Drawing Creative Letters: An Introduction to Lettering for Beginners

Lesley Zellers, artist / designer / letterer

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10 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Choose A Word

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. Letter Basics and Warm Up

    • 5. Brainstorm

    • 6. Research

    • 7. Draw Thumbnails

    • 8. Sketch Your Letter

    • 9. Ink In Your Letter

    • 10. Final Thoughts and Thank You


About This Class

Learn how to draw fun and unique letters in this beginners intro to lettering class with a simple project - draw one letter in a creative way. No experience or art background is needed for this class as it is geared toward the absolute beginner and would even be great for older kids.

Join artist and letterer, Lesley Zellers, as she walks you through her personal creative process as she shares terminology, techniques and tips to give you a basic understanding and confidence to start lettering today!

In this class you will learn

  • basic letter terminology
  • brainstorming and research methods to give your letter meaning
  • how to sketch a single letter in several creative ways
  • how to complete your first¬†hand drawn letter form

Once you complete this class, you'll have a beautiful letter and a solid foundation to begin your lettering journey. Draw an entire alphabet, create posters, gifts, the possibilities are endless!