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Drawing 101 For Kids (Part II) - Drawing Shapes

Abinaya Sindhu, BooBooPaintz

Drawing 101 For Kids (Part II) - Drawing Shapes

Abinaya Sindhu, BooBooPaintz

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13 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction to Part 2

    • 2. Drawing Circles

    • 3. Drawing Triangles

    • 4. Drawing Squares

    • 5. Drawing Rectangles

    • 6. Drawing Pentagons

    • 7. Drawing Hexagons

    • 8. Drawing Semicircles

    • 9. Drawing Ovals

    • 10. Drawing Stars

    • 11. Drawing Spirals

    • 12. Assignment

    • 13. Assignment Solution

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About This Class

In this part II of the course, we'll take a look to draw different types of shapes and real-life objects using those shapes. We'll cover from the simple basics to drawing complex drawings using these shapes. You'll also have an assignment at the end of the course which helps you put all of what you learned into practice. This course is ideal for children who are beginning to draw.

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Abinaya Sindhu



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1. Introduction to Part 2: hike. It's in this course. We're going to learn to draw different shapes like Rectangles Square, so cool and a lot of shapes. And also we're going to learn how to draw some objects using those shapes. At the end of the scores, you would be having an assignment. Make sure you complete the assignment and let's get started with this. This is going to be fine. 2. Drawing Circles: hi. England's chapter. We're going to learn about different shapes. You must be aware off some shapes, like square. So go and triangle. We will start with circles. How to draw a circle. Now draw it on your paper. Shall we draw a few more circles and practice? Come on, draw them with me. A bigger one. Now have you completed? Great. No. We're going to draw some things that look like circles. Can you find something around you? Okay. Now let's draw something. Using so called drawing a circle can be tricky. So draw a few circles, overlapping each one very, very light. If you draw a dark, it will be difficult to raise and it leaves a mark. So draw the circles very light. Once you happy, you can make it a little darker and erase unwanted lines. Okay, Now draw a small circle and then some curved lines. What is it, right? A beach ball. Now use your black pen and draw the outline. Let's make the ball really colorful. Using our colored pencils. Use the colors of your choice. Try to color within the boundaries. - Awesome . Shall we draw another object? I'm going to draw a clock. Draw a circle with me. Like how we drew previously, but bigger right. The numbers draw the Hauer and minutes hands. I want the clock to look like a flower, so I'm going to draw some petals around it. Great. No, let's go ahead and use a black pin for the outline. No, - Now , on its color, the clock try to color within the boundaries and in the same direction that you started. - Remember to color within the boundaries of the drawing. - Well , no one interesting fact about clocks in the past. We use a lot of devices to measure and keep track of time like sant logs and sandals. The modern flog that we are using now was invented almost 200 years ago. Interesting, isn't it? All right. In the next lesson, we're going to learn a different shape. I look forward to seeing you there by 3. Drawing Triangles: Hi, kids. I ready to draw the next shape. It is a triangle. How to draw a triangle. Great. So the triangle has three sites. It can be drawn in different ways, like uninvited triangle, a right angle triangle. Or even like this. So let's practice drawing some triangles. No. Come on, draw with me. - Great . Not think of something that you can draw using these triangles. Sure, you will be able to find some. Did you draw anything? Okay. I'm going to show you what you can draw. Using inverted triangle and drawing some lines. They are slanting lines. Do you remember? Keep guessing what it could be. And some curbs on the top. You probably found old. What? It iss? Yeah, It's a nice cream corn. And there is a cherry on the top. A swell. OK, No. Let's go ahead and use a black pin to draw the outline. - What flavor do you like? I like strawberries. I'm using a pink color. No, thank you. Remember to color within the boundaries of the drawing. That looks yummy. Have you seen the largest ice cream cone ever made? Wow, That's huge. It's 10 feet tall, which is more than three meters. Great. Let's mourn and learn about it from shape in the next video. By 4. Drawing Squares: hike. It's welcome back in this lesson. We're going to draw the next shape, which is square. So do you know how to draw his quick drop with me? Perfect. This great has four sides in a square. All these four sides are of equal length. No, let's practice drawing some squares. Let's draw a bigger one now. Great. Now let's draw something. Using the square. Can you think of something that you can draw with a square look around you? Or think of some objects? Did you find all right? I'm going to draw something using the square shape. Can you find out what it is? Right? It's a gift box. Now you is the black pen and draw the old line. No, no, let's draws, um, Designed like hearts. Let's start coloring the gift box Now Here is the color of your choice. Color with me. - Awesome . Can you think of something else that you can draw with a square? I'm gonna draw and golden age Davey, you can see the TV in your house is rectangular in shape. It's no longer a square, but in those days it used to be a square. Let's try now, raise the corners because we don't need sharp corners. We need rounded corners. - Come on, draw with me. It has been buttons on it and a little stand and the antenna. Let's go ahead and use our black men to draw the outline. Some televisions had a wooden frame around it. So let's color it with brown. - And I'm using a great color for this green. - Perfect . Let's look at some interesting facts about television. When television was invented, that is, in 19 twenties. It was a mechanical television. It was not electrical, and it looked like this. It doesn't look even close to the morning television, right? This is the first electrical television. It's called an Octagon television, and it has a tiny screen on the top. There were so many modifications after that, and then we got or modern television that we're using now. Okay, I'll see you again in the next lesson with a new shape by 5. Drawing Rectangles: Hello, kids. In those lessons, we're going to learn to draw a rectangle. Do you know how to draw a rectangle? Come on, drop with me. Like the square rectangle also has four sides. But in the rectangle, only the opposite sides are equal. Rectangles can also be drawn. Vertical eat like this. Let's practice drawing some rectangles now. All right. Now, can you try to draw some options using rectangle? Look around you, or think about it. This is really easy. Did you find any? Okay. I'm going to show you how to troll a steam engine using a rectangle. Come on, draw with me. Let's first roar rectangle like this. - Let's not draw the wheels. The back wheel is bigger, so I'm raising a part of the rectangle and enjoying another circle inside. Now let's draw rod connecting the wheels, then the exhaust for the steam to escape. Okay, Now, using a black pen, go ahead and draw the outline. Now let's color the steam engine. You can use any color off your choice. - Remember to color within the boundaries and make sure you don't leave any word spaces. Color it completely perfect . The very first imagine invented looked like this. It was originally built to pump water out of the coal mines. Later, it was mortified and used in local motives, like the steam engine in the trains. Okay, we learn about a different shape in the next video as either 6. Drawing Pentagons: Welcome back to the new lesson in this. Listen, we're going to learn a new shape that IHS Pentagon, a Pentagon, as a five sided figure. Fender in Greek means five. So Pentagon means a five sided shape. Now let's see how to draw a Pentagon. Does it have five sites? Yes, let's now practice drawing some Pentagon's drop with me the top off it looks more like a triangle, but we're not drawing the bottom line, then two lines on either sides. But they're no straight lines. They're slightly slanting towards the figure. No draw a line to join them. This is a Pentagon. Now job with me and practice a few Pentagon's. You can also rotate the Pentagon as you like. Now let's try drawing an inverted Pentagon. Great. If you need to practice a little more, pause the video and practice before you watch the rest of the video. Okay, can you draw something using this Pentagon? Can you think of some objects that you have drawn already? Or that you can look around you and find? Did you find any object? Great. I'm going to draw a house using a Pentagon. No drawing with me. I have no drawn a big Pentagon. Now I'm going to draw the roof, a door and a bingo. Let's also draw a chimney. Now use a black pen and draw the outline of the house. I p True. - Great . No, you can use your colors and make it colorful. Always when you color. Remember to choleric completely. Don't leave any white spaces and also remember to color within the boundaries. Great. In the next video recorded. Learned a different shape. I'll see you there. 7. Drawing Hexagons: I have no kids. So in this video, we're going to see the next shape that is Hexagon. The word hex. I, in Greek means six. So Hexagon is a six sided figure. Let's see. Hope to try. Check if it has six sites. Yes, Hexagon can be rotated and drawn. Also like this. No, that's practice. Drawing some. Heck. Savants draw a line, then from either sides off the line, drawing those red lines which are slanting away from the figure and two other straight lines slanting towards the figure and join the two lines. No drawing with me and practice. - Post a video and practice a hexagon a few more times. No. Think about some objects or animals or anything that you can draw using a hexagon. Did you find any? Okay. I'm going to show you how to draw a turtle using a hexagon. No draw a big exit, gone with me. Then I'm going to erase thes corners because we don't want sharp corners. We need rounded corners. So let's draw the rounded corners. Then I'm drawing the scales on the top of the show. - They're a little hex account. All the share less well, can you find them. - Now let's draw the head and the Libs, and let's draw some scales as well. No. Use your black pen and draw the old line off it, OK, No, let's area the pencil marks and start coloring it. I'm going to use a tart green color for the body and the light brown color for the show. - And I'm also using a dark brown color for the patterns on the shell and the body. - Are you covering with me color without any white spaces and evenly throughout the picture? And it's done. Do you know the sea turtles can hold their breath for about five hours underwater? That is interesting, and they have a very long lifespan. They live about 100 years, and there are some totals which lived for about 150 years. Sea turtle. There some interesting species. Okay, I'll see you again in the next lesson. By 8. Drawing Semicircles: Hi, kids. Welcome to the next video in this lecture of you're going to see how to draw semi circles. Why does a semi circle semi circle means it is half off the circle. So you have a circa and half off. It is called a semi circle. So this part is one semi circle and this part is another semi circle. So shall we draw some semi circles and practice them? Drop with me. - Let's draw a smaller one. You can know, pose the PTO and practice drawing the same circle a few more times. Now look around you, or think about it and find out what you get. Draw using a semi circle variable toe find Great. I'm now going to draw a piece off a watermelon using a semi circle. Now drop with me. I have a semi circle here. I'm going to draw another cub inside the semi circle. No, let's draw the seeds. They're tiny droplet shaped seeds. Have you finished drawing? Great. Now using your black pen, draw the outline off the water. Malone. - Now let us color it. I'm using green and red to color the water, Malone because that is how it looks always when you color. Make sure you have colored it completely without leaving any white spaces. Take time and do it slow. What a melons are usually circle or oval shaped. Have you seen a square shaped watermelon square? Watermelons are common in Japan. It is made by placing the young fruit into a square box. As the watermelon grows, it will grow into the box and growing the shape off a cube. They're usually used for ornamental purpose, and they are expensive than the original ones. Okay, I'll see you again in the next video with a different shape by 9. Drawing Ovals: Hi, kids. Welcome to the next lesson in this lesson. Vehicle. To see how to draw Goebbels. You know how to draw circles, right? This is a circle. So if a circle is elongated, either this'll way or this week, it's called an oval. Shall we try awesome Over snow overs can also be drawn like this. Now it's practice drawing some ovals. Drop with me. It can be either thinner or thicker. - Great . Now can you find out some objects that you can draw using ovals? Look around you and try to figure out what you can draw very able to find. Okay, I'm going to teach you how to draw a cat using Old's Let's first drawing over for its faiths and two small overs for eyes. Let's draw the nose in the mouth and the whiskers. I'm drawing another over for its body. Let's not draw the legs. - Also draw the years. Finally, let's draw the tail. Okay, Use your black men now and draw the outline off this care. Draw it slowly and carefully. No, that's raised the pencil marks and start coloring it. I'm going to leave the cat white, so I'm just going to color in the years. And the nose with pink and the patterns on its body with brown. Great. Do you know cats sleep a lot. This lead for about 13 to 14 hours every day. And that is how they conserve their energy. So next time when you see a cat sleeping, remember, it is conserving its energy. Okay, I'll see you in the next lesson by 10. Drawing Stars: Hi, kids. Welcome to the new lesson in this lesson. We're going to learn how to draw star shape. Do you know how to draw a star already? If so, this could be a different one. Okay. I'll show you hope to try it, Joe. Like a triangle. But without joining it. Draw to a small horizontal lines on either sides. Now let's draw toe slanting lines like this. Still more slanting lines away from the figure. No, we have to join them like so. Here is the star. I know there are a few steps and trying the star, but I'm sure you will be able to try it with some practice. So that's practice. Now job with me. There is a difference between the star that you usually draw and this start. Can you see it? Now you can post a video and practice drawing a few more stars. Okay. Can you think of something that you can draw using stars? I'm gonna show you how to draw starfish and using the starship. The starfish is basically in the shape off a star, so well, let's first all the star. Okay, Now let's erase these corners because we don't need sharp corners. We're going to make them round it. - I'm also drawing a small hexagon in the middle of the starfish body. Let's draw the little so called shapes on its body like spots. - Okay , Now you can go ahead and use your black men and start drawing down time. You don't have to draw the hexagon in the center. That's just for guiding us during coloring. - Yeah , okay, Now let's start coloring it. There are so many types of starfish, but the one I'm drawing now hiss yellowish in color. I'm using a pink color for the center, part of the starfish. Gently color them and kind of blend them with a yellow color. - Great . Now you can use an orange color for the sites so that it doesn't look so flat. He was only in the corners. Just very light. Not too dark. Don't press it hard on the paper. Just light color of orange. - Okay . The stock fish usually has five farms like the one true, but there are some starfish which has more than five arms. They had less common species and it can region read its arms. That is, if it loses one off its arms. It can grow it back. It takes almost one year for it to grow awesome. In the next lesson, we're going to learn about a different shape. I'll see you there by. 11. Drawing Spirals: hike. It's welcome to the last lesson in this chapter. In this lesson. We're going to learn how to draw a spiral. A spiral is technically not a shape. It is a car. It is like a coil. No, let's draw a spider. It can be drawn in this direction. Order in the opposite direction that is clockwise or anti clockwise. Now practice drawing more spirals with me. You can also draw it from inside out, whichever is comfortable for you. No, I think what you can draw using a spiral. Have you seen something that is in a spiral shape? Did you find any object? Okay, now I'm going to teach you how to draw a snail using a spiral. The shell of this nail is in the shape of a spiral. So let's start from drawing that drop with me. No, let's draw the body and the head. - Draw the lines on the shell. Now you can go ahead and use your black pen and draw the outline off. The snake letter is the pencil marks and start coloring it. I'm going to use the yellow color for its body and a brown color for its shell and I'm slightly talking the brown color where it coils. That is towards the call inside the shows us. The girls are a little deeper. - Yeah , great. Let's now look at a fact about snails. Most snail species have a ribbon like tongue called arugula that contains thousands off microscope. Picked it. The rattler works like file ripping food in tow. Tiny pieces. Congratulations. You have completed the section two off the course. You have an assignment that is coming up. Once you have completed the assignment, I will see you in the next section by 12. Assignment: Hi. For this assignment, you have to draw some objects using basic shapes that we learn You could use any shape or combination of shapes. I have mentioned some examples here like rectangle circle, semicircle over. But it is up to you to use any shape that you want. Suppose the video and look around you and find out what you can draw with the basic shapes you can upload your drawing with. Head off your parents as project in skill share. 13. Assignment Solution: I hope you were able to draw some objects using basic shapes. So let's see what I have drawn for you. I'm going to draw a car. So for that I'm using a semi circle first and then a rectangle, and I'm raising the bottom part and drawing circles for the wheels and using some lines and curbs to complete the car. Great, I'll see you the next lesson.