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Draw in Procreate: Easter greeting card in 3 ways + Free Resources

teacher avatar Asya Vlasova, Illustrator, owner of Gray Cat Graphics

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Your Class Project

    • 3. Choose your brush

    • 4. Research and Doodling

    • 5. Thumbnails

    • 6. Card #1 - B&W

    • 7. Card #2 - Coloring

    • 8. Card #3 - Clipping Mask

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Hi there!

In this class, I will show three ways to create Easter greeting cards, which everyone can make.

You will need your Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate app.

Using the techniques described in this class, you can work through any topic. Use your doodles to make as many cards, stickers, and other stuff as you want. So have fun!

You will learn:

- choosing ink brush in Procreate

- creating fun Easter doodles

- simple lettering of common Easter phrases

- how to bring it together and

- make Easter card in 3 ways using Procreate tricks

In addition, you will get 2 watercolor backgrounds, 2 Procreate brush sets, and Easter lettering worksheet for free to make your Easter cards faster and easier.

 =^,^= Can't wait to see your Projects!  =^,^=

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Asya Vlasova

Illustrator, owner of Gray Cat Graphics


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1. Intro: climb a nameless pasha in iron and straightener. I'm really enjoying drawing in procreate just class. I will show you three ways to create distributing cards, which everyone can make using your iPad pro EPO. Cancel on procreate. You start choosing impressions in Lake, and it always has been Jaja del's price and off the glass you make your own esta greeting cards is being on Drone called during me, and that starts. 2. Your Class Project: things far in this class. You grade Syria used to card into race. You'll need your A red bra, able pencil and procreate. Finishes the glass project for steps called the Project section and along three resources to your bed. You got to brush box for procreate. I didn't start them top. Want to brush that file? And it appears in your appropriate I choose your favorite brush from very basic letter and brush. Set, send make research and drop as many details as you like. Pick up three favorite ones and makes rig Region cards. Buys this video instructions. Let's start. 3. Choose your brush: the brush instead to use in the process or join defines the style off the cart I made for you. A basic brush set for procreate EP to show you is the most common types just unloaded on your iPad top. Consider said. File on it appears in the U procreate. Yep, that's located Manila, and brush looks like you are joined. Visible to market. Round brush is a classic two that imitates its the brush of the same name. This is the most common. Tal is the other brash looks more like a brush man with yourself. Tip. No, the rounding off the corners other brothers have around are all shape and texture. The last brush is special. It was a highlight and doubled to truce . Suppress you like more and less little. 4. Research and Doodling: Okay, you have Charles in a brass. It's time to draw Instant Trudeau's. You can rely on your memory and associations beside and said I recommended to middle research. It's a poor shooting. New ideas go to Pinterest or Mongol type is there are used to do and who gets results. Here are some problems also you find it into project section after that. Great and you document in procreate at en garde shed if you need. I really like these dotted one from project letters sizzling into project text and start feeling the canvas miss since is it come into your head lines This if you feel to one layer but used to have some ideas just may cause this layer and visible creating you on and continue as long as you want 5. Thumbnails: Now we have our ideas for cards. For the next step, I dropped Say some deaths on my first cut. I will take this funny eggs in a tray. Got the venting. Want God will the lettering for the second card Archers An egg of his decoration, if you will be. Is the center off? My composition first heard one. Our real job since you, it will be forever to was the future okay? 6. Card #1 - B&W: time to create Just God created you guys. Most popular sizes are a five or seven by five inch, but I prefer to draw on a folk anus because I always conduce more great, you layer. I copied my ex from the previous file use vessel toe swipe up brace. Briefing this and press copy. Go to my you guessed Swipe up boy, Siri Fingers again and Press based and Justin's. The position is he like? So I heard veteran one in your area. If you have never done a veteran on my bread before, don't worry, it's a procession you will find three. Veteran wash it just a phrase. Did you like and invested on your cart? If you're our experience with letter, make a veteran your style for making began texture. I use good brush from the second free, Brush said. Make sure that you created when you layer under all other. There's 7. Card #2 - Coloring: great. And you can us cooking my egg invested to a new file is an unflattering just position is you like when I call in my bag cop cause on polit or one called disk Sanders is called from the right corner and who it wants a space inside my egg, The cubs and next car integrate Ah and ag little hearts around eg one when you layer the second card is done. 8. Card #3 - Clipping Mask: first he said, God, I would drop a baby to be security. Okay, I'll start a reason. Pencil sketch UMA. Choose a brush from the sketch section or use it from every cricket as I do. You find a link in the description. - Did I create and the Children born in Julia. It's important for me to find the right position for Sylhet in because my visit drying will depend on it. - I just is a transparency from the sketch and bones and you layer I traced very but first - great , you know, interest police want. Is it a separate? Care Should be one and nuclear to blight Mosque on the street accomplished my composition with smaller events. Now the base is ready. You can add bacon bust a great you area right about the gay layer in place. They want to call the ground with your Children all it additional materials to the tablet Stop when it should Seiken and and said it injured a file. And there's a very corporate directly from to quote, I used disk. Find your file in your starts. Find is a menu of this file and top sent. A copy was in Cokie posted one and you air in procreate. Do classically been mosque that won't delay in one. So what A car began to and select clipping mask improves the composition is you like then export here aren't walls using actions Choose share and select beg or pdf 9. Final Thoughts: thank you for watching this cost in your marriage extension. You find to rest that appeared to write a car plants and used to literally walk ship Great three or more Mr Bridging cards than Khost. Sampas, your project off this course. Contrary to seat you sensitive needs described in this cost, you can walk through any public user doodles to make as many cards to guess, and also stuff is you want so far.