Drawing Cute Animals Characters Step by Step : How to Draw A Magician Dog

Winda Lee, Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber

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3 Videos (13m)
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    • Let's Draw Our Magician Dog

    • Let's Color Our Magician Dog


About This Class

Hi everyone!

In this video, we will learn how to draw a magician dog.

This course is for beginners and suitable for children's activity too!

And it's perfect for parents who want to teach their kids to draw

Let's start!

Winda Lee





Winda Lee

Illustrator, Writer, Youtuber



Hi, my name is Winda Lee and I'm an illustrator and a writer.

I love to draw cute stuffs and children related illustrations. I also a pattern maker which allows me to create many cute patterns in my free time.

I am best known as the author for Gummy's Diary in Line's Webtoon Challenge in Indonesia and some in US version with readers 1.5M, 32.8k subcribers and 9.7 ratings with many young moms and young girls readers.

I graduated from Cip...

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