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Draw the Sea and Turn Your Illustration into a Cool Cartoon

teacher avatar Olga Bonitas, Watercolor lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. 1 Intro

    • 2. 2 Stuff needed

    • 3. 3 Background illustration

    • 4. 4 Characters

    • 5. 5 Finished illustration

    • 6. 5 Filming!

    • 7. 7 Editing

    • 8. 8 Final thoughts

    • 9. Bonus: The cartoon

    • 10. Bonus: Get inspired

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About This Class

Hello and welcome! I invite you to join my course on how to turn your watercolor illustrations into a cool cartoon. We will dream of the sea, draw the sea, and then create a funny video about the sea. No special devices are required - only your usual drawing stuff, tablet or phone and your imagination, of course.

This is a good way to make your illustrations alive (in the truest sense of thish word), have fun and diversify your social media feeds. You will receive many likes and comments from your friends, I promise you) Ideas from this course may be useful for your other projects in future.

Or you can not make a cartoon, but simply draw a cute illustration about sea and make it as individual as possible. I will tell you how to do it.

Any skill level is able to do it, so be sure that everything will be ok. 

So, let's get started and have fun)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Bonitas

Watercolor lover

Top Teacher

Hello, my name is Olga, I'm an illustrator.
I live in St. Petersburg (the most beautiful city in Russia!)
My passion is watercolor. But I draw both digitally and using traditional medium.

I like to experiment and come up with something new (for example, mix watercolor, collage and embroidery ...), to make small animations  and film my creative processes.

Recently I opened sketching for me. And this is an absolutely breathtaking event, because it influenced my style and philosophy of drawing. Someday I will tell you about this creative journey.

I share my creativity and workflow on my instagram @olga_bonitas.


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1. 1 Intro: Hi. I'm [inaudible]. I invite you to join my course on how to turn your water color illustrations, into a cool cartoon. We will dream of the sea, draw the sea, and then create a funny video about the sea. No special devices are required, only your usual drawing stuff, tablet or phone, and your imagination, of course. This is a good way to make your illustrations alive in the truest sense of this world, have fun and diversify your social media feeds. You will receive many likes and comments from your friends, I promise you. Or you cannot make a cartoon but simply draw the acute illustration about the sea and make it as individual as possible. I will tell you how to do it. Any skill level is able to do it so be sure with it everything will go okay. So let's get started. 2. 2 Stuff needed: For the process, we need the usual drawing things, water color, your favorite shades of glue not necessary in tubes, in any form. Brushes of different sizes, watercolor paper. It is better to use a 100 percent cotton textured paper, ballot, small scissors, paper tape for fixing paper, a tablet or even a phone, paper napkin, provided wash and water. 3. 3 Background illustration: First let's speak about colors. It does better choose a limited range.The most important colors for illustrations are blue. It can be turquoise blue or ultramarine blue. Just try this shade, so blue you have to choose the ones you like the most. In my illustration, I will use such a turquoise SMN color to draw water and sky and drop of ultramarine blue for a cloud. Maybe Indigo for dark places. We'll also need shades of yellow, I choose natural sienna and yellow ocher. This is enough. I will use only these four colors in my illustration. I will draw the same illustration twice. So first time to show and explain how to draw it. The second time in order to show how to film the process of the drawing, we will view this video in the cut on. The paper orientation is horizontal. In this case, the cut on looks good on all devices. For example, in YouTube, I fixed this sheet with paper tape. So it would be less deformed when wet it. Let's do the pencil sketch. This is the waterline. Then we'll get under water space and wave on my illustration. Another line of similar shape. This is the surface of the water. There will be an island with palm trees. I draw palm's schematically because it's easier for me to do this right away with the brush. The pencil sketch is ready and now I'm moistening the paper under the waterline. Make sure that there is no bottles but the paper is well moist in it. I make it rich, don't know the basic blue tone mix a lot of color in the pallet to fill the entire underwater space. The most intensive tone from above, below you can wash off the thickness slightly. Just dip the brush into the water but don't shake. If the paper is [inaudible] the paint will spread evenly. If not, brush strokes may be visible, but if that's not a big deal don't worry, Well, I wanted to add the color here. It's possible till the paper is wet. I spray water just to make the ground layer moist. Clean that excess paint using a a wide brush. Leave it too dry and go to the sky also carefully wet the paper. I will start with really teal. You took this tone. But add another shade of blue here. It is also not very dark, lighter than the color of the water. I create the feeling that the rain will start soon. This cloud creates the feeling that something is happening with the picture also we haven't even finished it yet. I make a little darker here. Paints mix is a little usually because the paper is still wet, don't over dark the water and fill the space between the underwater part and the sky. This is the surface of the water. Squeeze out the brush and remove extra pigment, if necessary of course. Time to draw the island and palm trees and the paper is still wet so I will wait until it dries before the drawing the palm trees delicately paint the palms with a thin brush. It is important that the brush has a thin tip, I use a synthetic brush. It is elastic and it is convenient to draw such a fine detail. [inaudible] If you'll find difficult to paint small spots with a brush, you can use colored pencils, for example. A little special paint, you need a paint solution for this a bottle and a the baret creating that feeling that there are bubbles, under the water or something like that. The same with the wide brush. This is all and the draft illustration is ready. 4. 4 Characters: Now let's figure out what will happen in our underwater road. There is a huge opportunity for your imagination. You can draw whatever you want. In my underwater road, a deep turtle will swim. To draw it, I also use the colors of what I chose before. Mix them. If you find too difficult to paint small parts with the brush, you can use colored pencil for it. Keep it in mind and don't limit your imagination. You can paint the base down with watercolor and find the tails with pencils. Also, a girl will swim in my underwater road. I make pencil drawing less contrast, and cut out my heroes with small scissors. Moreover, I will launch a few small fish into the sea, to the turtle and the girl have more fun. I will also prepare a simple but beautiful phrase for the cartoon final. Look, like this. Okay, that's done. 5. 5 Finished illustration: At this point, the illustration itself can be completed, if you don't want to create the cartoon. We have the background and characters. It remains only to arrange them beautifully, to find a place for each of them. For example, put the turtle and the fish here, or the girl here or leave only the letters. You can also change the format. If you don't plan to shoot a video, then the vertical format seems to me more suitable in composition, take a look, my turtle also looks good here. 6. 5 Filming!: In order to create a cartoon, we need to organize a shooting place. You can design it using the things you have at your home. I have two boxes, books for higher the adjustment and long sticks. You can use long cruelest as sticks. Well, we need to place it devise strictly above the sheet of paper, [inaudible] I remove the cover from my tablet. I turned on the camera on the video mode. Now, I need to place that tablet and the sheet of paper in such a way that only the blank sheet without surrounding environment gets into the frame. This how I manage to play them, look, it is important to determine the desired height. You may need to raise a device, put more books, or conversely omit it and be sure to make a trial video, because the borders you see on the screen and on the video may differ. It is important for me to make sure that these places are not visible on the frame. Here you can see that the paper tape falls into the frame and therefore, I move the paper a little to the left end film again. I want to move a little more. Well there is nothing to [inaudible] in differing. Okay, now we need to determine the lower and upper bones of the frame. I lift my finger from the bottom to the top and watch when it appears and the same from above. When the construction is ready, I fix the sheet with paper tips. Since it is important to make it a movable on the table. I press the record and start drawing. Stop. Check, how it turn out, well everything looks okay. Continue. Now, I wet the sheet with water, but I don't want it to be in my cartoon. I don't record it. I prepare the bank brush and then press "Record." That's done, the same with this guy. Wet the paper and then when the brush is ready, I start recording. Stop. I will continue to film the drawing protcusts. Now the island and bound trace. See the drawing protcust consist of clear and complete steps And I film each step separately. The drawing part is done and now I need the Stop Motion app. It is free on the App Store. You can use any other application for creating stop motion video they are very similar. Look, I need to adjust the position of the tablet again because there is another view from this application. Carefully remove the books and zoom a little bit. The picture of the drawing process video and this picture must match. Now I begin to revive my characters. Put the fish, take a photo, slightly move it, take a photo gain and so many, many times. The more open the make shots, the smoother and more natural it will swim on the video. Make sure your hands don't fall into the frame but don't worry, if you make a mistake you can easily delete the wrong frame and take it again. Now it is important to bring the fish over with the edge of the sheet so that it doesn't disappear suddenly. Press preview, magic moment, she's swimming. Now I go to the end and continue my story. I want to draw a shoal of small fishes, each will appear gradually creating the illusion of movement. I then launch the second fish, let's see how it goes. I want to speed it up, it's easy to do in the setting. Swim faster, go to the end and launch the turtle, and then the girl. Please note, I need to move two objects at the same time, the turtle and the girl. Drown two more fish, of course, they don't appear in the picture center, but I appreciate your time and try not to show a clear process of all task. I want the letter begin to appear at the moment when the fish swum to the middle. To do this, I prelay the letters in order to know where to put them later. When the location of the letters is found, I remove it and begin to put the letters one by one. Don't forget to move the fish every time. Letters appear through the frame. Let's see how it looks. Please remember that you can adjust the speed of movement if you want, of course. Okay, I think it's done. 7. 7 Editing: I start editing the film. First, I need to export my stone motion part to the video. I selected the project and click Export. This is ready, check it in the gallery and this video lasts 33 seconds. This is important information to calculate the direction of the other part. The next step is to combine all the videos about drawing process into the one. To do this, I open iMovie, create a new project, and highlight the videos in the order we showed them. Create one video full and save it. I've got six minutes of video. It's a lot. It must be accelerated. Finally, it should last less than a minute. To do this, I create the project and iMovie again, select my video, click "Speed" and maximize it. iMovie allows me to increase the speed in two times, only either good three minutes, but it's also a lot. I will do this operation two more times so that my video last less than a minute because my cartoon will consist of this video and desktop motion video and then I want to get the cartoon lasting one minute. It is suitable for Instagram and other social networks. Now, I combine two videos together. It's just the speed of the first part so that the final video lasted one minute and watch how it turns out. Good and add the music. iMovie has built-in music. You can use it and you can use your music. I intentionally pre-selected music duration of one minute. Let's watch how it will be [ MUSIC] fantastic. Even music lasts longer, it needs to be cut, of course. Export and finally done. Let's see what we've got. 8. 8 Final thoughts: That's what we've got. I hope you enjoyed, and you will try to do it yourself or replay the ideas from this class to your own projects. You can draw such the illustration or in this format draw what you want, maybe you draw yourself, your children, or for example, an octopus. Just turn on your imagination and play, if you have any questions, ask me, I'm open. Please share your projects, I will be glad to watch and commend them. See you. 9. Bonus: The cartoon: way, way. 10. Bonus: Get inspired: Jamendo.com. Jamendo.com. Jamendo.com. Jamendo.com. Jamendo.com.