Drawing Attention: Create an Engaging Illustration | Beth Spencer | Skillshare

Drawing Attention: Create an Engaging Illustration

Beth Spencer, Loves cats, kombucha, and letters.

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8 Videos (34m)
    • Intro

    • Choosing a Theme

    • Initial Sketches

    • Final Sketches

    • Digitizing Type

    • Making Magical Vector Shapes

    • Adding Color

    • Wrapping Up


About This Class

Join designer Beth Spencer to create a grassroots campaign that will support a cause you're passionate about. You'll choose a concept, then sketch out ideas, and digitize them in Illustrator.

If you're not as comfortable using Illustrator, then feel free to create your work in Photoshop! The important part is getting your sketches into the project gallery, so we can discuss directions to get your work in front of new eyeballs!

Creating work to highlight a cause you're passionate about is a fantastic way to get noticed by folks who may not typically see your artwork, while using your talents to make someone's world better. 

Nothing come to mind immediately? No problem! Think about something you feel very strongly about, want to change, or think is very, very stupid. You can create art to raise awareness about a political cause, charity or work a nonprofit group is doing. Breast cancer awareness, endangered species preservation, environmental issues, women’s rights, etc. Or create a fake presidential campaign for your favorite South Park character. I’m perfectly fine if you make up a cause!

We'll go through the steps I take to create an attention-grabbing piece to pique people's interest in helping reduce the stray cat population with Trap-Neuter-Release! We'll sketch, digitize in Illustrator, and add texture in Photoshop. 





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Beth Spencer

Loves cats, kombucha, and letters.

Beth Spencer is a web designer by day, who loves drawing animals, David Bowie, brilliant letterforms and funky color palettes. She lives in Memphis, TN, where she indulges in terrible reality TV, ice cream and cat photography. She's currently working on products for her Etsy shop featuring designs from her #100catsdoingthings project!

*Cat photography is the process of photographing cats. Not giving cameras to cats for photography purposes.

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