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6 Videos (14m)
    • Intro

    • One Simple Method

    • Land Animal: Cat

    • Air Animal: Bird

    • Sea Animal: Fish

    • Final


About This Class


This course is about to share one simple method, that can help you drawing animals in simple steps from shapes you like.

There are two parts of this class:

(1) One Simple Method: you can use it to draw any animals in simple steps from shapes you like.

(2) Clear Examples: example animals are given to help you more familiar with this method.

The only tool you need is a pencil, and you can draw any animal in simple steps within just few minutes.

The project is to draw several animals and choose one as your favorite.

It will be fun to explore these ideas.

Hold your pencil. Let's get started!




17 of 17 students recommendSee All

I love the bite-sized class. It also boosts creativity and has some great techniques.
Darina Drawing

Enthusiast Watercolor artist

Thank you for this class. I like the bite-sized class. These are simple techniques anyone can do, but some of us can't figure it out without tutorials!!
Elena Shadle

An existential millennial that wants to do it all.

Charles is an excelent teacher with a style i really love. He gives you tips and techniques to improve your drawing and to exercise your imagination. I fully recommend not only this class but all Charles classes on skillshare. Greets,
Lia Zadeh

Illustration enthusiast





Charles Yang

Artist, Art is a game finding interesting limits!

I strive to create courses that are inspiring and enjoyable.

Creating is fun and I love to share my experiences with you.

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