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Drawing Birds with gel pen on acrylic paint

Kaylene Hitchins, Artist

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    • 1. Drawing bird on painted introduction

    • 2. Drawing a bird Supplies

    • 3. Drawing bird part 1

    • 4. Drawing a bird part 2

    • 5. Painting background

    • 6. Drawing bird on painted surface part 1

    • 7. Drawing bird on painted surface part 2

    • 8. Drawing a bird finish


About This Class

A bird in flight is a wonderful thing, especially on a painted background.

I love watching birds in flight, the way their feathers overlap and intertwine with each other is so beautiful, so this in the artwork we will be exploring in this lesson.

Together we will create a bird in flight on watercolour paper.  Then we will create an acrylic background so we can draw a bird in flight with gel pens.

The colours in the paint will shine through the birds wings creating a wonderful artwork.


This class is designed for everyone, from beginners to experienced artists.




1. Drawing bird on painted introduction: welcome to drawing a bird on a painted background. Together, we're going to draw some birds first. We'll start with a bird like this on a watercolor paper will actually draw it with Joe Pin , and then we will prepare a background with stencils and acrylic paint, and we will draw a bird on the top of that. Once it dries, it'll be a lot of fun. You'll have two gorgeous artworks at the end of it that you can show around, so join me in the class I'll see. 2. Drawing a bird Supplies: the supplies that you'll need for drawing a boot on a painted background. Billy Basic. There's not a lot to them. You'll need to start will be starting with drawing a bird. This is on watercolor paper that's a little bit sicker. I like use a watercolor paper because it's got a smooth surface that makes it really nice to draw on. And I pick up my watercolor paper anywhere I confined its That might be an art supply store . It might be a discount store. What I do is I just check if I can the thickness of it, because I'm drawing on it. It doesn't matter whether it takes water or not. Is this little said he that has always rocking that has cold pressed, hard pressed and rough. I don't really like the rough, but I will use the rough when I'm painting. The cold pressed has a little bit of roughness to it on. The hot press is nice and smooth because there presently feet, so that's once I usually prefer, but anything that you find is fine. Then after that, we need a B pencil and eraser. I like to use the high HB because it's easier to race afterwards. Doesn't matter where you get it from. Any drawing. Pencil is fine. It's just depends on the H B side. That means that it's easy to a race if it has a four bay six bay. It's harder to a rascal has more great fighting it to hatch or any of the high H means they have a bit more clay in them and they're a lot lighter. But they're not as good for these because they might be too light. So you start with that. The next we need is pins. I do like Joe pins. He's a little section. Excuse me, Birdie, you don't but these I pick up at just office supplies or a news agent that has one of those pin bars where they have all the pens and you get to have a little play. You can see this is quite dark, and this one is a you nibble. It is a little bit wet, so you've got to be careful what you need, and this is another unit ball. I like them so that they are quite liquidy. All you do is test the pin, see if it's what you like. That's quite fine. This one's more like a buyer. Oh, so that's a little bit more met. Where's that one's quite died. This is what you'll do with your pains and see which one takes your fancy. That's nice. Ah, lot of these are water purpose. Well, not that we're doing that in this one. Well, that's nice and fine. I really like another unit ball. So that's how you test your pens and decide which one you like. Then we will need pulling for a background surface, so I like a few of the thicker paints. I like them to be metas well and not shiny, so it means when I go and work back over the top, I can then layout with anything that I like for these I've picked up at a local suppliers. It's store called Riot, but I'm from Australia, so you might not have that. So see what there is about, but these ones are quite thick on, and that means that when you put the color on, there's a lot of pigment and it stays where it is, but you use what you've got at home. If that's all you have It's not a problem and brushes naturally. So you want something that's fairly flexible for when you actually paint this user makeup brush. But, hey, it's designed for washing and everything so perfect and unlike that, it's flat, so I can actually get in there and get into all the bits and pieces. Now you'll see on this actually used a stencil. So I've got a few different types of stencils, and these are great because they give a little bit of surface texture. I've just picked them up a scrapbook supply store. So again, craft art wherever you can find them. And yes, I do it like buying them on discount on tails. And the other thing is just so I like just so there's a lot of different brands. Each of these have a brand of Jess. Oh, and that is like a thicker paint. And that's what they put on boards to prepare them or canvases ready to paint. So I use that with my stencil to create the background, and then I used the paint over the top. So then you'll need things for washing up. You'll need papers for the background so that we don't get to missing all over the place, and that's about it. I will leave a four list for you in this the file section. So if you need to have a little look in a little check going, do that next class we'd drawing a bird. See you they buy. 3. Drawing bird part 1: Now we're going to draw our bird onto a water color or just out blank surface. So I'm going to use my HB in my eraser. Excuse me, little birdie. You can see here. I have a clipboard. Unlike my clipboards. So I just put paper in my clipboard and keeps it secure. And I've got you can see a few layers underneath, so it gives a little bit of a nice respect that birdie over there. So if you set up your area and now they're going to actually draws on, leave a little sample up there. I don't want to do my body too big, but I want to keep it a nice long over so that the body isn't too big. And then a trialling down the bottom and a nice circle up the top. Doesn't matter where your circle is, because that will just depend on where you're birdies. Then I draw my wing span, and that's just an easy curve across. Then that will join their that will join there. And then my tail is going to be out like that. That opinion where I want my birds big to bay I dura line straight across and almost there , that's going to be my eye. And then my big will come under their the top big. Remember, that will extend out more than the lower beak, and then that's the bite. X. That's the start you can see from here that that's exactly what I did. I took a line across this way so that my beak was looking up. I could take a line up there if I wanted my big to look straight up. Now the other thing to look at. Here's depending on how you want your bird groups. That's the order. Let's put it this way to fly. So this one. The wings are fully outstretched and the tail is fully outstretched because it's in full flight as the wings come down as the um, feathers of going lower, the tail also goes in, and again you can see Here is the wings flapped down, the tail goes in. That's almost like it's gliding. I like the three of those. I'm going to frame those and put those on the wall, and then this one. You can see that even though they're the same number off feathers, they're a little bit smaller, bigger and then quite big. We're not going for realism here. We're going from a little bit of fun to create something at the end. So now you gotta choose what pin you would like. So I think this was a nice one that I liked. You nibble Joe. Grip. That sounds good to me. Andi, I also like comeback e something to put here. We go under here, under here so that any oils I might have one here. Do not go on my artwork. So the first thing I do is Well, I put that really closer. Probably went a bit of a nick. I'm gonna come down here, go over the top, not all the way down, Just part quite down. And then where I have my body line here, just inside my body line and start my feathers go. Dana's Firas, you feel you'd like to leaving a little bit of get from without bigger feathers? She might just finish this way. Right? Then I could do my filling in. Now you can see that the lines that I've created, they're not straight lines. They're not perfect. So for this one, let's do a little simply sadly done that sort of like leaving a little bit of gap at the top. I might decide to do shading on the side and then a little bit of dipped at the back, so it makes it look like it's it's shaped around. That's what I did things, fella. So you can see the shading on the side. I took a little bit there and a little bit there on the longer ones, the straight lines. This is the same thing, but I've left little gaps around. Not everywhere. Perfect the long ones. A little bit more of a color in here. But I made sure it's a bit darker there, so you can see where I've left the white. And that's when I decided to do, and little bit just there. This is where you would see artist decide what you're going to do because it's your outwork your fun. So undoing these ones, it doesn't matter if the lines are really close, not too close, straight, not straight, because in the end you're not gonna look at one single lining up red lines. Not strange. I don't like a little bit. Go back and go back over it so you can see that even doing this little bit already has made such a difference. So I like to do a couple of rows off feathers roughly about the same size, because the birds have smaller feathers at the top of the wings and the feathers do sit over the top of the other ones. Now the feathers are also light and free and designed to move. So if these are not perfect, it's not gonna matter, because that's what they designed for who I see. No, if you wanted to, its well is interesting. When I could do this on another one, you could actually go from side to side as feathers or even up this way, if that's what you want to make a lot more feathery and then a little bit. Oh, that looks nice. Well said then that Well, I'll just have to do another bird problem there. He okay, so that's a nice few rows there not to sit here. And I want to do my first layer off these lovely long feathers. So these are the ones that helped guide and then really long for this thes. Once I like to actually put like a little bit of get because they see these ones are the ones that hook guide where the bird's gonna fly. So I might even put one at here, make it look like it's turning with something like that. Now my next layer here, I can actually let's see how I've changed and I've got different layers and differently. I really like doing it. So it's overlapping here. I've got different sides here. I've taken them further out that way. What have we done on this one? These Airil fear Lee straight This one. I have angled those slightly that way and those one slightly that way to see how it doesn't matter which way you go, because in the end, nobody's gonna be looking individually at the feathers. So it's what you feel at the time that is important during that, that wannabe uses one. I actually think I might do thes ones. National angle that looks good. We cannot do another roll of that. So remember, tuck it in under there because the feathers will be touching. Now it's smudged that, but that's OK because that'll be outwork. If you do do a smudge or whatever. Don't get rid of it because you can always put a layer over the Trouble Inc in the background or something like that to hide it. What will I do with my last night? I might just do it. The last layer struck down. You can see each layer that we put in ads to make it look like a bird. It's coming alone who think that this hasn't worked fully and you've got a few gaps. Throw a few feathers in the I kind of like that. So you'll see. Say that I will do all those the same. These ones are doing nice. Long stay under it, quite slow bringing the pin towards me. But easy to make a straight line that way. Now this one, because it's quite a long what I'll actually do. The straight lines in two lots go back color. That mean there's a bit more dipsy, So you continue on around. You want to see me doing every single one 4. Drawing a bird part 2: Now what we do is we come down to our bodies. I'll do the other side exactly the same way. Is that well, Not exactly. Because it doesn't matter for the exact or not could be turning a corner. What we want to do is shading so that the body looks like it is actually shaping and going round. And this one, I actually did little feather like that for it Looks like there's a bit of darkness, a bit of lightness around the neck. I'm going to do these curved lines to show that it's actually curved around. Then my body. I will do long lines, but see how I'm not taking them all the way in. I'm pointing them down towards the bottom. Now they're not perfect. By all means. Come come up into an edge back the other way. Look, with that stunt already, it's already started to make it look like it's moving around now, because this is a very nice jelly pin. Sometimes I actually do have to wipe it off because you can see I'm getting a little bit of smudged, A OK going from that NDB National lines down Now there's a wispy lines. So you want to do them like that? Doing it like these is not going to give you the free movement because it starts here and ends up almost in open there. Where is during them To slow putting too much in corners. But I don't want that. So they're slightly different on both sides. Hey, guess what, But it's probably gonna be slightly different on both sides. One side is going to have a little bit more son than the other. They'll do this as much as I like each layer. I will make the lines a slightly different angle. I'm going to leave that because I'm going to come back to that when I finish what I want to do. Okay? Turning my piece of paper around my clipboard so I can do head. Okay, So you see here when we drew the line across how I is in line with out big. So I like to draw more Humanae sort of eyes. It's just my thing that you don't have to do that. Okay, so I start off with a symbol like that. I don't always join these bits in depending on what I feel like now the I is always, like a little dot or affliction in it. It doesn't really matter where it is. I usually put it to the back. But sometimes when I do my eye, that would look really funny. So all color over that dog and they put it in the front and depending on the I, sometimes it's just what it needs. If I put through straight a line there, it looks grand. Be I'm just gonna hurt that line a little bit on this one. Yeah, I joined those up. Straight line. Oh, that looks a little bit grumpy. Still, that's OK. Now, the big the top part off the big is always longer. You can curve these up. Concurred the bottom down. Remember, we're not going for realism. We're just going for a bird that's look grubby. Oh, my goodness. What have I done? Okay. And then you'll have these little not now for the feathers. Their feathers are gonna be these little fluffy bits again, and you can see it. It's like a petting. It's going around, pet pet pet with little lines. I remember that feathers around the face of very, very light feathers might try to put some around the eye and see if we can soften it up a little bit more. Oh, that has helped. Might give him little cheek ease as well. At the top of the birds heads a usually a little bit more flat. You could see I'm not exactly following my line, but that doesn't matter because it's in HB pencil. We will be a racing that lighter. Then bring these in thinking needs some eyebrows. I think e well, he's gonna be grumpy. That doesn't better. It's probably cause I have finished off his wings. He's a bit grumpy at me. Yes, I do talk to my birds. By the way, I have a budget home that is crazy as I love. But okay, yes, he's gonna be grumpy. Definitely. Now would go to his tail. Now the tail. I like to do a little bit longer feathers than what I did up the top when I started up here , they will be shaded in the same way that they will be shaded in whatever way he chose to do . Usually only do two layers off feathers on the tail, and if you have a little bits of gaps in between. That also looks quite nice. Remember, the tail helps with guidance, so they're probably moving around in the wind like that. Bottom ones here to be a little bit longer, but again, we're not doing realism. Sure, you can go on to Google and see a bird that you like. Remember, you don't do it exactly the way it is. If you want to. You probably need to ask the person who's artwork it is, or his photo it is. Or just go to a park and observe the birds. That is my favorite thing to do. Now that I'm putting some depth around the bottom here, you can see that my body now has shape. What I think I might do is put a little bit more dips here. Now see how I'm going up. So it means that this is darker. That's the end is lighter. I didn't want to do it that way. I would then do the other way. Oh, that makes such a difference. Then I might put a little it would depth around here said, I've started here that's gonna be dark in the middle lighter there for decorations and things like that. I might. That's which needs to Israel and might decide to put little dots in places. It's Patton, and this is where the Joe pains off fabulous because they designed to write with. But, hey, we drove with him. Look, he's coming up to me a little Q T. Now he's not so grumpy. If you wanted to, this might be quite nice on a few of your wings out here. Instead of putting the other depth, you might wanna port little *** ALS because birds have all different colors, shapes, sizes or that was quite good. I like that. So now what I want you to do is to go ahead and draw your bird. So starting with your high HB pencil, choosing your pin and go in and draw Step two step. I have put a few copies off the samples that I've used draw with so that you could print that out and draw over it, or you could stick it behind your piece of paper. So you grabbed a piece of paper and print out that I've given you sandwich yet together, maybe even put a clip of tape on and then put a light box behind. We'll just go up to your window and then you can trace it through. And that's the easy way to do it. That is not a problem. And they will be down in the file section as well. So the next one we're going to do is Al Painted Background. Oh, that's gonna be fucked. See, they buy. 5. Painting background: Helou, let's do our painter background and we're gonna have a bit of fun. So I've got some cute of paint spectra now, little samples of work, but we're gonna get messy and just gonna pop those away. What we need to start with is naturally surface to be working on and going to show you using. That's stencil. So oh, end, Yes. Oh, I pop this little just so into a little bowl, and that's where I'm getting out off with my Mr Spectrum. So I'm liking these focus a little stencil and it's too big, which is fabulous. So it aside, I want to skew lead wild like those slam was actually quite like that flower there might just pop it at the side a little. It's a little bits go off little bits. Go on. Okay, this get to be quite slippery, so I can actually move it around. So I've got to be careful that when I'm actually using my spectacular and my just so that I keep a hand solidly on this, so I'm actually wiping it across my surface. As you can see, I've got my paper in the background or recycled surface or you can get some lovely Mets for painting, and I'm just putting a little bit on and dragging it through drink. Make sure that I get nice places. Now, remember not going for perfect because we're going to be working on the top of this as well . Plus, I don't actually like perfect. I think you have to be boring if it's actually too perfect. And everything's to glorious and to smooth. I think you need a little bit of texture and a bit of real life in it. Just like people. Okay, But I come to my little corner, wipe off the rest, and then start making sure that I've gotten most off my little bits so I can have mostly the flowers coming through. And I don't want areas at a to think. Is that take too long to dry and then I have to wait for them. Okay, That looks pretty good for popping my special back over there cause it's wet. No, What I need to do is lift this up, find a spot, work and stick my nail. Pull it off completely. Oh, I love it. So I'm going to get that puppet a side ready to dry. Now you're stents saw. You can actually use lots of things to get it off. Something like you, baby. What? I just watch it in the sink. And that works really well, that's really nice. Now you can see that I've got to backgrounds here. This one. First I used speculative, same way with point. And I just set up a pint pallets with a whole lot of my different tubes and I just squirt them out, popped in plastic wrap over the top and believe that, and then I use that next time, so to side, that's fabulous. Then on a previously prepared surface, which would be this one here, I'm going to use my special because people don't use specialists. It's not easy to know how to use it and then a little bit of color. So what I quite often like to do is to just get random bits of color. Well, maybe even some of that nice, darker blue I've built about nicely, and then I just run it across. I'm not worried if it doesn't show up exactly what I've done in the background with my stenciling, because as it dries, it will settle down a bit. Were some of that lovely blue. What I'm trying to get more off is just a nice background and the colors not mixed completely. I don't really want to make some too much. Let's turn that around. I find it easier if I actually drag the colors towards myself. And that's just may. I want to be a dark habit of light, not amount of various. You could see that. That's just a stop. For now, I think what I want it was reported. That was really weird. But that's OK. So you can see now I'm trying to make sure that I cover most of it. And now I'm using very, very light touch trying to cape the special A very flat. So I'm getting these lovely little bits here. Some of the flowers coming across their cape that a little bit like the interplay of colors as well, really looks quite amazing. I think I need something more here. Yes, I did need something with a You know what? That's if I get a little more of that lovely dark blue across here. Very nice. I like that. Okay, So new going to put this one aside. Grab another one. I prepared earlier. This one going to slightly different. I have Cem Piper tell here, and what I'm going to do is use a brush thes actually paste brushes. But I like the flag black. The fact that's the word that it's nice and flat. We could start two words together, so I'm just gonna pop it in. Do bits of Draghi across the place again, using all different types of color. Just randomly this'll one though I'm not putting on quite as much paint. You get a big dirty with this. That's all right. Hey, have mostly covered my area. I grabbed my paper tell now I'm using this quite a sick paper towel. Then what I'm going to do scrunch. And what got watercolor Piper? So it means it's a little bit pickup off now Gonna keep turning that over and grab another one. I like the fact that is sort of lines I could do Happy Deputies worlds just scrunch the paper on once it's that's getting went. Get rid of it. What? I'm like a little bit more of these gorgeous No, that's not good. Just quit just publicly random spots, paper tear that made a difference. This wouldn't lightened up some of the little areas. OK, but the other thing I could do with my spatula very claim. But that's OK is I actually describe the age? Wipe it so the white is on one side, holding quite flat like we did before and drag it over the top. See how it catches on sun beats and not on others. I couldn't do it. The other way is well, getting te pttep wipe. Sit here because I do like to drag towards myself and cannot do this way. Yep, wipe just catching on some of the engine a bit. It's angina would think it is now that's like that down the Usually I wonder what do a clock with a bit of the Brajesh Ella. That's not that they get to pressures because remember, we will be working back over the top of it. Well, that's not so. What you need to do now is just let it dry, and then we will come back toe work on it. I'll see you in the next video when we're going to draw that beautiful bird back onto this work. Why 6. Drawing bird on painted surface part 1: Hopefully, your background has dried now and we're going to draw onto it A lovely this, like these ones back my background. I need to decide where I want my bed to bay. So I got lovely. Should I see? I love this beach and I really like this, but I don't want to go over that bit so I could have my bird flying across here Or I could have a bird here That is sly ing up. But don't forget. Turn it around. Say what you think this way. Where would I put it This way again? I might put head wings, but I really like that. Let's turn around this way. My head here and my wings across someone to make it look like I'm above the bird. And he was flying across. And this is maybe it's guy the ground so properly. I don't really worry about that. If I put this way, my leaves look wrong. Okay? It means needs to probably go this way. Okay. I'm going to do it. Dive bombing. Say my body is he Remember your body doesn't need to be too big. Hey, the both you're now remember, you can curve these things because you're in control of your bird. I'm not going to do it. A full wing extended out. I'm going to do so. It's mid flight. This will come into here. That's what coming to here. So the tail won't be as big as what we did before my like that. I think I might have him looking out that way. I like the I like all right, decision like that? No, I want full. I know what? Let's try this one. Not lest you think decision made. Now you can see it. Please fill us from lower the one like a little bit of tape across the ones that I'm using because I go from artwork. Go out. I get a bit bored sometimes, so I put a bit of tape on. So I know that's one of the ones that I'm using, and then I'll take it off. When I finished that particular outwork for now, we're going to start exactly what we did before this one. I've taken the wings up a little bit and the head is slightly higher. It looks like it's a bit more elongated, so I'm actually going to give these wings a little bit of shape. I don't know if you can hear that scratching, because from the painted surface, I like that Stop with my hands like, is that I want to smudge it. All right. I don't really think too hard about what size my feathers are gonna be. I just getting and do it. I still got a little bit of space there for my longer wings. What part others do my sick and liar. I don't really pray. Decide how many layers I have. I just go with what I feel. Some might be three. Some might before because opens their individual. It's 1/2. Ah, like that. What I'm going to do Slightly different. But this one is my next liar. I'm going to take quite long here. You can see it's slightly angled, but as I'm getting across, I'm actually going to make it. Some also fits in there. So now I go to my end and do the first of the long feathers, then second off my long feathers and I will, through one just apathy. I like that for now. Need to decide what sort of treatment I'm going to give these figures because I like the idea of doing that. Let's live dangerously off. We get lips that's that dry. I think it's dry. So I would be going up like this little once or lucky ever find pin. I think it'll get down there now. This might make these first ones quite dark, But when we get to the longer ones or it'll be really interesting when we get to the longer ones to go to a couple of these longer ones now So I do from the bottom up, my brothers, can you remember? Have not how, when we did the other ones that when you start your flick start you flick So it means that little flicks and undoing these final bits are going on the inside so that they don't make it look really good. Wow, how close you put these lines is up to you as well as you can see, mine are all over the place. I really like that really makes it look like the feathers like this so would continue shaded to do my final road. Who isn't it interesting? I started on the right side again. You could see how smooth the Joe Pain goes across that last one. I bought that a little bit more. I actually might stick another one. Just in there. Oh. 7. Drawing bird on painted surface part 2: so again I would do. And I like little human the little reflection of the back color, the 21st and then see what I would have to. I'm not going to do an angry at this time. And then how ik todo longer looking thing might be nice. Little what I'm name. Bring that in a little bit. A little curvy bit. Okay. Home and then shading to show that that is underneath. It's cute. Now we do a little flick flick feathers. This is where the Joe pin is really good as well. I've got a little light touch It is, though. I'm just petting the surface, not pressing very hard. But see how I get a really nice line. It's almost better on this surface than it used on the paper. And that's probably because it's list of absorb int almost didn't get that word out. Okay, let across coming down the back. He has crazy for this on during them. Slightly curved, so that actually helps to show a little bit of shape. Gonna leave that for a minute. Doesn't come back. Now we're gonna do l curve read their body. He sent really scratchy. Hopefully that's dry. I just hope by hand up enough. Go So close. Okay. Gonna leave that for a minute. From a little swirly of my pain Looking at you Build up your the other wing will be the same. So now I go into my tail because it is not out as far and it's in further I don't take the feathers out. I'm making them go down more. You can see that each one is going to be a little bit longer than the other. That helps with showing that it's flying. It's movement. May model. No, once could take that out just a little bit. You look at the color underneath. I don't want to hide too much of that. I don't want to do too much shading. Okay, that's starting to come through. Nice. Now, if this little bit of decidedly this is what I did with this one and you can see the color coming through if I didn't like power, the background or the background wasn't, um, too strong. What? It was way just like this one. They got quite dark. I actually put a layer, I drew mothered, and then I put a layer off. Yes, so where I was going to drawers. So then I was drawing over. My just So which is the thinker Watch. That's what I did with that one. So it looks a little bit more white. Where is this when you can see the color coming through? And that's what I like with this one, the color coming through my tail. I had to see which, whether it's like I almost did in their own way, although the bird that could have been quite interesting as well. Wow! Oh, that looks really good. Now that I've put my tail in, I can see that the color underneath is hoping with this shape. But I need to do a little bit more sculpture if you like to bring it through, and I need to do a bit on this side as well. Many of these little Cross he beats over the It's not before because it's coming here. This bottom bit will be doctor, so I'm going to bring these across here a little bit, Uh, sure that there's a little bit of shade. It might be a change of color in the food and then, like with that other one I'm going to do if you speak Ortiz again. - I don't like the I like the eye at all. I'm going to put a little bit more shadow Rand here. Oh, that looks better. Quite amazing. You put it just a little bit of a line in, and that makes such a difference. I'm gonna put a little bit of shadow here behind because it looked like I was facing this way, but we wanted to be in line with the big putting This around here has just bought the idea . So that's the start of what we doing now. I might decide that I don't like my I I'm not get my watch, Joe Pin, go. I have to be. Now you have to make it quite think, because it will dry. And if there's any black behind, you've got to make up a few layers. Actually. Oh, I like that. I wanted to I could go get a blue or a green or even a raid or a rust color and do some more bits on here just to make it come alive and bring it out. That's lovely. How I'm going to have any settle and I want you to get started on your program project. It's about coming up probably and have fun with it and then upload it so that we can see what you've done and the journey that you've made. And hopefully you've got some birds. I want to see the hips and heaps of boots so you're drawing as well as your painted surface . If you've got any questions, just put them in and I will help you if you've got any suggestions as well. Same thing I love when we work together collaboratively. So I will see you in the next beauty that we can show how it all looks when it's finished. See you there. 8. Drawing a bird finish: Welcome back. As you can see, I have finished my bird on my painted background. Hopefully you've finished yours and you've uploaded it to the project file. It was fun. I really loved it. It was a great time. You can then frame what you've done. Okay, this frame is a little bit small, but look at the difference it makes when you actually frame it. You can imagine a bigger frame on her, a four piece of paper. It'll look wonderful on your wall. Now, what I like to do is show you some other little things that you can actually do because now you've got the skills and the technique so you can see some other painted surfaces that I've completed. This was with a stencil. I did the same way that we did. And I use different colors instead. When I went over the top, that spilled there. But I just moved it out. That the one I did the same as what we did. The only difference is I used a bit of crackle medium underneath. I painted a background. Then I put a life sort of covering of crackle medium. Once it dries or is not shiny. Then I use my special A and over the top and left it to dry, and you can see where the paint is thicker. You get nice cracks through. I love crackle. Now the other thing is, I will paint on any surface I confined. So I have a bag. So I just stick a bit of plastic inside, put a bit of tape around the outside and did the same thing that we did just with my spatula. But wait, there's more. So I hair all this one. I haven't finished it yet, but again, it's a painted background, and then I've done a good. The only difference with this one is I've done very long wings, and I haven't included ahead. So that's one of my works that I'm doing. And then this one is Well, I haven't quite finished either, so this is just paper. It's beautiful paper that I picked up a scrapbook shop, and it's not that thick, but I loved the patent on it, so you can see here that I used yes, so I put a little bit of layer of Yes, so I painted that on let it thoroughly dry and then started work exactly the way that we did out drawing that That is absolutely wonderful. My next class will probably be doing on come out, come out wherever you are. We using crackle, which is absolutely delightful for the other things that you've been looking at is boards that I have here. So this is a canvas panel. See, it's it's quite hard, not very flexible, not very wide, so that can go straight in a frame, absolutely gorgeous, and then this one that would be looking at for a while as well. This is just a thicker board, so that's called a wood panel. So that has little holes he so you can paint it straight up. So I've taken my paint to the edge. I might even choose to paint the background if I decide to give it a za gift that it pretty pretty nice for their things that you can then use the skills that you have learned to make some Christmas presents, birthday presents or just I love your presence for the people that you love, or you can probably do some artwork and maybe even sell it at some stage. So have fun. Upload your project so we can all have a look and I'll see you in one of my other classes by