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 11. December 9: Draw A Dream You Had: Hello there. Welcome back. I'm so glad you're still drawing daily with me. Today's the ninth and our prompt is draw a dream you had. Well, I don't usually remember my dreams. So I had a tough time thinking of something. But there was one probably a week or so ago where I was trying to bake a cake or something and it was everything was going wrong and it was just a mess. So I think I would use that as a jumping off point because making a mess, well, try making a cake. That makes sense. Enterprise sketch something to go back. But if you don't have a dream that you remember, it can really take this prompt anyway. You can even make it like dreams for the future. So there's no wrong way to take this prompt. But amiss, sketch my messy cake dream. I think. Let's go. There's my mess of the cake. It's kinda like falling off of its thinking. I scenes a mess and yeah, I think that's going to work well for a sketch. And even if it isn't entirely my dream, it's a great jumping off point for making creative picture like I've never made a messy cake picture. So, I mean, a lot of these problems can just be a jumping off point for you if that's all you need. Alright, so I'm gonna start here and probably start with coloring my cake and then build from there. So I'm just kind of playing around with the shape of the cake care by defile and to add a lot of texture to it. So I mean saying come from brushes. And that texture in my shading and in my conscious uses splatter brush to add some texture to it. So it looks kinda like it's got crumbs falling off of it and everything. So I think that all make it really fun. Building on something this big with a lot of complex elements. I just think sure I'd take it step-by-step so that I don't get overwhelmed by any one layer. And yeah, just take h one as it comes out to get for two bogged down by anything. You don't know until you start trying. Okay. So I think that's looking pretty good. We've got like this almost toppled down cake. And then I think I was going to put a measuring cup over here. Cannot trying to hold up under here. So I've got a measuring cup there and add my piping bag here. That's just like squirting out. Then let's see whether element was again advise going to whisk over here with a mess. All right. Thank you. Thank that's quite good. I think that if I was having a stress baking dream, that's exactly how my cape would be, 30 nodes. And it was really fun to play around with those elements. I've never made a messy kink and now I have. And so what a fun way to be creative today. I hope you're enjoying these prompts as well. Keep dry and daily and I'll see you tomorrow. Why? 12. December 10:Draw Something You're Excited For: Welcome back. Today's prompt is try something new you're excited for. To keep it simple, I'm always really excited for Christmas. So I think I'll just draw some crispiness elements here. So I'm going to sketch out some Christmas things and decide what I wanted to do. Right? But fun little elements and stuff like that. And I think that's a great way to sometimes do our daily drawings is just draw a little bits the kinda all fit together because that can easily spark some inspiration for other things that you want to draw. All right, so I'll start with the coloring layers here and sort of mitre. Alright, so that my candy canes on a new line. I got my candy canes. Let's add a present. Ten. And then last. Read me. And you'll notice I add just in little details, little textures Here in there, and just sometimes those little things just make all the difference. And then I'm also taking a lot of the same colours from other parts of my picture and I've talked about that before, that you end up bringing in a lot of the same elements in GTR, what you're doing, then you kind of bring the whole composition together. So if you're bringing cover my clothes from other parts of your drawing, it brings the whole thing together. I think that's fun and fast. And indefinitely, lets you know exactly what I'm excited for. And I'm it's very obviously Christmas, so I think that turned out really well. I hope you have something fun to be excited for as well. And that you enjoy this prompt to keep drying daily. And I'll see you tomorrow. 13. December 11: Draw The Last Animal You Saw: Friends, it's December tenth. Today's prompt is draw the last sand. Will you saw? I saw our dog mandrill sketch of him and then go from there. Okay. And there's a sketch of iron, just a little dog with these big designs, these puppy dog eyes if you will. And yeah, he just really cute with these giant years. So I'm gonna start by coloring them in and then we down to details after that. Okay, so that's the base layer of my dogs. I'm going to add in the eyes and the nose and then probably some further details. Okay. Last I think on his shadow underneath and a big brush. And just put them underneath. And then bring down the opacity. A little bit. There's the dog, he's adorable. And share with you. I hope you're enjoying all these prompts and keep trying daily. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 14. December 12: Draw The Most Colorful Object Nearby: Welcome back friends. Today is December 12th, and our prompt today is draw the most colorful object nearby. And this prompt is kind of fun because it's one of those that you can bring a little creativity without having to have any big thoughts. You can literally just pick up something near you and go, Okay, I'm going to draw this because I liked the way it looks today. And so literally I just reached over my desk and this is my son's camera. He's five. It doesn't do great pictures, but it's perfect for a five-year-old. It's not super fella food, but I kinda like the colors and maybe I'll even make it even more colorful when I draw it. But I thought that would be fun. And it definitely spark some creativity you, this drawing very colorful cameras or something like that. Because you really can take anything from everyday life and turn it into something fun and creative. And that's kinda what this whole month prompt list is about. So I'm just going to sketch it out here and then go from there. So I just did a basic shape here and then start coloring. And like I said, I'm just kind of use my object as this jumping up. And then assigned to and other elements. Colors here as I go along here. So I got my base layer and now I'm just adding new layers, shapes and colors on top, and just kinda running with the inspiration of my original object. Okay? Okay. And there we go. Turned out quite fun when I was a really simple thing to make. But it kind of makes you want to draw like different colored cameras. And I felt really fun pattern or something like that. So you can kinda see how taking a little bit of inspiration from your daily life can result in you making really creative drawings and stuff. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying these prompts and I hope it is sparking creativity. Keep drawing daily and I'll see you drop by. 15. December 13: Draw Something You Need To Get Done: Welcome back. Today's December 13th, and today we're drawing something that we need to get them. And this is also a fun tactic, our prompt to use when you can't think of anything to try to embed creative block, just kinda take the things that are on your mind, the things that are blocking your creative outlets and put them out, spill them out so that they get out of the way. And often that opens your doors for creativity. So sometimes if you just take your to do list and you doodle it out or you draw it out or even just write it that on. Like it can open that door to your creativity because you had your whole lists of things. You need to get them blocking the way. But yeah, I'm gonna do a sketch here. One thing I really love doing this TMI year is baking and baking cookies. And so I really want to get that go in with my kids here. So it's something I want to get done as well as I need to get them. So, and I thought it would be a fun drawing and very festive. So I'm just going to sketch out the baking and maybe some baking elements. We'll see how it turns out. It just kinda fun to take the things that are just mundane and every day and get them out on paper. And sometimes it can really inspire you. I think that's kind of bad. I've got little elements. I've got some cookies and obviously represents baking. So I went to take my sketch and just start working on color. And they're probably start with the main center point with the cookies and the tray there. So here we go. And I got my baking tray done. So I just started on the cookie. I'm just making very basic shapes for the key part of it. And then I will add the decorations on top. And then to add a shadow, I'm just gonna duplicate that layer. And then bringing that brightness all the way down. And then just slide it over like that. And bring down the Apache. And now they have a shadow and they're sitting on the train. And I'll go to my cookie Layer Mask and that tells you the decorations on them. And now add another element, Crowley the rolling pin over here. Then I'll probably also down here. Then last I'll just add a nice law admit over here. That's my drawing. I think it's turned out pretty fun. It definitely would inspire me to draw more things along the lines of bacon and stuff like that. So that's exactly what these prompts are meant to do. Get you a good starting off point for a year, daily drawing. Alright, keep Dr. Daly and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 16. December 14: Draw The Last Song You Heard: Welcome back friends. Today's December 14th, and our prompt is draw the last song you heard. I like this one. Drawing songs can be really fun. You can take this how everyone, just like I say every time, but you can just do lyrics from the song. You can do the feeling of the song gives you, you can do and fits of the song. Whatever comes to mind is just a really fun prompt to bring about that creativity. I'm gonna do. The last time I heard was the one that goes home is wherever I am with you. And I thought that would be a really fun little drawing. I'm going to draw like a little house or something. I'm just kinda figure it out as I go. So Miss get chair and see what happens. I think that's pretty fun. Sketch. I got the words incorporate fun1. Start by coloring in my home and go from there. Okay? Okay. Okay. All right. So I've got my basic house there. Now I will start on my lettering on a new layer. I think I'll just add a little final touches. Some didn't like that idea. I think it adds just one more cool element. Is my drawing pretty day. I really like it. And I hope this was a fun prompt free as well. Keep drawing daily. 17. December 15: Draw How You Felt When You Woke Up This Morning: Here we are halfway through the month on December 15th and our prompt is draw how you felt when you woke up this morning. And I think this one's kinda fun. Sometimes trying feelings can be a really fun way to express creativity and just get everything that's in your head out on paper. So I'm gonna start with my sketch here and see where that takes me. Alright, so this is my sketch. This is me wanting a few more hours sleep. Blank because it's cold. So I think I'll start with the face and details and go from there. Okay. We've got the face on the blanket and cozy blanket. All right. So there's my Finnish and drawing. I know it's really simple, but I really feel like get a motes exactly where I wanted to come across. And I think that can be really the fun thing. You don't have to do something grand and elaborate to get across what you want to say in your illustration. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying these prompts and I hope you keep drawing daily because I want to see you tomorrow. 18. December 16: Draw The Last Thing You Read: Hello, welcome back, friends. Today's December 16th, and our prompt is dropped. The last thing you read. And again, this can be take in multiple ways. You can draw ideas from it, draw things you want to remember about it. Really, you can take it any kind of creative we want. The last thing I read today was I was reading about how kids learn and them learning through nature and discovery and stuff like that. So I think there'll be perfect for my style because I can draw like a kid discovering or something like that. So I sketch it out and see where it goes. Okay, so there's my sketch. I've got this kid discovering a little bug. I think I'll start with the kid's face and then move on to the other elements f for that. So, so let's start the color infant. When I do allow my illustrations, I like adding various layers of textures. I already use detection brush, but then a lot of times I use like a splatter brush or dot brush to sad actually use of texture. And they're really feel like that just pushes the illustration just some little further. And just adds an extra element. Okay, I've got my face then and now I'm going to add that foreign friends. Okay. Got my afar. And one thing I've noticed on their eyeballs are no longer looking at the bunk because I moved everything around. So we'll just kinda them and just try and make that. And there we go. That's my drawing. The last thing I read. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you keep enjoying these daily prompts for you to get to draw a little bit about your life. Keeping creative, keep dry daily and I'll see you tomorrow. 19. December 17: Draw Your Favorite Thing You Wore This Week: Welcome back to days December 17th, and our prompt is draw your favorite thing you more. And I think this is fun because we can take inspiration from the things that we like, like the things we like to wear, the things that we own. And it's a great way to find those little bits of inspiration that just come from the mundane things of your day. So something I wore this week, that is one of my favorite things, is actually this winter hat that I made. I really love it. And it's a really cool green color. So I think I'm going to try and draw and see where it goes. So that's my crocheting. Yeah, it's kind of just generalization. Hopefully it will come together here, drying the base, and then move on to the hat. Okay. Okay, so I've got all the details of the face done. I'm going to move on to the hack. And I just put in separate details. I put the face on one and then I put the hair on another, and then I put the glass. And that just keeps it all separate so that you can manipulate each layer and not have to worry about disturbing name the other layers. So even the hat now is going to go on its own layer. We'll see how that turns out. There we go. I added some shadows on there and I think that helps bring the hat out quite a bit. And so that's my drawing for today. I hope you enjoyed this prompt and keep trying daily and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 20. December 18: Draw A Happy Memory: Welcome back friends. Today's December 17th, and our prompt is to draw a happy memory. I was trying to think about this and today was super gloomy and rainy and a lot of times I don't mind the rain, but I was thinking that I kinda miss the sudden. So I thought I'd draw a happy memory like summertime and maybe at the beach. And so I think I'm going to sketch something out along that lines. But yeah, I would draw something that brings a smile to your face that makes you feel really special because that's going to bring that creativity. That's what I meant. Try and do here, sketch a little beach scene. And so here we go. Alright, so this is really simple, but I kinda wanted to make it like a really quiet, a happy memory, like very peaceful scene at the beach. So I've just got a little bit of an ocean scape here or the towel on a couple of objects on it. And so I think I'll start with the ocean and the sand. So I my background set and then I'll add the objects on top. One thing that I haven't really talked about, but we probably shed, is how meditative you're dealing dry in practice can be. Because I'm sitting here and I'm just like remembering warm sunny days with my toe and feeling that feeling and just kinda breathing in the ins and outs of the ocean waves and just remembering that calmness and that peacefulness in that place. And I feel like as you do are you can bring yourself to these places and to these moments that bring you peace and bringing you joy. And that can be so meditative and just really put your mind in a good place for doing more art or just living your life. And I think it's a really important aspect of. Drawing daily to have that moment of meditation then that moment, just breathing in and out your thoughts and your creativity and your R. So maybe if you are having a good memory to which it's supposed to be a happy memory. So if you think you have a good memory, had a good time, you can kinda just breathe in that memory and redone the good vibes and thoughts you had at that time. And bring that to your art piece. Okay, I've got my sand in my ocean there. And now I can start adding other elements like my towel and stuff on top. And because it's a happy memory, I'm going to try and use really bright colors for the towel and the objects. Because I really feel like that conveys that idea and that bought the color palette you use can say quite a lot. Here. I'm just using a texture over top to give it a fabric, Kayla. And I haven't really dark grey now I'm gonna lighten the opacity. But I said to multiply above this lay on a cookie mask so that I could get the texture and really see what I'm doing with the texture. And then I can bring down the opacity how I want. And I could even go like if I don't like how that changed the colors, I can go to a hue saturation brightness for that layer. Change. What texture that's giving it and what color that texture is giving. And then next, I want to make sure that that towel looks like it's laying there on the sand. So I'm going to duplicate that layer. And then I will bring down the saturation or bring down the brightness. And then add a bullet to that layer. And if we just nudge it over here, and you've got a shadow, and that's obviously way too dark. And then you go to suggest the, how you actually want the challenge of it that way I see now, it makes more sense. And now I'm going to add on top and lumps or read at the beach. So that'll be my next layer here. Sorry. And I just picked a freight kind my cover there on just duplicate that. Lay eggs. They also want this one to have a shadow and then I'm gonna make sure I bring down the brightness. And probably just one more nice thing, just duplicate that. And just the brain. Sorry, I forgot to mention if it is awful lot, that layer will not blur. And which is a good thing when you don't want it to blur. But soon as are you really confusing why your layers up blaring and it's because it's alpha locked. So always check that. And there we go. That's my happy memory. I hope you were able to think of some happy memories to keep driving daily and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 21. December 19: Draw A Red Thing You Saw Today: Welcome back to day is December 19th and we are drawing a red thing we saw today. I have giant planter that holds my jade plant that is red. And I thought that was really fun because it's kinda of red and green Christmas colours, but without actually being a Christmas thing. So I thought I'd draw my planter with my plant. I can't show you because it's too heavy to pick up. But yeah, so I'm going to sketch that out and then high, we'll color it red. That's my planter. Yeah. Let's get back planter read and then I can work on the plant. Okay, so here's my planter. Dirt. Now it's time to add my plant. And the plant has kind of a tree-like stem and looks very much like bark. And so I'm gonna kinda replicate that on here. And it grows a lot like a tree. It's pretty cool looking. Deadline, One of my favorite plants that I have, the base of mine, jade plant can now add on those leaves. They are really quite dark green and they're kind of waxy shiny. So when trying to income and incorporate that. Okay. Okay. All right. There's mine, jade plant, and a rent every day, but I've never drawn before and I really like how it turned out. I hope you enjoyed this prompt today and keep trying daily. And I'll see you tomorrow. 22. December 20: Draw What Time Of Day It Is: Welcome to Day 20 of our daily drying prompts. Today is draw the time of day it is. And I love this prompt because it's perfect for those days where you don't have any creativity, you have no idea what to draw. You can simply draw what time of day it is. Now you can take that prompt and what you want, you can draw the birds outside in the middle of the afternoon. You can draw an actual clock. You can draw that you're sitting down to e or you're thinking about cooking dinner, you know, you really can take anything from that moment of what time of day it is and dry. And so this is a great thing when you're having that artistic block and you don't know a straw. Just take what this moment is and draw it. Right now. It's evening here. It's Christmas time. So I thought I'd draw like a little nighttime scene with maybe some Christmas lights or something like that. So iOS sketch it out, see what comes out when I draw and then go from there. Okay. So there's my little, my neighborhood, seeing them got Q0 houses. I decided to put circle just to give me a little bit of a confines and its queue, it makes it a little cuter. So yeah, I think I'm going to work a lot in blues and that kind of challenge because it is a nighttime scene. So I'll start with the sky and the backgrounds that can build up on top of that. Alright, I've got my background. I'm going to add and keep the really simplified to make my life easy and also just bring out the simplicity of this drawing. Okay. I've got my first house. I'll start adding other houses. As I'm trying to decide what would work best. Who's going to scatter them in? Little next door neighbors here and see. Yes. Okay. Okay. So I've got my back row and passes done. And so now I'm gonna make all those layers cookie masks for all clicked inside this circle. And that way they're all neatly tucked in there. And then lastly, I'm just gonna add my moon. I did up here. Once I have that, I'm going to duplicate it. And I'm going to put that spreads out. And it really gives that night sky effect. Was my nighttime neighborhood. It was fun for you and I hope you keep dry daily and I'll see you tomorrow. 23. December 21: Draw Something You've Always Wanted To Try: Hello again. Today is December 21st, and our prompt is draw something you've always wanted to try. And I like these ones, those ones that are like goals or ideas that you have for the future because he didn't get it like drawn on paper and down. And really set as a goal for yourself. For me, something I've always wanted to try is like throwing pottery on a pottery wheel. I think that would be really fun and hands-on. And I think I would really enjoy. I've just never had the opportunity. Hopefully, someday. But anyway, I also thought that would be a neat drawing. Practice hands which I'm always meeting to practice because I don't practice them enough. So I'm gonna do my sketch here and go from there. Alright, I got a really basic sketch here, but I think I'm going to do really basic colors and shapes. So let's start with that. As I was going to turn into this block print vibe. But I don't mind at all. I kinda like that. And then I can keep it really simple shapes, but just to push a little further so that you can tell that I'm meant to do that style when take my eraser, splatter brush and kinda get faded away like it printed that way. And then I'll work on my hands next. Okay. Okay. Okay. So I've got my hands here, so I'm just going to add the effect that did we. And there we go. My whole try, I think that turned out really fun and I got to explore a new style. So I hope you enjoyed that. Keep dying daily. I will see you tomorrow. 24. December 22: Draw A Drink That Makes You Happy: Welcome back. Today is December 22nd and we are drawing a drink that makes you happy. And I think this is fun. We did a lot of food and drinks in a past month over the summer, but I feel like you can expand on it with something that just makes you happy, something of your choosing. I'm going to draw like a fancy coffee with the whipped cream and everything on top because am but take it however you want and try however you went. I'm just here to encourage you to draw Bailey. Alright, so I kept it really simple for my sketch because I'm pretty much know what I'm gonna do. My cough, I've got my fancy whip cream on top and then the peppermint stick because Christmas Day. So I think I'll start on my cups that have a good base and then build on top of that. I've got my basic cup-shaped done. Now I think I'll just add a clipping mask where I can add a design to do on the front of it. I was thinking the coupling. So I'm going to add a design on the front. I think that's quite fun on my cup here. Then. Start adding the whip cream on top on a new layer. I've talked about this before, but when you're doing something, why you don't actually want to use the straightway. You want to use a creamy white or blue white. And then you can lighten it up with highlights and stuff. But if you start out with white, you can't lighten it up to highlight it at. And so a lot of times with illustration, it just doesn't work to use a straight white right off the bat. Of course you can add brighter whites to it. And you can always line up later if you feel like it's too dark, but the easiest way to add to it is to add white highlights. I could also take my splatter brush and add some cinnamon on top of that one looks a little too, actually need to go with a brighter brown, I think. Oh yeah, that's that's more like a nutmeg color. It could be cocoa or cinnamon or wherever, and just adds to it. And then I'm gonna add that peppermint stick in front. And again, I'm not going to do a straight white because it would be really hard to see. And so it's actually going to be kind of pink, but next to the red, they'll be on it look like white. And there's my wintry festival drink that makes me happy. You better, not really. Well, that was really fun to draw, and it's always fun to drop us of things that I hope you enjoyed this prompt and you're still enjoying the prompts and you're still drawing daily, were so closely in December. And I'm so proud of you for making it this far. Keep dry daily LC tomorrow. 25. December 23: Draw A Place You Want To Visit: Hello and welcome back. Today's December 23rd. And today we're drawing a place that we want to visit. This is always a fun one because it's another one of those goal type ones, but it's also something different to draw because when you draw only your day, your knowledge drawing landscapes or anything like that. So this kinda gives you a little variety. And you get to Daydream, which is just part of the whole creativity things. So I think that's fun. Where I wanna visit is definitely New Zealand. And I grabbed this picture from an Splash.com and it's gorgeous. And yeah, I think I'm going to draw this out. So I start with a sketch and go from there. Okay, so I didn't really basic sketch our day one sketch out every stock of lavender and every little bit. But I know that these for this Beck mountains are going to be one collector so I can ungroup them. This will be a different color. This will be a more green than this will be the grass. And then I've got my stock, so I'm kinda just laying out the layers of the image. And so I think I'll start with the furthest back the sky and it usually helps me to build on top. So I think I'll, yeah, I'll start with the sky and then build from there. I decided to make my sky also my circles. And then I can just do all my other layers and then put the mask on that and then I don't have to worry about making them all circle layers. I have make it way more convenient for me. And now I'm going to do my next mountain layer. And I'm not gonna make it a black, but more like the purpley black because it usually reflects a lot of sky colors usually get some blues. And I might even add a little variety between these two right here. You see a little difference between the two because they were a little different in range. And it also gives you a little variety in your image and sound so flat. Then this next mountain layer will be a dark green. And again, I can just make all these mountains clipping masks. So then they say within my circle and they're also putting a mask is coined this little hill here and it's just a slightly lighter green. And you really get that depth more. Use darks and lights to portray it. I didn't pick up layers of our mountains and everything. Ended the grass layer in the front. And then pull back up my reference image because Labyrinth has a variety of peripherals. And so I'm going to pull from those purples dress and cool lavender stacks. Okay, so since it takes a long time and draw all those lavender, I'm going to duplicate that layer a couple of times and I'm going to spin them around and resize them and stuff and kind of put them in this field so that it looks like we have lots more drawn than I actually had to do the work for. And I don't do this all the time, but it is so useful when you have like a lot of flowers dry and especially if some of the flowers are just going to be behind, you know, it's not a big deal to duplicate them and have them in other ways. And so yeah, sometimes you just seen save yourself some time and some from drawing a 1011 years, if you want to have that layered look, just duplicate it. So now you'll see if I buy all these l'avenir layers together. And I make that layer cookie mask. And it nicely puts them all in there. And now I'm just going to add a lot of grass around them to really make them feel like they're in the field and nitrogen dislike them on top. And so I'm just going to layer on top of their grass in a variety of colors. And then once again, make that layer could be a mask. And there we go. They're all nicely MMOs circle and there's my place. I went to visit New Zealand and their lavender fields in their mountains and everything just seems score just there. So hopefully someday when we can travel again, that is somewhere where I can go. I hope you guys all enjoyed this. I hope you really enjoying your December and all your prompts and keep dry daily. I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 26. December 24: Draw Something You're Grateful For: Welcome back, friends. Today's December 24th, it's Christmas Eve. And what a better day than to draw something you're grateful for. And I understand if during the holidays you skip a couple days on a daily drawing to any catch up later on, I hope you're either watching this on the 24th or afterwards so that you can catch up, but whatever is working for you, keep doing it. I'm so proud of you for drawing every day or as much as you can. You know, you can only get better the more you do it. So don't give up. Anyway. I'll contrast with him grateful for, I'm going to draw my family because I am always grateful for them. So I always start my sketch here and see where it takes me pretending. And so I asked my sketch finger, we're going to have time to cover the whole thing takes. So I'm gonna do an outline and maybe save the coloring for another day. See my outline coming along. One of the nice things about doing an outline. Daily days can lead to other words like you can always come back to it. So it's a good way to get an idea on a page. But if you don't have, you know, a couple hours suspend coloring and then you have this great outline as a reference. Super easy to just come back and check how the miner is going with the sketch. And then get back to here, Dr. Okay. Now. And then alright, so there we go. That's my outline there. I really love how it turned out. And I think I would just link of actuate. And that's what's so neat about this practice is that it just gives you that space to take off from with your creativity and your art. So I hope you keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 27. December 25: Draw Your Favorite Gift You've Ever Received: Hello again. Merry Christmas. December 25th, and we are drawing our favorite gift we've ever received. If you're not able to draw and the stain your ketchup on another day. That sounds great. I hope you've had a wonderful holiday. So for this prompt, I have a very goto gift because my first-born son was born on Christmas. So that's always my go-to favorite gift ever. And so I have picture here and I was just going to recreated here. So I'm going to get to sketching and then go from there. Alright, so I've got my sketch here. And now I think I'm just gonna go ahead and new layer with a charcoal brush, which is in the charcoal section. The best library. To sketch it out that way, I think it'll be kind of nice. Okay. Alright, now that I've got a lot of my shadows place, I'm just going to use my smudge brash, smudge it around to fill it in and smooth it out. I could probably continue improving there all day alive. But mostly turned out really nice little drawing for today. So I hope you enjoyed today. And you enjoyed this trying keep dry and daily and I'll see in love. 28. December 26: Draw Your Favorite Time Of Day: Welcome back friends. I'm so glad you're here to draw daily with me. Today is December 26 and we are drawing our favorite time of day. I would have to say my fifth retirement day is Sunset. And so I was looking for some really cool sunset pictures. And this one's pretty me am I use a lot of its colors for my inspiration and I really like silhouettes and stuff. So I'm going to start here on my new layer and kinda sketch out my idea and go from there. Okay, so I didn't do much to sketch this out, but I put in a shape because I feel like I do that a lot. So I thought maybe I'll try like a hexagon or something. And the shapes aren't perfect, but I'm going to fix that as we go along here. And I kept it really simple because I just want the sun to be bright and then this B silhouette and then that could be sky color. So I think it'll be a fun, really simple, easy drawing. I'm going to start with the sky color and just use that as my shape to that can clipping mask to it like I did with my circle drawing a few days ago. So that's where I'm going to start and grabs one of these great colors in this image. To get my sky that gradient. I'm just gonna alpha log it. And then I'm going to pick up those. Just started my darkest ones along the bottom. And pick a lighter ones along the way and just kind of blend them into each other. And then I want to make a new layer, that's a clipping mask layer, and that's going to be my silhouette layer. And I really like this color that is in this image because you see it's a very, uh, purple and then it's not as far black is like total black and it works really well for a silhouette because you don't actually usually have a total black out in nature unless it's supposed to be total black. But for the most part, you have a barrier and it usually gives that softness and that natural illness. So on this, I'm just gonna draw some tree and just kinda fill it in with my silhouette. This one is, the more loose flowing I let a be, the better the slugs. And I try to be too specific than it looks forced, but it really looks more natural. If I just kinda let it be. Then I'm going to add these birds then. And then under that we neither Sun here. I'll do much the same as I did with my outside shape, where I added the gradient and after I got the shape all set, my favorite time of day, I think it really pretty. And I hope you enjoy that as well. Keep trying daily and I will see you tomorrow. 29. December 27: Draw A Green Thing In The room: Welcome back, Francis. December 27th, you've almost made it through the month of December. And today's prompt is drug green thing in the room while I just happened to finish mint green that milkshake. And that's what I'm going to draw because I thought, ooh, milkshake, betel leaf and the dre. So I'm gonna draw I'm special milkshake I made and see where that takes me. So thing is my really simple monk shake. I had it in a mason jar and it was the men chocolate chips. It's got little chocolate chips and then it had somewhat cream him very good me holiday treat. So I'm going to draw that in a really delightful mint colors. There's my Yemen green milkshake part. And now it's time to add the jar that it was. So i'll just lower the opacity of my sketch there so I can make sure I can see what I'm working with here. Okay. I was just using crosshatching simple lines to add my highlights and shadows to my jars here. And that there would be a fun way to do it this time. I know you've seen me do different techniques like smudging and just using plain coloring. But I thought crosshatching might be kind of a cool effect here so far. Just hatching actually. Cross my mouth, trachoma, my straw. There's mine green thing. And I hope you keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. 30. December 28: Draw Something That Made You Smile This Week: Welcome back. Today's December 28th, and we are drawing something that means you smile this week for me. And this week we went on a walk, is actually sending to go out and hike in nature. And next to the path there was like this little Muskrat dude and he was just really chill in there, just seeing some grass and he was just like Merry Christmas. And it was just really cute, funny. And just like one of those fun things that you find when you go out in nature. So I'm just going to draw a cute little happy muskrat and go from there. Sure. So that's, I really some sketch and I am so I'm going to start by color and have been for that. Okay. Okay. So this guy, sarin come together here and I've got the body and the tail. And I like getting little things like for textures that are even just like dots or dashes can really add a lot to your image. So I'd just like to add those in a little bit here. Now probably get that face on there because they think they'll make a big difference. I think. Some things I think. And in green circle here. Just a bit more. So. Thank you. I hope that was found. And find something that really made you smile this week. Keep trying daily. 31. December 29: Draw Your Favorite Place To Sit: Welcome back friends. We're here at December 2009 and we're drawing her favorite places. Sit. I'm a pretty simple person. Give me a good hammock in the sunshine and that's, that's my place. Is not conducive to drawing really, but I really enjoy just swaying in the hammock. So I go and draw him up here and see how it goes. And yes, so let's start with a sketch. All right, so there's my basic sketch. I started with really basic shapes like rectangles and triangles. I'm kinda smooth those. Perfect. But I think as I add color, I'll be able to smooth them out even more. Okay. Alright. I've got shading on there on the hands and feet. Okay. Pretending. So then I just took same, flipped it. And now I'm going to make it slightly darker, darker color. Then I am going to hack it overlapping. And that is an easy way to duplicate and add something without having to redraw the whole seconds. And that's why drawing digital can be really nice sometimes. And they would fill. That is how I am going to finish that up with my favorite place to sit. I think it turned out really great. Keep trying daily and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 32. December 30: Draw Your Day's Worries Away: Hello and welcome to December 30th. Today are prompted to draw our days worries away. And I know I've talked about this before, but I really feel like having a daily drying practice can be really therapeutic and you can really just get everything out of you and out of your brain and just put it down on paper or, uh, here an iPad. And just let all that come out creatively. And so you don't have to hold it anymore. And so I think drawing our worries and our concerns can be one of those great tools. So if you ever feel stuck, that might be a good way to unblock any art flow. By just drawing what's bothering me, what's worrying you? What's stopping you from doing Act? So I would say right now since we're at the end of the year, kinda just what's next year going to bring is my big worry right now. So I'm going to kind of sketch out how that might look. And the fun part is I get to think creatively because it's kind of an abstract subject, which can be a really neat way to push yourself. Okay, so I've kinda sketch out the calendar, flipping the page from 2020 to 2021. I've got a hand here really loosely done flipping that page. So I think that kind of describes it and see how it turns out here. Okay, so I've got my calendar here. And I chose to use kind of brighter palette just because I didn't want to be all gloom and doom. Just because there's worries and stuff like you can still make your worries funds and they're less, I don't know, intimidating. And I think that can sometimes be the qi is because you're making them creative and then you're making them Miro near owning them. And you're saying, not today worries. You're not going to be in charge of this. So I think that's a good way to look at it. And just for a little extra here. So there's our hands look into the years. I kinda like it turned out the whole worry aspect of it. So I hope you're enjoying this and I want you to keep dry daily and I'll see you tomorrow. 33. December 31: Draw Your Hopes For Tomorrow: Hello friends, welcome back. Today, the very last day of the entire year. And if you've been drawing with me for this whole year, I am so so so proud of you. And if you're only drawing for this month or this week, that's great to your daily drawing practice can start whenever you want and can continue whenever you want. There's no wrong way to do it. It's just about you bring your creativity to your daily life. So for this last prompt, I want us to draw our hopes for tomorrow. I think that's a great thing to do on New Year's Eve anyway, whether you list your hopes or you just ponder on them. But of course we're drawing daily, so let's draw our hopes for tomorrow. And this can be tomorrow literally, or tomorrow is the future. My hope for all of you is that you will not stop dry, that you will continue drying everyday. And that this will become your daily practice and it will just enriching your lives so much. So I'm gonna kinda sketch out what that would look like for me. And then we'll go from there. Alright, so this is me drawing out that hope that, hope that you'll keep drawing. And I'm gonna start with coloring my pencil here and then move on from there. All right, so there's my pencil and I kinda like the funny angle of it. It's not quite right, but it kinda works because It's absurd enough that our works. And now I'm going to work on the letters here. I feel like it needs something else. So I think I'm gonna go to the luminance category and grab me some glimmer. And just make that, oh, very sparkly. And if I set it to a darker color, then here you can see how it adds only a level, but you can kinda almost goes behind the whole thing. Yeah, I really love how that turned out and that is my hope for you that you will keep drawing daily, that you won't stop and that you've found this practice so helpful for your daily life. It's been amazing to be on this journey with you guys. And it's just been incredible to watch you all grow and just have you grow with me. So thank you so much for an amazing year. Like I said, keep dry daily. By