Drawing Couture: Turning Fashion Designs into Art | Dallas Shaw | Skillshare

Drawing Couture: Turning Fashion Designs into Art

Dallas Shaw, Fashion illustrator/style expert

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8 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Drawing a Basic Figure

    • 3. Adding Clothes and Details

    • 4. Coloring Skintone

    • 5. Coloring Clothes and Hair

    • 6. Refining with Color Pencil

    • 7. Finalizing with Ink

    • 8. More Creative Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Fashion illustration is an artistic way to interpret and portray garment designs. A beautiful fashion illustration will brighten any room as a work of art, complement your creative portfolio, and also help land you freelance gigs with major brands.


After years of working in the fashion industry as an illustrator I have been fortunate enough to turn my creative skills into a self-sustaining business, creating concept or advertising illustrations for DKNY, Chanel, Oscar de le Renta, Kate Spade, Mercedes Benz Fashion week and more. I am excited to take all of this experience and share some tips and tricks with you! 


What You'll Learn

This class will teach you the basics of fashion illustration that I use on a daily basis no matter the gig. As a bonus, I will share with you what questions to ask clients at various stages of the process to ensure the creative process remains collaborative. We'll cover: 

  • Sketching with Pencil. How to start a fashion illustration by drawing fashion proportions 
  • Applying Color. How and where to add water color to the illustration to bring it to life
  • Finalizing the Illustration. How to apply finishing touches by adding layers of ink and pencil 

What You'll Make

You will create and share your own fashion illustration, exemplifying all three stages as taught within this online class. At each stage in your process you will have the opportunity to share your work with the rest of the students enrolled in this class to receive feedback and high fives for your wonderful work!