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Drawing Cute Dinosaurs in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Xenia Sorokina, Illustrator & Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketching

    • 3. Lining

    • 4. Coloring

    • 5. Adding Shadows & Highlights

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About This Class

In this class, we’re going to learn how to draw four cute cartooney dinosaurs. 

If you have no prior experience in drawing, you shouldn't worry, this class is open for everyone.

We'll start by sketching the basic shapes, and step by step will convert them into full-colored illustrations with clean outlines.

In the Project & Resource Tab, you can find the file “Guidelines” that will help you to make your first steps.

 After completing this class, you'll be able to draw a bunch of cute dino characters from scratch.

All the drawings were made in Adobe Photoshop, but feel free to make your illustrations in any graphic software you want.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Xenia Sorokina

Illustrator & Graphic designer


Hello there!

I'm Xenia, and I'm an illustration and graphic design enthusiast. I know firsthand how complicated and confusing the new software, tools and simply learning new skills could be, so I'm here for all the neophytes and enthusiasts to help you with learning new things. 

So if you want to learn something new or refresh already known but forgotten knowledge about Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate and digital illustrations in general - you're more than welcome to join the creative journey!


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Ksenia and them an illustrator and graphic designer in the Skill shik last wagon . In the drawing, cute dinosaurs will start by making a bunch of sketches continue Americans a clean lines and finish up with the car. In part. This illustration is made in adult before the show, but you can use almost any graphic software you want, so if you already launched your software and let's begin. 2. Sketching: Well, first of all, let's opens a file guidelines that you confined in a project and rest Stop. Let's look this late and take a look at these documents. What we have he is the schematics, cases off what we're gonna be doing in this class. So we're going to be drawing four different dinosaurs. And here's how they're gonna look like you can use the sketches. Or don't use them. If you want to draw everything by yourself from scratch, it's Justin options that can help to ease your life. So first of all, let's create and you let above. Celia was a schematic sketch now takes and brush toe, and let's choose the brush for the sketch. I'm using Kyle Ultimate Bensel hard brush here in for the shop and it just perfect for making the sketches. So if you're using the full ownership to had recommended to try his brush out. So when we're done with speaking the brush, let's set the color for the sketch and start creating our dinos us, as we can see. First of all, we need to define where bottom part is, so let's create occurs on the line on the bottom and one more hers onto land involves the previous one. So this is our bottom. Where's Alexa gonna be? And this one is was the timing and the whole body? Lee. So what we need next is takrit in nice and smooth shape, some kind of super around the triangle like And let's just start making the shape repeated here makes it on me a little bit more around it. Let's make this both and lines that connects all of the parts off Dina's. Oh, she goes on neck, and we just need to make the whole line smooth. So just wasn brush may exist, moved over land and joined all the parts together. Use the erase it. So if you need to fix anything and let's move on ads ahead and join all the separated parts we need to join. So let's create the circle for the head here. And let's add the next to join the parts together was a curve a line. Now fix it. Visit a razor toe, and let's continue making the one solid shape, which is joining these parts and winning to make the smooth curve here on the right to make the sale Now let's add selects and Alexa going to be into these quest. So just adds elects by repeating the shape of the squares and by making them a little bit more around it. Mexico Onus on the bottom, off the legs around it, and let's join them with the body by making the curse. Nonda Straight lines EDS. Elect on the back and repeat the same steps with Oz Alexe on the right. Now let's move on and it's on details to our body. So we're creating this little close like half of a circles here on the leg and the same on the back leg and now repeated on the other side. Now let's and I. And to make that, I would need to put it summer on the bottom, first off the head. So let's make this little cross and put it here. After that, let's fix our shape user a raise, its will to get rid of the inner parts. It will help us to take a look at what are dinosaurs look like for now, and we don't need the sketch to be very clean because we're going to be making the line in part a little bit later, but anyway, it's just cool to make the whole thing look clear. So let's get back and let's at a few details, like the little spots do the body into a makes the whole shape look more interesting. So we're just making this little circles here and there and the first sketches ready. So let's move on and create one Montana's or let's continue on the same layer. So takes a brush again. And let's start making this kitsch. So again, let's define was the bottom part is Mexico is on the line using the shift button and just create the straight line. And also let's at one more horizontal parallel line a little bit above. Now let's get back and let's and the super around the triangle shaped for the body just by repeating this schematic lines. When you're done repeating the shape, let's again make the whole bottom part off the body as a solid, smooth curve. The line I use it a raise its will to make it clean. Now let's move on and let's ads ahead for the head worker. It in just a circle here and no need to merge the upper part with the body with a smooth curve. So starting from the head, create this move curve, repeat the shape and let's makes its sale. Now let's move on. And adds Alexe. Using the guidelines created same rectangles was a smooth corners as video before and the back leg and repeat the steps on the other side. Now it's done to add some details. So first of all, let's add the heat. Win you to make the curve and merchant ways, aleck. Now let's Ha! Julia was a scheme. Get rid off. The in Alliance wasn't a raise it so and less figs the whole shape a little bit to make it look nice and getting back to Zito's and hide this layer with the scheme adds a close on the legs by drawing off over circles. And let's at the I so create across summer in the centre off the head and draw a little circle in the middle off the cross, and we can want to add in the spikes. As you can see, there are some lines that will help us to put the spikes in the right places, so they need to be right in the middle of the shape that we need to create. So just repeat the shape off the spike and more off them, to the body and to the head. Make sure that you're connecting two parts together and don't make the free space between the spikes. Now let's hardly with the guidelines. And let's add a few sports, as we did on the previous Dina's are just a few tiny circles on the sites, and the second diner is ready. Now let's and hide. DeLay was a scheme and let's move on and create one month dinosaur. So is all this. We're starting by defining with the florist and where are Lex are gonna be and making one more line here for the Tommy now moving on and creating these circle for body just by repeat into shape here. When you're done with this part, let's make the whole boat in line with a smooth curve. Just create the shape. Make sure that the time is around it not just a straight line user arrays. It's all to figure the parts and let's move on to the head for the head work rate in the Alps and the upper set off the elves is gonna be as a straight line when you're done was repeat in this shape. Let's start putting the neck fruit. So from sits up point, start makings of a V shape and connected with the head. Now let's continue making the body and let's merge the tail with the body, so we need to create the curve here. Now let's move on and let's adds elects. So with the help from the guidelines, we need to create rectangles with smooth corners on the left for the front legs. Let's make them a little bit more interesting, and let's make this shape a little bit slanted. Now let's hide this layer and erase all the parson says it we don't need. Also, we don't need this part on the head. So let's erase it suit but leaves a Joe line. And now let's fix it a little bit. And also, let's add disconnected. He part by creating the curve and just merchant ways. Aleck. Now let's, um, hide this layer with a scheme and and the details, like close by drone huff all the circles. Let's add the horns and those those will help us to place them right so connected lines and less for it and not a horn here on the back. Now let's add the I. So again make a little cross on the head to make it look. Yuta. We can put the I more on the bottom part off the head. And also, let's add the nose horn. So where connecting these dots with the nose and drawing the shape off the horn. Now let's take a look at what we can fix and let's add those sports on the body. And now we can move on and create one more in the last dinosaur. So, as you can see here, some kind of a next shape and we can repeat it. But let's just start by making the horizontal lines one for the floor and one for the Tommy . Now let's move on and draws ahead, making a lips here, and when you're done with this part, let's add the curve for the upper part off the body. So repeat the shape and this land will help us to know where's it Sale ends. Now. Let's go to the border part and create a very round shape and join all the parts together with a head. Now it's exit areas. It's so things airlines and legend one and add selects. Those lines will help us to make the legs. So again we're creating rectangles wiz around it. Corners now can hide the skin layer at a little heap line and connected with the lack knowledge. Fix some parts. Let's raise the extras on hydrilla and at the Giotto's Here is gonna be outside me. And for the time you will need to make these lines connected with the he planned with your before and drove one month you curvy landfalls a heap. Now let's add the arms is the one here is already done and just needed to be repeated from the scratch. And the 2nd 1 is going to be here, so we just need to create these shape. Let's erase these line because the time is going to be a different girl, and we just need to make sure that there's a solid line. Now let's add some details and start with the face, adds them off with the TIF for them off created hers on salon and additive with the triangles. Now let's add the I and you can use the same method as before. Let's just put the ice somewhere here to make it cuter. Now, moving on to the close, draw them with half of the circles and let's start adding the spikes so those lines will help us to place them correctly. We'll start with this one. This is a shape, so we need to repeat it. And also, let's add the same spikes here on the back. So we'll start from the neck and with the same shape going alone. The spy just repeats a curve and try to make the spikes a little bit smaller. Owns the end off the tail. No, it's Heisel a and see what we got here. So the sketches ready. And in the next part of a glass, we're going to be making the clean lines. 3. Lining: What we need now is to name this layer as a sketch. Let's decrease the capacity to 25% so we won't be distracted off the temporary sketch but will still know where to put the lines now lawlessly. And let's make one Malaya above and name it as the lines now takes a brush for the line. And if you're using the for the ship, it would be good to use the heart wrong pressure brush. Make some savings exit color for the lines, for example, solid black and let's move on for the line. In part, just repeat the shape on the sketch. If you're using some kind of a pressure brushes, make sure that your lines don't have the same weight everywhere. Use the pressure. It makes the lines previa. So start making the lines and keeps them smooth in this part of a glass. There, one minute, much of voice over because we're just repeating the lines we perfect on this kitsch. If you can't make this lance very clean now, don't for with all this can fix them within a razor to but anyway, try to make them as stable, uninterrupted and smooth as you can. You can hide the sketch late to make sure that you're not missing anything. So when you're done was making the basic lines user a raise it so to clean them up and make them neat. And also when it all the lines to be closed because later we're gonna be put in the color on, and we don't want the car to leak out. If you need to rotate the whole workspace to make the head movements a little bit more natural and comfortable, you can use the rotator. So the shortcut for it is an arche, or you can find it here on the toolbar. If you want to move your workspace to a normal condition, just at zero here on the control panel. Now let's fix the lines. Add some details, such as I feel it was a black color and the sports on the body now behind the Sketchley and check out if we need to fix something, Els and the first diner outline is ready and we can move on to the next one. So six and brush and start lying and try to keep your brush weighed the same as on the previous one. Let's hide the schedule it and start fixing the whole piece. Go look now let's and hard to schedule it and see what we need to add more. We need to add the eye and make it solid Black now and the circles for the sports and let's draws a close. Let's hides a layer was a sketch now and check out if in you to fix anything. Now let's move on and continue making the lives to the other. Dinos hides Ilia and start fixing the lines. - Okay , let's on hides Sketchley and see what we need to add. Let's add the eye and make it solid black. Now let's adds it close and let's and the sports hides away and fled. Struck out. If we need to fix anything, I want to change the neck curve. Let's unharmed this late and move on to the last dinosaur. So zigs, airbrush and starts alone in process. But let's hides away and start fixings alliance. - Okay , and we're done with the line in part and in the next part of the class, we're going to be putting the collars on 4. Coloring: Now let's move on and let's start the car in part so forth the college. You can use already prepared car schemes that you confined in a project and wrestle. Stop or you can use your own color combinations. So if you're using the prepared color scheme, let's open this document. So getting back to our cholera, first of all, let's log this lay and let's create one mole A between the lines and the sketch and let's go with coloring. So how we gonna be car in our dinosaurs? We're gonna take the magic want toe, and we're going to select all the inner parts that we need to call with one color. To select a few parts. Use a shift key when we're done. We need to go under select modify expense and winning to expand this election. We need to do this because we want to avoid a strange white line between the calorie and the lines. Look, if a sense a car like this, for example, and if we take the paint bucket to go to the currently and boom cycle here was the selection is you see that there's an ugly white out one and we don't need on our drawing. So let's get back and go to the select. Modify, expand and let's expended for two pixels. So get back to the garden. Let's go to another document with the color scheme. And then with that, I drop it too big sickle, and get back to our main top exit paint bucket to and just put the car Orme. Now they're selected with the control D and let's check out there is no white outline between the lines and the car. Well, yes, there's some space is that when you tickle with the brush, so let's just fix him. And let's just do the same to the other parts. So where Seconds a magic want so and selecting the objects. Using the shift key. Let's select all the sports and again go to the select modify expend expanded for one pic. So because the lines here are a little bit finer, go to the car skin document and select another column for the sports. Now let's put the collar on, and when you're done, de select everything with the control D. Let's take a brush and political here on the clothes if they want to recalls outline, We can create one Malaya Bonds delay with the lance and with the right mouse button, click on it and said it as a Cleveland mask. Now we can go to the color scheme document Pig Zika LaFours outlines and Wizard Brush owns and you clipping mask. Claire. Just Colors Alliance. Let's set a different color for outline here, So with the I drop it, souping is a yellowish one. And with the color picker window, let's select the darker color and let's continue recover in the outlines. So the main coloring part for these Donna is done, but we'll get back to it when we're gonna be put in the shadows and highlights a little bit later. Now let's continue color in the other dinosaur. So again, go to the landslip sayings, a Magic 12 and selected body parts. After that, go to the select modify expand, set it as a two pixels and getting back to the car and scheme. Let let's select the skin color. Using that I drop it. So now pigs this purple one. Let's get back to the car and let takes a paint bucket to and put the collar on. I forgot to select those legs, so let's grabs a brush to and colors the back legs. Now let's continue selected. The other parts was a magic wand, and by holding down the shift key, go to the select modify expense. Set it as a one big circles once Athena here and let's go to the car skin document and with the iron, drop it to pigs. A gulf was a lighter parts. Now go to the color and let takes a paint bucket to and let scholars a selected areas. When you're done with this part, this select everything with the control D. Let's fix some places. Was a paint bucket till didn't work well, So now let's take another Gulf was outlined. Choose a lay in Basel, Ansley. Go to the document with a car, schemes, pigs, a car for the outline and with the brush. Just put the collar on. Now let's set another cough was a yellow parts so sayings that I drop it so select DiScala . Go to the color picker window and let's select the darker color and does Opus. Let's boot the color own Houston's a brush, and now let's move on to our the dinosaurs, so, as always, go to the land. Let's take the magic. Want to select the parts off the body and the head that we need to call her? Go to select, modify, expand. Let's set it to two pixels and with our drop it. So pig sick off with the skin from the car scheme Document. Now go to the collar and layer takes a paint bucket to and bones a collar. Or now let's check out what we didn't go and let's fix it with a brush. Now let's like the rest of the part that we need. Sakala Houston's the shift key go to select modify expense and set it as a one pixel. Go to the cars, came document and pick another car was I drop it to get back to the car and let takes a paint bucket to and start putting the car to the Sports de Select Arifin and let's move on to the next step and recalls outline. So go to the slayer above the Lion Slayer. Go to the car scheme document and physical force outlines, get back to the main document, takes a brush and just start putting this color to the lines. Now let's set another. Golf was a yellow part, so whimsical a picker window. Select more saturated color and let's move on to the last dinosaur. So again takes a magic. Want to and start selecting the parts off the body. Now go to select. Modify, expand. Set it to two pixels. Go to the car skin document with the eyedropper to speak the collar, go to the collar and lay. It. Takes a paint bucket to and boots a collar on Now death. Select everything and let said the colorful other parts so sexy magic want to and select the spikes. Go to select. Modify expand. Set it to two pixels. Again. Go to the car scheme. Document. Pigs a car. Get back to the car in layer. Thanks the pain bucket to and put the collar on. Now let's elect the timing. Go to select modify expense. Set it to two picks us. Go to the car scheme. Document picks Akala. Get back to the main documents. Take the pain back in two and Carla's a timing. Now let's just put the almost white collar here for the teeth. And let's recall the outline. So go to the car asking document pigs, akal and with the brush bones, a car on the outlines. Let's it another color for the spikes. And the time you use a color picker window to choose most saturated and to be darker cars, and the main current part is ready. And in the next part of a class, we're gonna be ed in the shadows and highlights. 5. Adding Shadows & Highlights: Now let's move on and boot the shadows toe our dinos. We need to make one malaria above the tolerantly and let's call it Shadows said it as a group in mask. And let's choose a column not as a multiply and decrease attested to 35%. Now we can go to the color scheme. Document finds a column with the shadows and pigs. Akala. Now let's get back to the main document and let's put the shadows on. So take the brush and let's begin winning the shadow under the head under the eye. And let's add the shadow under the sports. Now, let's continue making the next shadow, and let's fix it a little bit with a razor to let's add the shadow on the bottom, so using the brush makes a shadow line along the border part. Let's fix it a little bit. Now let's put the shadow on the back legs, and also let's add the smooth shadow curves on the nearest to our selects own both sides, and the shadows for these diner are done. Let's move on to the second Diniz also go to the color scheme Lee and beings the shadow color for the second Dina. Get back to the main document and start putting the shadows. Let's start from the Tommy and selects towards the back legs in the shadow. Now let's as a shadow here on the nearest leg and also owns the bottom part off the tail. And now let's fix it a little bit. Now let's my one and put the shadows to the neck. We need to make the strangle under the head, and we need to go down to selects. Now let's move on and put the shadows on the spikes. Just go along the shape and let's add the shadows under the sports and one more for the eye and we're done with these diners. So let's move on and continue put in the shadows to the next Dina's us. As always, start by going to the car skin document. Big Szukala. Get back to the main document and start putting the shadows on. So let's start with the neck bones, a shadow under the neck fruit and start putting the frame and shadows to the frill. Add the shadow under the horn under the eye and on the back horn, too. Now let's put the shed of here on the timing and the leg, and the back legs are gonna be in the shadow, too. And let's boot. The shadow owns itself, and it continues on the leg. And now let's add the shadows under the sports, these diner is ready, so let's move on and put the shadows on the last dinosaur. So, as always, go to the car skin document. Select the color for the shadow. Get back to the main document and let's start putting the shadows on. Let's begin with the shadow on this ahead and make sure that you put the shadow on the spikes to because the head cause the shadows there, too. Add the shadows. Owns ahead spikes and the shadow under the I and a few shadows on this Atif. Now let's move on and adds the shadows on the spikes on the back. Let's continue with the arms. Put the shadow under the arm. Two. So repeat the shape off the arm. Makes a shadow, owns its army, ends the leg. Buddha Shadow, owns it sale and a little bit, owns the left leg. Let's at one Machito here on the full between select ends its army and the shadows are down . So let's my want and put the highlights for the highlights will need and you'll eso create one mullah above the shadow. Slack said it as a clipping mask. Give it a name and let's said the calamari to overlay and decrease the capacity to 75%. Now we can go to the color scheme document, select ical and start booting the highlights on. So let's start with the first diner. Take the brush and start putting the highlights on the head. Owns the neck. Owns a big sale ends ELEX. Add some random sized doors near the sports, and the highlights for this diner are done. So let's repeat this steps with as a Dina's owes force, a lighter parts used to call a picker window and select ELISA collars. - And we're done with these illustration. And here are some examples of how you can use this illustrations, and I'll add additional outlines for used on just a project and wrestle. Stop. I hope you found this class helpful, and if you like it, please check out the other glasses given, follow and leave your review. And thanks for watching