Drawing Comic Style Faces Using Traditional Art Supplies

Robert Marzullo, Online instructor of Figure Drawing and Comic Art

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9 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. SS Intro to Draw Comic Art Faces

    • 2. L1 The Tools of The Trade

    • 3. L2 Sketching with Basic Forms

    • 4. L3 Adding in the Details to Our Concept

    • 5. L4 Additional Rendering to the First Example

    • 6. L5 Rough Sketching the Next Example

    • 7. L6 Detailing the Forms of Our Next Example

    • 8. L7 Refining the Details of the Second Example

    • 9. L8 Final Example Time Lapsed

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About This Class

Drawing Comic Style Faces with  Traditional Art Supplies


In this class I will show you my process for drawing comic style characters step by step.  In this approach we will start with basic shapes and build upon them to create a few different characters.  We will focus on creating faces with expression and style.

This class will teach you about the traditional art supplies that many comic artist use to draw with. You will also learn the following - 

  • How to structure a face with basic forms.
  • How to refine your concepts.
  • How to Render and Detail the work.
  • How to Develop your style with Line Variation. 

If you feel you need more assistance with structuring the face you can check out my other class on Drawing Heads from Any Angle here - https://skl.sh/2DeNzfp

Good luck with your art and thank you for taking my classes.  More content is on the way and be sure to share your progress with us! :)