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Drawing Biology Experiment setup, Block diagrams, Maths Equations, Bat and Monkey in PowerPoint 2016

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. How to draw a Line in PowerPoint

    • 2. How to draw a FreeForm shape in PowerPoint 2013

    • 3. How to draw Edit Points in PowerPoint

    • 4. How to Group and UnGroup Shapes in PowerPoint

    • 5. How to Fill a Shape with solid, gradient color and texture in PowerPoint

    • 6. How to deal with Shape Outline in PowerPoint

    • 7. How to Copy a Shape and its Format using Format Painter

    • 8. How to design Word Art in PowerPoint

    • 9. How to draw Smart Art in PowerPoint

    • 10. Drawing Face, Body, Wings outline of Cartoon Bat

    • 11. Drawing Ears and Legs Outline of Cartoon Bat

    • 12. Drawing Eyes, Mouth and Foot of Cartoon Bat

    • 13. Coloring the Cartoon Bat: You've drawn in PowerPoint

    • 14. Drawing Cartoon Monkey face

    • 15. Drawing Cartoon Monkey Arms

    • 16. Drawing Cartoon Monkey Palm and nose

    • 17. Drawing Cartoon Monkey ears and legs

    • 18. Drawing Cartoon Monkey foot and complete the entire drawing

    • 19. Co2 method of respiration rate measurement

    • 20. Block diagram of apnoea monitor udemy ready

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About This Class

Quick and Easy Cartoon Illustrations and Drawing. How to Draw in PowerPoint 2016

This PowerPoint class is about learning essential skills for drawing in PowerPoint and how to draw 5 advanced diagrams in PowerPoint to expertise your drawing skills.

Simply the core concentration of this PowerPoint class is 'how to draw in PowerPoint'.

What kind of materials are included?

You're provided with all the PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) files I used to create the class are provided as a resource in Introduction section, with which, you can parallelly do all the practical PowerPoint tutorial lectures along with me.

How long will the class take to complete?

This entire PowerPoint class is just over an hour. Make sure you listen to "Before you start the class" lecture in Section 1, to get the most benefit out of the class

You can finish Section 2 - Fundamentals of drawing in just over 30 mins.

You can watch Section 3 in another 30 mins, but I recommend you to parallely try those exercises along with me, to master your drawing skills in PowerPoint.

How is the class structured?

This class is effectively organized into 3 appropriate sections

  1. Introduction - You will get an overview of the class and will come to know 'how to get the most benefit out of this class'
  2. Fundamentals of drawing - In this section, you will get accustomed to all the essential skills and techniques that you will use to draw in PowerPoint. You also got a quiz with 17 questions, covering all the important techniques, taught in this section
  3. Draw 5 diagrams in PowerPoint - You will learn to apply those skills in 5 awesome diagrams. This approach gives you the confidence as well as practice in learning and applying the skills. You won’t just watch this class; you will practice along with me. I will walk you through the process step by step. Also you got an exercise to test and show cast your newly acquired drawing skill in PowerPoint.

I designed this class for Teachers, students and book Writers, who often struggle to draw diagrams, which are essential for their content. By the end of the class You would have drawn 5 advanced, 2 dimensional diagrams in PowerPoint and you will be able to recreate any diagram that you see on a book or on a website. You don’t need to be an expert in PowerPoint to enroll, but a prior knowledge in PowerPoint will help you grasp the ideas faster.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. How to draw a Line in PowerPoint: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to draw lines arrows on because so to insert a line goto insert tab on click sibs on, then click line. Click on dragged the malls to draw a line, you will be automatically taken toe. Drawing tools form a tab once you have drawn any sip. Now you can take the next line or re Errol from this inserts saves box in short, off going to a concert that now let's draw another straight line to draw a straight line. Hold. Sift key. Andi dragged the most. You can draw the horizontal or vertical line using this technique. Now let's try to draw an arrow so even you can use these sips in the home time you don't need to go into in sort up to. So click the Harrell Andi, growing at all by just clicking and dragging the most similar to lines. You can even draw a stride horizontal or vertical arrow by holding a safety. See, it's very easy right now. Let's try on draw a girl. This isn't OG on. This is a co click the go conned First click on a point. Just move the most you'll start getting a straight ling, so click on another point and move the most. You can see how the girl works. Now click on another point and see there is no dragging here, just clicking and then moving the most, you will get a smooth go. If you want to stop the goal, just press escape. The next lecture. Let's see how to draw freeform Sape. 2. How to draw a FreeForm shape in PowerPoint 2013: to draw freeform Sape Goto Insert tab on Glick Cp's on Shoes. This free form, say Burton, are Goto home on Click the free form, but an he'll similar took the cold that we have drawn. There is no dragging here toe. Just make it quick at some point, then moved Ammo's Andi. Make it lit at another point on, repeat the process until you meet the starting point. When you're about to meet the starting point, the poor point will so a mild blue color denoting that you have reached the starting point . This is a free form C, but if you want to draw a free form with perfect straight lines, then take the freeform set. Hold the safety on. Start looking at several points. See, you will only get a vertical or horizontal lines. When you meet the starting point, you will get this color on. Just make it click. You're free form shape will get formed 3. How to draw Edit Points in PowerPoint: in this lecture. Let's see how to use edit points option toe under the points off the same. Just left. Click on the same hund you will see drawing tools. Former Click it on Click did say conflict Edit points. This edit points can also be accessed. Were right clicking a safe unclip Edit points. Now you can see a series off black dots. Here, let me zoom in tow. Have a clear real Let us change the same click on drag one off the black points. Now the safe will get changed. Even you can drag somewhere in the middle, where there is no black Lourdes is available. But are you wondering? We have drawn a straight line freeform sip, but while editing it forms something like a CO. This can easily be customized because we have drawn our. We have altered only these black doors, but you can notice there are two white dots that appear around every black note. If you drag these white doors, you can convert the straight lines into a cold line. See like this, you can convert any sort saves in tow, a bland or cold sea. Also, you can easily right click on delete any point you can also click Smooth point toe automatically smooth on the city. Let's try here. See it has God smooth and let's see grouping on on grouping in the next lecture. 4. How to Group and UnGroup Shapes in PowerPoint: before learning Grouping on grouping. Let's learn toe. Insert a few saves so that we can group them together. Let me insert a rectangle shape first, so click this rectangle icon or button on quicken dragger most to draw a square or a rectangle to draw a square again. Take the rectangle. Hold safety on just dragging most even if you drag in some un proposed Nate manner, PowerPoint will draw a square one. Lee If you want to convert this rectangle into square, go to former dab. That is growing tools form a tab on Make this safe hide unsaved with in the same value. Let me dio three centimeter for both off them. See, it has become a square. No, let us make it a sort of dangle. I'm going to. So you how toe Insert a circle. Take this war. See, hold safety on droid. Even if you draw in any irregular manner, you will get a circle A perfect circle. But there is another way to make us up. Let us assume that we have drawn a wall like this. Then the same manner we have changed the return it via square. You can change the world to a circle. Just give the same value to the same hide. Unsafe. Good. You will get a perfect circle. Now let us remember all these three saves in tow one on Let's group them together so that I am going to place one below the other. But have you noticed this choir is getting behind the circle on getting unseen? So click this square. Go to bring forward on Glick. Bring toe friend. Place the square in the center of the circle to make it eligible. I'm going to give it a black color or this is a preserve so we can use it directly. Instead of changing the fill color, I'm going to select all by clicking and dragging on covering all the sips. This can also be done by pressing control A. We need to group them together. So right, click now on Goto Group Antley Group Oh, you can press control G to group them together Now what is the difference in grouping? These three saves has become a single sick See if I change any preserve, it will change toe all off them together I can do anything that affects this same on it will be executed together. Toe all three off them simultaneously. That's the beauty off grouping. Even there are multiple levels off or multiple styles. Off grouping are merging the stapes, so so them to you again. First, let's ungroomed them so 200 them right click, click group conflict on group or press control. Sift G. Now go to Mered Saves under drawing tools, Former Tap and Click Union. See, this is a new safe that we are going to get by pressing union. If we press combine, this is the same that we will get. If you click fragment, then all the Outlands will be soon. If we click indistinct than the only the intersection portion off all the triceps is the safe that you're going to get. If we click, subtract well, you know the meaning. 5. How to Fill a Shape with solid, gradient color and texture in PowerPoint: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to are a fill color toe, any shape that began draw. So let's go back to the safe that we have drawn. Click any off the sea Goto drawing tools. Former tap on Click. Say, Phil, you can change the color off the same or the safer toe any deem clothes or standard colors , or even know Phil, which makes it transparent. You can make the shape full to even Grady INTs. Oh, sure, Okay, let me make it eligible. See you can't change it. Toe any picture to change toe pattern styles. Click this a row in the same styles on Goto, Sape, Phil and Line Option. Expand food. Click that and Phil and choose a baton. If you want to enjoy the full beauty off, a pattern filled always, you should remove the outline. So let's see in the next lecture how to remove the outline on very them accordingly. 6. How to deal with Shape Outline in PowerPoint: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to our our remove sape outline on, Increase the wit off the say pope line or lights that we have drawn. So click the sea Onda, expand line and click. No line are. You can remove this line by going to say boat line on click North line if you want. Oh, add more rate ege to the line. Goto weighed on. Select Some think lines like this, see? And the line has got thicker. Let me at some compound pipes or they can say it. US decides. Toe the line, so change the compound type two double line. See the outline has become doubled. Now even we can make it trouble. Or we can change the Dass type two daughter hyphenated on. There are many more options, which they may not be needing now, So if you want to remove the outlying click Nordling, let's add or take under hope. Line off these lines we have drawn Select all off them go to support line on add more rate ege This kind off. Adding waited to the lines actually makes it more legible. We can add depth or the more rate ege to a course. Also another way off adding the wood or the way Tages, by increasing the Whitfield under the line option in former safe, safe options. Also note that these lines do not have any fill color or say Phil enabled because these airlines on there are no Phil inside these sips. 7. How to Copy a Shape and its Format using Format Painter: in this lecture you're going to learn how to copy a safe in different based on how we can do it in a foster manner. So before copying, let me insert Asi if you want Toe copy Hold control key on click this same on drag it. You get the copy off the same city. This copying operation can be done in another manner. Select district angles Press control See on press control week See, we have got another copy or you can even rightly on click pissed before sowing you. How toe copy the form it off one shape to another. Let me form it one off this same to something different. I'm going to choose this preset on I am going toe. Add some effects. Let me add this precept effect. So if I want to repeat the same effect of all these stapes, then there is no need for me to repeat the same process again and again. Just click this say Goto com tab. Click former painter on Click Another set, which you want to form it like the same See? But if they won't perform a multiple saves double click format painter on Glick, all the saves that you want to change on, then press escape. That's it 8. How to design Word Art in PowerPoint: toe. Insert a warder goto insert tab on Go toward art on Glick. This down arrow. You will get a Siri's off bordered styles and choose anyone off them. You will get this your text here. World box. It's actually award outbox. Start typing any text to change the text. See, this is a war dot style. If you want to increase the text size, you can select all go to home and press. Increased foreign size or directly clicker size are. If you want to change the world style, go to drawing tools. Former tab on. Just choose any off these tiles. It's just instantaneously changing the styles so that you can preview them on. Choose the best style you like. The next lecture. Let's see how to insert a smarter 9. How to draw Smart Art in PowerPoint: we're almost in the end off our fundamental section. In this lecture, we're going to learn how to insert a smarter to insert a small dot goto insert tab un then clegg small dot You will get the templates or a list off templates off smart or graphic. This on section contains all this model styles, but it will be tough toe decide or to someone. So just choose a category that you want. For example, if you're going toe, enter a list. Choose list like a bulleted point or ordered list. If you are going toe, enter are denoted. Process through smart or click process. If you're going to enter a cycle, then this cycle templates are very useful. For example, a process may start from step. Yea, go to Step B, Step C on, then come back to step here. That's the cycle. The hierarchy is just like any tabular form, any blood diagrams that you draw. There are some more styles that are available. Even pictures can be inserted in states mortar. Now let me insert a smart art from list category on. I will show you how we can easily change from one still toe. Another without any trouble. Let me insert vertical boats list first, I'm gonna type some text. Seek this ace the basic smarter, once customized. Then you will just be a Stoney's by the customization options that we have been smarter before. Customizing. Let me tell you a simple strick. If we want this second world Nagapattinam inside or nested inside the word Arone, just press stop, then see it will become a subordinate Point off if they want in Sparrow nested inside, not Britain. Um, let me breast op two times, See if they want it in the level zero Just press backspace two times. I want to change the design off this smarter go to smart Arturs descent Tab on. These are the research tiles that we have. See, these changes are just instantaneous. You can just most of all these tales on you can view the effect off these tales instantaneously. It would choose this three d effect on let me change the color so that it hasn't better. In fact he fetching and there's mortal presents templates. Then you will be just amazed. See here See, we can change everything instantaneously can change the colors. Contender design everything That's the power of small dot So from the next section, we're going toe implement these knowledge on we're going toe acquire the drawing skills in poor point. Thank you. 10. Drawing Face, Body, Wings outline of Cartoon Bat: in this lecture, you're going to draw this colorful, simple cotton bat in Microsoft PowerPoint. So let's start with the basic outline off the face. Morty brings on eels. You need to draw to SoCal's. The 1st 1 will be a smaller one on the next one will be a bit bigger to drop perfect circles. Hold on. Safety on. Then draw a circle. Now go to form it on. Chose this precinct now holding control key. I'm going to take a copy off this circle again. Andi, I will increase the size off this circle. Let me make the face a bit bigger, Elaine. Both these circles in the perfect center now our face outline on body outline Already we need to draw the wings on eels. Take the old shape on draw separately. Here on draw a big old again. Choose this precinct. Take the old Sepp Gein on draw three circles in the order off smaller, the bigger they get much smaller one somewhat smaller. But it's a touch this circle. Make it a bit big girl. Now let's zoom in further. Both these circles said meat. So just a line it exactly like this. Now these two circles submit in just one point. Let's bring it for the left turned. Let's move this further down. Let's make it a bit bigger. We have completed the seat. No, choose this. Ellipse are oval. First on, then choose both these three circles on goto mode. Saves and click. Subtract. You have got the things No. Take one more copy off this wing on click rooted on the flip horizontal more This wing here holding safety rotated on Keep it in this manner these three subtractions to be visible outside off the body. If these two red lines appear in the top and bottom, it means both These wings are aligned exactly in the horizontal plane. Alternatively, you can select these two wings. Goto a line on select Align Middle No select both off them again. Andi, go to send backward and click. Send toe back. Click on this face Outline. Andi, bring to front in the next lecture. Let's draw the eels on legs off this back 11. Drawing Ears and Legs Outline of Cartoon Bat: in this lecture. We are going to draw the eels on legs off the bat. So let's come to the structure, Phil. What we have drawn in the previous lecture No click on the always safe Andi, draw a simple old like this. Go to drawing tools. Form a tap. A NTU's this precept holding safety. I'm going to rotate this. Drag it behind the hit Unclipped sent to back. Take a copy off this authoritative on quick flip horizontal on. Then send it to back. Now we need to draw the legs off the bat. So click on this triangle on Right here. Go to rotate. Andi, flip vertical butter. Drawing tools for my tab on. Choose this precinct. Don't take on more Copy off it. Select both off them. Holding safety. Resist them on. Drag it under the body. Select book Off them on clicked. Send toe back Now we have completed the outline off the bat. We need to tune this eels on legs so that they look exactly like heels and legs. Isn't it right? Click on good at it. Points pull this point up a bit on pull this point to the right of it. our ear is ready. Do the same for the right year. To pull this up a bit, pull this point to the left a bit. The left ear is also ready. Likewise right. Click this and click edit points right? Like this door on. Choose smooth point. Our leg is ready now. Similarly right. Like this photo credit points, right? Like this door on and click. Smooth point. That's it. Our use legs are also ready in the next lecture. Let's draw the face off the bat. 12. Drawing Eyes, Mouth and Foot of Cartoon Bat: in this lecture. We're going to draw the face off the bat. Andi, it's so simple. It's not that tough. Take this. Always shape on draw a smaller circle holding a safety so that it should be a perfect circle photo format and choose this precinct holding control key. Take another copy off this eyeball. Select boat off them on. Drag it in tow Some center. Sport off the face Now We need to draw the mouth on the food, isn't it? There is a simple trick to draw this half. Always see. Follow me exactly what I do here. First of all, draw a woman like this on then choose a rectangle on draw over it exactly in the middle now . So like this old forced un then holding control key select this rectangle. Go to drawing tools Former time mode saves on. Then choose surprise. Our half full is ready if you want. You can just raises it even after the now go to say full on. Choose red color now itself so that it will be easier when we color the entire bat. Now we need to draw the truth. Dick Triangle ship, draw a triangle. It should be enough. Go to rotate on flip vertical. Take one more copy off it. Select both off them. Fill it with white and give the outline as a big gray color. No holding safety. Recess Boot off them on. Gragg it inside the Mulk. No, select all these right. Click on click group and select Group the mouth off the back is ready Now you can resist the month they holding safety to preserve the proportion. The outline off our bat is almost ready. We just need to draw the fingers off the legs. This is much more simpler. Just this moon shape and shapes on gross ape like this Using this yellow dots are just a thickness off this moon shape. Take three copies. It do Kobe so that there's a big three number. Just change the angle off both off these bone structures or SEPs and then select all voter drawing tools for my tab on. Choose this precinct. If you're not using office Cuddles and 16 then used this preset, then right click. Go to group on select group. You can resist this using the CIF button. Andi, move it behind the leg. Go to send backward on Jews sent to back. No, take a copy off it, then go to rotate on, then choose flip horizontal. Also send it to back. So the outline off the bat as well as the mouth on the foot fingers. Already the next lecture. Let's see how to color this bat on. Bring it to same as this colorful, simple cartoon back. 13. Coloring the Cartoon Bat: You've drawn in PowerPoint: in this lecture, we're going toe. Hello. Our back outline on. We will bring this outline exactly like our colorful cotton back. So let's start coloring first. Juice the body circle, go to drying, transform a tap on, open the presets and choose this. Hello, prison. If you're not using office 2016 then these presets won't be available for you. In that case, choose this. Hello Preset. All you can customize using safe fel on, then radiant after choosing a local er off course. Then you can choose any Grady introduce. But let me go with this precept. We have followed the body off the bat. Now let's go toe the face sport. Let's go with this design or this one. But remember to make an outline with black Hello, So that the face looks much more prominent. Let's increase the size off the heels a bit. Now let's follow them with this or this precinct. This looks nice. So we have colored years to now we need to color the legs, select both these legs on. Choose this black preset or this one which over us I'm going with this now. The one report between Ito color or the links. Just build these wings on, then, calorie. With this blue color on you, Maybe it's took you the say pope line as black or a bit great one to give them a proper outline. Also, let me do on the angle a bit. This looks nice and support, So let's on. I wouldn't block to. It's very simple. Just expand this apes on, then click on dancy on Draw a vertical can hear, then go to drawing. Transform. Attack. Good to say full. Take your un, then chose medium would and go to say about Line on select nor Blaine. Now rotate this block in the perfect horizontal safe on cape it exactly in the center off legs, click Cento backward on. You can just expand or resist this block so that it fits perfectly. Let's go toe, say perfects. Let's choose pain stroke. It's reducing density toe one. When let's add a shadow preset like this, our colorful, simple cartoon bad diagram is complete. If you want to touch up, then I will touch up this steep alone on reduce their size or increased their size a bit to give them a terror look, isn't it? So in this section, we had successfully completed drawing a colorful cartoon back 14. Drawing Cartoon Monkey face: in this section. We are going to draw this monkey in our Microsoft PowerPoint. I'm using Microsoft PowerPoint to those and 16. But you can use to those and 10 to those 11 or even to those and 13 on there will be no difference. So in this lecture, we are going to start with the face off the monkey simply. We are going to draw this structure in this lecture. Let's start Goto insult Andi. Select saves. Then juice Go. You're gonna point Andi and click here. Then you can just make it as a go. Then make another click here. Andi, you can bring it back. So this structure to finish it pressed escape. You can see that this girl is not perfect like this, isn't it? You cannot draw a perfect go like this initially. Instead, just like this on Goto, it'd save on click edit points. Now you can adjust this point to make it symmetrical or perfect like this. Now we need to draw the Upperco. You can even June this further to introduce a point here. Click here on just dragged downwards. Now let's draw the upper portion. Let's zoom in further now Go toe insert Go to, say, apes on click Go start From here on make a click here, make another click. You should make the clicks in such a way it forms a coal. Don't worry. If you have done something wrong in the course off growing, you can even change it later. Now I'm gonna press escape. You can see that this portion has got completely well. But this portion is not nice, isn't it? Like we did earlier, we can just edit the points Now this is almost okay. Now we need to draw the eyes. So go toe insert Andi, go to saves. Then choose all shape then drove over here. Go to say ful and chills white No hold control key on drag This I another end now The next guy, he's ready. Our structure off the face is over. But I was too June it further so that began smoothing this. I'm going to edit points like this. You can tune, you're drawing. As for your liking now our upper person is almost perfect Now we needed to this lower portion. But when you draw the patience is the key. You need to be patient to get the perfect sick to remove this. We need only four points. So let's bring all this to no and just goingto bring this year. Bring this year. Now this is a simple creek. Now we have got the full foot shape as here. Now let's mourn to the next lecture. The next lecture. They will grow the face on the arms off the monkey. 15. Drawing Cartoon Monkey Arms: in this lecture, we're going to draw the end, their face on the arms off the monkey. So now we need to draw the face. Outline forced. So go toe insert on Jews or sorry juice cold. Most off the safe that you will use and drawing will be the goal. Start from here. Andi. Click exactly on the sport in the middle off eyes on. Then go 45 degree to the eyes, Make a click on in the center off monkeys face and come to the 45 degree off the next high . Now make another click in the middle off the right day, place another click here on press Escape. Now we have drawn the outline, but But we need to draw the Harz off this monkey, right? So let's do this. Goto insert, Go to Safe's now click freeform No, start just a millimeter below the line. We draw as the face outline and start to draw Random House. Let me bring down this lost line alone. Below the outline. Now select both these saves goto mode shapes on Blake Union. Now you could have seen that there is a horizontal line running along the Mount off monkey , Right? So go toe edit points Andi, Right. Like this line on select Dailide segment. Now we have drawn the outline as well as the Harz on face and ice off the monkey. But while the leading this segment the outline has got a bit distorted. We need to correct that awarded points and just make it BofA cool. Now we are all right. We need to draw the eyes off the monkey. So go toe concert, go to saves and select overall automatically 4.0, those and 16 alliance your overall Inside this old which looks exactly like an eye. For example, When they draw this it looks like the monkey is seeing in the top left corner. But here the monkeys looking almost in bottom left corner. So we need to bring it down Let's make it here now It looks like the monkey is seeing in this angle. So to make it exactly appropriate or to make it more relevant we need to insert on of the oversleep inside this I ritual at us the pupil off monkeys, right, Go to Schapelle and choose White on say Parklane US note line now holding control key and drag it toe another. I make sure that the operate line on the lower headline meets for both these pupils so that it means more these people's or in exact horizontal line. Now it exactly looks like the monkey is seeing in this angle. Right now, we are going to draw the mount off the monkey. Go to insert, go to saves on Choose Cool Now from this board. Make it like in the center off monkeys face on. Comeback to the sport. No press escape. Now it looks like almost monkeys so sad, right? We need to make it happy, so we need to draw the lower lip off Monkey Smart. Go to insert good saves on Just go again on Let's Draw the lower lip. Make a click here on make another click exactly in the center or middle off monkeys face on , make another place in the couple and then press escape. No, the monkeys seems to be laughing, but still we need to make it perfect. So it's useful. Goto edit points on drag this white sport to make the lower lip exactly going. Now the monkey seems to be laughing right. You can even add a tongue in the monkey small. So let's do the to Goto. Insert and choose the cover again and click on the lower lip. Left side on Moto in the centre. Make a click. Andi, click on the right side off the lower lip. No plus escape. Now we are going to draw the hands off the monkey. So go toe insert saves on juice. Akel. I'll start a little bit in words from the face outline. Andi, make a click exactly in the sport on stop here. Press escape. Oh, juice. Go! Once again, Andi, Let's start from the sport where you have drawn the upper lip. A straight line on start from this port. Make a click here on make another click here, Chris Escape. All right. Lake and Goto Edit points and right click juice. Gonna point? No, we have drawn the right hand off the monkey. We need to draw the left hand too. But instead off drawing we can just will be based in the same hand on moved somewhere here . Then goto arrange, then go to rotate, then flip horizontal. Know your work is just simple. You just need toe aligned. These two lines make them look like it's right hand. Our work is finished in the next lecture. Let's see how to draw the bomb off monkeys hands. And also we are going to draw the nose in monkeys face. 16. Drawing Cartoon Monkey Palm and nose: in this lecture. We are going to draw the form a nose off the monkey. Now we need to draw the bomb off. Pulled the hands. So let's Jews the cold shape. Andi, start drawing from this spot. You're going to make multiple clicks to make this ass cov as possible. We have completed one poem on. We need to draw another bomb. Before that. Let me make it a bit. Perfect as useful. Make a copy off it. Andi Goto, Rotate. Flip horizontal. Now we need to make these hands touching the bomb. Oh, dreaded points and just pull the outline a bit. The similar manner Go to edit points of the inner side. Off the hand on bullet toe. Touch the bombs. Do this for the other hand too. Select both this poem. Go to form it on. Go to say fel on Jews. Nofal, You can see that the hands are protruding inside the bomb. Right? So we need toe. Exactly. Unjust it. Make it touch the outline off the bomb. Not inside the palm. So we have drawn the bomb for both the hands off the monkey. Now we need to draw the nose. It's actually very simple to draw, but insert saves on Jews. Gold? No, Let me zoom in. Just make multiple clicks in this structure to draw the one side off the north. Click control C control we to make a copy off it on and good ally. So we go to rotate. Click, flip horizontal. Now you can Elaine it a bit for the to make it exactly look like nose. See, we have completed the nose on form off Monkey. The next lecture. Let's draw the legs on years off the monkey. 17. Drawing Cartoon Monkey ears and legs: in this lecture, you're going to draw the years on legs off the monkey. That's the less we are going to draw the belly co So let's start with the legs. Start with the goal shape. Andi, just imagine that the leg is coming out off this area. So start from here on. Make a click in this region. Make another click here. Another one here and come down to this port. Then press escape. Now let's edit the points to make it. Cody, just expand this white notes to make the go a bigger one. Now we have completed the left leg. Just copy on drag the leg here. Andi Goto, Arrange rotate on flip horizontal. No drug it, Andi. Place it here. Make sure that both these upper and lower red daughter lines appear so which means that both these legs are in perfect horizontal manner. Now we need to draw the bellicose Take this Goto gang on Make a click here one in the center, on another one in the right hand, now pressed escape. Now go toe edit points and it's just make the co bigger. It's make its smoke point. Now we need to draw these exact lines, it's actually start off easy. Goto insert shapes and choose the free form safe room. Now start flicking in the age off the leg. Andi, press here, Click here on, then complete the home. Now press escape the same manner. Choose freeform toe again. Andi start in the age off, right leg on press exactly like a do to complete in the right hand. So the only thing that's remaining is the eels. We're going to draw the eels off the monkey, take the total again and start from the middle. Off the eyes. Press here, or click here to make a co make another click here on Complete the coal. Don't worry, we are goingto edited using edit points, which is much easier. We have edited the left ear. This is one mortal growing the eels. Another technique is much simpler than its. Just take the old seat, Andi, grow over here. But this looks like a natural year, but this may seem to be somewhat odd, but this is the easiest on quickest way to draw heels now, just double click it or go to format on juice. The safe fell as snow fell, then like the monkeys. Faso Klein on this old By holding the control key, Goto murdered saves on Jews Union. This will make the old safe as the right here. Have you noticed? But it will also introduce a horizontal line in the bottom segment. But we can easily remove it using eight points. This is another way off drawing use, but I sort of just for demonstration purpose. I'm not going to use this technique in this picture. I'm just going to copy this year on paste it here, go to rotate and Jews flip horizontal edit points on Make this point touch here we have completed drawing the legs on heels off the monkey in this lecture. In the next lecture, let's draw the chest on abdomen Port Also the food off the monkey. 18. Drawing Cartoon Monkey foot and complete the entire drawing: in this lecture, we are going to draw the chest or abdomen Port that is simply overall in this sport on, we are going to draw the food off the monkey as well as we're going toe. Add fingers to the bomb. So let's see how to do it. Brake on the oval shape on. Start from here. Then drag it the Finn just as well as the abdomen part and go to form it on Jews the safe will as Nofal. Now we need to draw the fingers. As for less the food off the monkey. So let's start with the coast safe. Start from here. Make multiple clicks to make it a buffet. Go. Don't worry began was this food behind the arm off the monkey? Just copy pasted to another leg on goto. Arrange. Rotate horizontal. How completed the food as well as the chest or abdomen Part. Now we need toe Add fingers to the monkeys hand on foot. Now take the cool Safe on draw from here. No way have drawn a kombi line pressed Escape holding control key. Take a copy off it. Place it here first let us grow these finger lines on the bomb together by selecting them all on Click Group. Once you have done this, the leg or the food port will automatically go behind the poem. So we are going to draw the fingers off the right hand to using the total. Make multiple calls on one's finished breast escape. Now select more. This goes on the palm Rightly Goto Group on the Inflict Group. Now click Bring toe front Now we need to fill this with white. Hello, So go to say fell on related white. Now the leg port has gone back, isn't it? Let's draw the fingers toe the foot door. Start with the Kotal. Andi, click here again. Choose another co like this. Brought the fingers for the right leg, too. It's edit points juice Kotal again. Go see on drugs. The other finger Chris escape. Now we have completed drawing the fingers on the chest or abdomen part off the monkey. So we have completed the entire outline off the monkey 19. Co2 method of respiration rate measurement: insert a wood out on name it toe. See what to method. Off response and great Miss Emmott, this is the diagram that we're gonna draw. So insert a rectangle from the inserts. Apes on dryer. A tangle. Then take a copy off it and select both on. Take a copy of both district angles. Change it toe almost a square sip and place it believed them. Now I'm going to take a copy of the first rectangle on rotated in the horizontal manner on . Extended to the sites off the story tangles. Choose all the three Andi to snow line, then merge them using mode shapes. Union option. Choose. They're about to re tangles on. Go to support plane and choose no climb. Now choose both these rectangles on holding control key. Take a copy off them. Rotate both off them toe. Horizontal position on place it one by one. Reduce the size off Buddhist rectangles on. Attach it to the top left rectangle. Well, let them a little bit so that they can ally the outline in between them while merging the saves. Select three off them on. Most saves by union saves technic change all off them toe the white ful blue oak lane. Present style in safe strides. Now insert one more rectangle about the top off the first trip triangle we have drawn on. Take two more copies off them on. Distribute them evenly, Rohan. More rectangle beneath the centre, one particularly on one more rectangle horizontally. I'm just making some minor adjustments on combining them. Using the mod sips. Now insert a circle, resists it to a smaller one on. Place it inside. Off this quiet. See insert arrows here on Make it on arrow flip horizontal so that one year old represents something is going inside, and another era represents something coming outside. Insert arrows wherever appropriate to name these parts. Now we are going to draw a freeform safe. Listen carefully. Click at one point on, start to draw wherever you want to make a turn. Just make a click. There is no dragging here, but lost end value started. Then he will get a seat, colored it black on, place it inside this rectangle and resist it so that it accommodates exactly. Now insert one more rectangle on a calorie to black, also place it into the left side off the free from that be held drum instead. One more rectangle on this rectangle is a block, which represents a few block diagrams. We can take as many copies as those blocks are available in our diagram. As you already know to take a copy, just hold the control key and drag from the world safe. Now connect all these blocks. Using the elbow connector are a simple Laro. Now use a free from toe draw a complex ero, which start from the bloc from through these two sips and comes back to the same block. This the former sick. But if you remove the fill color, are changed a fill color toe white. Then it appears as if it's just a line or a row. Can you see the difference? Now go to former safe fill option on Jews pattern Phil. Choose the foreground a bit darker color so that you can see the patterns clearly. Once the pattern is selected, go to say pork loin and renewed outline. Now you can see the patterns clearly. Right now, let's make these arrows on doubt lane off these lines to a bit higher leapt or higher wit, but that go toe the line on RC boat line on increase of weight off these lines. Now, select these blocks and choose the white Phil Black Oakland prison on increase of it. Now take a copy of these warlords toe past many times you need on reading them one by one, because inserting a warder forgave report name will take too much off time, and it will take too much off efforts to. So if insert off that, just hold control key and drag from the world orders that they have grown and then rename the parts one by one also named these blocks after placing these waters inside them. Once you have done that Dragonair oh toe point. Clearly the warders to the sea just I just a bit so that they fit. Exactly Oman, working between the wood or on the sea Once that's over, change the aero style toe take black color. So the jet obvious legible. With this, I have named almost all the pots. Thank you 20. Block diagram of apnoea monitor udemy ready: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to draw this block diagram in PowerPoint totals and 13 go to insert on a small dog click hierarchy and choose a smarter pres. It then, in the Tech Spain, enter the text gone by one so that the block diagram gets generated automatically. To get into the higher level, click backspace or to get into the lower or sub level press top and then type the text You can choose different, smarter styles. Even after choosing is a particular model style, such as three D and two D effects. You may even change Carlos between primary theme colors are various colorful colors or accent. One accent to patrol. Now I have wanted Lee made a mistake that the amplifier wasin level zero, but it should have been 11 100 sensor signal from patient. So changing a level one to level two or level zero to level one is very easy and smarter. Just see how I am changing from level zero to level one on correspondingly. Every blocks under that Apple affair block should be intended correspondingly. Even after that, you can change any smarter present style. Now I'm choosing another hierarchy style on converting them to saves for better customization. Now I'm I'm grouping them so that they become separate and we can. Customers each and every element now go to form its shape on. We can choose the connecting lines, or we can change the connected lines into heroes selected off them and choose an arrow type on any row size. By doing this, you can easily convert all these lines into heroes. Now I'm going to show you how to separate one block from the group off these blocks on and reduce the a remark that is, I'm going to delete existing a remark on I'm going to insert a new hero on Connected to the alarm Security Chronic From up my A period selector Secure toe alarm circle on Change it to black Dick prison style. We can also change all off these a rose to that style so that it appears eligible. Now go to online pictures from the Big Image search and the speaker to insert a custom speaker symbol. You can resist it so that it fits better in our block. Diagram. A copy now long secure box on basic near the speaker and rename it to speak all instead of inserting water. This is the easiest and quickest process. You can even increase. It's tick size. Andi. Increase the size of the Oakland or the box. Now select all the blocks on increase the text size. I will show you how to accommodate the increased to text size just in Greece. The text box size on the box size but you may need toe are just a position off the box on the arrows connecting between other boxes correspondingly. That's it you have done. Now just insert another aero our elbow connector from the arm secured to the speaker. After connecting it, change it too thick. Black line. I'll select all these elements on Press Sapporo key to make space in the bottom to insert a new world order to name the entire diagram. There's love. Bagram Off apnea monitor. Thank you