Draw the personality of your pet: Easy subtractive method in charcoal

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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12 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • Tips to choosing your pet photograph

    • Preparing your paper

    • Have fun practicing with charcoal

    • How to draw eyes with charcoal (part one)

    • How to draw eyes with charcoal (part two)

    • Shapes

    • Eyes

    • Value and Volume

    • Texture (part one)

    • Texture (part two)

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

This class is about drawing the personality of your pet from a photograph(s) with charcoal. The subtractive method will be used because it is an easy and fast way to learn to draw value and form. This is a fun and rewarding class that is simple to follow! This class is designed for the beginner to intermediate. The class project is creating one charcoal drawing of your pet using the subtractive and additive method.

The basic skills you will be learning are:

  1. Selecting your pet photographs to use for the drawing project
  2. Shape
  3. Proportion
  4. Drawings eyes - to reflect the “spirit” of your pet
  5. Value
  6. Volume using the subtractive/additive method
  7. Texture
  8. Pet portraiture

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Another amazing class by Jennifer! Seeing the dog come to life as Jennifer created him seemed like magic. The dog glowed with personality.
Brenda Reeves

Artist and Writer

I really enjoyed this class. I was glued to the screen the whole way through and fascinated by the combination of techniques and the versatility of using charcoal and an eraser to add and subtract value, and the use of fingers to smooth edges and create gradients. I was particularly interested in how Jennifer used the photo as a reference for depth, light and dark, detail, angles and proportion. I’m bookmarking this class and will return to it on a number of occasions.
Chris Heath

Writer | Designer | Illustrator





Jennifer Moorhead

Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

Hello, I'm Jennifer Moorhead

I want to 'open the door' for you to learn the important art essentials and creative process that I have taught in college for over 35 years. I teach you with the same passion for art that I taught in college. I want you to understand the essential basics of art which have not changed for centuries...maybe the tools have... but are just as important to know today.

My classes are 'hands-on' to experience the phys...

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