Drawing Biology Experiment setup, Block diagrams, Maths Equations, Bat and Monkey in PowerPoint 2016 | Arun Nagarathanam ✪ | Skillshare

Drawing Biology Experiment setup, Block diagrams, Maths Equations, Bat and Monkey in PowerPoint 2016

Arun Nagarathanam ✪, SEO | Web Developer | Designer

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20 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. How to draw a Line in PowerPoint

    • 2. How to draw a FreeForm shape in PowerPoint 2013

    • 3. How to draw Edit Points in PowerPoint

    • 4. How to Group and UnGroup Shapes in PowerPoint

    • 5. How to Fill a Shape with solid, gradient color and texture in PowerPoint

    • 6. How to deal with Shape Outline in PowerPoint

    • 7. How to Copy a Shape and its Format using Format Painter

    • 8. How to design Word Art in PowerPoint

    • 9. How to draw Smart Art in PowerPoint

    • 10. Drawing Face, Body, Wings outline of Cartoon Bat

    • 11. Drawing Ears and Legs Outline of Cartoon Bat

    • 12. Drawing Eyes, Mouth and Foot of Cartoon Bat

    • 13. Coloring the Cartoon Bat: You've drawn in PowerPoint

    • 14. Drawing Cartoon Monkey face

    • 15. Drawing Cartoon Monkey Arms

    • 16. Drawing Cartoon Monkey Palm and nose

    • 17. Drawing Cartoon Monkey ears and legs

    • 18. Drawing Cartoon Monkey foot and complete the entire drawing

    • 19. Co2 method of respiration rate measurement

    • 20. Block diagram of apnoea monitor udemy ready


About This Class

Quick and Easy Cartoon Illustrations and Drawing. How to Draw in PowerPoint 2016

This PowerPoint class is about learning essential skills for drawing in PowerPoint and how to draw 5 advanced diagrams in PowerPoint to expertise your drawing skills.

Simply the core concentration of this PowerPoint class is 'how to draw in PowerPoint'.

What kind of materials are included?

You're provided with all the PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) files I used to create the class are provided as a resource in Introduction section, with which, you can parallelly do all the practical PowerPoint tutorial lectures along with me.

How long will the class take to complete?

This entire PowerPoint class is just over an hour. Make sure you listen to "Before you start the class" lecture in Section 1, to get the most benefit out of the class

You can finish Section 2 - Fundamentals of drawing in just over 30 mins.

You can watch Section 3 in another 30 mins, but I recommend you to parallely try those exercises along with me, to master your drawing skills in PowerPoint.

How is the class structured?

This class is effectively organized into 3 appropriate sections

  1. Introduction - You will get an overview of the class and will come to know 'how to get the most benefit out of this class'
  2. Fundamentals of drawing - In this section, you will get accustomed to all the essential skills and techniques that you will use to draw in PowerPoint. You also got a quiz with 17 questions, covering all the important techniques, taught in this section
  3. Draw 5 diagrams in PowerPoint - You will learn to apply those skills in 5 awesome diagrams. This approach gives you the confidence as well as practice in learning and applying the skills. You won’t just watch this class; you will practice along with me. I will walk you through the process step by step. Also you got an exercise to test and show cast your newly acquired drawing skill in PowerPoint.

I designed this class for Teachers, students and book Writers, who often struggle to draw diagrams, which are essential for their content. By the end of the class You would have drawn 5 advanced, 2 dimensional diagrams in PowerPoint and you will be able to recreate any diagram that you see on a book or on a website. You don’t need to be an expert in PowerPoint to enroll, but a prior knowledge in PowerPoint will help you grasp the ideas faster.