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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (4h 5m)
    • 1. August Intro

    • 2. What You Need and Tips

    • 3. August 1: Phoenix

    • 4. August 2: Drawing Eyes Worksheet

    • 5. August 3: Dragon

    • 6. August 4: Fairy

    • 7. August 5: Ogre

    • 8. August 6: Wizard

    • 9. August 7: Unicorn

    • 10. August 8: Superhero

    • 11. August 9: Drawing Noses Worksheet

    • 12. August 10: Witch

    • 13. August 11: Original Pokemon

    • 14. August 12: Gryphon

    • 15. August 13: Necromancer

    • 16. August 14: Centaur

    • 17. August 15: Gnome

    • 18. August 16: Drawing Mouths Worksheet

    • 19. August 17: Nymph

    • 20. August 18: Ghost

    • 21. August 19: Sphinx

    • 22. August 20: Elf

    • 23. August 21: Cyclops

    • 24. August 22: Alien

    • 25. August 23: Drawing Paws and Claws Worksheet

    • 26. August 24: Mermaid

    • 27. August 25: Vampire

    • 28. August 26: Goblin

    • 29. August 27: Harpy

    • 30. August 28: Zombie

    • 31. August 29: Greek God(dess)

    • 32. August 30: Drawing Hands Worksheet

    • 33. August 31: Werewolf

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About This Class

Welcome to daily drawing for 2020!

Just by looking at this class, you are on your way to cultivating a daily drawing practice!

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

A bit about me, your drawing cheerleader and guide:

My name is Emily and one day I made it a goal to draw daily for one whole year. That was three years ago. And I still draw every day.

It has improved my skills immensely. I’m still not an amazing artist (you might even be better than me!) but I do have the drive and determination to not give up. 

People ask all the time how to maintain a daily drawing practice amidst real life. I’m a mom to three small boys, I work, I cook dinner every night, I juggle all the balls mamas have to juggle, and still find a moment each day to draw. I know real life, and I’d like to give you guidance, encouragement, and a few principles on how you can make it work for your life too. 

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”– Confucius

Each month I’ll provide you with a small workbook with practice sheets, a schedule of prompts for that month, positive quote art, and a video each day where you can draw with me. 

I also have set up a Facebook group called Daily Drawing 2020 where we can post together and encourage each other as artists (good vibes only- trolls will be kicked back under the bridge) 

Also on Instagram, you can post with the hashtag #drawingdaily2020 and look for fellow artists also following along in the class. 

I’m so happy you want to take these first steps with me!

Let’s get started!

(Video music by Mela)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emily Patriquin

Artist, Illustrator, Photographer


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1. August Intro: Hello. My name is Emily. And for the past seven months, I've been posting videos that have daily drawing prompts. And every day we draw together because daily drying is an excellent practice that just improves your driving skills and improves your creativity. So I'm inviting you to come along with us. Um, I've been drawing nearly for 3.5 years, and I just love it so much. I just wanna encourage everybody to draw daily. And so I've created this class where I have a prompt for every day of the month. And then we draw together, I do a little tutorial video, and then once we we do like a drawing skills worksheets, Teoh, improve our driving skills. We have a great low community on Facebook, and yeah, it's just a really excellent class. If you're lined up to get into that, um, momentum of drawing every day. So please join us this month for August. We are doing fantasy, which is super fun. Um, and could be taken so many different ways. You can do cute, see, can see. You can do scary fancy. You can do just so many things with these imaginative props. So yes. Come draw with us. We're excited you're here and start your daily drawing practice today. 2. What You Need and Tips: Hey, so I just want to talk about, um, what we need for this class before we get started. Obviously, you can use any kind of drawing medium to do a day they drawing practice. But I'm gonna let you know what I'm using so that it's really easy to fall along. Um, I'm using an iPad and on my ipad I'm using the at AP appropriate. It is probably the best drawing painting app for the iPad. Um, it's just really intuitive. And many, many artists use it for digital work. Um, and then I'm also using the apple pencil again. Honestly, you can use a new tablet and stylus that works for you, but this is what I'm easy. And then I also have prepared worksheet sand, inspirational art pieces that are all in the resource is tab here on skill share. And I would love for you to dive into those the, uh, worksheets. We will use one each week, and they're there for you to either download street appropriate or Delon Justus the document and printed off. Whatever way, you're more comfortable using that. Go for it. Um, and the inspirational are is just like a quote to like, get you pumped and motivated and you can put it as a background on your phone or your iPad or hang it up on your wall so that you remember this is what you're doing your your starting this daily practice and then last, you just need determination. Like, seriously, you can just do this. You can. And I believe in you And together we'll make this daily practice happen so that you can improve. And, yeah, I'm really excited to see you in the group. I also have a few tips for you here from the first is to set a daily reminder. So whether that, uh, alarm on your phone or, um no to yourself a post it stuck up where you see it every day but yourself a daily reminder to draw and try to make it a consistent time to draw every day. Because if you're drawing at that same time, your brain is insulin. Gonna start picking up on that pattern and you're gonna want to draw that time you're gonna be thinking about drawing about at that time all day. I draw at night after between my kids bedtime in my bed time, and sometimes it doesn't leave a lot of time. But all day long, I'm thinking about what Indra and it gets me really pumped for that moment where I get myself to be creative and to really get into it. So I just encourage you really find that specific time and stick to it so that you can get in the rhythm of it. And then my second tip is to check off your accomplishments because as you see those little check boxes fill up, man, you will just you're just getting more confidence in yourself and in your practice. Um, and I've included a checklist of all bombs here in the resource is so make sure you get that and whether you put it in your procreate or you print it off so you can check it off that you did that days drawing, I say go for it, and then let us. I want you to not worry about messing up and just start. I know those mental blocks that gets you in your life, but I'm not good enough, But I can't do this, huh? Yeah, you can. And again, I'm gonna say this probably millions of times, but we're not drawing masterpieces daily there. Just drawing daily. It could be a sketch. It could be a doodle. It could be something that you're really passionate about anyone to spend more time on. Like it could be anywhere in between that you were just getting yourself in the habit of drying. Really? Because you want to see yourself probe and I unless you go to. So I'm really excited. Those are my tips. And I can't wait to see you in this class. Thanks. 3. August 1: Phoenix: Hello, friends. Today we're drawing a phoenix. Um, we're stepping right into those fantasy props with a fiery bird. So this is my little cute. See one, but you take the prompt however you want, and let's get started. All right, So to get started with our Phoenix drawing here, I'm just gonna grab the 60 pencil. It's a pencil on brush that I enjoy drawing with, but really, you can do anything. Andi, I'm just going to start a sketch. Um, I've actually grabbed a reference. Um, but because I am planning on doing more like cute sea forms of these different fantasy creatures, uh, I figured grabbing a reference is not a big deal. Obviously, if you got a reference, you want to make your own. So whether you switch out how different things were drawn or, um, switch out colors or anything like that, you don't want a copy directly someone else's work. And with fantasy, it's tough because it's not like drawing people. Where is you could copy pretty close to what a person looks like with fantasy, your most often copying someone else's drawing. And so you have to be very careful with that. Obviously, for your own, um, benefit to improve your drawing skills. Yeah, copy. Work on it. Find your favorite types of art and draw like that until you can do that on your own. Absolutely. But you also do want to just be aware of you know, someone worked very hard to create this. And so you don't want Teoh make it exactly like theirs, Andi. Plus, it doesn't bring you in creativity. So if you just did it purely for yourself to work on your drawing skills, go for it. That's how loads of artists have been doing it. Studying masters. In fact, we did a whole month lottery studied, masters ended, drawing how they drawings. But, you know, it's, uh it's a fine line between, you know, just straight up Copy. So, yeah, just be mindful of that as you, uh, finding references for the cup for the fantasy images, That's all. - All right, I have more of my cute fantasy Phoenix going on here. Um, I like to draw cute things, So I'm just gonna grab my Nico rule here, and I'm gonna go under my sketch, and I'm just gonna start drawing out with color. Um, definitely just starting with one big base color, and then I'll have the details on top of that. - So if you have been part of this class before, I'm really excited that you're here and then you want to start drawing dealing. It's not a hard thing to get started on. It's a hard thing to continue to do every day. But once you get going, like you get hurt and don't want to stop drawing every day and feels weird when you don't get a chance to draw in a day, Um but, yeah, the hardest part is continuing. And so that's why I've created this class where we have a community where we have different props where we have, you know, something to look forward to each day, and that makes it a little easier to continue to draw daily. So that's been my main purpose with this course, Um, but yeah, uh, feel free to take the pumps however you want. Interpret them, however, and draw them in your own style or discover your style throughout this. There's no wrong way to do this. You can do a simple sketch. You if you have five minutes in between things or during your lunch break or whatever. That is the perfect time to take a moment and draw every day like its finance. So you have five minutes is all you have, But you're still getting that a little bit of creativity and that little bit of drawing in each and every day, and it will make a big difference in the long run. So, yeah, I'm really glad you're here. Um, I'm really glad you're joining our class and to all those that have come back, I'm really glad you're back. And yeah, let's, uh, let's draw these props and enjoy it and and just keep pumping each other up. One thing I'd like you to notice is that I'm not holding myself to any constraints here. Um, my drawing. I'm not, um, making a certain way, or you all saw my reference there in the beginning. That really doesn't look anything like that. But this is all about just, uh, not making a perfect drawing up, make him masterpiece, but drying daily and getting that creativity out. So I'm just kind of letting this cute, little being expert flow and seeing what happens, and it won't be perfect, But maybe it'll be something that will come back to and the later date or turn into something else. Or maybe we'll just spark some ideas or nothing else. It just got me drawing today. Um, and that's the main point of this. It's not to make a masterpiece every day, bi da Vinci every day, but to simply get yourself drawing every day. So, yeah, if you'll notice I'm not, um, making a masterpiece by any means. But I am, you know, being creative and enjoying that process. I'm just gonna throw on a little bit of the background here and call it done. But there is my cute little Phoenix. And I'm so glad you stayed and true with me today, and I hope you'll be back tomorrow. I'll see you then, by 4. August 2: Drawing Eyes Worksheet: Hello there, friends. Welcome back. Second day of August. I'm so glad you're back to drawing daily. So if you haven't been in my class before, once a week, we dio ah, drawing worksheet where we work on our drawing skills and you can find thes worksheets in the resource is tab. In this class, you have to be on a desktop, um, site not on mobile to download the worksheet, but then you can upload it to procreate or, um, or printed off whatever's easiest for you and whatever works for you. Um, and then we'll get started on this worksheet. Uh, but yes. So, um, I've said it over and over, uh, that the more you draw something, the better you get at it, and it seems like such a simple concept. But sometimes you get so frustrated in the moment. Like, why am I not better? Dry this Well, you have to draw a lot. And when the simplest ways to do that is called 100 things work shoots which basically, you just draw the same thing 100 times at least, and by the end of it, you're pretty darn good. And so, um, I thought, Since we're doing creatures and stuff this week, we could do eyes. And so I'm going to start and I'm gonna draw 100 eyes. I'm gonna, um, speed through it because I don't want you to have to sit here for, you know, 20 minutes or whatever, but, um, yeah, I'm just going to start drawing eyes and I encourage you to do it, too. If you don't get to 100 that's fine. Make it Gold Butte to 20 and then maybe adds more later if you have some time or whatever. But, um, the real loose and free and just pushed through it because, uh, drawing something over and over really does improve your dry. Um, So, yeah, let's get started on some eyes. Now, remember, this doesn't have to be elaborate. Doesn't have to be fancy. I'm just gonna start with some basic simple eyes, and I'm just gonna I worked my way through them. One fun thing to do is to let one drawing kind of lead in together. See, I had big I lives on this one, and so I thought, Well, what about big eyebrows? So now I have a unibrow on that one and just I'm just letting the drawings lead into one another. See? And just like that, I have 25 already, and you just keep pushing, keep working through it. And before you, you have hundreds. So now I've been into 50 and you can see how much variety I can bring to it. How you can just go in with different ideas. Um, and you don't have to just stick with people eyes beacons to do some animal eyes and creature eyes, different things like that. Um, so it is definitely a good worksheet to, um improve your skills and to get you agreed to be flowing. Lots of people do it just to warm up their drawing skills for the day. Drying 100 things, uh, really can give you that a little boost, creativity that you're looking for, or appear like having an artist block or something like that. Say, today I'm gonna draw ah 100 hands and just go for it. Um, yeah. So I just want to give you this little worksheet to, um, kind of pushed through and do it and, uh, yeah, I hope it was fun. And I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 5. August 3: Dragon: we'll come back. Friends today we're during a little dragon, minus cute and kids e But yours could be whatever you want. Take the prompt, however, which way you want. I'm just so glad that you are here drawing daily with me. So let's get started. All right. To get started on Dragon. I'm describing my pencil and started with a sketch. Just kind of getting my idea out there. Um, I said last time that I am kind of planning to do Q T versions of all these mythical fantasy guys. Um, not great at, like, scary or really serious. So I thought cute see Would be really fun. Um, so I am doing kind of a cute little dragon guy. So obviously, if you want to Cute, you want to have a big head, big guys, those all denote acuteness. - All right, so there's my sketch of my dragon. Um, yeah, I made it really cute and kind of a kid. A friendly one. And all this dragon wants in this life is to roast the perfect rush ball. And that's my main goal in life too. So I feel like we're kindred spirits. So anyway, let's add some color. So I'm gonna put a new layer underneath my sketch and start with my Nico rule brush and start with my base color. Uh, maybe you to make him more kid friendly on my camp. Inaba Teeley, Aqua Marine Color here and then I just love the Nico rule brush because it's got a lot texture, but, um effort, brush you love to color with Go for if your dragon looks and nothing like mine, that's perfectly fine. This is all about bringing out your creativity and your style. And so I want to see you do that and whatever that looks like for you, if it's doing a simple line drawing or if it's doing an elaborate, realistic dragon like do it, man and just embrace it. And I am so glad you're here drawing daily. Okay, so I have to go in quite loosely, loosely with my color to start out for base because I can always go back and do the detail . But mostly this step is to gain that texture from the Nico rule because I love it so much, and also just to kind of lay on my colors and see if I liked them next to each other. Um, and then from there, I just, uh I refined my shapes, and I add my details. That's usually my process with this, Um, sometimes it really works for me. And sometimes it gives me a really hard time. So that's how I do this. But, um, that, I think is part of drawing every day, like you just refine that process. And you you find how you work best and how, um, you figure things out and how your brain works. And so, yeah, again, I am promoting the draw every day because I really, truly believe that is essential to, um, finding your style and, um, finding how you draw best. So, yeah, I'm just gonna keep coloring the sky and go from there. Okay? You're going to see how I've added a lot of details here. I'm not quite done. I want to add a background color. I probably shouldn't sooner, but, um, I'm losing my details to the white here. So on a background color, so I could see my duty. Is love better? All right. I can clean some of these edges. - All right? I seem to add toasting this on this rush, then I all right. There is my cute little dragon. Um, I hope you had fun drawing the dragon today. And I want you to keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 6. August 4: Fairy: Hello friends today withdrawing this little fairy, This is my version, but take the prompt however you want. And let's get started. So let's get started on our very dry ice sheets. Have a pencil and I'm just gonna start with a sketch. Like I told you before, I'm doing really like QT versions of these prompts. You to the prom tab, or you'd enjoy doing it. But yeah, I'm just gonna sketch this out and see how it turns out. For Q2 things though, you just want to be sure to have big eyes, big head, and then keep the rest of the body. So this is q2. Well, Q raspberry. And I'm just going to start on the colors on a new layer underneath and go from there. All right, so just like lay down my base color and then details on top. That's just how I like to do it. Everybody has their own process of how they work best. And that's kinda just what you pick up and learn as you draw daily. And you learn what works best for you. And so yeah, this is just how I've learned that I like to work. But if this doesn't work for you, don't try to force it and do it your way and how works best for you. Because a lot of drawing daily is about self-discovery and scaring you are in your style and how you work best. Okay. Mm-hm. So now I'm just adding the clothes on here. Just as ego add more details and stuff like that. Second, really define your character, which is super fun. You get to decide what they wear, what they look like. Do they wear this color because it's a favorite, like all those fun little decisions are yours. So instead of putting too much pressure on yourself or stressing out, let those little decisions like that piece super fun. And then I can just flow from you. And then last but not least my so I'll just add those on the back here. Okay. So it was fun for you to play around with I can't wait to see what it looks like. I'm so glad you're here joining daily with and I will see you tomorrow. 7. August 5: Ogre: Hello friends. Today I'm drawing this cute little ugly Ogre, and that's our prompt. So take it however you want. I'm just so glad you're here to draw daily with me. So let's get started. So to get started on our ogre drawing, I'm just going to grab my pencil and start out with a sketch. So far we've done can I QD things and I still want to keep this guy kinda cute, but I might kinda make him. Because he said, ogre, you don't really expect them to be adorable. He's mad. So make them have mad. Okay, so there's my basic ochre sketch. Knockdowns on sand castles. That's a pretty scary thing to do for a little kid. I'm going to add a layer underneath that and probably make him green since he's an ogre. Vulgar. And go from there. I like to use to block out my big color bits. And then you go in with my pencil and details. Okay, so there's my basic color and lay down there for my character. I just clean up the edges now. And then I go back. The clothes and accessories and the details with a much finer lines, but I loved game, the texture of the big lines. And so that's why I generally do that. First. I grabbed my pencil up and I do more things like facial features and the details on the hands and stuff like that. Moving on to the details of the character itself in place. And if I up a locket, I can make sure I add some good shaming for that and just come in and see how much just that little bit adds to it. And then highlight to really round out my form. I can't forget an outfit for him. Again, just keeping it really simple for this ogre up pay here and not making it stressful for myself. But making triad those details into it, you still get the full effect of the character I'm trying to display. So I think that's kinda fun as we do these fancy things is to think about all the details, but also loosened up and let it be what it is because it's not a person, so it doesn't have to be exact. You can kinda make it up as we go along and keep it fun. And then next we're just going to add his soul destroying here when I condone violence or anything. But I also know that he's a note to destroy something. Let's give him a sand castle. Ochre guy. Turned out pretty cute and also kinda ugly and perfect. So I hope you had fun doing this prompt and I can't wait to see how you keep dry daily. I will see you tomorrow. 8. August 6: Wizard: Welcome back friends. Today we're driving this cute little wizard kid. I just kinda made about tweak them Q and fun. You take the wizard prompt however you want. But if you will follow along, I'll show you how I do this one right now. Okay. So for my wizard drive, I'm just going to start out with the chair. I'm so glad you're back today and you're here drawing daily. Yeah. It's it's tough to keep going. And uses that first week is like the toughest. So if you're struggling to get yourself motivated to get going, make sure you check out our Facebook group. I've got the link in the class description. And you can really get motivated with other people and see what they're posting and stuff like that. Also. I mean, just keep keep pushing through because you're not regret drawing daily, showing up daily and investing in yourself in this way. So the next question, I've got my little wizard guy here is just a little kid who's like finding out the first time because I don't think wizard started out as old men. And I thought would be a little fun way to take the prompt. Also keeping with my cutesy theme here. Yeah, so I just have him discovering wizardry, wizard agree, discoveries with her power or whatever. So yeah, I do start the coloring layer now I'm just going to add a layer underneath. And I love my NCAA rural brush because I love that texture. And go from there. Okay. So I've got my skin tone laid out. And I just start with that usually. And then I like to go in with my pencil and do the details. I've talked about this a couple times already that this is just my style. This is how I like to work. Lots of people have different ways of working and i don't tend to use outlines on my characters, but a lot of people do and there is nothing wrong with that. Like there's no wrong way to draw your characters. So just remember that to be kind of yourself and how you draw. And if it's not like me, it doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. It just means you don't draw like me, which is perfectly fine. So yeah, this is not about being perfect, are amazing. In your art spout you drawing daily and learning about your style, your creativity, and you do a new So to that, enjoy it, and don't feel restricted by what I do, what others do, and how others work. Just take it and run with it. Alright, next, I'm going to add some details here. Layer under the add this wizard hat. So next I'm going to add a new layer and I'm going to go above this skin here. And yeah, for my little guy here, I just made it kinda like youth and as bathrobe and slippers that pertain to be a wizard. And then all of a sudden he realizes, because it's got this magic. I just thought that would be a fun little prompts and given these long flippers and bathrobe. And so that's the close I've got going on here in case you're wondering that's I'm I'm going with I'm just going to add the details and on those. All right, so I've got its level outfit there sooner. I just seemed to add this little staff. Let me grab some new layer. I'm adding this as much as you can. I would advise doing different clothing and accessories on new layers is just so much easier for your life and your sanity. And you can always combine the layers later. But if you make a mistake and all your things are on the same layer, it's a lot harder to fix immediately. So just something to remind you. As you work in procreate, more layers can definitely be a friend and you can name layers if you're getting confused or anything like that about where things are. All good things to remember. Alright, detail I'm going to add. So I've got my Chris, I'm gonna duplicate it. And then on that bottom layer, I'm going to go to a adjustments and blurt it out. And I'm just going to duplicate that a few times to make it look like it's glowing. So you can really see that glow hitting now. And now you can kinda see that he's pretty excited about this magic he just created. So there's my little wizard guy. I hope those fun for you to follow along. And I can't wait to see how you took the prompts. So keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 9. August 7: Unicorn: Welcome back friends. Today we're drawing a magical unicorn. This is how I took the prompt, but you take it however you want, and let's draw. So for my unicorn illustration here, I'm just gonna grab my pencil and start out with a sketch. I know I'm starting every video the same, but it just felt so easy if you just start out with the sketch and give yourself a good solid base. So that's usually my main goal. To start myself outright so that I don't get frustrated later on. All right, there's my little sketch of my cute Chunqiu. All he unicorn here. Again, I am doing cute ones, but you can draw your uniform, how rewind you can draw thin and Regal. Draw it really silly, really realistic, like get a horse and, and use that as a reference. There are no limits. These are all fantasy and they can be as fun and diverse as you want them to. That's the best part of doing these types of problems. So this is just what I'm doing. And now I'm going to add a color layer underneath my sketch here and go from there. So I like to start my base color here and add my shading and everything. And then go in and do details with a pencil or something like that. That's just what works for me. But here you can see my unicorn already taking shape with just the shading, the little shady. And I did. So I've got a new layer here and I'm just adding in some of the details like the ties and the little hooves and the ears. To start out with. Remember, part of drawing daily is just keeping it simple and practical. So you don't stress yourself out. You don't make it harder than it has to. Just make it fun. You really looks like a little donkey who without anything. So let's put a unicorn horn on there. And you'll notice I just Apple locked to that layer so that I could my shading and everything. It's really the easiest way to add shading so that you don't get, you don't have to erase more and fix up more. He just Apple Lockett and animal shading around the huge. Alright, I'm gonna go to a new layer and add that mane and tail. I really do think some of the best bits drawing characters is you get to choose what they look like and what colors you add to them, accessories and all that. Because I could have gone with a typical Rambo. But I wanted to do kind of an off rainbow colors and, and I'm really liking these colors altogether, so just little bits like that. And if they bring you joy, you're gonna see that in your drawing. So that's all stuff to remember. Don't take it too seriously and just enjoy the little bits of drying. I just want to add a bit magic here. So as eggs and sparkles. And there we go. I think it turned out pretty Hugh. And I hope you enjoyed that prompt and I can't wait to see how you did it. Keep dry daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 10. August 8: Superhero: Welcome back friends. I'm so glad you're here today. We're drawing this superhero. I did mine. It's a cat. Yep, that's what I decided to do, but you take it however you want and let's get started. Okay, so first superhero illustration. I'm gonna start off with a sketch. I was trying to think of fun, unique superheroes. So I actually think I wanna do a cat just to keep it funny and cute. I'm super hero, but you take the prompt however you want. And just wanted to keep it a little different and interesting. Alright, so my simple cat superhero. Now, I'm gonna go and grab my favorite Nico and start with my color layer. You've got to have a nice bright orange CACS. I love color. So I'm just gonna go with bright or and then I'll add in my shading details. Go from lag. Okay? Okay, so I've got my basic background, colors laid down. Then go in with a pen or pencil on a new layer and clean up my details. I'm just gonna real quick background layer here. So I can really see my details such as venture, I'm behind the mask and k2. So I'm going to add a new layer. Alright, there we go. Is my superhero. That was really fun to draw. And I hope you enjoyed doing this prompt and I can't wait to see how you interpreted it and keep drawing daily. And I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 11. August 9: Drawing Noses Worksheet: Welcome back friends. About once a week, I do a little bit like drawing skills lesson where we work on our drawing skills and instead of a prompt. And last week we worked on drawing a 100 eyes. And we talked a lot about how drawing a 100 or main thing, we'll get you really good at it. While this week, of course, I've noses so you can kind of see where we're going. We're just kind of repeating and giving ourselves going on drawing this same thing over and over so that we can get really good at it. So this noses worksheet is in the Resources tab if you want to download it. Otherwise, just feel free to draw under knows if you only have time for 20 or 50 or whatever, that's fine. Like this is just a challenge for you and yourself so that you can improve. And if you want to take a break and draw something completely different, that's great to just keep drawing daily. Don't stop. And yeah, so I'm going to draw noses here. I probably won't get to a 100 because I don't want this video to be forever. But yeah, I'm gonna get started on some noses and see what I can come up with. And maybe it will help you as you're searching for noses to draw as well. Alright, so let's see. I've already got Cooney nodes is going. I've got some mustaches and beards, warts and stuff like that. And you know what, human noses aren't feeling to have a noses. I can now venture into animal noses so I can start doing some. Kitty cat knows is some puppy dog knows is basically all the animals. And just this exercise opens up your creativity so much and you have to think outside the box. But also don't be afraid to go look up. Nose drawings like there's no shame in that because it will give you the reference. And then maybe your characters will get a little different. Or one day when you're try to remember how to do an elephant trunk. Well, there you go. You already drew one honor worksheets. So those are all things that are really good to just give yourself a reference for. So never feel ashamed for looking up ideas and references. So then yeah, you're just strengthen yourself. There's nothing wrong with that. Nobody has unlimited resources inside your head. You have to build up that bank of ideas and thoughts and stuff by looking things up and by researching and by figuring things out. So you see as you started in the animal kingdom, we can dive into even more noses, which is really fun. But anyway, this is just a fun worksheet. I don't want to have any pressure. I just want you to draw daily and we're driving skills and improve, keep it simple, keep it easy, and keep dry daily. And I will see you have a great day. 12. August 10: Witch: Hello friends today, redrawing lovable, which here was mine, how I took the prompt. But you do yours however you want. And let's get started. Okay, so to get started with our, which I'm gonna just start here with a sketch. I'm so glad you are back here drying daily. This a new week. And so if you miss a day or two, don't be hard on yourself, don't give up. Just keep drawing daily. You know, art is one of those things that you just have to have patience with yourself without. And so remember that Dr. Daly and improve and get excited about it. There is a picture of my cat. Yeah. So I quite like how that turned out. Like I've said before. And good sketch can take you a long way. So I'm gonna just start my basic coloring on the layer underneath. Mm-hm. Alright, so I've started here, I'm got her face and her hands in her hair and I made her quite when blown because she's up on a broom. I'm going to add a new layer, starts some accessories. Okay, so you can just kinda keep progressing, keep moving. Now I think I get those links. So that's my next task. Okay, I'll start on that. Right? Alright, the cat seemed a bit too ordinary for which, so I gave him some falling down go goggles and a scarf to match hers. So now she's under most cat along with her normal self. And that's how I which turned out. I hope you enjoyed that little bit and I can't wait to see how your worst turned out. So keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 13. August 11: Original Pokemon: Welcome back. Today we're drawing our own original Pokemon. And really this can be any creature that you want to mash up together. I just thought original Pokemon Go is a nice, easy way to say it. So let's get started. Okay, so today's prompt is an original Pokemon. So if you're not familiar with Pokemon, they are these little creatures. You've probably seen a couple of womb before, but basically they're just creatures that are oftentimes to different kinds of creatures mashed up or, or like a normal creature in really bright colors. Anyway, they're just super fun and bright and colorful. But if you just wanna like mashup to animals and make a new animal, it's all about creating a creature. And so you definitely don't have to make it like a Pokemon. Like I just thought it was a nice way to say mashups and creatures and make your own original creature. So, but also Pokemon are pretty cute, so it's kinda fun. So I thought I would take a couple animals and kinda mash them up into my own little, hook him on here. So I'm just going to grab my pencil and a new layer. You make this a little smaller, kinda keep it as a reference. And then maybe start a sketch. Posts thinking about doing maybe like a frog cat type thing because they're both kinda, they can be kinda cube. And I was going to see where that takes me. So okay. So he's got a frog like hair. And it's kind of just a character body, not really a frog or a cat body. But then I've got the cat ears and that kind of works. Yeah, let's do some color even. Oh. I've got my base color laid down here and I'm really surprised how much he's already starting to look like a little Pokemon. I kinda like it and I'm excited about it. So I'm just going to add a new layer on top here and I'll begin doing some of the details of his ears and his eyes and stuff like that. And then making sure to adding shadows. A lot of those corrosion on Pokemon had really defined shadows. They're very cartoony characters so you don't have to draw it like that. Like I said, I just wanted this to be a fun prompt where you could kind of mash some creatures together and create your own. So that was the goal. But I think this little frog, cat guys quite coming along. And then I might just give him some good whiskers here. I think I wouldn't call them done. Quite like how he turned out. He's really quite fun and colorful and fits right in. So I hope that was fun for you. I can't wait to see what your new creature creation looks like and keep drawing daily. I will see you tomorrow. 14. August 12: Gryphon: Hello friends. Today we're drawing a griffin. It's half eagle, half line, and super cute. Well, mine is, but yours can be ferocious if you want. Take the prompt however, and let's draw our right to get started on our growth. And here I've got myself and my friends just because it's good with any creature that you're not completely familiar with. The Griffin is essentially a mythological creature that and ego part lion. And so it's kind of another fun character mash up here. So I knew layer, I'm, this guy starts catching out my ego line here and see where it takes me. Alright, so this is my little cute a goal line Griffin here. I've got the little line B and the little ego beat his tail and beings. Yep, I think that's pretty good. And like F sub four, I just, I'm going the cutesy row two. But you draw these however you want. If you want to do super realistic, if you wanna do style really is just so fun to kind of mash up creatures. Play with things that you can change and make your own because their fantasy, they're not real and you don't have to stick to any one thing. So I'm just gonna get my guy colored here, start with and go from there. You can see, I'm sorry, laying down my basic colors, I've got some nice shading going down. And then I like to let add a layer on top and add in my details and stuff. So this layer can usually look pretty rough. But I just want to show you that this is kinda how the process looks. Because sometimes when we're drawing every day we get really down on ourselves and we're like, man, everything that I do, it just looks really messy. Well, this is just part of the process, is just part of how I'm drawing every day goes. And the more you do it, the more you learn about yourself and how you do this best. Sooner or later you'll have your process down. And a won't necessarily look like as you've seen, but it would be perfect for you. And so that's why I want to encourage you to draw daily to not give up, to keep showing up. Okay? So I'm gonna add some mundane tasks to the readings here. We're moving right along. Okay. I think that I quite like how it turned out. So there's mine and I'd love to see how you took the prompt, so show it off and keep showing up daily. And I will see you tomorrow. 15. August 13: Necromancer: Welcome back. Today we're drawing in necromancer. Mine is of course, cute. Vote please draw years however you want. And let's get started. Alright, so I'm just gonna start out here with little sketch. I'm just kinda pencil here. Necromancer I knew would be one of our fantasy ones that would be tough for me to make huge, but I'm still gonna attempt to make it a cute macro my answer. So let's see what I can do here with our little sketch. Yeah. Okay. So there's my sketch, it's creepy. Q timber. And now I'm gonna do a layer underneath, insert some coloring. Probably make this guy super pale. And see what happens. Okay? Alright, so I've got the Panzer phase started through some hair. Maybe next I'll start on the close. Steve back. Ok. Okay. One thing you'll notice as you drag characters is that sometime you have to have a layer behind and the layer in front of the same thing. So like this guy, I have to have his cloak behind here. But then I also want pieces of his clubbed phone prom is closed, so I have to have another layer that is in front of everything. And then I can do pieces of his cloak in a smaller brush and bring it in front of savings and to that end from his hand there. So I just gotta watch what is in front of Goya. But just because it doesn't make sense logically to split up the cloak, it does make sense when you're drawing to have those on two separate pairs. And this is probably something you already know, but it's just something that I've noticed that sometimes you just have to think like in layers rather than in the actual one person. If that makes sense. And maybe I'm just rambling at this point. Okay, so then I just need to add his cool stuff over here. And I think one thing that I've definitely noticed as I've been doing these cute characters is the more round you make things cuter they are. And the pattern c, You can see Andrew this goal, but it's very round and so it's not terrifying at all. So that's just something to keep in mind. Sharp angles can be more scarce in promoting, whereas round, circular things. Cubed. Cute, necromancer. I hope you've found this prompt and I can't wait to see your drawings. Keep trying daily and I will see you tomorrow. 16. August 14: Centaur: Welcome back friends. Today we're drawing a centre. This is my cute little guy. But you take the prompt whichever we want. I can't wait to see what you draw. So let's get started. So today's prompt is center, which is the half man, half horse. So I described myself a little reference, even though I'm probably going to make it look more like a kid's and tar because I've been doing Q things. So I'm just going to start on my sketch and kinda see if I can make this Q and not so more URI. So it takes quickly with Shetland pony Center, since I'm going cute. Kid with a bow and arrow, then a mighty warrior. But I think that will work for me. Layer underneath and start with some color. Okay. Alright, so I've got my own face down. I'm going to add layers on top to get my detail stuff. Okay, I think I've got the horse parts Center to work on the heart. Okay. One trick I often use with hands, so try to get them to hold on to things is to actually do them on a separate layer. So you would think you would put them on the same layer as your body. But actually, it is more convenient to put them on a separate layer holding the object you want them to hold. So that way you can overlap and that you can get them adjusted just right. Yeah. I still have trouble with hands even though I practiced them all the time. They still they still have to mess with. Its simply one of those things that you guys just keep working at it. And as you go along, I think that's a future now. I'm pretty happy with it and I hope you're happy with yours. Even if not, keep drawing daily, keep doing it because a daily practice is what gets you better day by day. So I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 17. August 15: Gnome: Welcome back friends. Today we're drawing a cute little known. This is my guy. I'm pretty proud of how QD is. And if you want to watch me do it, let's get started. So for today's prompt, it's a little num and so I thought I'd just get started with a little sketch here. I'm just going for super Q, kinda gardening genome level guy with the Santa beard and everything because those are cute knowns. Sometimes with urine drawings, it can be the little things that really make the biggest impact for your character. So for this guy, I decided to give them like little Wesley's or garden booths. And then I change my mind and designed to have him hold an oversize flour and service tiny flowers. So like he's a little garden gnome. Those little things can really make your character if you just add in low special bits. So anyway, now I'm gonna go on the layer underneath and start my base colors for him. Okay, so now that I've got these, I'm going to add a layer close underneath those. All right, so then the next thing I want to put on there is that flower. So let's add another layer here and do that. One thing that I just did was I was doing the stem and the flour and I made a very similar green to the pants. And one problem with that is you probably wouldn't be able to distinguish the stem from the pants. And having a contrast of colors actually helps the mind figure out what the situation is with the images and stuff like that. So it's definitely something to keep in mind, what colors you use against what other colors. And that's why we have a whole talk about complimentary colors and all of that and how useful it is because this is definitely one of those incidents, instances. But the stem there would've looked like a weird continuation of the pants. And it would have made it a little confusing and you would have had to think hard I run it. Whereas good illustration is illustration that you don't have to think hard. So that's just something to remember as you draw and as you're figuring out how to do things like think about those colors, Think about what you're up against. All right, so there's my enqueue garden. No. Yeah, he turned out super cube. I really like. So I hope you enjoyed this prompt and I can't wait to see what you drew it. Keep trying daily, keep joining me, keep at it. We're almost halfway through the month. I know we are halfway. Didn't keep going and I will see it. Bye. Bye. 18. August 16: Drawing Mouths Worksheet: Welcome back, friends. I'm so glad you're back, Dr. Daly, we've made it half the months. That's awesome. If this is your first month doing drawing every day. Awesome, you're doing great. Let's finish out this month. If you're continuing now with me, I'm so proud of you. You're doing a great job of drawing every day and it's such a great habit to have. So once a week I do like a worksheet where we work on drawing skills just to improve ourselves. And so this month we'd been doing like a 100 object worksheets. So we did eyes and noses, and now we're doing mouths. Feel free to look up references and ideas because obviously you can't pop them all off the top of your head all at once. See how many you can do. But then feel free to look up references like there's no shame in that. Because what you're doing is you're building a repertoire in your own head for mounds and four lips and, and expressions and all that. And having that in your back pocket, in the back of your brain will make all the difference as you're coming up with characters, as you're trying to replicate reference images, anything like that. Like you'll all agree, have that that practice with it. So yeah. Don't worry about looking things up. You absolutely should. But yeah. So today we're just doing a 100 mounds and doesn't have to be anything fancy. They don't all have to be good. Remember, again, we are just drawing daily. Were not dry masterpieces daily or not drawing perfection every day we are just drawing daily. And this can look a lot different for a lot of different people. But doing it everyday is the part that casts the part that makes a difference, the part that changes how you draw. So again, I'm just glad you're here and I'm glad we get to do this together. And so I'm just gonna get started on these mounts here. I've already got six going here. For me. This worksheet, I forgot to say this. I knew there was one thing I forgot to say this worksheet is in the References tab if you want to work on it on a worksheet. Otherwise, just feel for you to draw yourself. You can draw it on paper. You could have a little scratch paper that throughout the day you just draw a little bit here, a little bit there. You can draw in the borders of something else while you're on a phone call. You know, it it can definitely be something that you just work on as you have a moment to work on it. But yeah, so, I mean draw these little Mao's and see, I can get done here. I probably won't draw all hundreds. I don't want this video to be so, so long, but it is definitely did practice and you'll see good results. So I encourage you to try for a 100 and t can. Okay, so there I have 30. And you can see how I started out with lips and then I moved on to open mouth and even got a little bit canine cat versions. And then I moved onto like emotions and stuff like that. And how even a tongue can, you can flip it so many different ways to mean different things from disgusted, too delicious to whatever that is. So yeah, there's just so many fun things. So as you're trying to think of new ideas, remember emotions, remember animals, remember different shapes of loops like these are mostly very consistent shapes, but I mean you could have blips or big top lip and a little bottom live. Thin lips. Like there's so many varieties, so I encourage you just press forward and if you need to look up ideas, flick up ideas. And yeah, keep trying daily. I'm so proud of you. Keep showing up and they'll make a difference. I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 19. August 17: Nymph: Hello, friends, welcome back. I'm so glad you're still drawing daily. And if you're just starting back up after taking the highest good for you, you know what? Restarting a habit that you want to keep going is a big step. So I'm glad you're back today. Our prompt is nymph. I did a little cute water nymph, but you take it however you want. This is just a draw with me to keep you motivated and keep you going. So let's get started. So to get started on our nymph, I was just kind of start with a sketch here and I've got my little puzzled brush. A nymph, a picture that is usually tied to nature and to train them, send water nips. Basically, you can pick any foreign nature and have usually it's a made in nurse or our female or figure that's tied to the nature elements. So I'm going to do kind of a water nymph. Thank I was thinking about doing clearly on a lily pad. And so that was kind of the direction I just thought of. First. Sketch it out and see where it takes me. Okay, so let's try a rough sketch. Can I kind of lost my nerve? But I think I know where I want to go, so I'm just gonna leave it. Maybe if I had more time, I would do a second sketch over top of it. But Panda's go into the work finally, for there. Alright, so I've got my basic skin tone down, and now I've got some hair going and I'm gonna go ahead and choose a new watery this color set here. Yeah, I have a new layer and I'm just going to see we can convert pentagonal watery here, look here. Add some highlights and some shadows. Okay, I think I like how that hair turned out. That some texture in there. And a little bit here and there. The more variety of colors and shapes you do really does help hair. Because if you look at a photograph of paper, it is so-called flow. Same as skin. Really, you can't go wrong. Adding more, I'm blending more end. Because skin and hair and such a variety of colors and you see colors, the more you study in there that you didn't even know. Poets kinda so blue. Okay, so now I've got the hair out, probably move on to the outfit, get this image Rolon hair. And to give a lot of flow and movement to this. Since she has a water nymph here. Close can say a lot about your care during, can explain a lot visually about your character as well. So that's always something good to keep in mind. It's a lovely little watering duress. New layer, I will probably start adding facial features except those yet. How did that happen? Let's give her a Florida sit. I think it's high time we put some water underneath her so she can be different our toes into something. Now notice I might to select franchising, add different layers of colors on top of each other. And I feel like this really adds depth and texture. Obviously, when I use the and textured brush is just one of the things I really enjoyed doing. So you'll see me a lot. That lily pad underneath. So the flour and her sitting on something. Alright, there we go. I think she turned out quite Lumley. She looks like she belongs right there in the flour and the water. And I'm really happy with how she turned out. I hope you enjoyed this prompt and keep dry daily and I will see you tomorrow. 20. August 18: Ghost: Welcome back. Today we're driving acute love ghost, and this is how I took it. I wonder Do Q. But you can take the prompt, whichever you want. I'm just so glad that you're here drawing daily with B once again. So let's get started. Okay, so to get started on our ghost illustration, I'm just gonna do a quick sketch here. And I'll try to think of something fun because it goes can be really just sit like this simple shape with like little eyes on it. Like it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Shopping is the name Fence. I thought maybe if he was bugging or something with some headphones on and add a bit more interests to his character. Alright, so there's been a sketch, and I'm going to go ahead and click, invert it and make it light because what I want is a dark background. So I'm gonna add a layer underneath. And it's just easier to start with a dark background since we're doing a GFS and there's a light-colored simple. We'll just start with that. Alright, so I've got my background now we'll add another layer and we'll start with our ghost. Genuinely an illustration you want to not use straight up like pure white because oftentimes it comes just across way too harsh. So you want to use, maybe if you want it to local white, you wanna use something very close, but with a tint pi. So here I'm using this one has a bit of yellow in it. And you can tell with the dark background, it's pretty easy to tough. But it's typically something keep in mind that you don't want that starkness unless that's the absolute goal of your illustration. And then I'm going to alpha luck that layer. And continuing in the yellow palette, I'm actually going to move over to blue. Kind of a shame. And he said all headphones here. And I wanna make sure that she's a nice bright color to contrast with the background. Let's add a cute little face. I hope you had fun with that prompt. And keep dry daily. And I will see tomorrow. 21. August 19: Sphinx: Hello there friends. Today we're drawing the Sphinx of sphinxes, a woman, lion, bird, eagle thing. It's a fine cratered kinda mesh together. This is the key one I made, but you take a healthy want and let's get started. Okay, so to get started with our sphinx drying, and I'm just gonna start with a sketch here. I've just got my pencil on a blank layer here. A Sphinx is usually a female figure. And then with a lion body and eagle wings. I believe it is. And so I think I'm gonna do like a cute little girl instead of a woman. Just kinda how I did the center was a cute little boy instead of man's. So just keep things cute and people may drives consistent. And actually I think I'll make her look like a kitty cat. Ions. So it's kind of a cute thing. It turned out that's pretty Q. For a Sphinx. They usually more intimidating and old picture of pictures around, so. Q. Alright. Let's do some coloring on a layer underneath. I've got my two base layers, the done my body and had here next semester on my detail. So then new layer for that takes me. I think it turned out pretty good. I hope you had fun with that prompt is definitely interests you. And I can't wait to see how you decide to do it. Yeah. I am so glad you're here drying, dealing with B. Keep it up. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 22. August 20: Elf: Welcome back friends. Today a prompt is, I went Christmas because I really love Christmas, and Christmas elves are fun. And Q and this one turned a little silly, but you draw yourself anyway, you want to, and let's get started. So to get started with our illustration, I'm just starting with my pencil here and a sketch. I always think, Oh, Christmas, Christmas Elves when I hear halfs. So I think I'm just gonna go christmas even though it is the wrong time of year. All right. And Kenny came here is kind of silly. I'm going to go on the layer underneath my skin color. Okay, so I've got base by skin here and it looks super weird with that candidate. Came in before. It looks any weird. Alright. We're now okay, I forget his heft. I'll just go in and add in the details. All right. And definitely turned out sillier than I intended at first, but if not a bad thing, you still really cute. So I really like it. So I hope you enjoyed that prompt and it was fun for you. Keep drawing daily and I will see you tomorrow. 23. August 21: Cyclops: Welcome back friends. Today our prompt is cyclops. I'm drew, this cute little guy who's reading, He's got glasses. I thought was a fun take on the prompt, but you take it how we want. I'm so glad you're here to draw daily. So let's get started. So to start with our Cyclops drawing here, I'm just going to start with a basic sketch. Cyclops, of course, is a one-eyed creature. So that might be the glasses, even though there's been along the lines of grading or something like that. I think that's pretty cute. Kid version of the cycles with the big B. Big B. That's kinda take on a cyclops. Amassed heard some coloring here. Finally now my base colors on a layer underneath. Then go from there. So the base layer, this stage can look quite messy and that is perfectly fine because r is kind of messy. And you just have to kind of roll with it when you're at. In John just gave up and stop. And that's kinda like the drawing daily is all about like it gives you that confidence to know that if I just push myself a little bit more and if I just go a little bit further, we'll see the results that I was looking for. So yeah, I'm gonna kinda, I encourage you to do that this week is just push yourself a little further, drawn in a more and keep coming back to drawing Daly's because it's a, it's a great practice that really strengthens your skills in. You get to pass the heard bits. And I've got my details, face and body, I can start adding my accessories like the clothes and the viruses. So let's start with clothes on him. That, that layer underneath. And a simple close since we can barely see. I've got some clothes, glasses, and then next sufficiency my book. But it certainly isn't pages, so I have to know and the layer underneath it and add some pages. Cyclops guy, he turned out pretty good. Definitely acute version at a site clubs. So I hope you enjoyed that prompt. And I want you to just keep drawing daily key bad. I'm so proud of you how far you've come. Let's keep going. I'll see you tomorrow. 24. August 22: Alien: Welcome back friends. Today or prompt is alien. We're just keeping it super fun and loose today. So join with us and let's get started. Okay, so today's prompt is aliens. So I'm going to just start with a sketch here. Funded about doing a creature like an alien is you basically can just draw any shape or any squiggle a, make an alien. So if you're having trouble figuring out what to draw, draw some squiggles or blogs or something like that. And then, and then just kinda play around with them until one of them becomes an alien that you would like to draw. So see, I just true for blobby shapes, eyes amounts to them. And I gave myself for really easy contexts for good. I go with this guy right here. So the easiest way to do that as a grab my little lasso tool here. And I'm just going to go around. You see em on freehand. Just three finger swipe down, copy and paste. And now he's on the layer all by himself. And I can add a bit more to my sketch and then I can start coloring underneath it. Alright, so I've added a bit Raj, my sketch, and now I can go under it and start creating and protein it out. I've got that background. I'm going to go on next layer up and start adding into those details. I think those details really add some background stuff here. So I might as well. That's my space alien, kinda fun, really easy. And really don't put a pressure on yourself for these daily drives. Just make it something fun and creative and just do it daily and continuing the practice and getting that creativity out. Alright, I'm so glad you're here. I will see you tomorrow. Have a great day. 25. August 23: Drawing Paws and Claws Worksheet: Welcome back. So once a week we do a worksheet or we work on our drawing skills. And this month we have been working on dry in a 100 of something. So we did a 100 eyes, 100 noses and mouths. And all this is just to improve that only are drawing skill in that one area, but also just giving you a reference for future drawing. So if you're trying to draw different mouths, are different eyes, you have a reference either in your brain are right there on your iPad's. So this worksheet is in the Resources tab, or you can just go ahead and, and doodle on your own in your ipad. This is a no pressure easy thing and if you can't do a 100, that's fine. But it's also just a little bit of a stretching of your drawing skills in your creativity. So for today, we're doing pausing clause and I kinda chews up because we've been doing so many different creatures and stuff like that. I thought would be fun. We could think of different animal feet and see where that takes us. So I'm gonna get started here and see how far I can go. Alright, so I've got my first few going here. And I'm just trying to think of different angles and different types of ban moles from webbed feet to clause to hooves on horses and stuff like that. And just trying to stretch my ideas. Also feel free to look up references because that's the kind of the point of this exercise. You may not necessarily think off the top of your head all the different types of animals and all the different types of pause and be in everything. But as you want to gather more and more, you can look them up and, and add them to your repertoire here. So yeah, I'm just going to continue to think of new ones and tried to add them here. Also remembering to do different angles. That would also add to your 100 as you're doing. From profiles straight on all that. It will give you different references for how things move and are shaped and know all back. Okay, so those gist startup, mine, I'm not gonna do all a 100 because I don't want this video to be forever and you've kind of got the gist of it, so yeah, keep working at it. Whatever you have time for is great. This is just to help you improve your skills. So I hope you enjoyed doing your 100 pause and claws and keep drawing daily. I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 27. August 25: Vampire: Welcome back friends. Today we're drawing a little band pair. I did a cute one, but you do it however you want to take that prompt and run with it. But I'll show you how I did this one. So yeah, let's get started. Okay, so to get started with my band pyre here we'll start with a little sketch. Again, going with cute. But you can take the prompt any which way you want. All right, so there's my sketch. I got my little, it's like a little vampire boy. He's PQ. He's got his K been puzzled back friend. I did this before the ghost and so I mended set night again. So I'm gonna do a dark background and then I'm going to invert my sketch so that I can see it. So if I just go to layer, click on it and go to invert, now it's white. You can see right here. And then as I add the background, now I can draw on this dark background with a light scatter and favor when I switch it back, edges hit inverted again. But I just thought I'd give him a nighttime background, so easier and do that background first and then I can match all my colors and everything to go with that background. So let's get a layer in between the background and the sketch layer. And we'll start with our coloring. The background is a bit too dark. I'm still gonna really pretty dark, but give it more the impression and nighttime, which is like this. There we go. And just feel like if I make him have black hair or black cape or anything, we're going to lose it because I've just made it just a tad too dark. But it's also what's nice about this, starting with it, is that you can then adjust it. And a bad thing, I could always add some clouds in the night sky. There's always some solutions. But you see I've got his face in his hands and legs in. So I'm going to add some hair to him. I'm a new layer. And then his bad to do his, right. And now this whole alpha_n made sure I connected the key, but first save completely connected, connected through nothingness to represent night. And there we go. There is our cute little vampire. And that was quite a fun little prompt to draw. And I hope you enjoyed it. And let's again, I am so proud of you for continuing to draw daily and making part of your daily practice. Doc. But now you're so close to the end of August and I'd love to see what you're doing. So feel free to join in our Facebook group and show what you're doing. Yeah, thank you for joining me and keep dry every day and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 28. August 26: Goblin: Welcome back friends. Today we're drawing a goblin prompt, and this is a little guy I made, but you take the prompt, everyone. I'm just so glad you're here to draw with B. And so let's get started to start our gaba. Who's kind of start with a sketch here. They had a big point. Okay. Nazca chore for us, that's pretty cool. And so keep it in pretty simple. Just because drawing daily doesn't have to be this big thing where it's just a 0, it should just be something that you enjoy. And if you're not enjoying the evening to find a way to make it something that you enjoy. It should not be a struggle. Yes. Sometimes it's hard to get to the drawing. Once you get there. If you're not enjoying it, you need to find what makes you have joined because drawing should be something that is enjoyable. Yes, of course, you're going to have moments where you struggled like all the time I bind, I can't draw something and the way I want to draw it, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about like, if you're not liking how you're drawing things or if you're making things too ridiculously hard for yourself, that's, that's unnecessary. And you need to find ways to make this something that you love because then you'll want to keep coming back and then you won't be able to resist drawing every single day. That just my $0.02 on that. Okay, so my face hands down and just start on the clothes pretending. Okay. And so I hope it looks ready to wander the forest. Name to throw on his spear that I had. Just make them a little goblins and I guess puts, throw them out. This one will have a problem here that I'm going to fix. So what I do, because I wanted behind his hand, Ben froze his hand in his user on the same layer. So what I can do is I can go select and now the Spirit selected and then go to the layer that I'm having trouble with. And I go to mask. And I'm going to invert that mask. And what's going to happen is wherever the white is on this mask, it's going to be in prep. And wherever the black or sorry worm, the black is going to be white is going to be behind. So if I take a pure white care on the mask, you can see where I am bringing the sphere back behind his hand here. And if I took a pure black, you could see my mask would cover up that. So this is very useful if you are trying to get your layers to cooperate and they're not. So yep, it's just the Layer Mask and you can always look up more tutorials on it if that was a very clear, but hopefully that little trick helps if you're ever in trouble with the character. Anyway, here's my little goblin die. I thought it was pretty fun. Definitely Uniqlo character. I am so glad that Dr. dealing with B and I hope you continue and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 29. August 27: Harpy: Welcome back, friends today are drawing prompted. Harpy fits a bird woman. Yeah, it could be a fun prompts, so let's get started. Right? So today's prompt is harpy and it's like a bird, like a woman. Some of them are portrayed really like viciously and stuff like that. Of course I'm gonna make like a cute little girl bird, but they're kind of a fun creature to play with because you could really switch up like what verge are doing and, and what's the girl looks like and stuff like that. So I'm just gonna make a girl with wings and give a bird-like features. But you take the prompt however you want. And let's see where the sketch Texas. So I'm gonna start layer below it some color. Okay. Okay. So I've got my face and wings and feet done. As only entertain do base layer bridges kept go in. So now let's add, I'm gonna do here and close to some hair first. I think I'm going to include some feathery type bits up at the top and that's woven into okay. I've included her hair. I gave her kind of with some old feathers sucking out, just emphasizing that Harvey said now, I think I'll give her flowing dress to that will be addressed. So I think don't quite like in how this is turning now. It's just like fun and different from most things I've drawn. One thing I might want to bring out her legs here. I feel like they're kinda gain lost under there. She looks a little too foreshortened. So I'll go through the layer that is your legs. And then I'm just going to use my selection tool here. And I'm going to select those lay eggs, then just slide them. See how that looks. Well, that's a little better. Yeah, sheila scrunched. And the neat thing about drawing digital is that when you see those little things, they're really quite easy to fix and change on the fly compared to traditional dry. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that prompt. I think that was kind of fun to make a bird woman who wasn't like a bird of prey. She's more like a cute, fluffy owl woman. Yeah. I hope you enjoyed that and keep drawing daily. And I will see you again tomorrow. 30. August 28: Zombie: Hello friends. Today are prompted zombie, I drew, drew this guy, he is cute and fun. And I will show you how I do this, but you take the prompt how v1, I'm just excited that you are here to draw data. So what today's prompted the zone? Again, i'm going for acute, so me I think it's possible if I've been able to make all these other guys cube. I think you make a queue. I think that's pretty whew, just like, hey, can you lend me your brains? Is closer, are ripped in. His flesh is falling off. Zombie things. Anyway. Yeah. I think I'm going to color now. I gotta make him a nice color. So I'll probably go for a blue category. I've got my base here. I'm just going to add my details on my hands. Goes Here. We go from now. I find that with a lot of the characters, Ryan's salon, the little details you add in that really add to your character. Thank here I'm filling in its hair but I'm like, Oh, weird patches like all maybe it that pulled out or people that are nano and then I'll go to t, then I'm rolling a couple teeth because the zombies that going to be taking care of those T. Now you crazy if it's so kind of friendly. But yeah, I feel like the more details you add in like this, just really add to your characters have been more thought you put into those level details. The more it makes your character who they are and gives it the extra bit. Okay, so now on the layer above that and we're going to add and close here. Closer. Another great place to really add detail in because you look at these genes in this shirt and you're like, what kind of gun into there? Just dingy and dirty. And I do I even want to know what this guy has gotten into. So you can tell a story with those details, with the details on the clothes and what the details on the, on the Character themselves. And so I think that's very fun. Part of designing character is you can tell that story. Here is only one shoe was Z1 and Z2. And there's a story there. Thanks my zombie. That encourage rigor fine Lonza texture to him. And he still kinda cute, too scary at all. So I hope you enjoyed that. I can't wait to see how you took that prompt because that's quite a fun one. Yeah. Keep DR1 daily. I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 31. August 29: Greek God(dess): Welcome back friends. I'm so glad you're here today. Our prompt today is God, either the great goddess. And it turned out super fun. So let's get started. All right, to get started on our sketch today, I've just got a pencil here and then you layer. And the prompt is, god and i just those kinda fun because they have a lot of different characters that you can take inspiration from. I thought I might do a little girl with like antlers like Artemis and kind of make it a cute little thing. But that's just how I am going to try to make a tube like Greek goddess here. But yeah, feel free to look it up in. Take the prompt whichever way you'd like. Okay. My sketch. So let's get started. Okay. The Skype and FaceTime here I think I'm going to go ahead on a new layer and add them and go from there. I've found with trying hair, the more texture and color you add to it, the more depth and movement. And so it really adds to what hair looks like in an even adds to your character. So I really feel like you can't add to many different colors and texture layers when you're putting inherited together. Right? Since we are talking about concrete goddess here. And then we'll just turn on her sandals. Add another layer TO address on. And the last thing I need to add is the bow and arrow. Go. Alright, so there is my great goddess and I feel like she turned out really well. I'd like to allow the movement I put in there. I hope you enjoyed this prompt and I can't wait to see which way you took it. Thanks for joining me today. Keep trying daily and I will see you tomorrow. 32. August 30: Drawing Hands Worksheet: Welcome back friends. Today we are doing a worksheet on drawing hands. About once a week. We do just something to improve our drawing skills because part of the drawing daily is to improve our skills and really get good at what we want, we want to achieve with our daily drawing. And so this whole month we've been drawing different parts like eyes and noses and mouths just to improve on them. And it's true if you draw a 100 of anything, you are gonna get better at dry them, think. And so that's what these worksheets have all been about. You can actually find this worksheet if you go to the Resources tab in the class and you can download it, of course, you can just draw on any old document or piece of paper or whatever. That's totally up to you. For this one though. I did start us off with this skeleton just so that we can see because hands are only limited to move to how the skeleton is like you can't make a hand do what it's not meant to do, basically. So I just put through this on the worksheet to give us a reference for the joints and everything. Because if you have that visual reference, it does make it easier to think through the process and the physics of a hand and their movement. But I'm just going to draw my, grabbed my pencil here to start drawing and draw some different hands. Hands are something that I'm not great at either. And it's just the, it's again, one of those things that you just have to draw and draw and draw to really improve. I don't think anyone is naturally great at drawing hands. Just because they are so diverse in all the different gestures you can make with hands. Okay. So you see I've got a variety imposes open hands and closed hands. It's a bag of hands. I would encourage you to just try all the different shapes that you can make with hands. And don't be afraid to find a reference. Because definitely like this is not something that comes naturally. I really think that drawing hands is just one of the hardest things. To just really get the graph's going. And you can see minor, not perfect. I have not done this exercise in a long time. And obviously I need to work on it. Like if I drew or hinder demands right node pro, really, really helped me. And maybe I need to do that. One of these diseases, go for it and draw as many as I can. But yeah, that's what I'm kind of giving you the opportunity do today in our drawing daily practice is to draw some hands and just improve. So grab those references, look-up because it's, it's hard to find all the different poses to draw. So yeah, look them up and just start drawing in all the different angles that hands come in. And then once you have a good show of hands, you can always go back and use that as a reference as you're trying to draw a character's hands. And you can feel less shy and more confident about your handwriting skills. Alright? Yeah. Probably keep going and maybe I even will after this. And just to brush up on my handwriting skills, but I don't want to make this video to last forever either. So you get to drawings Yemeni, you can do, if you don't make it to a 100, don't feel bad. It's super hard. And I don't want to be frustrated. I just wanted to to grow and learn. And the best way to do that is to push ourselves, but don't push yourself too far. Or you don't want to draw it tomorrow because I want to see you back here. We're almost to the end of August and you're doing so great. And I'm so proud of you for drying daily with me. Anyway. Yeah. I hope you enjoyed drive some hands and I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 33. August 31: Werewolf: Welcome back, friends who made it to the last day of August and so proud of you. Today's prompt is werewolf and says my cute little guy howling at the moon. I'll show you how I do this one, but you can take the prompt anyway, you want just so glad you're here to draw with me today, so let's get started. Okay, so for our prompt of a werewolf, I'm just starting off with a sketch here. I'm just using a pencil. Yeah. So that's my sketch. It's kind of like that turned into aware of his shirt because he's got like little boy glasses. Just one song. I don't think that's kinda fun. So next let's go to layer underneath and add some color. Okay? So I'm training just like hair where I add just some lada. And different colors and textures and layers. Because I really feel like with both hair and for the more layers you add on it, the more depth you give it, and the more interests, visual interest you give it. So that's a lot of what I tried to do. And sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't, but that's also part of this damage volume thing is just to try out different things and see what works for you and what doesn't, and learn from it. Okay. I've got five basic further layers. And then on top of those i and the glasses and the SOC, because I wanted those to be on top of that. I want the clothes to be underneath all that first layer underneath your shirt and shorts here. Okay. That's pretty cool. Actually, I might throw big brush. There's our wonderful guy, Helen at the moon. I hope that was a fun prompt for you and you made it through all of this. I'm so proud of you. Please check back in tomorrow and you will see our next month of drawing daily because we can keep doing this every day. And you're really good at drawing and make it part of our daily practice. So yeah, I'm really glad you're here. Keep drawing daily and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.