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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (5h 43m)
    • 1. April Intro

    • 2. What You Need and Tips

    • 3. A bit about April

    • 4. April 1: Dogwood

    • 5. April 2: Palm

    • 6. April 3: Orchid

    • 7. April 4: Lilac

    • 8. April 5: Flower Drawing Worksheet

    • 9. April 6: Fern

    • 10. April 7: Mushroom

    • 11. April 8: Cactus

    • 12. April 9: Moss

    • 13. April 10: Tulip

    • 14. April 11: Lily

    • 15. April 12: Drawing Leaves Worksheet

    • 16. April 13: Daffodil

    • 17. April 14: Snake Plant

    • 18. April 15: Weeping Willow

    • 19. April 16: Posion Ivy

    • 20. April 17: Zinnia

    • 21. April 18: Mint

    • 22. April 19: Drawing Trees Worksheet

    • 23. April 20: Succulent

    • 24. April 21: Maple

    • 25. April 22: Carnation

    • 26. April 23: Cattail

    • 27. April 24: Sunflower

    • 28. April 25: Aspen

    • 29. April 26: Drawing A Flower Wreath

    • 30. April 27: Rose

    • 31. April 28: Holly

    • 32. April 29: Dandelion

    • 33. April 30: Redwood

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About This Class

Welcome to daily drawing for 2020!

Just by looking at this class you are on your way to cultivating a daily drawing practice!

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

A bit about me, your drawing cheerleader and guide:

My name is Emily and one day I made it a goal to draw daily for one whole year. That was three years ago. And I still draw every day.


It has improved my skills immensely. I’m still not an amazing artist (you might even be better than me!) but I do have the drive and determination to not give up. 

People ask all the time how to maintain a daily drawing practice amidst real life. I’m a mom to three small boys, I work, I cook dinner every night, I juggle all the balls mamas have to juggle, and still find a moment each day to draw. I know real life, and I’d like to give you guidance, encouragement and a few principles on how you can make it work for your life too. 

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”– Confucius

Each month I’ll provide you with a small workbook with practice sheets, a schedule of prompts for that month, positive quote art and a video each day where you can draw with me. 

I also have set up a Facebook group called Daily Drawing 2020 where we can post together and encourage each other as artists (good vibes only- trolls will be kicked back under the bridge) 

Also on Instagram you can post with the hashtag #drawingdaily2020 and look for fellow artists also following along in the class. 

I’m so happy you want to take these first steps with me!

Let’s get started!

(Video music by http://www.bensounds.com)

Meet Your Teacher

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Emily Patriquin

Artist, Illustrator, Photographer


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1. April Intro: Hello. My name is Emily, and I've been doing the Siris for drawing daily in 2020. I have been drawing daily for over three years, and it has improved my drawing so much. And I get to be creative every day. And what better time do we need that, then? Now? So if you're here to join us for the month of April, we're going to do a prom, Pless of botanicals. So I'm super excited to be drawing plants and trees and flowers and just all these spring like things as hopefully spring comes out right now. Um, so we have a daily promptness that you just draw along with us. And we have Facebook group where we can support each other. And, um then once a week, I do like, um a structure drawing worksheet where we improve our drawing skills as we're drawing daily . Um, so if you just joined us in April, that's hasam. You can start your drawing practice right here, right now. And, um, let's draw daily and join our Facebook group and get support so that you can continue. This is a daily habit. I am so excited to draw with you daily. And I cannot wait for you to join this. Thanks 2. What You Need and Tips: Hey, so I just want to talk about, um, what we need for this class before we get started. Obviously, you can use any kind of drawing medium to do a day they drawing practice. But I'm gonna let you know what I'm using so that it's really easy to fall along. Um, I'm using an iPad and on my ipad I'm using the at AP appropriate. It is probably the best drawing painting app for the iPad. Um, it's just really intuitive. And many, many artists use it for digital work. Um, and then I'm also using the apple pencil again. Honestly, you can use a new tablet and stylus that works for you, but this is what I'm easy. And then I also have prepared worksheet sand, inspirational art pieces that are all in the resource is tab here on skill share. And I would love for you to dive into those the, uh, worksheets. We will use one each week, and they're there for you to either download street appropriate or Delon Justus the document and printed off. Whatever way, you're more comfortable using that. Go for it. Um, and the inspirational are is just like a quote to like, get you pumped and motivated and you can put it as a background on your phone or your iPad or hang it up on your wall so that you remember this is what you're doing your your starting this daily practice and then last, you just need determination. Like, seriously, you can just do this. You can. And I believe in you And together we'll make this daily practice happen so that you can improve. And, yeah, I'm really excited to see you in the group. I also have a few tips for you here from the first is to set a daily reminder. So whether that, uh, alarm on your phone or, um no to yourself a post it stuck up where you see it every day but yourself a daily reminder to draw and try to make it a consistent time to draw every day. Because if you're drawing at that same time, your brain is insulin. Gonna start picking up on that pattern and you're gonna want to draw that time you're gonna be thinking about drawing about at that time all day. I draw at night after between my kids bedtime in my bed time, and sometimes it doesn't leave a lot of time. But all day long, I'm thinking about what Indra and it gets me really pumped for that moment where I get myself to be creative and to really get into it. So I just encourage you really find that specific time and stick to it so that you can get in the rhythm of it. And then my second tip is to check off your accomplishments because as you see those little check boxes fill up, man, you will just you're just getting more confidence in yourself and in your practice. Um, and I've included a checklist of all bombs here in the resource is so make sure you get that and whether you put it in your procreate or you print it off so you can check it off that you did that days drawing, I say go for it, and then let us. I want you to not worry about messing up and just start. I know those mental blocks that gets you in your life, but I'm not good enough, But I can't do this, huh? Yeah, you can. And again, I'm gonna say this probably millions of times, but we're not drawing masterpieces daily there. Just drawing daily. It could be a sketch. It could be a doodle. It could be something that you're really passionate about anyone to spend more time on. Like it could be anywhere in between that you were just getting yourself in the habit of drying. Really? Because you want to see yourself probe and I unless you go to. So I'm really excited. Those are my tips. And I can't wait to see you in this class. Thanks. 3. A bit about April: So if you've been during these videos with me for the last few months, you know that I've been trying different techniques and styles just to give a variety, keep the daily drawing thing interesting, and so it doesn't get dull and everybody wants to draw daily, which could be so great. But I also like to use the daily drying thing to challenge myself. And so for the month of April, I thought I would challenge myself by keeping it very consistent and not switching it up. So what I'm gonna do with my road chemicals is make sure I have a very consistent, like Siris of them. So they all are on the same look and feel and everything. And so I have a couple of tricks and tips here that on how to keep the consistency for the month of April. Now, if you wanna have different style flowers and trees and stuff, go for interprets the prompts, everyone. I just thought I'd give this little video before I get started. You're like, Wait, why should doing them all the same? No. So the first way that I'm going to keep it really consistent is by using a color palette. So I've already created a whole floor of color palette here, but it's super simple to do, and it makes your, um, Siri's look very uniform by using the same set of colors. So there are a few ways you can get a good color palette. There are lots of color palette websites. This one is called coolers. It's very cool, but you just hit like generate, and they will generate a color palette for you in there's different ways to save it and export it. You can even just, uh, experts PNG. And there it is, and I can copy it and add it rating to procreate. Here, um, you can also go to Pinterest and just typing color palette. And it comes up with all these gorgeous ones, especially if you like typed in, um, Springs color palette. You'll get loads of spring colors that will go with your flowers and your plants and stuff , and then you can just go on those and good of those sites and just well, down grab or you can save him cheer and around here and then from there, just go to pallets, create a new one wrap up those colors and just adamant and then rename the pellets so you know what you got, And then soon you have a very consistent palette. So I made this floor one that has a lot of greens and blues. Um, but also some other colors. Uh, just so I can keep my whole series very uniforms now the other way, Um, that I am keeping things very uniform is too, uh, plan out my drawings. Um, and I'm not always great at this, So I think this is part of the challenge. Uh, do playing them out. So what I've been thinking that I'm going to do with mine is that I'm going tohave say I'll have the 1st 1 is Dogwood. So that's flowers like this. So I would draw the flowers. However, the dogwood flowers will be. And then I think I will also, um, on another layer. Like to draw the dogwood tree. It's a bad dog and make it a silhouette behind. And then for a top player, I'm gonna write. I may use the lettering in, right. Doc would, um and so I think I've been looking into some brushes. I think I mean, uses dry ink ones for the lettering. And I could even add more streamlined to it, which is really great for lettering. If you go in the fresh properties, I exit like that. But if you tap on it, you go in there and streamline makes your breasts smoother. So you can see here. It really makes it smooth, right? With carries on as you do this drunk and to definitely play with whatever brushes you want to use, they do what you want to do. But also another trick to do lettering for this, um, would be to make a lettering guide. And so I think, sure, you that really quick for a lettering guide? You first. You need a square canvas, and then you need to go to a campus drawing, died and turn that on, and you can't really see it because the camera doesn't really pick it up. It's such faint lines, but it has my straight lines there. And so then I just draw my straight line, get one, and then I'm gonna count 1234 squares down. I'm right on that straight line, and then you can even do a little dash here in the center to direct you. And then if I turn off like drawing guy, I have this and I can go and, um share j playing. And I just want to save the image to my act pads, and then I'll go to my brushes and I'll find a stamp brush that I already have. Um, so here here my favorites. I have this one that Ivory created with a hash tag. And so I'm just gonna duplicate that. And if I go into it, I can go to, uh, shake. And there's the hashtag that I have right now. I ended the shape and you could do this with your signature to which is what, basically what I've done here. And so then you can just stamp your signature on everything. It's so much faster. And also you can design how you want to look. But that's just the tip anyway, So import a photo, and then I import that j pick that I just saved and there it iss So then I'll click done on , and I'll go to about this brush and I'll rename it up here. Just call it guy in here on done done. And now I have a new bag. So if I take this layer off, you can see me stamp with my new drawing guy, and then you can just take it, resize it to ever size you need and lower the capacities on and then right on your new mother layers and have it always be a guy that you could make it more extensive. Guy that keeps it. You know you more. You make yourself a grid, however you need to do it. But this is how I will keep my lettering really consistent as well, because I will have a drawing guide brush. So, um, I hope that was really helpful, uh, to kind of help you plan out what you want to do in April if you just want a wing it and go after the prompts to do it, I just want to draw daily. And I'm so glad you're here with me. 4. April 1: Dogwood: Hello. Welcome to April. We are drawing botanicals, and our 1st 1 is a dog. Would I have these lovely reference photos here? The whole dogwood tree. And here's the individual flowers. And I'm really excited to get into botanicals. Um, hopefully you watch the video before this and you saw that. I'm gonna try and do, like, an illustration Siri's and keep things really consistent, so you'll see a lot of that as it go on. But I'm just gonna start here. I'm gonna sketch my big tree and then sketch my flowers and go from there. So for the tree part here, all I wanted was a silhouette for the background. And so I just did a quick trace of the shape because I just wanted to say in the back on. And so now I'm going Teoh sketch out my flowers. - All right, so there's a basic sketch for that, and now I'm gonna do a little painting over top of it. The main thing you need to remember as you draw your flowers and trees is to really keep your shapes organic and loose. The looser they are, the more realistic will look for and okay, So there's my flowers. Um, and here's my tree. And so I'm gonna take my tree and make it a Sylhet back there, and then I take my flowers. So this is what I meant by having a plan for how I'm gonna place everything. And then I think I will take my little drawing, died here and keep myself room right here to write my word. And I'm gonna do it in a really fun contrast ing color here in thinking I was using the dry really successfully. - All right, on. I'm gonna duplicate my ratings here, and I went in the back one. I'm smooth it over slightly and bring up the greatness, so it's just a little lighter. Don't you see that? So that almost, uh, runoff put shadow there and then last, I'm gonna take this flower layer and then clicked, Select hit in birth, and then I'm going Teoh First, I have to bring my to Doug with letter later together, and then I'm gonna hit a mask. This is a little different. They didn't do it because I did the broader together. Here. Let's do that again. Um, select invert and then go to this layer and hit mess. And so now, um, my, uh, flowers air in front of my letters, but what I want to do, IHS um, on my layer mask, whatever is fully black will be in the frontline levers White being back. So I wanna go to here, double tap, choose the ultimate white okay, and then go to that layer mask and just draw over So they'll be a little bit where my flowers air overlapped in my letters Also a little bit where my letters showing back through So now I have the stem of the word those flowers behind and I have the flour over wears a little bit And there there's our first book tackle and hopefully I will stick to this type and style and I can't wait to see what you make 5. April 2: Palm: Hello. Welcome to the second day of April. Today we're drawing a poem. Um, so I was deciding what I want to do. And I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use this one as my silhouette background, because go good shape and then maybe like, a tree like that. Or maybe that one for my home in the foreground. So I'm going to get started. I'm going to start with this one and make it a sketch here big and then go from there. - Okay , That took forever. But look, what a pretty silhouette. Those palm problems are. Okay, so that will be my background. So we'll just get rid of that real quick. Papa, please, Guys. Okay. I think I might just do a sketch on this guy here. This one right here. A quick sketch so I can take it over top of us. Just like basis. Okay, that's just my sketch. My guide on now to treat. - Let's see that without the sketch, it's looking pretty good. I think, if I, um Alfa locket and add some details on top of it, it'll look even better. - There we go. That's a lovely little poem we've got there and there's our Cilla. What? So let's try to line those up. Even my painting, I think, can see the silhouette through. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually duplicate it and pulls them together. Several upon it was just thicker. And you can't see that silhouette as much. And then last I'm going to do that lettering. I got my drawing guy, and I'm just going to play around with the letter. - All right? I'll do that. And with that bottom layer, we're gonna bring the brightness down A lot of it nudge, it's over, all right? And says unless I'm gonna do the fun bit Where I take the trees I hit select hit Invert And I talked to my lettering layer and and as long as I had ultimate white with a double tap there I can come in on that mask, see, select everything on that mask and I can walk out. And so then I have a poem, Lee over top. But the truck is behind my level. And there you go. There's my home. I hope you enjoy that. And I can't wait to see what you did 6. April 3: Orchid: Hi. Welcome back. We are doing an orchid today, and I thought this whole boss of orchids would make a really pretty silhouette because they're just so delicate. And then I do one of the flowers really big. So that's my plan With this one. I'm gonna start by sketching out my silhouette here, and then we'll sketch close. - All right? I think that's quite lovely. So what we've got there, let's make that small flowers here, and I'm gonna sketch out a basic shape for my flower. - All right? So there's a basic sketch of the shapes of the flower, and I'm gonna paint. - Okay , I'm gonna add to my details on top here. The orchids have a lot of detail. Looking put, I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add these lines. But then I'm gonna take, like, one of my splatter brushes and and just some dots like that to make it quicker. Um, because of the way that you, like e took me ages to add that much texture and those you confined in, like the airbrushing or spray paints or something like that. - All of these daily drawings is playing around and see what works for you. And that's why I love having daily drawing practices so that you can have that freedom to play around in that And knowing that today, you know, I didn't sit work out. I wanted to set. You know what? I'm gonna be back here drying again tomorrow, and I have learned from what I did today, Tomorrow, four, you can start something really great. Hands in Super Stopes come back and even better the next day. So there's just so many benefits themes, the daily drawing practice that I That's why I want to make the class and just encourage everybody to try it and try to make it a habit in your life. OK? Do you repeat this again? Yeah. I wanted to be a tad brighter and I simply out. But I think it duplicated that will do what I wanted to do. And then it also be darkness cover, then just at a newly first m behind it. All right. I combine those, they're all stuck together then and my silhouette is equally my reference That's arranged These and then next, I will do my marine layer. Okay, Super Kate, Best take that back layer to Go on, then combine those. And I'm gonna range those. Now a lot of composing illustrations is all about a range. The new arrangement can have a lot of how your pieces proceeds. Okay, let's try that. And we will know. I don't like that community are sorry. I'm just spot without being no one stem. Be competing with the letters. Okay. Now I will take mine working there. Select invert and go up to my letter earlier in his mess. And no, I will grab my ultimate white and my my On that layer, I go hit the select Go to my ears. Oh, yeah, That would certainly because I can have the stem coming through the o do this in front, Which is better? No, Maybe in front. There we go. That is our beautiful orchids. I hope that was fun for you then. I can't wait to see what you do 7. April 4: Lilac: hello again today we're drawing some Lileks on and so I'm kind of playing. I think this will be my silhouette shape background, and then I'll do some process of these little adorable flowers. So I'm gonna start on a new layer here and do my silhouette on. - I think that's a lovely lilac Sylve. It's in that layer off and let's do a nice sketch of our little flowers here. - All right, see what we got here. Lileks are these really simple flower shape, so it's not hard to draw. The big thing is that there are just so many of on one single thing. So I think in an attempt to paint them really well, I'm going to start by having like, a background layer and then add the details of the lilacs on top. Just kind of build it up. I don't necessarily have to do every single pedal individual hopefully, - So I started going this direction of really loose lower shapes. I'm really kind of like in it, so I think that's going to drink even though it's a little different from my other ones. And I said I was gonna be consistent. E still wanted to follow this and see where it goes. So in a group, all these layers one more for the stem of a flower. Grab that group. - Okay , so I've got this group here on what I'm actually doing. Oh, man. Duplicated and then turn off that way so that I have it just in case in and I'll flatten this one. There's that. - And then there last step. Ystad, that lettering. You have my drawing. Good. Yeah, - and that's a good spot. You right there. Turn off for drawing guide, and we'll just take that lower layer. Let's bring the brightness up this time and together grab our pilots from the letter. - All right. I think that's pretty good. I hope you enjoy that. And I can't wait to see your LILEKS by 8. April 5: Flower Drawing Worksheet: Hello, Welcome. Today we are doing our flower drawing worksheet. I thought since we're drawing flowers, I do a quick worksheet on have to draw flowers and how to draw them in three simple steps so you can buy in this work. She if you go the resource tab and you can download it and put it straight into your iPad J Peg or you can print it off and do it by hand, whichever you like to do. But I like to do these work sheets once a week for classes because it's just so nice one to improve our skills and to have a break from all the props. And so, yeah, I hope it's something that you find helpful. And let's see what we got here when drawn a nice break collecting. No. Sometimes the camera has trouble picking up this, but so basically you've been girl any flower if you break it down Basic shapes and I know we've been talking about that for a while. We talked about it a lot with during the animals, and you start with all the basic shapes. But really, florals and trees are all very simple. If you just start with basic shapes. So for this one, just suppose I should get a dry brush. So for this one, you just start basic, knew their hold on one second you just start with a circle and a circle of inside and your stump, and then you're just gonna separate that into, however, might pedals you want. So let's give this loon five pedals, Let's say and then what you're gonna do, you're just gonna separate those pedals That's gonna be the middle of each one. And remember, if you have have a reference flowers don't necessarily touch, there are some that do touch and overlap each other, but they don't necessarily do you want to kind of get that? And you also want us lean into your imperfections because the flower petals aren't perfect Ovals. They've got way the lines. They've got different shapes as you go around. And then from there, you want to refine your sketch even further by giving them those imperfections and giving them all the details. You can see how quickly we went from a basic circle to an actual flower with petals. That's why sketching could be so important because it allows you So if I wanted to start this once, I start with this basic soft triangle with the stem coming out of it. And then I'm gonna something that separated out two different pedals. And then I'm gonna just define where those pedals are. And then with so nice, appropriate is you can lower the Pepsi on that layer and then drop a new layer and over top of it even do your final drying. - And then I take with that bomb, Skitch and I'm a beautiful flower that started out as just simple shapes. Um, and this one is much the same way, but it involves the fools of the pedals over the top. So how you would do that is you give yourself you're over here. He's gonna have your your center off center. Um, and then your stem coming down and again. You just separated out. However, May pedals, and then you just kind of lay out your shapes to your top pedals will be pretty normal looking pedals. And as you come around, was the ends just kind of flip ups and really thes ones? You want the ends matchup more with your inner circle there same thing over here. Go lower the capacity and I draw on top of it. And then I take off that sketch layer and they go, You have these ones that are putting up. It's from those ones that are that. And again, it's a lot easier with with a reference that you could also do it straight out of your head because you just using your basic shapes. So then, down here, we've got some tulips. So this one's just in egg shape with Tim, and this one over here is just, you know, with a circle on the top with stomach ache shape was begin. You just kind of plan out where those heavens we're gonna go through. This would be down that way. So this is the continuing on. But we're gonna put this one over top, so just give it a little on. This one is the same thing. You just kind of separated out and slammed where those pills, they're gonna go. So this one's gonna here. No one has the middle. Pedal this back over here. Okay, again, we lower the opacity on that and weaken sketch our file. Look over top and this is another one of those things that the more you draw flowers, the southern better you are at drawing farms. And that's what the daily drawing practices. So great. Because you can take those things and do an entire month of flowers and just focus on that . Um, it's definitely proven its focus on one thing you do become better at. And, um, you've gained that skill, and these aren't even perfect either. And 90 deflating. Go back and do another schedule problems. You good examples. So, yeah, play around with those, um and, uh I hope you have fun playing with those flowers. I hope they help you complete these props this weeks on end. I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 9. April 6: Fern: Hello. Welcome back. We are drawing a fern, and so I've kind of playing this out. I'm going to use this one of these as my silhouette behinds, because I love Halpern's grow. I don't know if you ever see this in the wild, but they start all curled up and they just slowly m for all themselves. And it's just really cool to see these little curly guys out in nature. Um, so I'm gonna draw a little curly fern as my main feature. All right, so I'm gonna sketch my silhouette, and then I will sketch that and let's go. All right, that it took forever way. Got it. All right. So now I'm gonna sketch my other little burning guys yet, - Okay ? There's easy sketch. Just give me a general feel of it on, and I'm gonna paint. Okay, so there is a good base now. I'm just gonna add some details on top of it. Okay. I'm gonna groups all these layers together and then duplicate back group and others on and And what? Arrange them okay. Like that. And let's drop, grab are drawing guys, which I don't know if you noticed. I put this drawing guide and this take saint brush And the resource is so is you need either of them okay on this'll one that has been using for lettering. It's just dry. I think it's in the inky in section. They got my lettering from Duplicate that in that bottom layer just stick the Britain down on and bring it over. I just like to add that shadow because I really feel like it defines the letters. Bring this on. Then I'm going. Teoh, moving a little bit, takes our fern layer and appear toe lettering, their mess and now mast free. Bring this. Make it a loop in and there we go, get loop up and noses. It's not looking like I'm cutting it off, all right? I kind of like that. It's kind of a little more like it's in part of nature's, um, I hope you had a good time do match, and I can't wait to see your friends. Thanks 10. April 7: Mushroom: Hello. Look back today we're drawing mushrooms. The fun thing about mushrooms is they come in so many different shapes and sizes. This red one here was actually seen these humor we lived and it's so very like I love dries And I like these ones too, like the shape of them. So I think I'm going to use these as my silhouette. So I'm just gonna treat them real quickly, make the my silhouette, and then we'll go from there. But yet, um, laurels were so fun because there's usually so many different references to choose from. Uh, so you can really find a variety of different colors and shapes of the same type of flower Teoh a little street. And that's why it's fun to do these problems with friends to, because then you guys will be drawing the same thing. But totally not. This is at the same time. Yeah, that's just my thoughts. All right, so they're nice. We'll just hide that and bring out my red one here, and they'll do a quick sketch for my painting layer. All right, that's a good quick sketch and shake to start out with and lower the passing on my sketch and paint on. And I know I said, I would say the same color palette Brawley's. But this is such an iconic red for these types of measures that I just use the same plane from this. I want to make sure it's recognizable. Just blending my colors here have a better my smudge breast, Okay? And we'll just add some details here on top. The thing to remember about drawing things from nature is never like perfect. Shapes like these aren't perfect circles on here. Um, they're actually kind of long King, very natural, remembers. It will look more natural. Morning six, and business should through imperfections. All right, that's quite good. So much group all of the EU's mushroom bits together and then bring back silhouette watches . Great last but not least. Let's do our drawing died and work out on words. Here, - take the bottom one a brighter see where one of places select this. Let's and make sure we have to wait. Way to go. I think that Kurt turned out good for a little bit back here. A za hole. It's a cohesive. So I hope that was fun for you. And I can't wait to see what you do. Thanks 11. April 8: Cactus: Hello. Welcome back. Now we're doing a cactus. Um, I love cactus and I love drawing cactus. I think it's super fun. So I found this adorable little one for my reference for my front one. Um, because I love so colors of the pink flowers and greens and blues and the cactus. And then this one is just a cool shape for silhouettes. Yep. So I think it would start with that as I feel. What on from there. - All right, So here's my silhouette. I hope none of you are getting bored of my very formal leg ways of doing this. Because if you've watched my other months of classes, I don't do things the same way. This office, Um, but I do feel like whenever I have chosen formula and done things through the same process and drawn very similar things. That's when I do see a lot of growth in my daily drying practice, because if you're drawing the same thing over and over and you're practicing the same skills over and over, you're bound to get better at them. So here I am, practicing botanicals, and hopefully, by the end of this I'll have some really stunning ones, All right, so we will hide that layer and we'll start another ones here. We'll do a quick sketch over mine. Little cute little cast is here, and then I'll paint it all right. That's just accused Sick Little sketch to give me an outline for my painting here. Then I'll start painting on top. Okay, so but that's it about the sketch on. Now I'm going to start adding my details on top, and this is just how I like to paint. I like to give myself a good bass player, especially when I'm using things that I like a lot of the sections. And then I like to give myself details on stuff, and I usually try. Do them on another layer, I think, and sometimes two or three layers on top, depending on where the details they're like, I'll probably do the details. Flowers on one layer and the chisel catch another so that I can keep them separate. I'm glad you guys got to watch it in fast motion because that was excruciating. Okay, let's do these flowers. - One thing I always remember when I'm doing florals or something like that is unless you show people they won't see your reference so they won't know that I stylized things flowers differently than they were in the photo. For all they know, this is the shapes of flowers to gone. And I just missed it. So if you're getting hard on yourself about details of flowers or even people or objects, take a breath and realize just cause you're reference photos that way doesn't mean it. Your drawings isn't coming up good enough because I think these flowers are pretty. Are they exactly like those? No. But that doesn't matter, because I've stylized in the way I like him. I've made them beautiful, and nobody will see this reference if I don't show it to them. And so, um, being hard on yourself about not recreating exactly is useless unless you absolutely want to do a photo realistic drawing while then you should dedicate yourself to do is put a realistic dries and you will get good. Um, but basically, what I just want to say is, um you know, you just got let go and let go of that judgment because you're creating something beautiful and it doesn't have to be exactly that so, yes. Let go and let yourself create. All right, so let's take thes three cactus layers that I have group of up duplicate, um, and hide that one. I'm a flatness on. I've got my cast has been back there. Let's arrange them how I want them. All right? No. Make sure Grabbed my drawing guide loving here. Dislocate that. Grab that. But make it Combine this and then I'm gonna grab my cactus slut Invest! Go to flattery. A mask. Make sure my ultimate weights. Peekaboo. My letters here did very much of that one. But that's OK. I can want the cactus decision, so All right. I think I will call that done. And how come it turns out that's really fun on, like, the great flowers and all my speakeasy were worth it. All right? I can't wait to see your practices. I hope you have fun tomorrow 12. April 9: Moss: Hello. Today we are drawing us. Um, as I'm pulling a representative references, I'm thinking, Why did I choose this? This is such a hard thing to drop, but we're gonna do it anyway, because we grow when we draw hard things. All right, so let's start with the silhouette of one of these little guys, and then I'll go. - All right, So there's my background. So let behind that for minutes. And then I think I will do this'll moss on a log here. So let's do a quick trace. So just a really basic shape here on. Yeah, I'll just go and pay over and see what we can do with it going with, like, a pointillism here. I wasn't sure how I was gonna do the texture of the mosque, because, like I said, I don't know why I chose it. Very hard to drop. Um, so I think I'm like, see what I'm doing here s so we'll see. All right. So group Elise All right, let's get her a lettering guide. - Right . I know that. And bring those together, get back our select written lose. Just like climbing up a mountain months. Yeah, it's kind of simple, You know, it's not every day's in the A masterpiece. Some days are just gonna be your daily drawings on. And I hope you had better luck with Moss and I can't wait to see what you made by. 13. April 10: Tulip: hi there. Today we are drawing to lips. I don't know about you, but the tulips are blooming everywhere here, and it's gorgeous. And I love how many different colors they come in and also their really simple shapes. So I'm really glad we get stressing tulips. I think what I'm gonna do is the main use this one as a silhouette, kind of like a bunch of tools, and then have some single ones as my friend ones. So let's start with you . Kind of see how I took my favorite victim that made into a silhouette. - Okay , so we'll hide that. And then let's bring these back, and we'll kind of sketch out a basic tulip shaped here. Okay. Like that. So let's get over toughness, all right? I had some details, but, like on stupid this but my new one losing my like maybe I will do a quick kills on talks. Don't work exactly how you want them, Teoh. Go home, alright and no, Let's, uh, grab a drawing and that that if you ever want to, you can also just tap and it comes towards you also works up and down. So you just want to do the slightest imagine. You feel like you move it too much. Just is that little tax. Just a tip. All right, so let's put this together. And now we're gonna like your tips. A buner lettering layer like Good . Just slightly behind there. Yes, I think that's very good. I hope you enjoyed that. And I can't wait to see your tulips. 14. April 11: Lily: Hello Today we're drying lilies. Andi, I think Lily's they're just beautiful. So I handsome really pretty references here, and I'm going to start with my silhouette. Perhaps, um, blacks here decide which one is. It's kind of hard, same ambience that prominent party wants. So I think I'll do this one because at least you'll see the petal shapes of all three. So I'll start with that. That's a good silhouette for Lillian. All right, I think I'll do a quick sketch of this one up here for a painting. There is a sketch. Yeah, let's have both of these this year. So I colors from the whites drinking here. I'm just grabbing my Smith Russian kind of budget. Some take it more naturally on her, as Faras do Kind of gives it a painterly, natural colorings flower. Remember, flowers aren't perfect in nature, and smooth imperfections actually make them look a lot more natural. So it's just a good thing. Keep in mind, - that's pretty good. And then you went Lessing. Lock this layer. I'm going to grab my It's what she brushed. And one of India's layers give the edges a little softness. Just look too perfect All right. So now we will follow these duplicate and and then let's do our from guys for littering. Dislocate that lifter flower and whoever lettering layer white select and go here, Go. I think that turns out great. I can't wait to see your lilies. 15. April 12: Drawing Leaves Worksheet: hello again today. We're doing the work sheet on drawing leaves. Last week did one on drawing flowers. And so now we're gonna do drawing leaves Next week will be drawing trees. So I just thought we cover all the botanical bases. Well, we're doing the mechanicals, so really, this is not that much harder than drawing flowers, in fact, is probably very simplest. Um, and you just want to grab like a pencil a brush here. It's this worksheet you confined in. The resource is task, and you can download incident right and appropriate and draw like I am on a new layer or you can, um, ticket and I printed off and do it by hand. If that's easier for you, there's not much on the worksheet. I just really have some examples for us so that we can kind of go off of them. But basically, drying the leaf is just like the flowers where you just start outwards in really simple shapes. So, like this one you could even start out was just like a triangle shape just like that. And then you can refine that further. I bring, you know, but edges of your triangles and you will find your center line. And then from there you can draw your Kirby shapes. Now you kind of have the seal for. And remember what I said about Bo tennis is the more imperfecta it is, the more natural it looks. So my two sides aren't gonna necessarily mess. Match up. You go implants or symmetrical, they're not fully symmetrical. So if we look at this image here, this looks pretty symmetrical. But if I flip it here, you can see that it's not fully symmetrical because it looks completely different as you flip it. So that's one thing to keep in mind, even if it looks like it would be perfectly symmetrical. It's not, and those imperfect imperfections are actually what's gonna give your belief and natural listening chase way have even got down hairs. It kind of comes into a heart here, and this is all really great to sketch out, and you can always add more sketchy layers on top of sketching layers and just bringing down the opacity every time. And then your veins of your leap are going to come straight out the middle C and just come straight at the middle away to the edges. Depending on police, they some out in different patterns. But this one we're following right here, they come out on the same on both sides. Some are stacked, Um, and some come out or with smaller beings. Then just like that. And then you could really play around with the vein ton, How much you want to add to it? How much detail you wanna put in? Even this one. You can really only see those lighter veins and not so much thes little extra ones. Okay? And then as you go around the side, you can give it enough little jagged edge just again to give it that more natural. Look. And then if I was to do a layer, we'll do actually underneath of painting. Um, understand. Grabbed the Nico rule fresh. It's actually when I use a lot of thinking things and just do a quick, clear like this. And then where those feigning lines are, I'm actually gonna go a little lighters and smaller with my brush, and I'm just gonna trace even pencil British Better. I've been used pencil freshest. Just something my pencil wear those pain there, so I know the opacity. This one where the veins are. You just follow your sketch. Okay, so there we have a very basic and I can take my research and give it that, um, Bumpy edged. That's very natural to this type of leave. Okay. And then on the layer on top, I'm gonna make it a clipping mask because I'm gonna add in some of these shadows. Now, you see that the shows were not great there in back. Just a darker version of the of the one I'm there. I'm gonna grab back that needs a rule, brush them, bring down the opacity, and then in between the's a minute, just throw on a little bit of shaving. I could pick up some of the other colors just to give it a little Brian. So you can see the more you go into the morning steel you can add, but it's around those veins that you want to bring in. But as with shading, you also want to make sure you're bringing in your highlights. So you have some way lighter areas because that contrast is gonna give you more of a natural look. A swell way. Go. It's pretty good little me and you can spend lots of time on officiating them stuff that those air the general rules for that. So now if I go on a news layer here and we've got our for now, I know we already did this burn prompt, but I figured it couldn't help toe Look at this, Because again, this is all basic shapes. So way start again with the triangle. But from the triangles, we have a ton of little triangles, a little teasing entering, and then from each of the little ones you have a line, little guys, friends are quite time consuming to drop the main figure that out. So, actually, I'm going toe grab the green up there, Nick Guru, and just do it and keep it whiter, its bottom and solos. You go on top. This is very similar with, like, spruces and stuff like that shape. You can see where I'm going with that. And then you could even grab some of the darker shades and just threw little bits of darks on there to add the contrast. Don't even have to admire Shane or anything. Or if you this is kind of really brings there and gets darker. If you want to do that, you just, um just alfa lockets and you grab a bigger brush through and God, would that you just brush it on these lower ones. So you see how that you can see that Well, she can see how's that brings the contrast, and then I could grab way brighter green. So that kind of gives me a general shading to is theis photo of your graduates from, like to? So there's two ways to do the shading for that kind of leave. And then last year, we're gonna dio made believe pens. So this one is just broken down into shapes as well. So you want to start with your center and from your center, you're just gonna have kind of an open rectangles and then give yourself a little weak on top open rectangles, giving yourself like the little bird houses here. Okay, way better. And then, on top of that, you condemn it. Then break down your shapes even further to your other shapes. And the more you draw these, the more you'll get those natural curves and stuff that go with sheep. Police, just like I said with anything, the more you dry, anything better, you get the shape of it and understanding with it actually has a little down here, the bottom and those. So then we broken down our shapes even further. So then we're going to bring down our passing and put another sketch on top of that where we just break down things. Even for this, I'm gonna this on top and add all those little details. Actually, me too thin. And that's why doing multiple sketches, you can kind of get what's wrong with it before you even get to painting stage. If sometimes if you get to the pain in stage and you realize it looks wonky like it's almost too late like you, I usually am like I don't want to go back to the sketching stage. And so it's so good to have so many legs of sketches so you can get it right before you get painted. That's just my opinions. But that is why a lot of artists will sketch things over and over. Okay, that's even better. These Baines don't even really appear to go all the way to the edges there, which is coming we treat this. Okay, so then I could even do something like put my paint layer behind it on and grand bet Nico rule brush again and grab my most burgundy color Appear rather one done And then I just grabbed my big old much. Is this much on me rule to Then you still get that texture? Just smudge it together That graduation with color radiations Sorry it's late. And then with procreate, you can even take this layer and selected. And it's gonna select out those veins you drew and then select a really light color and go , fill lays. And then my veins air automatically filled that color. Keep in mind this is just a quick second. Give you ideas of how you can do it Obviously, probably spend more time and do it better gun Clean this up, citizens. My example Here eso believe. Okay, so I hope those were helpful. All my leaves. Um And I hope you have a great week and I'll see you tomorrow 16. April 13: Daffodil: Hello. Welcome back. I'm glad you're here. Continuing your daily drawing practice. Um, I love when you guys join me, and I love seeing all your prompts in the Facebook group. And if you want to share him here on skill share in the projects Calorie, go for it. Um, yes. Uh, but today we're doing definite ALS, and my four year old loves capitals. They're all blooming right now, and he just goes around and touches them all. And I have to tell him all the time. You can't come. You can't because But he loves him. So I thought I would do this, um, one as my silhouette, Because kind of a pretty bunch. And then I'm gonna do my single flower there, So let's get started. - All right, So there's by silhouette. I think that we're not rather nice and just want out flowers, anything. See the middles of the Definitely silhouette it. So we'll hide that. Then I'll bring out my flower, and I'm just gonna do a quick sketch. Got the basic shape. Um, in fact, I won't even trace it. I can do this basic shape because it's just simple oval pedals that are a little bit dangling, you know. All right, so one thing I want you to know is that I am pro create. A lot of times I see people are like, what precious do you use brushes to use? And yeah, you can get a lot of cool textures from different brushes and stuff. So you can also use the same brush for everything and still have really amazing pictures if you start with a good foundation, like the solid drawings. So I've started with a really solid sketch and I'll bring down the opacity. And then I could even just use the Nico rule brush, which ah, lot of people used and grab my colors. And I could just sketch out my shapes with them. You don't need fancy special brushes. I know loads of artists that use the same brush for everything. Not the safe, not fun to experience other brushes. I've told you many times I loved that you could do that in the daily drawing. But I also want you enough to have so much pressure on, um you know, trying new bushes and trying to get just ripe and said home your drawing skills and as you're being better and better at drawing and knowing those fundamentals. Yes, it won't matter what brush used because you leave withdrawal with just about anything. And again, I am in memory, the imperfections. It's not being very careful as a race here, because the edges of a flower are you need all the time and the more in perfect there, the more so here. I'm remembering all the tricks we've learned about shaving and where the light hits. It is going to be the brightest spot of this, and so that's what's gonna give it. That depth of field that we've got going on here, you couldn't see how up here at the top. It's a little darker, and that's how you get. And also there's a lot to building up your base. So if you start with just like in regular painting, start with a dark color and then you build up your lights on top of that, it also gives you a good duct to your painting. Then I couldn't take uneven, smaller brush like a pencil or something, and come in and get those really find tales of the creases and a lot of things their trial and error. And the more you do something better, you get of it. And that's also why I just really promote doing a daily drying practice because you get those chances to do more and more of the same thing. That's what you hear points to keep pursuing and keep going after those things to get better. - My best advice for you would be pick 3 to 5. Fresh is that you really like. Give a good variety, Get a really less textured one are really smooth one, um, in a style that suits you. And I would put those all in a, um, in its own little, um, brush set. See, I have when this is all of my favorites, you just put the plus here on, and, um then it will give you a blank one, and you can either take him and drag him right to the blank one. Or you could duplicate them and drag him right to the blank one. - Okay , so there's my daffodil, and here's my silhouette. So just down way want to arrange this on? Then we'll go grab trying. - Okay . I'll do bookcase found and thinks I will make that lower layer. Find them. And then I select my daffodil again and in very appeared to mask de select better with bottom out. Better with top Who? Tough like that A little better. All right, so there's my destiny. I hope that was fun for you. I hope you're enjoying these botanicals, and I can't wait to do it, but 17. April 14: Snake Plant: Hello. Welcome back. Um, today we're drawing a snake plant. You don't know what, That these plants really cool. They actually come in quite few varieties and their leaves go different ways. I love the striping on the Majesty, so pretty And most of them have some form of that. I just thought it was really cool Plant and a lot of people have them and enjoy them. So that would be fun. Want I char list? So I think what I'll do is I'll do one like this as my silhouette and then the little one as my mean one. So let's start off with that silhouette right now. My silhouette on I will just hide that. And now I will, uh, do a quick sketch of this guy. All right, now we contain on top of it, - it's pretty fun without our sketch behind like that. That's a good shapes here. And then I think I will just add some quick details on top of like, the stripes in the the edging, and we'll go from there. - And sometimes you're just not feeling what you're doing and this awesome to just switch years. Sometimes I see those old layers Sometimes what I end up doing. I didn't like as much as I was doing, so sometimes you just gotta switch it up and say, That's not working. I move on, you get too attached. It can be harder for you should just let it go. If it's not working out said sometimes it's just not gonna do what you want. - And all right, I think I like that. Let's take this way and had silhouette back in. Bring them that capacity. All right, so now I'm going. Teoh makes my drawing die and luxuries. - All right, Try that. And we'll duplicate that and working up that lower laying, just dump it over. And those together select our sleek plans and msk grab a little white Go diesel. All right. I was trying to find the perfect spot where we could pizza for one letter. He's physical over another. That'll work. All right, so there we have a snake place on. I hope that was fun being, and I can't wait to see a drop 18. April 15: Weeping Willow: Hello. Welcome back and say we're drawing any weeping willow. Um, these trees are just beautiful, but I thought it would be good at first, like poultry drawing. So I think I was gonna use maybe this one for silhouette and then more one where you see more branches for the front ones. Still, that's always hard with something that's so bulky. But I think that'll work. Okay, get the image that we sing we love. All right, So it's Dai bread into that for this. Still what? I'm not just straight up outlining it. I think I'm gonna do this kind of movement kind of gesture. Drawing of the tricks that you get the movement of the leaves in space is just because it will really show off. That's a weeping willow and not just, you know, another dogwood tree or something. - And even though you won't necessarily see the branches in my silhouette, I'm drying them to basically give my structure to where my Franz air coming off? Because otherwise they could just be randomly coming out anywhere. So it kind of gives you treating a face. That's my idea. Anyway, with all right, I think that's a pretty good silhouette here, and we will just hide that on now. We'll work on our tree so usually do a sketch. But I think I'm just gonna kind of follow the shapes of this tree and several shapes of a sketch because I feel like it would take longer to sketch it out and to stand to paint. So I'm I'm school. Go straight to painting. - Okay , So first I did just a green base for my detail. We used to sit on so that it's with people covered. I can always a race from if I want to leave gaps and spaces between the phones as well. And now I'm going to do the branches in the trump Everything and what you want to do with this is just remember to leave it really organic and just kind of push on let go, because it gives you those really organic feels to your branches. We're gonna have a whole lesson on drawing trees, but one thing to remember is trees start at wider at the base stone here in the trunk and also at the base of their branches and get dinner as you go up. Most people know that visually, but sometimes those are the things you have to think through as your drawings, and another tip is your branches have to reach wherever there leaves, he says. They're your support for those leaders. Otherwise your lease or just appearing out of nowhere, you won't necessarily see all these branches. But then, as you're painting your brain or painting your leaves, you'll have again a base to jump off for your seats. - Um , I just have no idea. And I went here to the organic section on the brush menu, and there are a couple bushes. Yeah, so this was called Twig, and it's almost perfect for making the waterfall effective. Bees I knew there was a bit of Russian was using. So this almost perfectly mimics that I really like. Let me take the background of the city. Yes, I'm not going uses. I'm trying to think of a better way to get this texture and look at it is looking for. And then I thought, Oh, I'll go look for that of Russia. And here we go. To further add texture, though, I'm going to use lots of different um, toes of the same green so that I have the highlights and the the shadows that trees country is never just one flat color. In fact, I'm gonna take the shadow colors really dark green. And I'm gonna go back behind my branches so that I have a darker color back behind. Because if you look at the well country examples we have Look, I can see you see their leaves behind the trump in the branches and in front. I might bring a few shadows to the front, just as a little more depth looks like a bunch of hair kind of. And then maybe I'll even make some really break. Highlights were like, Has your son is sitting, It's yeah, those are the two main ways to add texture to dry is very your colors and two very your brush size. I just brought this brush down, um, about halfway, and it now has a little variance. And I just got apple off my trunks here and go back to another brush and just adds shadowing to my trunk just to give that, um, more texture as well, so that I don't just have a flat truck behind, all right? Quite like that so put these together Oh, my tree layers and then pull it my, uh, shadow. And then let's see how we can arrange these. All right, let's make it throwing guys here. So I do man lottery. - See if it will work to put just couple Franz in front of these. Let's first difficult sat and brings down our brightness Second and my shadow layer. And then I was like, my tree hurt up here. A mask white. And he's looked all right. I was kind of quirky, but I kinda like it as well. Couldn't believe it. All right, well, I hope you enjoyed that on. I can't wait to see what you drop, but 19. April 16: Posion Ivy: Hello. Welcome back. Today we're drawing poison ivy. I just be fun Plant to drop and also very helpful because it's very useful. So identify it. I think I will do these plane leaves as my main someone. And then I'll do like the vining outlines here as my fill it. So let's start it. I'm really glad you're here today and that you are continuing your daily drawing practice. Every day is a new day to keep continuing. Its if you're getting behind. Don't worry about it. Just jump right back in. Life happens. It's we all know it. But if you really seen some good benefits out of sewing daily, don't stop. So, like I said, remember Glad you're here. Let's drying every day. - Okay , I quite like that. So it's got kind of a viney feel to it. So high that and then I'm gonna bring this leaf and I'm just going to pick sketch. So I make sure that the correctly shape, especially since it's important for this plant awesome to recognize. All right, so let's move on. Pain team, grab the nuclear rule fresh. I was using a paintbrush, but I think try this for this just a good texture, all right? And I'm just gonna add my vein details. All right, so there's my poison ivy released. And what about you? Notice? Turn of my civil it on and on. A new there will make a drawing Alright . Duplicated by lettering. And then I'm going to down greatness and bring it over. So, shadow, bring this together and then I'll let a mask ultra light and de select. Okay, Just fairly going through. Kind of like how that looks. And I did, but Dr Poison Ivy, and I'll see you tomorrow. 20. April 17: Zinnia: Hello. There were halfway through April. Now, great job making it this far. And today we're doing a zinnia. Um, zinnias are awesome. They come in so many different colors you really can take This prompts a lot of different ways, which is super fun. I think what I'm gonna do is take this bunch of three and make that my silhouettes. That might be a fun toe around a single flower. So I will start with that. - All right? There's my really simple so wet, and so I'll just hide that way on. And I think I will do this flower, and so I'll just do a simple sketch, and then we'll paint it. - Okay , So here's my sketch. Actually, I think I'm gonna do a little trick here. I'm gonna grab up this really dark thing here, and I'm going to select my sketch, and then I'm going to fill that layer. And so now my sketches, that dark colors. And instead of taking my sketch away, I'm gonna let that be the shadow layer under each pedal so that I don't have to do an individual shadow on each one, and we'll see if that works and the next, I'm actually going to do all the pedals. Same seller. And then I think I'll do a clipping mask on top that will give me the different shades. I think that might also be the easiest way to do this. So let's do some painting here on, all right? What I decide to do instead was just draw a color underneath the whole thing. And now I'll do it could be a mask on top of that and get the individual colors of the pedals. I still had my shadow there. Basically, I'm just trying to get the easiest way for myself. So that's I don't get frustrated with all the details, but rather can make a beautiful flowers with less hassle. The point is, you have all these digital tools. You might as well use them and make them work for you. - Okay , so what I ended up doing, I know it was messing around with a lot of things I've seen, which would look best. So I have a base layer of a solid color here, and then I have my, um, outline layers. Then I sketched, and then I put a layer on top of that as the colors that I see and then I've been just do a detail layer on top that will bring out the details of each petal and all right, I was playing around there with a lot of different styles. Sorry about that. That I was seeing what was gonna work, was it? That's kind of what I like was the daily drying practices. Two people have that freedom, Teoh trying different styles because nobody expects to do any certain things a certain way and seizing cannon. Just take your practice and let it guide you and find your own style while you're doing that. So anyway, that's what I was kind of doing it. But I think I made a really nice colorful lower here, and I like how it turned out. So next. Sorry, Can't quit. That's also the hard bit quitting. Next. Let's, uh, make a drawing guide. Oh, I need a stem on this fire holdups. Well, my layers together first and then I'll make a new layer for a nice green stem Slow. Okay, we'll put those togethers all right, and it's not mess with OK, let's make her silhouette and our flowers here work together and on a new layer I'll make a drawing guide and a new layer for men. Letter. Okay. And I will disc eight that grab that bottom ones go decors and over those together select inverts white de select Go Just picking out all right and local That done I hope that was fun for you And I hope you hope it's a great thing 21. April 18: Mint: Hello. Welcome back. Today we're drying some mint thes leaves. A really quite fun. The reigning on them and just the shape of them are kind of different than I leave the bag . Cool texture. So I'm going to use this as my silhouette and then do really closest of the cool leaves of minutes. All right, so let's get down to it. Okay, this is nice. Also, let my background high busy, and I'm spending sketch of these shapes. Get them just right. All right. I really want to make sure that all those details and actually I'm gonna get colors off, all right? Darfur green paper. - I'm just taking different shades of greens and Adam in where they belong. The highlights on the edges really use and shadows believes overlapping. It just gives that really three d effect if you get the highlights and shadows meant to go . - All right, I've taken down the capacity of my outline, and now I'm just gonna add detail. You're on top, so I can really get those veins, especially where their lighter and I might leave this, um, outline on if it works along with the they detail. So let's see I think I like that. Just Yeah. So that's basically what I want Do get those pains in there, get the different shades of color. All right. So know what we're gonna dio is we're gonna pop on our silhouette and arrange them and and I think then throw on us. Stem one Just causal grounded a bit more since I'm just a flower and thats grab ourselves a drawing. - No way Right in mint in route Wait, Select Go. Kind of just hanging out. Feel like mentally? I hope that was fun for you on I can't wait to see what you mean by 22. April 19: Drawing Trees Worksheet: Hello. Welcome back Today, we're gonna do a little work. She about drawing trees. You could find this worksheet in the resource is tab, and you can download it and put it right into your procreate on your iPad. Or you can put it on whichever is easier for you. Um, yes. So let's get started, and we'll draw some trees. So, just like with the flowers and the leaves, everything breaks down basic shapes. And so your tree is gonna be a basic shape rectangle, and so we myself for room rectangle, and then it's gonna have a bunch of rectangles off of it, and then your leaves are just gonna be blobby shapes so drying into myself. Okay, so that's your basic first sketch to get you step one. Okay, then, after that, you want to refine better, so you'll go on top of it, and your trunks will be less like a rectangle and have a little bit of a wide curve at the bottom because trunks are wider, its bottom, and get narrow as you go up top. Now, um, next you want have some branches come off. So you open up and make a y shape again, and this time to make more branches. You can make some weise, so remember these are perfect. You could do another sketch over top to refine your visa of your branches. And then for every branch, there's gonna be more these you could just keep doing smaller and smaller. These you can do multiple bees, and this is the easiest way to start sketching trees. It's there, just way too intimidating. And Faizi just do some basic shapes like wise and these and not tell you your branches started. And I have to. I will start my ranches like this, Um, just to place him. And then I will get a layer on top and we find it better. So a branch here and it's got some little guys coming up with you. Make sure plenty of overlap because branch of countries actually do a lap. And I don't just all say they and their little separate areas. Um, they're often quite tangled in twisty, so it does come down to what type of tree your drawing. And so it's good to have references like I've said before, Um, for a specific trees, you always have to draw specific tree. But obviously, this is not a pine tree. This is not how pine tree is shaped. And so you have to have at least like a tree in your mind before you seek it, and then I'll give you the best guidance for that. Okay, So still, this is still pretty sketchy, but that's okay. And now we can work on our break our on our leaves. Now that we have our branches settles. So again you have your blobs. So instead of drawing circles on destroying my outlines much like you would if you were a small child, try under a tree and you're just gonna mark here leaves with, like, little M shapes, just Bunches and Bunches of little M shapes and gives it that movement all around. - And as you're going, you can you re some of your branches so that only a few peeks through, um, and then also add to the authenticity of it. So then yours have, like, branch here peeping through, especially if it's like a full spring tree. You're gonna see the less and less of your branches. Okay, Now, one thing to remember is that trees go like this they have the talk. Later layer is getting the most sunshine that's gonna be your lightest Lee on the next layer is being a little less son trying asking some of the shade from the leaves above. And then the final layer is getting very little sunshine and those of your dark areas treat and you want it to go down like that. You don't want to have full dark areas of the top If you're having your sunshine Now you can have like, if your son was over here, then you could definitely have some darker areas over on this side. I'm on the wrong layer. Um, so, yeah, you could have some darker areas here where the shade is hidden. You still, when I leave some good catches for the sun and just like I was seeing with the flower the other day, the better to find your highlights and shadows are the more realistic your drawing will look because all three D forms have highlights and shadows, so you could see how that content and just go around. And you can hit all the dark areas with dark and leave little light patches where the lights coming through filtering through on your treats to make it more and more realistic. And you can do this was shaming with a pencil. You can do this with paint by having a lighter value of color, uh, as you have your highlights and then having a darker value of color for your shadows. And in fact, we'll put this guy away for now, and we will do, um well, dio a pine tree, Let's sketch it out first. So country is basically a bunch of triangles. We can do it directly with paint And let's put our son right here, give us good reference and then so we can lower sketch here. And, um, we'll get a good green. A nice mid tone of what we want are treated b and then let me grab a paint here that will blood nicely. This, um, I think this one's Yeah. Okay, so this is the oriental brush in the paint transactions. So yeah, I'm just very a midtown here, and I'm just following my triangle lines of my country here on the pain is even lending its texture kind of being that tree that texture. Okay. And then what you want to do is you want to grab your low color. You don't want to go all the way black. So you want to start from where you were? Anyone go down and over a bet to get really saturated and dark and you want Teoh go with the sun's not going to hit it. So under the branches. And here I'm actually putting way too much. But I can go back and add my mid tone on top. Yeah, so I got a lot of shadow, but I'm gonna go back in. I'm gonna even at a little bit lighter. Midterm years. It's spruce it up a little bit. Uh huh. All right, So there is. That meant town, and then we want to go for highlights. I'm actually gonna go up, and I'm gonna go a little bit towards yellow. So I just get really great. Like this son is just dabbling on top and you get those little streaks and just beautiful great colors from this great for sunshine. My wish is too big. Yeah, a little air streaks. And again, if you feel like you have too much highlights, you just go back in. Grab your mid tone again and even it back out I want my favorite tricks is definitely making it really small. And then you can kind of see where you're like, OK, that looks kind of weird in this spot. Does it look normal? All right, there we go. A little high intrigue going on here. I hope that was helpful for you and showing you how to draw some trees. Um, I'm so glad you're still drawing daily with me, and I can't wait to see what we make next week. 23. April 20: Succulent: Hello. Welcome back. Today we're drying succulents. I love succulents. I have many and they come in so many different forms and shapes and colors. I'm sure you'll find one that makes you excited to draw. So I thought I would be a son pumps because there's so many different kinds. So, yeah, look around for some good references and let's get started. I think I'm going to make this my silhouette and then have this. Can't decide between those two. I'll think about what I'm doing. My silhouette. All right, there's my Sylhet. It's kind of fun shape and we'll just find that away. I think I will do this guy here, but I think I'll add some fun fellas, maybe even some of these colors. So the reason Succulent pillars and make it more interesting. So I'm just Duke with sketch up here and then we'll Pete. Okay, so there's a sketch and we're going to kind of like with the trees were gonna find her mid tone and start with that here. Metodo just kind of a medium color. It's not too bright, not too dark. Um, it's just a good place to start. You're just gonna do some quick, early use and go from this. All right, there's a nice base. I'm actually gonna alfa lock that painted layers. So then I can add colors and smudge, um comes in together. If I do the clearly mess, it would be well smudged with the midterm, which sometimes that's what you want with plants. I want all the colors mixed together. That's why they block that. Okay, so, you know, that's really like like, green middle. So we'll just make sure those is It gets dark blue out here in the shadows, which is so pretty then I think in a little pink because sometimes these guys have a little bit of pink blended in with their greens. I was just gonna add that little bit of pop, too. And then I'll just take my smudge brush and offered it in the same brush I'm using, which I didn't say it was an ego rule. I'm just using that one really picture of it, and then just lightly smudging together. If use much too much, you lose a picture and you really just money here. But if you just barely touch it and likely smudge get a lot of good texture and color variations. Look, I just went like this. Scrubbed it. It's not gonna look very good, said if I just mostly lend the pink is light right there and screen into that green. You can actually blend bigness without a sketch looking pretty good. I'm going Teoh this simple adequately mask to just add details on top. Adding a layer of details on top just helps to really define the edges and the shadows of each year. Leaves to make it more realistic. Give you that depths to between. - All right, I like best, and I originally drew the pots, but I don't think I need it. Let's through the in front of our soul and see how you like it. And let's make a drying guide. - We'll make afraid of this time over. Combine those go. Let's see. Where do you want this? - All right, so things expectant. I hope that was fun for you. And I can't wait to see what you made 24. April 21: Maple: Hello. Welcome back Today, we're gonna draw a maple, so I love maple trees and fall. They're just so gorgeous. Um and so I'm gonna use this as my silhouette for the whole tree, and then I'm going to focus on just to leave for my main ones. But you can drop the whole tree for your one and do just leave as your silhouette take this prompt over you. What? But that's how I thought I would do it. So let's get started with my silhouettes. All right? You'll notice in my silhouette here made a few different holes. And what happens is about dragon drop, then diabetic this away and kind of gets you more the feel of the trees and that the leaves having long gaps and with nice is a like Aiken, Take him away is I find that Oh, that's one too many are kind of in a good spot that makes it looks like the tree has weird eyes. But if you kind of plan ahead a little bit like that to give your silhouette a little bit, here we go. I'm just about done and just clean up my Angelis. All right, that's a nice silhouette. I'm gonna hide that. And then I'm gonna do a little sketch of lovely Singh Olympic. This one down here, I really the colors. - That's very nice Sketch. Okay. And I'm gonna take this please put up here for code reference, and I'm gonna pizzas much the same way I did the succulents where I just grab a mid tone and then I'll add the other tones on top. So yeah, let's get started. Okay, so this is my Mentone face. Really? And I'm in two finger slide that over to the right, and the Alfa locks that you can also click here and go toe alfa lock, which might be easier to remember on. Then I'm just gonna grab up these colors and put it on top. And then I think I'll do the brighter yellow banging on a clipping mask above it. I'm still using the new rule brush because I really like the texture, but the key is to use a lighter touch. So you're not like, saturating it fully with that colors that you still see your mid tone underneath that you see, I'll even pick up from the screening yellow that's taking this corner and kind and grab on some of my edges. Maybe some of this golden yellow really get all those false colors. - All right, kind. Like those. I got some nice texture in there and didn't medal the colors too much. And so now I'm just gonna on a cloudy mess player on top so that I stay within those boundaries on Just do that gaining. So even show my sketch just so I could get the beans. Right. - I can even Alfa lock This could be mask and, um, grab even a lighter color. And just, like, touch some of the spots on the city map, scrap this darker color for some areas just to get a little more in depth and texture. Okay, so I couldn't like how that leaf turned out. Uh, just got spots here, See? All right. And then after that, we're gonna grab a drawing guide her on top. All right, so there's our word we're gonna do. Keep that on, makes the bottom layer darker. Go, and we'll bring out our silhouette and arrange Sees how we want. So I am going to select my maple e in and go lettering waste just select will just haven't looked through a little bit here. Sometimes it's for extensive wins. It doesn't quite give the effect that I want. So But I quite like that. I think, I may believe, turned out really full colors and beautiful and our maple trees of fun silhouette in the background And I can't wait to see what you made Have a great day. 25. April 22: Carnation: Hello. Welcome back. Today we are drawing a fun carnation. I think the pedals are just such a cool shape. And these air another one that you can do in a lot of different colors. So that's always fun for you to bring your own originality prompt. So I'm gonna start with this bunch and do a silhouette with the bunch, and then I'll do my single carnation. So let's get started. - Okay , so there's, um, silhouette. And I think it's a nice little bunch there, and it's kind of got the carnation shape to it. So we'll hide that and remembering out this carnation. And I think I'll do a quick sketch just so I could make sure you get all those pedal layers in there. - Okay ? Yeah, that's a lovely little sketch. And we love this guy over here. Service colors. All right, so let's get started on the painting layer. I think I'm gonna do what I've been doing. Grab mid tone and make that my base and then add some lights and darks, so I'll start with that. - Okay . I'm gonna out the lock, that nice mid tone layer, and I'm gonna go in, and these really dark. Keep its. So I've got my shadows set. - There was a bit I'm gonna go in and grabs with lighter colors, and then I'll blend those just the same. Okay? I'm just gonna add a layer on top, add the prying defense, so I can you really fine lines for the edges for all these. - Okay , I think that's quite nice. It's kind of got a little bit of more playing around on top rather than realistic, but I still like it, all right. And then I just seemed toe Abbas stem here. So just Adelaide every time getting good stem on there. All right, that's quite nice. And we'll add all this together and bring out our silhouette. Let's see how we want to arrange these. Okay, lets grab. It's a drawing layer. A drunk. Good on you. All right, well, duplicate that duplicate that bottom layer, bring down that and bring them together. Living and then way selector. Carnage, ever Mast White disliked? No, we got It's just holding on to this. That and I think that looks great. Um, I hope you had fun, and I can't wait to see what you mean. Thanks. Bye. 26. April 23: Cattail: Hello. Welcome back. Today we're drawing cap tales. Um, you may have another name for them, but they grow by the water. And I just thought the really unique plant, there's not a lot that look quite like them. And they're kind of fun draw. So I think I may use this is like a still already one, and then do a close up of one of those. So here we go. Okay. I think that's what I so what? And we'll just hide that away from now and let's bring out these. Oh, I quite like how the dreams in that when I go so less painting that. All right, So I'm just gonna start with painted that sketch because I think they're fairly simple shapes. We just got some like uncle ob longing Rules. And then you've got to read. So let's do start with cat and reads around. Lock those and then I take my smudge brush Just lately, blends is coming way. Go with Jean and I'll just get the rest of the read strong. And I'm making sure that I make a layer behind these. Actually, I can add you respect their some so less um it gives it the depth, and then, for each of those are apple lost them and add a few extra colors just to give it more variety. Because when you see a leaf or a flower, it's never just one solid color. It's always a little bit of lights and darks, and so you just catch a little bit of that and it gives it more realistic, - all right. I quite like how that turned out. So I'm gonna combine those and bring up my silhouette layer. Just kind of hear out. Put these and I'll make a new layer drawing guys and hi and that during guy Stupid Kate, my lettering bottoms I loathe Century on, loathe like a cat and doing so It looks quite nice and everything that was son and I can't wait to see what you made. 27. April 24: Sunflower: Hi there. Welcome back. I'm glad you're here to draw another day with me. And today or prompt ISS sunflowers by love sunflowers. They are absolutely summertime to me, and they're just so great and beautiful. So I think this one's gonna be a lot of fun. I think I'm just going to this big one of the Scylla and then grab the colors from this one . So here, I'll get started on my silhouette and then go. - Okay , That's quite lovely. So they're just find it and work on a sketch here. Let's get a new layer. Just gonna It's up here. Okay. So what? I think I've been do something. Grab that Mentone yellow again. And I'm I knew that our layer I'm just gonna build those pedals. His pedal, she's. And I think this could be definitely one that I can make with ours tracing or even sketching because it's just these head does over and over repeated and actually, two rows of pedals. - Okay , well, let that be my back. Ling pedals friendly, like okay . And then I'm gonna just a couple blocks that layer and as darker pits and lighter bits kind of blend them together once again, I'm just smudging on my covers together. Is it that nice natural blending? - Give these panels and then I'll make that center to add a bit of shadow. Fear that you have these pedals placed in the front gives it that step. And I'm gonna do a bit of that here around center of this circles that when I am middle car held spit writing already have it shadows. It's really easy to do the center if I just pick up the colors, is thing here because it kind of just radiate naturally from senators. Get lighter in line, and then I'll just take a smaller brush and add these little details around the edges and all right, there we go, and I do like how these leaves were kind of sticking up behind it. So I another layer behind and grab couples those leaves. - And then I'm just I didn't better those details on disability use back here. - I quite like that. Then I'll combine all those together, pull up my silhouette and arrange how I want on. Then I will make a drawing. Guys, a new layer and a new layer for riding duplicate that layer and way Go Bring those two together. Go. Most like that word here send you quite like something turned out And I hope you had fun Make it so far as well. See you tomorrow. 28. April 25: Aspen: hello again today we're drawing and has been Aspens are just beautiful. I love the black and white bark in the gold leaves that looked like gold coins. It just feels so graphic and beautiful. So I think it would be really fun to draw today. I'm going to use this one as my silhouette, and then I may use these elements to make my actual treats. So let's start with that silly West and go from this, - all right? That's pretty good. Till what? So I will just hide it back here and then bring out these elements and I'm gonna actually make my tree from these elements. I'm gonna start with the trunk here, chooses really dark. Truthfully, great to start with the trunk because I've been using a really textured, brash, and so I think I do the white over top of it. It'll create really pretty look, and we'll get some of the black and white classics Aspen. But so he was Start with Trump. Okay. And I'm gonna take this white in America over top of it and see if picking mimic the texture that I'm seeing there. And if I help unlock this layer that I want it. So you think it then I can take a finer brush. And that had in more of the details. It's the shape of the lines and the marks on the tree. I'm not too concerned with the branches right now. I'm gonna fill it with yellow leaves since I'm just gonna wait and see what branch then you that and I just want to put some out. There's there's there's some structure to what the leaves air going on. And then I can always alter them as I need to. All right, that's good. Trunk there. And now let's do a new layer, please. And I basically just have this invention disabilities golden again. Let's start with a Mentone and matter lice and darks and get yeah and all right. No, I'm gonna grab a Yeah, that's hitting my shadows, and I like right now, it just doesn't look like a big mess Mess, OK, that's what you just tend to is blocking and where you want your colors to show up and as you go and start to mix. So now just be my smudge brunch. And I actually have a really large but I'm just lightly touching kind of swirly little areas make, like, little clusters of leaves with the lights in the dark on. And then I'm gonna go on a layer on top and I'm just gonna add the details, um, with a smaller brush so that I could get, like, individually use kind of shaped out, uh, then gives the even more texture and depth All right. Like, probably could go on and texture. And these all day Yeah, I like to do that work for really far away and bring closer combined group What I like And that's how I tell done on your guns with smaller comes across Oh, yes, maybe all throw and branches. All right, go on. And now I will grab up fall put all those layers together and I'll grab my silhouette and try to sit these together. Nice. Now on a new layer, Mr Dr New layer lettering. Let's keep that layer. Get that Bring this together like it there will select our tree white All that is except in in front and leave our two leaves blow being for the words And there we go. I think fall that done. I hope you enjoyed doing that with me. And I can't wait to see what you made 29. April 26: Drawing A Flower Wreath: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Today we're gonna do a worksheet about drawing a flower reef. It's not painting technicals, but it's a fun way to use all the botanical and flower drying skills in a really fun and useful way. And so I thought it would be yes, just a fun little activity. So just started out. I'm going to just make a circle, and it's nice, because in procreate, you just hold it and it snaps you circle. It doesn't have to be perfect. Um, but then because it is just gonna be your guidelines. So then, um, what did they do with my circle? Is I'm going to pull little bits up this. I'm going to go all in the same direction. Like as if you were bending a stick to make a reef, all the little branches of the stick would be going in the same direction. And so I'm just doing that And what you feel like you have it really good. And you like the look of it you're gonna just with and so that's gonna be our guide to the direction and look to our Reese next, and I'm gonna grab a main color for my, um I picked out, like, five colors, and I think you'll do best if you pick out like, 45 pillars that go well together in that, um, that you would want to use together because the more colors you add, the more model that might be. But it can be really clean and and beautiful looking if you just use a few. There are definitely people who do Flannery's that use all kinds of colors and second since up. But I think he used one brush and, like 45 guys, um, this woman turned out really good. Also, I protracted Think I'm just using the drying ink brush. It's in the inky inside. I just wanted texture brush. If you want really smooth brush, go forward like when the clarity, your script ones or the monoline. Um, but I love a little texture in my drawings, so I'm just using the drink because I kind of like So, Yeah, I'm gonna grab this, um, darker green. And what I'm gonna do is a new layer I'm just going to make I'm gonna follow these lines that I already did. And I'm necessarily going the circle line because you kind of want the flow is if they were , like, little branches that you all stuck together. And so if you make the drug circle that I will look like they're just dry in circles. But if you kind of flow from one branch to the next in the line with the circle, then you get the feel of like you're stringing branches together. Okay? Create like a list of that. So next I'm going to do some leaves and then take the light. Agree, And I have and I'm inducing leaves with that. And so do that on a new layer. Um, I'm just going to every part on a new layer just because it'll be really easy. But I want to do that basically shape that we talked about me space like a crazy over. Nothing fancy ads leaves on the end of my branches. You don't have to add toe. Everyone skipped one or two here there, and you could have two leaves on a branch where everything's looks best. Um, there's a lot of freezing in making something like this, but also pulling back and not like over doing it also can give it more of a delicate look. So while you want to just go for it and do anything you also kind of want to reserve and you make it more less is more basically, try saying now, I'm gonna grab that dark green, and I'm gonna go on top of my every leaf, and I'm going to make my brush skinny. And I'm gonna after lock those leaves and I'm gonna add way, uh, lines on top. And I want things to be really stylized. But if you want it, if you don't want to have lines if you just want to one middle line on all your leaves because I can look really cool too. If you just do one middle line on all your leaves um, you do that, make it your styles. This is much more mice. Illustrative style. Okay, got all the details on all my leaves, and next we're gonna add some branches. So I've got this, like, charcoal color here. I'm going on a new layer, and I'm just gonna reach out with my bridge post that figure, I decided I don't like that grandmother Brown coming here. I think brown round circles and then I'm still reach out my branches. Just Adam. That's a little bit more depth, because I've got fines and leaves, and I just want attitude branches mix. And actually, I might even throw those behind my vines here. Yeah, that looks a little better. Brown Just over taking it a little bit. All right? And then, um, flowers. And I've got this Coralie red color. So on a new layer flowers what you want to do things you wouldn't choose a really simple flower shape. So if you just want to choose a shapeless and at a middle to it or do you want to choose a shape just fun around? You could do that. You choose just a pointy shape for this one. I think I'm gonna choose the sheet where? Just do like that. I'm gonna add some details on top of it. So it won't look really simple when you're done, so yeah, I just got supplies. You don't have to worry right now about necessarily connected to your minds of wrenches because you can always connects. Um, just make sure your vitamins wise us. That's gonna look good. And so for that you can always just pull it back and see how that looks. Do that Just kind of like, just, like doesn't fit there. Just find your spot and contested out how it looks smaller. - Okay , So you don't you know all your flowers. I'm gonna add details just like I do with Brian's. At least, um, I forget to grab a lighter color. Uses u two's in my flowers. So I just grabbed a lighter version of the car and then it's firstly awful. Locked him again. My details inside. Like I said, you can use like, orange could make some doctor decides to do some lines. Or you could just skip this step all together until in whatever style you wanna do, go. And then what I'm gonna do next is another layer. I'm gonna add some Berries, and so these I use this terrible and I'm just gonna Adam to the end of all these sticks that are sticking out. And then if I want to add more, all add more others twigs are binds or something. So that, um, they have places to connect you and they're not just floating there. Yeah, go back. Little connectors for these extra buries a looked good as I went around, so yeah, I'm just making trace like we're always a place and I have bounces out on all the sign. Like, now I see it. Probably have a couple over here. This back trickiest part is probably the singer that you're working on the right layer of all the time because I always screw that up and I'm on the wrong way, all right? I quite like how that looks. Hi. This and then All right, so I quite like how that turned out. And what's nice about these is that you can use them for a variety of things. But since we've been practicing our lettering, what's really nice is to be able, Teoh, uh, put words right in the center so you could use it for a card. And you could say snitching you happy birthday. You could do it in Christmas colors and say, Merry Christmas, um, or you put your favorite quote in it and then put it off and put down your wall or send It's a gift. Like there's so much you been to, uh, with a wreath like this is that's what I think is really and just It's like I said. It's a fun way to reuse your skills that learning here is you do botanicals every day. Um, it's always nice to have a practical use for your drawing skills. I love make cards for people, so that's just my idea. So there you go, there's my flowery and this'll work. She is in the resource is stab project to say that skinning and that wasn't helpful. So that's in the resources. Savages like all the other work shoots, and it just will have the simple instructions on it. And I hope that was fun. I will see you tomorrow. Bye. 30. April 27: Rose: Hi there. Welcome back. I'm so glad you're here to draw another day, and we're almost through the month of April. Doing so good. All right. So today we're drawing a rose and everybody let's dry roses. So it's always fun to practice because you can use them for so many things. And, yeah, I'm gonna use this phone as they still let. And then, um nice, big closest boat back one. And I even think I really like these pinks to very vibrant. So let's start with that Phyllis, - right ? I think that's really lovely silhouette. So we will just hide it here and let's do a quick sketch of this one. I'm just so we get the right shape and go from this. - Okay , so I got my sketch here, so I'm just gonna take each pedal and filled them on top of so back here, grab these darker tones and shape it. Okay. And then I did this once. Grand again, the darker ones for where it meets the next. Just imagine. Yeah, I'm just gonna do that. Same process all the way around. Some of them. Eventually I'm gonna have to do on new layers. Just so that I don't end up erasing with other presidents. So I have a couple of different lines here. Each panel will be make up the road bythe Yeah, I think you're doing this process. Okay, so I've got those with high items that I could get these middle ones here as I dive deeper and hear all these pedals. - All right, So, yeah, to get those definition really pushed that high contrast between your eyes in your Lowe's and then that should get you look like they were going for a ruse. And then let's see, I have cancer rose together. Head of my panels. Best on, um, I quite like it. Uh, I think it turned out pretty good touches here and there. Defines these benches. All right, now I've got my rose. I'm gonna and my silhouette back in behind it and arrange the best and and then a new layer . I'll do that drawing. Do you take that back on? I don't do my mess. Just because I don't really have a good place for it to over. I quite like Sorry. Gotta happen. Yeah, I like that Turned out. And I hope your rose turned out as well, and I can't wait to see what he did 31. April 28: Holly: Hello. Welcome back. Today we are drawing a holly leaf. I added this one to the list just because it's one that you kind of frequently draw around the holidays. And so I thought it would be nice to, you know, get a little practicing with it. Um, even though it's nowhere near the time here where you draw, but And I thought I'd actually be fun to have my silhouette be this wreath and then have the Hollywood please be the main focus. Just because holly bushes just bush shakes, spins it. That's interesting. Um, yeah. So these air my references, and I think I'm Mr on that as myself. - Okay , that's quite a nice silhouette. I've got there feel very festive behind the holly lease, and so I will just hide that tweet later. And then let's get a sketch of this guy. Well, I probably just get the shape all right, So I'm gonna grab up in green here, - All right? Just just made those points that distinguish the Holly. All right, so that my leaves and I'm gonna helpful. Welcome. So then I can add my highlights in my shadows and not have to worry about cleaning and manages again, - all right. And I think we could add some Berries on a new layer. So again, we're just gonna just have a bunch of and remember, the more imperfectly eyes is better because they're not perfect circles. They are spears that they do have very national bumps and miss shakes. So and then I So I'm gonna need your shadow. - Then I'm gonna just fruit, this one underneath so that that guy extra once and I could even with go think all the guy that looks really sharp So I will hide this thing, combine all that and bring out our silhouette and let's get it arranged on. Then let's grab us a drawing guy knew. Let's do on. Let me Let's make that bottom. Let's find a good spot. There we go a quick like that when I feel like that's fun and you could use it for festive times or, ah, nice holiday card or something. So I hope you enjoyed that, and I can't wait to see what you make 32. April 29: Dandelion: Hello, Friends. Today we're doing a dandy lion. Um, I loved 80 lines. I know it will feel like they're weeds, but I love them, and my kids love them. And so I added them to the list because I think they're awesome. Also, they're a lot more useful than people think. You make tea out of the leaves, you could eat the roots. Um, they're actually a really useful plant, and I don't know when they became leads, but somewhere in history, they did. But doing I just think there is such fun, bright things. And you always know spring is coming when they start popping up. So I was gonna do those puffy part as my silhouette, because that's gorgeous. And maybe I'll even do some fly away ones. And then I was gonna do this as my main flowers. So I'm gonna start in my silhouette here and then go from there. All right? Quit like better than silhouette Turned out quite nice. All right. So I will just hide those and start a new layer, and I would just jump right in with the patient, I think, and get these pedals down. - Thanks for the first layer and then I'm gonna go up a layer and I'm gonna show up brighter color here. Actually, we kind of have some looking up. - Then we'll get a sector layer here, all right, And then I might just add a bit of shading each layer by just grabbing a really big brush and going slightly darker than color that's there. And after locking and just like that's great, just sit shadows so that you have it looking like it's highlights is like I said, before you be balanced with shadows in the light, you get that natural look like it's in this shine, which is always lovely. And then I think I'll throw on one of these big green leaves there against any from China's some highlights. A little bit texture to believe. All right, that's love Danny Line. Let's problems together and bring out Hello it and we'll arrange these. Want them? All right, let's grab a drawing guy here on new layer. Alright, Duplicate Back on. Take that bottom layer. I should like Hey, let's see if we can move these somehow use it. Don't come back very well. And maybe my scene of my letter in this game, little lost. So you can actually go here to adjustments and you can go to the huge and you can see the booth with a blue. And then you've been like, take some saturation or make it better loose. It doesn't get lost on the go. I quite like that dream out. And I hope you enjoyed doing that as well. And I can't wait to see your dandy lion for a great day. 33. April 30: Redwood: Hello. Welcome to the last day of April. Can't believe we're at the end of April already. And I am so proud of you for doing four months of daily dry. Or if you've just been saying this month I'm proud of you for doing one month's daily drawing Any little's. It is awesome. And I am probably so for this last one for the botanicals I decided to do a redwood because I have ever read was that their incredible and emigration see one because their massive trees But it's really school. They come from these teeny tiny seeds from these little pine nuts, and they literally, like, fit in the palm of your hand. It's so cool that this massive tree like this is like the size of a person next to this tree. Like it's huge. Um, so anyway, um, yeah, I just want draw this. It might be kind of hard, but sometimes you need a challenge and you can take the prompt. Tell us what you want. So I'm gonna use this is my silhouette. And then I'll draw these little seeds on top, just like where the Giants Okoye caper. That's Giant Redwood came from. All right, so let's get started. Um, if you are doing your research, junk the trees, you'll find that there's quite a few that people have made tunnels through. You can walk through in some that are even big enough to drive a car through. And so I kind of included that just just kind of give a little scale of our massive trees here. Silhouettes. All right, so I'll just hide that on. And then I just took a quick sketch of these before I pass him like before. I'm very proud of you for making it this far. And I hope you will join me. This'll next month. Got another class planned for, mate, and I'm just getting it all finished and set up. So I hope you'll join me again and we'll do another month of daily drying. That should be popping up here soon once I get all finished. Yeah, I'm just starting with a dark color for my big here of my little plane Coney guys getting those dark centers, and then I'm gonna build up layers and tough. - All right. Now, I've got my basic shape of my pine cones here. A music of my Sketchley, and I'm just gonna add details on top. Pick up these really light colors here on fine details and then at Zoran Darks and hopefully the list more like pine cones in that brown blobs. - There's no special techniques what I'm doing. I'm just finding different colors that I see and adding them in in where I see then, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. And you just keep building on top of what you have and you see more your patterns and your colors and where your lights and darks go and you end up building form. Way to go like that. Turn out, Wade. This bring back giants are giant redwood silhouette and now on a new layer will grab a guy and the newly will just littering. Okay, well, duplicate that stupid that layer and make that bottom one. Yeah, nudge it over for a shadow and let's combine those and way are going to select our little pie stones. Select invert, Go up to our lettering masks, then make sure you got white Select No, no. I got the pine come from words quite like that. I hope you really enjoy the botanicals this month and I can't wait till you see next month . So keep an eye out for that next class. And I'm so glad you drive daily with bees, he put back, keep drawing daily.