Drawing 101 For Kids (Part III) - Draw Using Alphabets | Abinaya Sindhu | Skillshare

Drawing 101 For Kids (Part III) - Draw Using Alphabets

Abinaya Sindhu, BooBooPaintz

Drawing 101 For Kids (Part III) - Draw Using Alphabets

Abinaya Sindhu, BooBooPaintz

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10 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction Part 3

    • 2. How to Generate Ideas to Draw using Shapes

    • 3. Drawing the Face of a Lion

    • 4. Drawing a Parrot

    • 5. Drawing a Mushroom

    • 6. Drawing a Sailboat

    • 7. Assignment - Find the Hidden Alphabet

    • 8. Assignment Solution

    • 9. Assignment - Draw Using a Letter

    • 10. Assignment Solution

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to generate ideas to draw using shapes and you'll learn to draw using some alphabets. There are two assignments at the end of the course. Try them for yourself and post your answers in the project section below, before you watch the assignment solution. Have fun :)

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Abinaya Sindhu



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1. Introduction Part 3: Hi, kids. Welcome to my drawing course. I'm Abby, and I will be your instructor. This course is a part three off the complete drawing course for kids. So if you have not washed the previous courses, I highly recommend you do that to get your basics right in this course will be drawing some objects using alphabets. So the alphabets that we will be drawing in the scores are G, P, T and C. And you will also be learning a technique to generate ideas, to draw using any given shape or alphabet. And at the end of the course, you will have to fund assignments. I'm so excited as you are, so let's get started. 2. How to Generate Ideas to Draw using Shapes: Hello, welcome to the new section of your drawing curves. In this section, we're going to learn how to draw some objects using alphabets. And I'm also going to teach you how to generate ideas on what you can draw. So let's get started. Okay, I'm just giving you an example now. Let us take the alphabet J. First thing you have to do is write the alphabet on the paper and look at it. You have to observe the shape of the alphabet and try to think of some objects said resemble this alphabet or that can be drawn using this shape. If you cannot find any object at all, then look around you for some ideas. You might be able to find them or objects in your house or are outside. It is very important to improve your observation. In general. Variable you go, if you're going to a store or a fall or school, try to observe the things around you. This will be helpful to identify what you can draw. Improving your observation in general, we'll make you a better artist. And you can also imagine, you can draw anything out of your imagination. Even if the object is not something you have seen before, you can simply imagine and you can try to draw something like a funny animal or Monster or anything that you can't really think of. If you still can't find any object, then you can try to rotate the alphabet and think what you can draw with that one. Okay, now going back to the example of the alphabet J, I have seen this curve of this shape somewhere. I think I have seen it in an umbrella. Yes, I can draw an umbrella of that. Let's draw it now. Let's take another alphabet has example. I'm gonna take b. Now. I am going to give you some time to think of what you can draw. You can think, you can try to rotate it, that you can try to look around you and find something and try to draw something with it. Did you draw anything with B? Ok, let me see what I can draw with B. I try thinking about it and I'm not really sure what I can't draw. So let me just give it a try. I am just going to draw something or extended or on the opposite side to something with a shape. And let's see what it looks like. I think it looks like a butterfly. What do you think? Okay, I'm going to erase it now and I'm going to draw a line with a B. I think that has to be a little bigger. The antenna. And lets try the patterns on its wings. Okay, now that looks more like a butterfly. It need not look perfectly converter fly as long as you are able to draw something with it, it's totally fine. So you have to try, try to draw with it. Try drawing some shapes around it and see if you can try anything meaningful with that. Okay, in the rest of the lessons in this section, I'm gonna teach you a few alphabets. I am tau m gathering ideas to draw something out of it. And the rest of the alphabet is going to be your assignment. I see you in the next lesson. Bye. 3. Drawing the Face of a Lion: Take it, welcome back. In this lesson, we're gonna learn how to draw a line in space using the letter change. As always, we'll start off with writing the letter. On the other side. I am again trying like this and I'm going to join them. You can go ahead and correct if something is not right. Now, I am correcting the g that I wrote. And I'm drawing the eyes now. Let's draw the lines, curves and lines. I feel the nose is slightly bigger, so I'm correcting in. Ok. I also feel that the eyes are too high, so I'm gonna break that bond to erase and correct whichever you feel is not right. You are a better judge. Great. Now let's try it with course. Venue. Happy. Go ahead and use your black paint and draw the outline of the line. So our first step. And now let's start coloring it amusing, yellow and brown, trying to color even leave without leaving any whitespaces. Also remember to color within the boundaries of the triangle. And then scale. So now we have seen action, action, action, action. I'm using light for the eyes and the nose. Right for them out. Great. It's done. Does is just an example of what you can draw with tea. You might come up with some other ideas as well. So think about it and improve your observation and started observing more data. The main mode of, of doing this role ring is a signature sound of a line. Do you know a lion's role can be heard from eight kilometers away? That is about five miles. Great. I'll see you again in the next lesson. 4. Drawing a Parrot: Hi. In this video we're going to learn how to draw a parrot and I'm going to use later be to try it. Let's get started. As always, let's first write the letter b. When you look at the top part of the letter p, It looks like head of a bird. So that's going to be our hand. And now we're going to draw the body. If you feel it is too vague or too small, go-ahead and correct it. Now, enjoying the feathers, the eyes, and the beak. The beak of a parrot is slightly bend and it has a sharp tip like this. Let's draw now. Now I'm going to try the wings and the feet. Now I'm not very happy with the wings, so I'm going to correct it. Okay, now I'm going to draw the eye. Great. Now let's use a black pen and draw the outline. Okay, now let's erase the pencil marks and start coloring. I'm using the right color for the beak. I'm going to use two types of green. I'm using a slightly darker green for the head and the body. And I'm using a lighter green for the feathers. Great. Now you can become more creative and draw a branch on which the pirate sitting leaves if you want. Anything else you like. Parrots are believed to be one of the most intelligent bird species. Some species are known for imitating human voices. Awesome. Okay, I'll see you in the next video with a different alphabet. 5. Drawing a Mushroom: Hi kids. Are you ready for the next letter? Ok, in this lesson, we're gonna see how to draw a mushroom with letter T. It's a very easy one. Let's get started. Let us start by writing the letter D. Great. So we have decided to draw a mushroom. So let's draw the top of the mushroom. What shape is it? Right to semicircle. I am drawing another line and bending the line towards the bottom. And some circles on the top of the mushroom. Many look at this picture, I'm sure you're getting more ideas to draw. You can also draw a tree, right? Or you can even draw an umbrella like we did with letter J. So when you keep trying, you get a lot of ideas. These are just examples of what you can draw. There may be a lot of other things that you might come up with. Think about it. Okay, now let's draw the outline with a black pen. Again. Let's erase the pencil marks and start coloring. But can you re going to use Ambady, use a bright red color. And I'm gonna leave those parts white color in the same direction as him started. Remember to conduct within the boundaries of the picture. For the stem of the mushroom, I'm using a very light brown color. Now you can become more creative and draw the grassland. At the bottom. I am drawing some grasses. It can dry as many as you want. Great. Let's color them too. Do you know what mushrooms to eat? They don't make their own food like other plants. They obtained a nutrition from non-living organic matter like dead plants. And do you know machines are made above 90% water? Great. I'll see you again in the next lesson with a different letter. 6. Drawing a Sailboat: Hi. In this video we're going to see how to draw a sailboat. And I'm going to use the letter C for that. As always, we'll start by writing the letter k. How to draw us same bored with this. Try extending it. And look at that. Well, not that looks like a sailboat. So you can try extending some lines while you're trying to generate some ideas. Now let's draw the sales flag. I think it has to be a bit curved here. I think the mass has to be a little ripples on the water. Perfect. Now let's start drawing the outline with our plaque fan bases. Here. Here it is. Okay. Let's color it now. You can use the colors of your choice. Okay, great, we're done. Congratulations. You have completed the section three of the course. I hope you will be input to generate ideas, to draw some pictures. Now, in the next section, we're going to play a game. Are you excited? I'm very excited. Before we start the section for complete the assignments of this section. I'll see you in the next section by 7. Assignment - Find the Hidden Alphabet: Hi, kids. This is the first assignment for this course. So for this assignment, you have to find the hidden alphabet. I'm going to show you a picture now. So you have to find which alphabet is hidden in this picture. Are you able to find it? I will give you the answer in the next week too. 8. Assignment Solution: So the answer for the assignment with the letter date. Were you able to find it? Great. I'll see you again in the next assignment. 9. Assignment - Draw Using a Letter: This is a second and final assignment for this course. For this assignment, you have to draw something using you. It can be an object, an animal or anything that you can find. Look around you or think about it and draw something. Using the letter you, I'll give you the solution in the next video. 10. Assignment Solution: So I have drawn a pen green using letter you. But you can draw anything off your choice. So this is how I threw it. I have drawn you and ahead, which looks like a heart. And in the next step, I'm drawing a head around it. Then the feathers and the feet Dana have drawn the eyes and the big and I have colored it. This is a simple man. Great. As I mentioned, you can draw a lot of objects using letter you. I hope you were able to draw some objects yourself. Okay. I'll see you in the next course. Thank you.